Obituary: Censorship Dies, victim of The Blog

by Alphaville Herald on 18/12/03 at 3:24 am

Censorship passed away at home yesterday, killed by The Blog. Censorship will be remembered as a trusted friend of despots, tyrannical leaders, and large profit hungry corporations hiding unethical practices and inferior products. Friends say that in recent years Censorship has been less and less effective and useful, but they continued to employ him anyway, if only out of habit. Censorship is survived by his parents Greed and Arrogance, his brothers Obfuscation and Unresponsiveness, and his children Ignorance and Despair. Reached for comments, one of Censorship’s good friends, an officer at Maxis, had this to say: “I don’t know who this Mr. The Blog is, but when I do I’m gonna terminate his account! Now can I please get back to my Paris Hilton Video?”

If you are keeping score at home, attempting to silence one blog with a readership of about twelve people yields the following links, with readership in the gazillions:
Penny Arcade
Gamegirl Advance
Dungeons and Dreamers
Earth and Beyond Portal
Law Meme (Yale University Law School)
Terra Nova
IGN’s VE3D News
Furdlog; Intellectual Propery, Technology, Culture, Policy
Joho the Blog
Future Step (Duke University)
Gamers with Jobs
The Organization
Elastico (Spanish)
Medicated Dad
Thoughts, Arguments, and Rants (B. Weatherson, Brown University)
No Right Turn
Mischievous Ramblings
The Things You Leave Behind

7 Responses to “Obituary: Censorship Dies, victim of The Blog”

  1. Elen

    Dec 18th, 2003

    Well, you are not gonna be able to read ( at least you understad portuguese) but I wrote about it in my website too. t`s a Brazilian game`s website. The address of the news is

    I hope EA take back the ban and apologyse, it wasn`t right what they did.



  2. Stormrider

    Dec 22nd, 2003


    Jan 13th, 2004

    Another Life on the Net … Real Life
    An article by José Luis de Vicente in the January 9 El Mundo takes on some important issues with virtual worlds (focusing on MMORPGs) and describes some of the ways in which what goes on in them is real. Here’s…

  4. Acanty

    Feb 20th, 2004

    Niccceee pagee

  5. Zmajrkc

    Jun 3rd, 2007

  6. Zmajrkc

    Jun 3rd, 2007

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