Evangeline Terminated: Maxis Moves Against Other Griefers at Free Money for Newbies

by Alphaville Herald on 14/01/04 at 6:40 pm

By Deep Max

In a move that residents of Alphaville have been pleading for for several weeks, Maxis has moved against several accounts associated with The Free Money For Newbies property. Most of the terminated accounts will be familiar to the readers of the Alphaville Herald. Among the accounts terminated or suspended are two of Evangeline‘s accounts (Evangeline and Grandma), while his third account Evangeline Merrill is merely suspended. Other terminations are the two accounts associated with Isabella/Angelica. The accounts of Celestie (the abusive granny) and Eliana have been suspended for 72 hours. We are investigating the official reasons for these terminations. Meanwhile, here is the breakdown.

User 1:
Evangeline (formerly Voleur, several of the Merrills): terminated
Grandma (formerly ?SnowWhite, not to be confused with SnowWhite): terminated
Evangeline Merrill: suspended 72 hours

User 2 (operated in r/l by a user in Sweden, possibly a second party has access to these accounts):
Isabella (formerly Granny and Fruitcake Lady): terminated
Angelica: terminated

User 3
Celestie: Suspended for 72 hours

User 4
Eliana: Suspended for 72 hours

23 Responses to “Evangeline Terminated: Maxis Moves Against Other Griefers at Free Money for Newbies”

  1. Dyerbrook

    Jan 14th, 2004

    They’ll be back. Or they are already back. My hunch is the lot with the “Special Worship” run by a “Miss-Crumplebottom” is the one to watch.

    As Urizenus himself should know, it is as easy as pie to get back in the game with another Sim. Unlike this website, which captures people’s IP addresses and sifts through e-mails to see if they are really all from the same computer/server, Maxis doesn’t capture URLs. An owner of multiple accounts might only have one offending Sim terminated or suspended, and keep going with the rest.

  2. Dyerbrook

    Jan 14th, 2004

    *Special Workshop

  3. Aurora Ivy

    Jan 14th, 2004

    Wait! I talked to Miss-CrumpleBottom she seemed so nice now I am not good to tell who is who so I shouldn’t be talking but Why not 1st!! Get to know Miss-CrumpleBottom before hand -Aurora Ivy

  4. LostHope

    Jan 14th, 2004

    Yep they’ll be back or already are. Evangeline Merrill just showed up the other day and if he really is suspended for 72 hours he will be back by the weekend.

    Some of the roomies aren’t even mentioned on there…so the scamming will never end at that hell hole.

  5. Julia L

    Jan 14th, 2004

    LostHope, some of us aren’t mentioned because some of us are angels O:-)

  6. RB

    Jan 14th, 2004

    Bout time that punk with multiple personalities got what’s coming to him. We need no such rubbish in TSO.

    - RB

  7. Julia L

    Jan 14th, 2004

    dont insult me by saying I’m Van. I am my own self. F***er.

  8. Cocoanut

    Jan 14th, 2004

    Weeks? It’s been months. And some of the prior alts have been terminated before. But in any case, I’m glad they are on the case, and glad to hear this news.


  9. samhain

    Jan 15th, 2004

    Julia, you are the company you keep. Call it guilt by association. “f***er”, LMFAO ! Don’t worry, you wont get reported, eh.
    And I agree coco, I’m glad they are FINALY doing something. I’ve heard there is even more in the works for the very near future.

  10. Marian

    Jan 15th, 2004

    I’ve been to special workshop run by Miss Crumplebottom as well. I think the house has a cute theme and design and from what I could gather while I was there she said Evangeline was out to get her.

    I had a good time while I was there and everything seemed on the up and up. She seemed perfectly nice but you never can tell around here can you?

  11. Shadow Boy

    Jan 15th, 2004

    Miss-Crumplebottom is not Evangeline. I have known Van for a while and been to Miss-C’s lot. Not to mention I know all of Van’s sims. So don’t accuse unless you know.

  12. Isabella/Angelica

    Jan 15th, 2004

    Cocoaunt, Im part of the terror network. and I’ll hack your TSO account. Be careful

  13. toy

    Jan 15th, 2004

    toy thanks you Coco for your post…. all You said is very true and dont worry about idle threats from some…. they have tried to get toy before and failed miserably hehe. toy is the one who ended up getting their IP’s not the other way around, they are helpless …
    toy hopes you can keep posting, and toy will continue as well to put a stop to evangelines threat, he is done :)

    jashi va toy :)

  14. van

    Jan 15th, 2004

    Evangeline is not suspended or terminated…only van merrill..if Evangeline was terminated i would have not been able to move van merrill in. get you facts staight uri..your full of shit.. And my terror network..be careful

  15. SowhenIstoppedlaughing...

    Jan 15th, 2004

    You would not have been able to move her in if she was suspended and you weren’t — move ins require consent. Those of us that have been watching you know that Evan Merrill moved into FM practically the day she was born — before any of your Sims were allegedly suspended/terminated.

    And for all you non-idiots (so Van you can stop reading), Beware of Eliana Rose; she claims to be part of the stupidass terror (ha) network.

  16. toy

    Jan 15th, 2004

    ~holds her sides laughing at a terror network~

    jashi va toy :)

  17. Aleson

    Jan 15th, 2004

    Well well Van,your terror network hasn’t really done anything outside of that house of yours..I wouldn’t consider it a “terror network.”
    Go ahead and try to hack my account,whatever.
    Oh and your a guy right?

  18. RB

    Jan 15th, 2004

    You are doomed, DOOMED! i tell you. beware of vans incredibly scary terror network. Fear it. =P heh

    - RB

  19. Ana-

    Jan 15th, 2004

    Uh oh we better watch out, there’s a TERROR NETWORK!

    I’m trembling with fear. right.

  20. Catwoman

    Jan 16th, 2004

    Dont hate me becoz im beautiful!

  21. MattyS

    Jan 16th, 2004

    Wow great post. What ever happens to them is there own falt and wondering why it took Maxis so long to do anything!!!

  22. Moi

    Jan 17th, 2004

    I’m not sure how the whole ‘ban from game’ process works but if you are banned/suspended do you get a notice online and when you sign off, you can’t sign back on? Not sure how it works…

    Just wondering because there are “offline roommate invites.” If he made Evangeline Merrill right before the account was suspended (if he already knew he was going to be suspended/banned) and sent a roommate invite to his other sim, then that would have allowed his other sim to become a roommate in case of suspension…

    Okay… that was a confusing paragraph… hope it isn’t too confusing :P

  23. Someone you wish you knew

    Jan 18th, 2004

    No, if you are suspended, you’re kicked off. Immediately. The way Evangeline Merrill was suspended is that one of the roommates had a “roommate invite bug” where they could invite people to be roommates just like the owner, but not kick them out. So, they used that when Evangeline got his new account.

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