Evangeline Mocks EA: You Can’t Stop my anti-n00b “Terror Network”

by Alphaville Herald on 18/01/04 at 1:49 am

As reported in the Alphaville Herald, Maxis has recently moved against accounts associated with the newbie scamming Free Money for Newbies property, although predictably they have moved in a half-hearted and impotent way. They terminated some of the accounts associated with Evangeline, but not all (they left his Evangeline Merrill account), and two other accounts currently associated with the house were temporarily suspended. Most Free Money roommates have not even received warnings. Emboldened by this display of weakness and ineptitude by Maxis, Evangeline Merrill tells us about the plans of her new “Terrror Network” for humiliating and robbing newbies. Van tells us that she will now also target founders that protect newbies, and will be deploying fake newbies as moles on house demolition jobs. She is also franchising her operation to other cities, including BF (and she tells the mafias there and here – X-mafia, Syndicate, and JC Soprano – to move over because they are played out.)

Urizenus: Its’ been a while since we talked. What’s new?
Van: new year, new shit, ya know..rollin’ in the money, playin’ the game
Urizenus: I hear you’ve opened Free Money franchises in other cities
Van: Well many wanna-be Vans were creating homes in other cities
Van: i decided it was time to open official ones
Van: with my training camp that has be in progress under cover in the last months it was time for missions and expansions
Urizenus: What cities are the new Free Money houses in?
Van: Blazing falls, and i believe other operations against n00bs are in progress
Van: my lots come in many forms
Urizenus: before we get to your new plans I need to ask you about the recent round of account suspensions and terminations in alphaville
Urizenus: What happened exactly?
Van: basically there’s a new tos rule due to my home: anti-social behavior
Urizenus: Are you saying they changed the TOS without telling us?
Van: so anyone who calls a player even stupid can get you in trouble.. cursing, they flaggin’ people for all kinds of shit
Urizenus: But what does “antisocial” mean?? Did anyone explain that?
Van: like not being friendly
Van: you can’t have any thoughts of your own
Van: a EA person IMed me in game
Urizenus: really?
Van: they yelled at me and said “LOG OFF NOW”
Van: and “please stop this”
Urizenus: did they say why?
Van: they are mad cuz im xxxrated ,sittin’ on 20′s, shit i run this game..all my roomies runnin’ the show they know im the baddest bitch got the game on lock
Van: you know what i told them?
Urizenus: no, tell
Van: they go “what do we have to do”
Van: and i go: “just treat me how i wanna be treated cuz im gonna fuck it and suck it if you gonna beat it and eat it.”
Van: they got mad and logged me off game
Van: they know lil mama dont play
Urizenus: do you know who the EA rep was?
Van: some tired ass bitch
Urizenus: name?
Van: i don’t know, it was some rep..who knows. they all have silly names
Urizenus: but did that event lead to the terminations and suspensions?
Van: yes that’s why van merrill was suspended
Urizenus: My source Deep Max said that two of your other accounts were terminated and that both accounts associated with Angelica/Isabella were terminated.
Van: i don’t know bout Isa[bella] but nuthin’ stops my clique…they usually always back.
Van: do you know what the “big lick is”
Urizenus: nope
Van: its a n00b who got money off ebay or some site and come to my lot..
Urizenus: ic
Van: that’s the lick
Urizenus: so they come into game with lots of money
Van: i could get there bread
Van: take all their cash
Urizenus: so are you going to get some new accounts to replace the two you lost?
Van: like i said, evangeline’s status is not being revealed
Van: as far as accounts i never had many
Van: since my network has grown i have many people doing my plans
Urizenus: ok, let’s talk about the “network” what is it?
Van: what these tired ass mother fuckers don’t realize is their mafias ain’t shit
Van: they think they bad?
Urizenus: What can you do that the Mafia’s can’t?
Van: its not about the money
Van: its about what you really get from the n00bs…dignity
Van: once they enter my lot they leave as a different person
Van: what’s stolen is hope, respect, self esteem, courage
Van: i insult a n00b who in r/l is a mama or a daddy in their living room while their children home
Urizenus: But it looks like Maxis is trying to stop you now. Aren’t you afraid they will shut you down?
Van: stop me how?
Urizenus: terminations
Van: didn’t they ban you?
Urizenus: yup
Van: you’re back aren’t you?
Urizenus: I’m on YIM
Van: well i know u dont wanna say
Van: but
Van: basically you know as well as i do that that’s nothing
Urizenus: So what do you want to tell EA about their efforts to stop you?
Van: the game is mine, 2004 shit you know that name
Van: but what I want to discuss is this mafia BS
Urizenus: ok shoot, what have you got to say to JC, the X-Mafia, and the Syndicate?
Van: JC is a limp dick, he’s an average bitch I’m the baddest bitch and these mafias like to act big and ban but they don’t have much creativity or have done anything “bad”
Van: I’m a ghetto superstar, newbies eat my pussy like a sushi bar and of course i get threats from the mafia bitches
Van: but they are tired ass ho’s and bitches who talk a lot of shit but don’t do anything
Van: you can buy 1 mill off ebay or any sim money site but feelings and emotions are priceless..n00bs will never be the same sim they were before. They will not trust, they will be scared
Urizenus: So are you gonna act against the mafias or just scam noobs and talk trash?
Van: more and more houses are under hostage. Now founders will fear if they move n00bs in. This will leave more n00bs homeless
Van: i say n00bs now because do you realize the “0″
Van: its exactly what they are
Van: zeros, nothing
Van: there all mistakes, nasty disgusting things
Van: the reflection process at my home is going nicely
Van: it teaches n00bs the newbie trinity
Urizenus: “reflection process?”
Van: the deadbird, mirror and light
Van: picture this…
Van: a small room
Van: you enter
Van: it is dark
Van: candles everywhere, in front of you a mirror and a dead bird
Van: you make an offering.
Urizenus: You’re talking about the freezer where you lock up the Newbies?
Van: the mirror talks to you
Van: do you know who the dead bird is?
Van: they find the answer in the mirror.
Van: then a light appears
Van: do you know who the light is?
Urizenus: nope
Van: it is merrill, evangeline..the light cast a shadow of the deadbird..it is the future of n00bs
Urizenus: and what does she do for the newbies?
Van: they dont get let out oft he room till they sacrifice themselves to the truth and mourn for themselves
Van: they must smell the bird
Van: it is the smell of failure
Urizenus: Ok, but tell me about your “terror network” what is it? what is it for?
Van: its a network of scammers
Van: house destroyers
Van: bitches
Van: playetts
Van: dykes
Van: skeezers
Van: chicken heads
Van: crack heads
Van: baller bitches
Van: what ever you call yourself
Urizenus: but is it roleplay or are you really going to be active in the game and possibly out of it?
Urizenus: that is, active terrorizing sims
Van: no
Van: never
Van: in r/l i love my country and hate all evil doers never ever would i do anything like that
Urizenus: just terrorizing newbies then?
Van: there are many scams..pet scams, money trades, etc.
Van: house destroyers
Van: it involves both founders and noobies
Urizenus: You gonna do house demos?
Van: they wont be able to trust each other
Van: i dont do dirty work..i just over see it
Urizenus: I get it, so you make an account as a hapless noob, a founder takes you in, and BOOM
Van: see but that’s where you and others are wrong
Van: i do not work alone
Van: i don’t even have many accounts i just oversee things
Urizenus: who is in your network now?
Urizenus: Celestie? Isa?
Urizenus: all the roomies at Free Money?
Van: over 75 people..after all, there are not that many real bad bitches
Van: i only allow the real bad ones in
Van: i find them through enemy links
Urizenus: ic, so you recruit people with enemy links
Van: sometimes
Van: usually people are so dense they believe I’m every “bad” sim out there
Urizenus: yup, they see you everywhere
Van: face it. not everyone is a good little boy or girl
Urizenus: He’re my last question: aren’t you getting bored with this?
Van: yes. and no. i get bored but that’s why things like suspensions and terminations wake me up a little and i try to always stay fresh and get new ideas.

38 Responses to “Evangeline Mocks EA: You Can’t Stop my anti-n00b “Terror Network””

  1. Shadow Boy

    Jan 18th, 2004


  2. Don'tPlayTSO

    Jan 18th, 2004

    That is some of the saddest crap I’ve ever laid eyes on. Gotta love the gangsta culture.

  3. JC Soprano

    Jan 18th, 2004

    If my dicks limp it’s only limp dicked cuz I looked at your sorry ass.. wtf?? Grow up. I’m not even gonna dignify myself with a retort.

    U man, I can’t beleive you publush this shit. This is worse than Springer or any tabloid.

    JC Soprano

  4. JC Soprano

    Jan 18th, 2004

    However, I must say the eat my pussy like a suhi bar made me bust up laughing… For that I thank you. haha

    JC Soprano

  5. Polie Bear

    Jan 18th, 2004

    Don’t you ever quit, Van? If you can have people messing Alphaville up, who says I can’t mess your network up? Be careful of who you allow into your network. One of them might just be me, waiting to expose plans, get member lists, etc. You’re on my list. Be careful of what you say, I might report you. And your members.

  6. Isabella

    Jan 18th, 2004

    Evangeline Merrill is banned =)

  7. Isabella

    Jan 18th, 2004

    who reported Evangeline Merrill? j/w

  8. Bob the tomato

    Jan 18th, 2004

    One day this piece of trash is going to get its comeuppance, and that will be the day that I party. Just don’t come into my city because you are gonna realise that we won’t tolerate this shit. I hope you have a good psychiatrist, because you are one seriously messed up sick in the head wierdo. You say “i love my country and hate all evil doers never ever would i do anything like that” – so what on earth makes you think you can do it in game? PS now might be a good idea to renew or increase the medical insurance, one day you’ll meet someone from game in reality and that will be the day you realise the seriousness of what you are doing. Can’t you go ruin some other game and leave us in TSO alone? Perhaps you ought to put a little more effort into your failed attempt at an acting career instead of screwing our game up.

  9. toy

    Jan 18th, 2004

    best thing to do is completely ignore Evangelines feeble attempts to get the attenion he must surely be lacking in his RL… He is a complete non-entity, there is NOTHING he can do to anyone :)
    So the more attention we give this poor misguided child the more him and his ‘terror network’ hehehehehe the more he responds :) gotta chuckle at a TSO ‘terror network’

    toy wishes all a good day :)

  10. Isabella

    Jan 18th, 2004

    Evangeline’s “terror network” isnt true *BIG YaWN* Destroy house is my idea, my other sim named Selina Kyle. she destroyed alot houses in AV. plus she isnt part of Van’s “terror network”. but Van forced me to tell people im part of his “terror network”. but im not..
    Terror network? haha, doesnt it sounds so dumb and silly? Thats why i dont like him anymore.

  11. Juliet

    Jan 18th, 2004

    Isabella,your a loser. You wont even tell people who you are cuz your a shamed of yourself. You could be some handicapped mutant from sweden. Maybe your not even swedish..maybe your just so stupid you cant even speak english. Stop trying to have no feelings because you do and everyone knows you smell like tuna and chocolate milk. Im glad your keeping yourself hidden behid the computer..i would not talk about my real life if it was as bad as yours.

  12. Isabella

    Jan 18th, 2004

    Handicapped? Sorry but LOL

  13. Isabella

    Jan 18th, 2004

    Juliet is Raphael (Evangeline) =)

  14. Isabella

    Jan 18th, 2004

    Evangeline (Juliet), please speak english! not american ty =)

  15. Aleson

    Jan 18th, 2004

    Well well,here we go again.
    As everyone should know by now there is a another house called “Free Money for Everyone.”
    I don’t see why everyone one don’t get the picture and stop going to these houses….
    But I guess some people just won’t learn,or they like harassing her(him),either one.

  16. Jinjo

    Jan 18th, 2004

    Evangeline, you make me sick. Why cant you upgrade your tactics to the times? Everyones figured you out. You will fall eventually every badly-planned out organization does. SSG did and so will you.

  17. hahahahahaha

    Jan 18th, 2004

    evangeline your such a fucking little twit. i’m laughing so hard right now. bad girl? kid, my DOG could beat you up. you need to be on your silly sims page because that’s what you are.

  18. housewarmer

    Jan 18th, 2004

    And what if he does get bored? And leaves. Then what the hell will we do in the game? We’re gonna need a “whack off” interaction. There will be no one to gripe about, no one to hate… BORING. More boring, that is.

    “i’m a superstar, newbies eat my pussy like a sushi bar”

  19. Mrs Granny

    Jan 18th, 2004

    Hey Rapael, uhm Evangeline I mean, your terroist network can kiss my ass because it’s a lie, just like you! Rapael is a scummy loser who thinks he has control over everyone! WEll guess what? NOT ME! No one likes you anymore, that’s why we all left! And you and your two 13 year old boys that are your only friends can suck eachothers dicks because youre all GAY! AHAHAHAHAAH FOOL! Im the Baddest bitch! HA!

  20. samhain

    Jan 19th, 2004

    Van, please keep doing what your doing! As it would seem EA just wants our money and with you playing multiple accounts thats just more $$ for them to spend on cool shit for the rest of us to enjoy :) ok, maybe we won’t get cool shit but your still wasting YOUR money so it all works out. Whatever floats your limp dick, eh

  21. Sharlee

    Jan 19th, 2004

    I guess Evangeline has schizophrenia in r/l

  22. Bob the tomato

    Jan 19th, 2004

    Urezinus….. don’t you realise that by giving this sorry excuse for humanity (assuming it is) a mouthpiece for its pathetic ranting, you’re only encouraging it? Its up to you to stop reporting this rubbish, concentrate on some of the good things that go on in TSO instead. You’re digging your own grave here, stop reporting such crap and you may find yourself getting less hassle from Big Brother – sorry EA – and maybe someone will start to take your research seriously. At the moment all I see is a disgruntled guy who doesn’t like being told he’s got to follow the rules he agreed to abide when he signed up to TSO, and instead of taking his ball and going home has resorted to getting the media involved to support his case – oh sorry I spelt that wrong – publicise his book.

  23. Bob the tomato

    Jan 19th, 2004

    Oh it gets better…..


    contains a quote from an interview presumably here somewhere….

    Evangeline: yes….i never was a skill person. i needed money. why skill when you can suck dick to keep food on the plate

    So… homosexual as well eh Mr Rizzo?

  24. Jelly Gloss

    Jan 19th, 2004

    From what I can tell from the posts here, sounds like there’s a bit of mutiny happening. I’d like to know what ended the love affair of the century between Van and his roomies. Too much sushi eating?

  25. Mrs Granny

    Jan 19th, 2004

    Oh yea, and don’t forget the spice girls. AHAHA
    You know Isa and Cele are much funnier people that you Van, making people sing Spice Girls is just plain silly! Are you gay in RL? I have heard you are! If so, the singing of the Spice Girls is understood as I used to like them when I was like 12! HAHA

  26. Bob the tomato

    Jan 20th, 2004

    Hey uri…. here’s an interview for ya to do…. why not ask Mrs Rizzo quite *what* s/he hopes to achieve by hassling newbies… is it just some inane power thing to make up for inadequacies in reality, or is there actually some aim?

  27. Hype

    Jan 20th, 2004

    LOL he said in one of the interviews that he was bi ! !

  28. Hype

    Jan 20th, 2004

    HAHAHAHHAHHAH last night he tried to demo my friends house and her ass got banned….. SMART MOVE ! ! !

  29. Catseye

    Jan 20th, 2004

    OMG I havent seen such language in a long time.. and I can not believe that it was even considered being posted for others to view.. but it does show me the Intelligence of Van I am not worried about the plans.. to plan one must think and this proves that there is no thought..

  30. Maria LaVeaux

    Jan 29th, 2004

    Now that Evangeline seems to have been cut off Due to his Mothers reaction to the Media attention, I wonder if any others in his Professed “Terror Network” are considering the Impact on their RL situation, should the same Media attention be focused on them.
    What do you stand to lose in RL if friends, Family, or Professional contacts (Employers etc.) suddenly discover that you are part of something that is gaining so much Negative RL news coverage?

    Now that you know your Anonymity is NOT assured by your computer, Are you now wondering if you could be Next if you carry on with the same activities?

    Your Comments please.


  31. Ethel Williams

    Jan 29th, 2004

    First of all Maria, if anyone mentions my RL personal info on this site or any other I will sue:)Or if it is given to the press or anyone of that matter. Next, there is NO terror network. Don’t you know? I guess you all really need to get your facts straight! Do you know how foolish you all sound?

  32. Maria LaVeaux

    Jan 29th, 2004

    Two points,
    Re: “Terror Network”

    To remind you of what i said:
    “any others in his Professed “Terror Network”"
    Merely quoting Evangeline, I did not at any time state that such a Network existed. therefore, the stupidity, if any, is not mine.

    “if anyone mentions my RL personal info on this site or any other I will sue:)”

    It is my understanding that Evangelines true identity was established by researching records on the net. Public Records.
    If your name or anyone elses were found in a similar fashion, it could be published because chere, It has already BEEN published. Sorry, No Legal Recourse there. Once you add your name to a Public record, it is just that, Public. All claim to privacy in regards to that publication are forfiet.

    Even in the great land of Litigation Known as the United States, That sort of publication is protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution.(And similar precepts of law are Common throughout the Western World.

    Neither point however has anything to do with my question.

    I Will take your response to mean that you still feel protected by the Appearant Anonymity.

    Any other comments?


  33. Ethel Williams

    Jan 30th, 2004

    Sorry for you deary I have no personal information out in the public. I am just an old woman trying to have fun in this game, not trying to get attention from nosey idiots like you. Please get a life and worry about someone else who actually cares what you think!

  34. toy

    Jan 30th, 2004

    ethel……. your nothing but a van wannabe :)
    and your threats go unheeded simply because they are unfounded and rediculous to any person with an ounce of common sense :) from reading what you have been posting toy would suspect your no older than van.. and perhaps much younger :)

    falara kajira toy :)

  35. Ethel Williams

    Jan 31st, 2004

    Hi Toy:) Actually I am much older than Van, silly silly one. I am not a Van wannabe, don’t you know who I am? You silliness makes me sick.

  36. toy

    Feb 1st, 2004

    toy will still think you are not older than van….. your pitiful use of words. the swearing… hmmmmmmm very childish behaviour for one trying to convince others that they are older hehehehe… toy would thing different if you had better control of yourself ethel :)

    in shorter terms that you may understand better…. “Get a grip ethel” :)

    toy :)

  37. Ethel Williams

    Feb 1st, 2004

    Hey Toy. KISS MY ASS! Just because I swear does not make me young. Oh and toy, please mind your own business:) I’m sick of reading your silly little posts.

  38. toy

    Feb 2nd, 2004

    once again child ethel toy will repeat she doesnt take orders well from children…. toy will damn well post where she likes and your feeble attempts to stop her are laughable to say the least…. pleaes keep it up, your becoming more of a laughing stock with each of your posts :)

    toy :)

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