Free Money roomies break with Van: Racist-themed Welcome Property Emerges

by Alphaville Herald on 24/01/04 at 7:50 pm

Story by Los, Deep Max, Anonymous, and The Eye

In the wake of recent crackdowns on the Free Money for Newbies (FMFN) scam site, but driven largely by interpersonal conflicts, two new scam sites have emerged in Alphaville, both operated by FMFN alumni. The first house, currently number 2 in the Alphaville Welcome Category, is called Free Money for Everyone, and is designed to be an ugly parody of an African Village. All the roommates in the house have taken African-American sounding names. Roommates include Yolanda Jackson (formerly the recently suspended abusive granny Celestie), Jasmine Myers (formerly the recently terminated Isabella/Angelica/Fruitcake Lady/Granny), and three sims (Renisha, Bonquisha Little, Arwen’) that are allegedly operated by a single relatively new sim who was known as Mrs. Granny when in FMFN. The residents of this house engage in the usual scam practices, but also talk in “bad English” to make fun of Black English Vernacular (BEV).

Two other former roommates of FMFN have opened a scam site called Royalty Cash (currently advertising a reward of 3 million simoleans for making 100 gnomes). The two key roommates have taken Japanese names. One of them, Yoshii (formerly Eliana in FMFN) and the other is named Sanjiro (formerly Julia in FMFN).

Reasons for the movement seem to be driven by interpersonal conflicts. As best as we can piece the story together, Evangeline began to show favoritism towards Eliana which led to jealousy on the part of Celestie. The Celestie contingent left first, and joined with Isabella/Angellica (recently of the Playboy Mansion cyberbrothel). Subsequently, Eliana and Julia began to feel that Evangeline was taking advantage of them, so they recreated as Yoshi and Sanjiro and started their new maze scam site.

Following a lead by reporter of a r/l newspaper, our reporter Los went to visit Free Money for Everyone to see what it was about. Inside a bamboo hut he found Yolanda Jackson sitting with a dead parrot. Conversation went as follows, with Yolanda attempting to affect a BEV dialect.

Yolanda: “You can sit take lesson.”
“Why you no come?” [Los enters hut]
“OK now”
“I see you good man”
“You like?” [in reference to dead parrot]
“Me bring from Africa”
“You smell?”
Los: “It’s dead”
Jolanda: “No no no.”
“it sleep.”
“Like magick”
“It ancient African magick, you see.”

And later in the conversation…
Jolanda: “You no English not good.?
“why you racist”
“Tiki no like racist” (referring to a tiki god sculpture.)
“Why not see tiki”.

This went on until Yolanda left the property.

The breakup of the FMFN has also led to the destruction of the FMFN scam house in Blazing Falls. We have no knowledge of new properties in BF.

44 Responses to “Free Money roomies break with Van: Racist-themed Welcome Property Emerges”

  1. Yolanda

    Jan 24th, 2004

    Oh I tell you somtin’ it good yes!

  2. Lynette Fromme

    Jan 24th, 2004

    Your a dirty liar Celestie! You said you would stop and you were full of bullshit! You are a racist and should just burn in hell!

  3. Bob the Tomato

    Jan 25th, 2004

    Hey Yolanda, take a look at – might give you an idea for your next lame idea.

  4. ThanksALotUri

    Jan 25th, 2004

    Uri, don’t you realize by promoting these assholes, they just get MORE visitors! For DAYS they were getting NO visitors and were dropping fast in the welcome cat, but now that you’ve given them such a shameful plub the racist, scammer house is now packed. Now I see why Maxis booted you and realize that all the good work all the GOOD people of Alpha are doing mean absolutely nothing to you. You’re just Alphaville version of the National Enquirer.

    THANK YOU for ruining all our hard work you JERK!

  5. urizenus

    Jan 25th, 2004

    Now now Coco, you needn’t hide behind fake screen names here. We know you hate me, but we accept you anyway.

    As for all your hard work, please do tell us what it entailed. Enquiring minds want to know! And as for your great success, the Free Money For Everyone house was already #2 in the welcome category when a reporter for the Detroit Free Press first brought it to my attention. If that’s how you measure success, what do you consider a failure?

    I now return you to your regularly scheduled program: Coco Blames the Messenger.

  6. Storm

    Jan 25th, 2004

    Uhm Coco/Thanksaloturi, that seems like an unfair attack on Urizenus. Blaming him because the house is starting to fill up again seems pretty … Pathetic almost. Uri is not a scapegoat for Van, Yolanda/Celestie, or anyone. Just seems to me that you are blaming him for your hate of Yolanda … and we all know that in that situation there is nothing better than finding a scapegoat to blame and shine it all in a new light.

    If this is the CoCo I’m thinking of btw, (although it may be a different one who I respect fairly) Didn’t you trade balloons with Evangeline and LIVE at her house for awhile? Seems pretty hypocritical to me.


    Keep going Uri :)


    P.S. If you hate Uri and his website so much..DON’T READ IT lol.

  7. Tory

    Jan 25th, 2004

    Storm, you fascinate me. You state over and over again that if we don’t like Uri or don’t like his site that we shouldn’t read it and shouldn’t comment here.

    However, one of Uri’s biggest missions has been battling for free speech – in spite of signing that right away in several contracts. We who disagree with whatever articles or statements are posted are using our right to free speech, and since we haven’t signed a contract to post on this site – we are breaking no rules.

    It seems to be that by being so anti-censorship and pro-free speech, despite the contracts limiting that, Uri would *appreciate* the fact that people speak their minds here. Regardless of whether or not they agree with him.

    Isn’t that what this is all about? Giving people the right to say what they want?

    Storm, you are limiting people by thinking that we have no right to say whatever the hell we want here… and you’re working against what Uri stands for (at least part of what he stands for) by telling us to shut up and go away when you don’t like what we’re saying – whatever words you choose, that’s the sentiment.


  8. Storm

    Jan 25th, 2004

    Correction Tory, since you again seem misinformed. I am yelling at NO ONE :) I am telling them speak out all you want against Uri *shrugs* BUT…blaming him for Yolanda’s surge of visitors is just plain stupid. Sounds to me more like Nazism then anything else with the scapegoat…

    by all means speak out against me, against Uri, against whoever. Doesn’t matter in the least to me. Spices up the comments and adds a tad of debate to them :)

    I am saying though that blaming Urizenus is just plain … Stupidity.

    Also…I am not saying that people don’t speak out – but all those complaining that this site is a piece of crap and that it should just die , etc. I am saying that it goes away if you just leave it be and no one responds. But no, I have no time to listen to people whine about how bad the site is.

    Add debate…it’s fun :)

    But please…Leave the whining out :)


  9. Tory

    Jan 25th, 2004

    Storm, what you repeatedly say is that if you don’t like something you should NOT speak up, you should ignore it and it will go away.

    However, this blog is not like a message board. The articles ONLY go away when new ones are posted by the bloggers. The issues don’t go away just because people don’t complain – they just appear more acceptable.

    Ignoring problems does not make them go away. Keeping quiet only means your voice is not heard. Whining may piss you off, but it is a valid opinon and not everyone sees the same things as whining.

    the anonymous (though outted) person above states, accurately, that this article generated publicity that brought the racist house more attention than it was getting before. Yes, the post was angry, but the point was valid. You call that whining, I call that rage. Either way, it is HER RIGHT to say those things in whatever manner she chooses.

    Check yourself, Storm. Sounds to me like you’re saying you like the idea of free speech as long as people only use it when they like something… and forget that right when they disagree.

  10. Storm

    Jan 25th, 2004

    >by all means speak out against me, against Uri, >against whoever. Doesn’t matter in the least to >me. Spices up the comments and adds a tad of >debate to them :)

    lol Tory, please, just stop debating a useless point. :)


  11. Storm

    Jan 25th, 2004

    >by all means speak out against me, against Uri, >against whoever. Doesn’t matter in the least to >me. Spices up the comments and adds a tad of >debate to them :)

    lol Tory, please, just stop debating a useless point. :)


  12. Dyerbrook

    Jan 25th, 2004

    You know I have no dog in this particular hunt, but it seemed to me that this house wasn’t racist against *African-Americans* but racist against *Africans* by role-playing a purportedly dumb African village. It is actually just like a photographic negative of the other lot, as if all the whites came out black in the negative, that’s all. Just look at them. I’m not at all sure it split with Van, because I can’t be sure all those roomies aren’t Van, too, because I saw Dorian manipulate another granny-type character and delete her before my eyes in a fake drama she/he once played out for me back when “Herman Townguy” and “Mathew Nefer” ran a hotel with a granny-like character with the same Sim face. So I do wonder.

    Have we actually been able to establish, too, that these characters actually engage in racism, punishable by the TOS, as distinct from a kind of lame version of minstrelsy? I realize a hoard of fucktards will descend on me and call me a racist for even suggesting such a thing but are we to construe that the mere appearance of a lame-assed African village lot in TSO is demonstratively “racism”? Shall we assume that all those other lame-assed Tiki Huts are racist against Asians, and that all those lame-assed castles are racist against the Scottish? I mean, please. They speak fake silly language that they imagine to be the primitive language of Africans (doesn’t sound like any of the real Africans I know) but is that in itself *racism,* my friends? If you believe it is, press your “complaint” button and have the great minds and arbiters of public political correctness determine if YOU are correct, or see if you get one of their “not enough information” replies. Make sure your complaint is about the lot description, and not just the one Sim.

    My, how the politically correct whips are brandished so readily! What *is* this thing, but just an extension of sorts of the silly sort of fake black ghetto talk that Evangeline and her friends on the old lot used to indulge in, which none of you ever called racist, but might well have if you’d have half a mind? Isn’t this tolerated speech even in the cramped world of the TOS? Maxis banned Evangeline for her scamming of newbies, we believe, not because she used fake ghetoo slang, although we suspect she is a white boy, and probably not a black boy, and probably has a conscious or unconscious racist attitude towards African-Americans, but we can’t prove it in a court of law or even a real newspaper — yet.

    And once again, friends, please note that Uri is a snoop. When you post on this blog, he captures your ISP (Internet Service Provider) address, a string of numbers. It arrives directly in his own personal e-mail box, so he can track all the fresh posts to the blog. He can then use any number of free search engines on the Internet, or a java-script program from Norton, to see where that ISP address is located. It isn’t the address of your own home with your own computer, it isn’t that scary, but it is the nearest location of your ISP’s node for the Internet. I plugged mine into one of those search engines that Uri must use, and noticed that it puts me in actually a differet location than where I actually am, for some reason, even though I have no reason to hide my location. But what it does mean is that when you try to post with alternate personas, unlike the old Maxis board where we had that freedom, Uri will play “gotcha” and “out” your ISP address, unique to your dial-up, and match it to what is no doubt a stored collection of all of your ISP addresses, which is going to work for whatever other purposes he might have, which we do hope won’t involve any more of those ads for penis enlargement. So to get around this, you can either sign-up with a different el cheapo Internet dial-up every time you post that will give you a different address he can’t link to yours, but it will still show a location similar to where you are, bringing the diversity of your personas into doubt, although perhaps not identical. You can use a Kinko’s. Or you can ask your aunt in Kenosha to dial up and paste in a message for you. Whatever. But Uri is interesting in gathering information about you, and you need to be aware of that.

  13. ThanksALotUri

    Jan 25th, 2004

    Dyerbrook, I do realize that Uri is a snoop. But I also know that he makes mistakes in his little investigations. Let’s start with the fact that I’m not Coco. Don’t even know who the hell Coco is. Check the ISPs again, Uri. Hey look, I have a different ISP address than I did before! Doesn’t that just blow your mind? Am I someone else now? Who? Cuz I’d really like to know.

    I REALLY find it interesting that once you “outed” me, several other people followed suit without really questioning it.

    I also hope Coco, whoever that is, reads this and properly yells at you for blatant misinformation and all that good stuff.

    I don’t hate you Uri. I hate what you’re doing here. And I just don’t understand it, I guess. Real newspapers/tabloids print interesting and scandelous stories because people will read them, and readers = revenue. But nobody pays to read the AH so what the heck ARE you getting out of this? Happiness????

    I’m serious. I’d really like to know.

  14. Urizenus

    Jan 25th, 2004

    >But nobody pays to read the AH so what the heck ARE you getting out of this? Happiness????

    By parity of reasoning, nobody *gets* paid to read the AH and post in the comments, so what are *you* getting out of this? Honestly, if you don’t like it stop reading and start your own newspaper. Or watch TV. Or take a nice walk. Or go back to your *highly* successful campaign against griefers.

    By coming here and ranting you and Dyerbrook are just my content providers (and you are giving it away at that) and bringing more eyeballs to the paper. Its very simple. If you don’t like the AVH just go away.

  15. ThanksALotUri

    Jan 25th, 2004

    Teehee. Okay!

    {skips jollily away}

  16. Marian

    Jan 25th, 2004

    The only way I get news about goings on in the game is via the AVH. I had no idea who the SARP was before I read this article and now I know!

    This is my ONLY news source so if folks want to get a message out about something they’re involved in why not give interviews here? I don’t know where else to look so as it stands to me this is the only place I come for information.

    On that note, what’s this about being able to move your SIM to a new city?? Huh? First I’ve heard of it!


  17. Marian

    Jan 25th, 2004

    Hrmm posted this in the wrong thread. Darnit.

  18. Tory

    Jan 25th, 2004

    Marian, you might want to try getting your news from Maxis and Stratics. Unless, of course, you like sensationalistic journalism and letting others form opinions for you.

  19. Cocoanut

    Jan 25th, 2004

    Well this is a new low, Uri, if you are telling people I am the same person as thanksaloturi.

    I am on AOL dial-up and I post with my name Cocoanut (signed coco) on every game related board I post on, from, virtually all the time, this same AOL screen name. I have only one AOL account and I have had it for about 7 years.

    On the new Stratics board I am also Cocoanut, although I could choose any name to post under there. All my three Sims are named Cocoanut (although the one in Alpha is Cocoanut Too, as I couldn’t get the name Cocoanut). I have only three Sims.

    I am very much always, and only ever, the same game personna. I don’t know how you could possibly think someone who writes so differently from how I do could be me, unless you think I am writing that way on purpose.

    Unless you meant some other person named Coco, which somehow I doubt; I haven’t noticed anybody else named Coco participating in this web site.

    I sign in with my AOL screen name every time I post on this site, or on any game site, so you know what that is, as well, I imagine. I have had the same AOL screen names all the years I have had my account.

    I play two other online games as well, and, in order that people from other games might be able to find a friend they already know on them, my name on them is Cocoanut (or a variation thereof where necessary) as well. I post on those boards also as Cocoanut.

    There is never any question in anyone’s mind of who I am whenever I talk, and it has never been an interest of mine to present myself as anyone else, or to try out alternate identities in game. You could hardly have picked a less likely candidate to decide to “out.”

    I took a day or so to respond here, because I really couldn’t believe you really were saying that thanksaloturi was me; it didn’t make sense.

    I do not know who thanksaloturi is, but it is not me. I would think you would be a bit more careful, Uri, before making assumptions like that.


  20. urizenus

    Jan 25th, 2004

    yes yes of course, coco. Now does this mean that you’ve decided to stay and be an unpaid content provider for me? Happy to hear that. Carry on.

  21. Cocoanut

    Jan 25th, 2004

    P.S. And I never traded balloons with Evangeline or lived at her house.


  22. Renisha

    Jan 26th, 2004

    When you come to our palace you must make offering to Tiki, otherwise it not happy! Bad things can happen when Tiki not happy! We not make fun of Africans, we are Africans and we make new African village. It was burnt down by orlando bloom and we had to rebuild it. He was racist. Some mean sim said to me today that I blend in with the brown carpet in the kitchen, he so mean. Another sim say we brown because someone pooped on us…so silly! We brown because we in sun a lot. I am African Princess, you must worship ground I walk on! You must worship Yolanda, African Queen! You no worship? We VOODOO you!

  23. Dyerbrook

    Jan 26th, 2004

    For what it’s worth, Cocoanut has always used this same name on her Sims in different cities, has always stuck to it as long as I’ve known her, about a year I guess, and is not the type of person to make up fake screen names, or to use a term like “asshole” in her speech. She is one of these mature, educated adults with some skill, smarts, and integrity that you occasionally — rarely — find in this game. She was once an ally of Uri in his cause on principle but like others of her set, was turned off by Uri’s constant rude, condescending, fuck-you attitude, which I assume is predicated on the notion that only Uri gets to crusade, give press interviews to the major media, study the Sims, and the rest of us are just rubes and shills. That he views us as mere content-providers for his site, readily to be scorned, and as mere subjects for his dubious academic “study” comes through load and clear in the kind of rude comment he made to Coco.

    No, this isn’t a newspaper. It’s a slam book or a blab book like they have in 5th or 6th grade, the kind the teacher takes away from you. It’s actually a lower species of communication than a blog or a forum, because it has absolutely no TOS or ROC for even the most basic purposes of coherence and minimal decency. Rather than signal somehow that he blesses — or at least covers, for God’s sake! — the efforts by some adults to create alternatives to the Evangeline griefer lot, he pisses on people complaining about his biased coverage. We’re treated to hortatory, condescending lectures about the need “not to shoot the messenger” when really we ought to do is fling back into Uri’s face that famous saying of McLuhan, “You become what you behold.” You stared so long into the void of TSO, and it barked back. Remember, Selene warned you about that…

    Anything but admit he is wrong! That’s our Uri. He was wrong about the easily-checked fact of Coco’s URL, and even ThanksalotUri came forward to testify. I don’t agree with ThanksalotUri that the media should have a social mission, and help plug do-gooder lots as distinct from griefer-lots. It should merely report on both activities in as balanced an impartial manner as it can. We could debate whether in the special circumstances of TSO, a closed system, a game, we should have “community journalism” that boosts some civic project. In a sense, Uri is practicing a forum of community gonzo journalism a la Indymedia, it’s just that he is siding with the dark ones like the SSG, BDSM, the wiccans, the satanists because they are kewl and he wants to be kewl, instead of siding with other grander civic projects and do-gooders.

    OK, we’ve all proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Uri is a bad journalist, a lousy editor, an even just a poor mod for a Sim message board, a fansite. But…is he a good professor? I don’t think so. He is entrusted with young minds to mold but he is evidently only happy in molding young minds and sucking up their endless adoration. When he is challenged by other educated adults like Cocoanut or a few of the others here, myself included, he can’t cope, and resorts to shrieks and stabs. Don’t forget he even banned me for a night. And even if we don’t have Ph.Ds and don’t write ncomprehensible books and talk in jargonistic meaningless terms about the “defeasibility of identity” (blechth), we can detect bullshit when we see it.

    Well, I’m going ice-fishing! Bye for now!

  24. Storm

    Jan 26th, 2004

    Oops…Wrong Coco :) Sorry Coconaut. was thinking coco’ who lived at Van’s for awhile.


  25. Anonymous

    Jan 26th, 2004

    Whew. Now that we have that out of the way… Can we get back on topic? Why has Van not been on recently. Is he banned for good? What’s the situation? I have a bunch of his other sims bookmarked and they haven’t been online either. Which is odd.

  26. Cocoanut

    Jan 26th, 2004

    Thank you, Storm. As I pointed out on Terra Nova, professor, I am not this ThanksALotUri person. When you continue to address me with that assumption, as you did on Terra Nova, you are in error.

    I don’t know what about people’s isps led you to the conclusion that I was the same person, but I’m not. My word is good; you can take it to the bank. So I suggest you review whatever led you to think I was that person, and consider that you may have been wrong.

    I had nothing to do with the hoax, either. I am not among the friends of Dyerbrook’s who did that sting. I don’t engage in any activities in the game, as you suggested on Terra Nova, which are at all any form of griefing. Everyone who knows me can attest to that.

    As for the character assasination you accuse me of on the Terra Nova site, I stated only the sequence of events as they involved you. I also stated my own opinion of you, and yes, that was harsh. If my opinion of you and your methods amounts to character assasination, then I am guilty of having and stating a low opinion of them. As for the facts and sequence of events as I presented them there, those are true to the best of my considerable knowledge. You know that, too.

    The best course I ever took in college and graduate school was, bar none, hands down, a logic course I took in the philosophy department at the University of Michigan. I even tell my girls that the only thing I want when they go to college is they take a logic course. I’ve told them that since they were tots. That course did more good for my life than anything else I have ever learned.

    A logical person would consider that he could, in fact, be wrong. A logical person could admit to a mistake. One who can’tm can never arrive at any sort of truth. I can tell you for a fact you have made a mistake, professor, in thinking I am that other person. Or that I had anything to do with the Dyerbrook sting. I didn’t even know it was going on.

    If, however, you insist on insisting that I am this thanksaloturi, and take all his posts as mine, and reply to me here and elsewhere as if I’d said what he did, you are only compounding your original error, and in doing so, you truly obfuscate all discourse. Is that your intention?


  27. Urizenus

    Jan 26th, 2004

    >Why has Van not been on recently. Is he banned for good? What’s the situation? I have a bunch of his other sims bookmarked and they haven’t been online either. Which is odd.

    Well, at least two of Vans accounts are terminated, and the third one was in a second consecutive 72 hour suspension the last I heard (this is the account associated with Evangeline Merrill). On top of this, a reporter recently contacted his mom, so one might speculate that he’s been grounded by her too. At least from home.

  28. Anonymous

    Jan 26th, 2004

    Seems ridiculous that he might be grounded by his mom. I forget what its like to be 17… 18 …whatever. I’ve been drinking too much lately. I think I’ll ground myself.

  29. Evang..i mean Yolanda

    Jan 26th, 2004

    evangeline died when she had her baby.
    -mother in law

  30. Renisha

    Jan 27th, 2004


  31. toy

    Jan 27th, 2004

    ahhhhh. toy wondered where you ran and hid at dyer……. things getting to rough for you in the other posts? :)

    as far as evangeline and whatever she is or he is. and its friends…… they are nothing but small insignificant twits. not worth posting about. they are nothing :)

    toy :)

  32. Rusty Dagger of BF

    Jan 28th, 2004

    Well guys, tell you what… i’m going back to TSO to have some fun as all the ranting is giving me a headach! I agree with the “beefs” with the reporter, fire the reporter and get one that’s not so emotionally attached. Look, if you don’t like hanging out with certian sims, don’t. Have you let someone steal your fun? If you have that’s tragic. As for the African theme, don’t be so friggin sensitive, it’s a theme, get over it. It’s my oppinion that the themes, at least most of the ones I’ve encountered in BF are played pretty poorly, and they are really few and far between. Apparently some folks need to champion their real life color, nobody sees it on TSO anyway, we are only able to tell who the children are by their screwy behavior (and they always say they are 18 lol). Guard your fun, isn’t that what you are there for!

  33. Rusty Dagger of BF

    Jan 29th, 2004

    I would like to soften that blow a bit. (fire the reporter) After thinking about it a bit I realized this isn’t some kind of hugh media conglomerate and this guy is workin his tail off, and I have a place to come durring maintiance :)
    Foremost thank you!
    Next I’d like to clarify, because I’m not just sitting around with people face to face that can read emotion and unspoken language that we use every day to get more intricate meanings out of the sentences that we speak. Well understood by chatters. :) I believe there needs to be accountability of some sort applied to the Herald. Not because of anyone is in need of being restrained (the paper is new to me and I can’t make that call) but because sometimes everyone needs to be counciled and helped to be kept in perspective of the goals and the chosen path to get there. What This particular reporter needs, in my oppinion, is to be made aware that if someone wants to throw a monkey wrench in Herald “project” the best way to do it would be to get the newspaper staff to engage in personal matters in the paper. I think what ever rules are in place (if any) should be amended to include a recognition of this issue and guidlines set. I believe that the reporter should represent the newpaper at all times while getting a scoop, and writting the story. By the way, I can’t think of ever hearing of a newpaper that prints every letter to the editor and doesn’t review them for objectionable content. A newspaper isn’t for back and forth communication between the participants, they have TSO for that. This is to what ever rules govern this paper, I’m not intending this to be a counciling session to the reporter himself, rather that there be something put in place where he can be counciled. Well I am so far off of the subject of a racist house emerging I neet to stop :D

  34. urizenus

    Jan 29th, 2004

    Update: Celestie has dropped the “African village” theme of Free Money for Everyone property and as of last night was building something new (now with the Avatar Celestie Williams and with the Avatar Esther Williams). Could someone post an update for us?

    All of which somehow made me think of that book by Mark Leyner: I Smell Esther Williams.

  35. Ethel Williams

    Jan 29th, 2004

    You all can kiss my wrinkly ass! Yes we did start a new house! We inherited the African village from our ancestors after it was burnt down by a riot. And btw, Celestie and I aren’t run by the same person so get your facts sraight. I’m not Evangeline and I’m NOT a boy in RL. All of you need to get it straight bc you sound so silly!

    Don’t hate me bc im gorgeous!

  36. Spacey

    Jan 29th, 2004

    lmao! everyone cracks me up…this is by far the most amusing thread and/or site. One of my friends in AV told me about this sight and about the new article on Van. You rock Uri!

    There are certain things that need pointing out, though, to certain people
    #1 Its just a game
    #2 Its just a game
    #3 …and so on.

    The whole game experience is to ‘be whoever you want to be’ If someone chooses to be a boy, girl, be nice or mean, be a mafia member, a blonde, red-head, black, white, African, prostitute, follower or leader…or just a crazy girl (which i it shouldn’t matter (if abiding by EA rules). If they offend you…there is a nifty thing called Ignore AND you can even ban then from your house. If there was no Drama at all….think of how boring it would be ;)

  37. Cinda

    Jan 29th, 2004

    Are you people serious? Wow.

  38. Ethel Williams

    Jan 30th, 2004

    Yes it is just a game. So fuck off! Mind your own business you cows.

  39. toy

    Jan 31st, 2004

    toy would ask you ethel since you believe so firmly that its a game why are you getting so upset? :)


  40. MarilynMonroe-

    Feb 1st, 2004

    *applauds spacey* I used to be really upset about the whole thing…but now I just kinda laugh at how stupid I was. There needs to be a line drawn between a game and real life. This is a SIMulation of real life everyone…a SIMULATION. Get over it. *smooches*

  41. Ethel Williams

    Feb 4th, 2004

    Toy dear, please grow up. I saw your picture and DAMN you look like something that just jumped out of the dumpster! Your face offends me…and I am the only person that matters. I don’t like you….you remind me of my 35th husbands pimply ass. Please put a bag over your head before anyone else is blinded!

  42. toy

    Feb 5th, 2004

    awwww…. so cute your usage of words ethel :) do you honestly think swearing and name calling are something that would get to toy? Please remember toy isnt a child such as you and your friends so name calling simply shows your immaturity…… toy has no need to resort to name calling, but toy would have to wonder why there was no lifeguard on duty at the gene pool when you were concieved :)

    rest well, toy always does :)

    toy :)

  43. Ethel Williams

    Feb 6th, 2004

    Your face looks like something one would find under his/her toenail.

  44. toy

    Feb 6th, 2004

    what a joke you are ethel…. if you feel somehow convinced that it necessary to make toy, or anyone else for that matter, that your not a child your going at it the wrong way :)

    have a wonderful day child, toy always does :)

    toy :)

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