International Simcon Cancelled: Informal Gathering to Take Place

by Alphaville Herald on 24/01/04 at 8:15 pm

Organizers have issued a press release announcing that the International Simcon will not be held as a formal gathering as originally planned. Persons who paid have reportedly already had their paypay accounts refunded. The news is not totally gloomy, however, as an informal gathering will still take place in Dearborn.

Naturally, questions have been raised about the reason for the cancellation. Obviously, disappointing registration numbers would be the expected reason, but in his press release Troy has alluded to “many people that play The Sims Online, that played a key role in its failure.” He went on to remark: “I hope you’re proud of yourselves, and rejoice in helping to detroy something positive in a game that is struggling for good things. ” We are seeking clarification of this remark, but we suspect it is related to in-game DJs that allegedly suggested that Simcon was a scam. Again, we are seeking clarification of this matter.

Following is the text of the press release issued by the organizers:


It is with great disappointment that I must announce this today, but this year’s event has been canceled, as a formal event. Please read further for details.

Due to many extenuating circumstances, many beyond our control, we cannot go ahead with plans for this formal event. It is very upsetting to me personally, and I can understand that many of you will be very upset about this news as well.

There are those of you who have bent over backwards to promote and help this event along, and we are forever endebted to you. We will not forget you, who have suppored this event from the beginning. We truly appreciated it.

I will not go into detail, but there are many people that play The Sims Online, that played a key role in its failure. I hope you’re proud of yourselves, and rejoice in helping to detroy something positive in a game that is struggling for good things. You know who you are.

For those of you who have purchased tickets, and made travel reservations, all I can offer you is this:

1. Your ticket money should have already been refunded. Please check your account at to make sure. Please contact me if you have recieved a refund.
2. Many of us are still planning on attending, making this into an informal meeting. If you would like to join us, if you have already made travel arrangements you’re more than welcome to. Heck you can even show up if you make new reservations. Please let us know on the forums (by clicking Forums at left) if you still plan to attend.

Again, I am very sorry things have come to this. I cannot apologize enough. Know that we have not given up. It is our hope that next year, we can attempt this event with success. Until then, thank you for your support.

Troy Pruyt
Event Director

14 Responses to “International Simcon Cancelled: Informal Gathering to Take Place”

  1. Maria LaVeaux

    Jan 26th, 2004

    The more likely reason is Insufficient subscription to the event. Simply put,, Lack of Interested parties buying tickets.
    To be honest, I had not even heard of the event, SO advertising or lack of it may have contributed as well.

    “but we suspect it is related to in-game DJs that allegedly suggested that Simcon was a scam.”

    Could be,, there are those who will report unsupported Innuendo as truth. In any case, It sounded fun, and i for one am sorry it will not be going ahead.


  2. Storm

    Jan 26th, 2004

    Nope Maria, as a fact – I’ve heard that there would be at least about 300 people attending SimCom. It was definetly NOT due to lack of subscription lol.

  3. Lola

    Jan 26th, 2004

    300 people isn’t very many for a convention.

  4. Maria LaVeaux

    Jan 27th, 2004

    No, 300 really doesn’t make it.
    I assisted in Organizing a small convention once, and we calculated the Minimun subscription had to be at least 750 before we could go ahead, There is a Lot of Hidden expenses in running even a small convention.


  5. Weebs

    Jan 27th, 2004

    Three hundred may not be a lot, but for a first time event that didn’t pick up EA support until late in the process it would have been a good showing. The organizers did a fantastic job with this and should be commended for even trying to do something that no one else was willing to do. I think the turnout for the informal gathering will still be respectable under the circumstances. I hope so since I am still planning to attend. What bothers me most is that some people just can’t allow others to have a good time even when it’s not something they themselves would enjoy.

  6. Whatever

    Jan 27th, 2004

    300 would be a HUGE event, I dont know where you guys get your ideas. And there were no where near 50 signed up, so whomever told you 300 signed up was wrong.

  7. Meanie

    Jan 27th, 2004

    Yes 300 people was enough to put this convension on. I was talking to Troy and he told me that it cost 15 000 total. Just a hint.

  8. Zipper

    Jan 28th, 2004

    Well, 300 people compared to the 80,000 people who play in just Alphaville, and not to say that more than 200,000 people play TSO. So I think thats why they cancelled it.

  9. Paul Tully

    Jan 28th, 2004

    Another issue might have also been the location, a more populated region would probably dish out more TSO players willing to attend. Put it this way, I live in NJ, and i’m under 18. How the hell would I get out the Michigan for a convention? Thats just the way I look at it though…if you moved maybe close to NYC i’d attend. but, another good place would probably also be out in California somewhere….i’ve come across a number of players from the western shore.

  10. Whatever

    Jan 28th, 2004

    80,000 people in AV? Where do you get your information? There are BARELY 80,000 that play the game total! Thats been reported in hundreds of places in the last month. DUH. You guys crack me up with your idiocy. Just keep your mouths shut unless you know what you’re talking about.

  11. CherryBomb

    Jan 29th, 2004

    Zipper, what medications are you on? If TSO had 200,000 subscribers, the hardware would melt.

  12. Serega

    Feb 7th, 2004


  13. tess

    Jun 2nd, 2004

    TSO is dead, now leave quietly while it can be left with some amount of dignity.

    If your waiting for the game to suddenly be fantastic then you have wasted your time and money in the process. There are simular games already on the market that surpass TSO in many many ways. Go check them out. I would suggest There but it looks to be closing also so try Second Life or Singles. For god sakes try something. TSO was so mind numbing boring that if I HAD to play again I would off myself. It’s now just pathetic how ppl are holding on to final end. I would play TSO again if I too was retarded and very little body function left. TSO is a kiddie game so unless you have the mind of a 12 year old GROW UP and play something ANYTHING that takes more than 2 brain cells.

    For the love of Maxis let it die Please!!

  14. Urizenus

    Jun 2nd, 2004

    Amen to that Tess.

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