Realsimsonline Seeking New Cheats in Response to Maxis Moves against Mazing?

by Alphaville Herald on 15/12/03 at 11:58 pm

By The Phantom

Realsimsonline, one of the famous sites targeted by Maxis as “illegal” (linking to it from in-game is regarded as a TOS violation ? see Uri’s warning letter), is best known for its service of providing a forum where sims can post their r/l bios and pictures. It is also known as a major seller of simoleans (in-game currency) for US Dollars. Now, as reported in the TAH, Maxis is moving against mazing by eliminating the maze money object from the game. These objects were typically worked by maze bots, which would work the object 24/7. The question is, what will Simolean sellers like realsimsonline do now? Find new sources of money of course. In a letter posted within TSO Extreme (a pay-to-belong game cheat site), an officer of realsimsonline is soliciting programmers to automate use of the CODE money object. (Click “continue reading” to see the letter). What will Maxis do next? Eliminate the CODE object? One alternative would be to build a simple turing test into the job objects so that they would require human intervention. They can’t keep eliminating money objects from the game.

The Phantom

alleged copy of letter sent to TSO Extreme (names elided, but otherwise unedited)

11 Responses to “Realsimsonline Seeking New Cheats in Response to Maxis Moves against Mazing?”

  1. 101-280

    Dec 21st, 2003

    Tales From Places I Don’t Have Time To Visit
    In no particular order, some multiplayer-gaming news: In the beleaguered Sims Online, where players are required to perform tedious repetitive tasks to generate their in-game income, management has taken drastic action against player-created robots tha…

  2. Takeru Ijitsu

    Dec 22nd, 2003

    Sorry, but this bit of info is way off, I’d like to fix your error, as I highly doubt you’d want to give people the wrong info. but MOMI (Maxis) is not Getting rid of any money objects. MOMI is tuning it so it will not be used as a cheat. it may happen to code. but it is not MOMI’s fault. if you need someone to blame for your objects being taken’ away for a temp. time, blame abusers.

  3. urizenus

    Dec 22nd, 2003

    I think the point of the article was that this move by Maxis might be a *good* thing. We called for a move like this in one of our very fist posts.

  4. RB

    Dec 23rd, 2003

    WTF? LOL. I think someone has posted in the wrong article comments section. That article shows nothing of blaming people for anything. All it says is that a certain party are looking for new ways. Your comment made no sense in referance to this particular order. lol.

    - RB

  5. Takeru Ijitsu

    Feb 28th, 2004

    Acctually, Urizenus :) I beg to differ. although, I really prefer not to waste my typing on this would-be news site, the obvious tone of this article clearly states all over it, the blame of maxis, esspecially the “To all TSOE members” the quote “I have contacted the people I know inside EA/Maxis telling them that is could effect there player retention”. I can smell the fear in this, it reeks with it. anyone with the slightest amount of an I.Q. could see, TSOE is trying to hold it’s head above the water, while the tide sweeps over them! but the clincher to my point, is the code quote, stating that if anyone has a program to use for code, implies, that they realized there defeated in maze, and who’s fault is it that maze is changed? Theirs. it’s their fault, it’s written all over this article, uri. but I’m sure you just missed that :)

  6. lipitor

    May 23rd, 2004

    A Elbereth Gilthoniel,
    silivren penna m’iriel
    o menel aglar elenath!
    Na chaered palan-d’iriel
    o galadhremmin ennorath,
    Fanuilos, le linnathon
    nef aear, s’i nef aearon!
    – J. R. R. Tolkien

  7. Kat

    Jun 8th, 2004

    I’d like to know why ppl can not access anymore. Traffic has been redirected. Hmm…wonder why?

  8. Douleur

    Jun 8th, 2004

    yes, I’ve noticed the same thing Kat. the websiter isn’t’s going to a web-blocking site..wonder if MOMI has anything to do with this.

  9. Douleur

    Jun 8th, 2004

    yes, I’ve noticed the same thing Kat. the websiter isn’t’s going to a web-blocking site..wonder if MOMI has anything to do with this.

  10. Ian

    Jun 8th, 2004

    I think because they can’t pay/afford the hosting.

  11. Hobbs

    Jun 23rd, 2004

    Why do people have to cheat anyway? Because of cheaters, maze doesn’t have as good of a payout. Now it seems others are trying to make new cheats for TSO. I know people who did the cheat for maze used it to sell simoleans and make their living that way. Well, get a frickin job. Don’t ruin our game. I love TSO and I would never concider cheating. There is no reason for it.

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