Interview with former SSG General, -Storm

by Alphaville Herald on 13/01/04 at 9:46 pm

In this Interview, -Storm discusses his departure from Calvin’s Creek because of mafia harassment of his #1 skill house, his arrival in Alphaville, and his eventual joining of the Sims Shadow Government (SSG) in April. He talks about his role in fighting the Alphaville mafias and the role of diplomacy in persuading some mafias to leave. Finally he talks about the recent dissolution of the SSG in Alphaville, and how it was caused by the mass exodus of players to other MMORPGs, remaining leaders being burned out, operational differences within the SSG in Star Wars Galaxies, and the continuing exodus driven by the general failure of EA to deliver interesting content to TSO.

Urizenus: let’s start with some questions about your history on TSO
Urizenus: when did you start tso
-Storm: Back in September 2002…in Calvins Creek
-Storm: I was an old BETA :)
Urizenus: and when did you move to alpha?
-Storm: I can’t remember exactly…but I think March
-Storm: It was around the time the DarkStarMafia in CC came “to power” persay
Urizenus: what was that about?
-Storm: They were the ones who harrased me in CC for owning the number one house and being number three sim…They didn’t like the fact I was beating their godfather in balloons and their skill house in hours…so they decided to attack me
-Storm: and my roomies
-Storm: and my guests
Urizenus: what category house
-Storm: Skill
-Storm: Cooking house – Players Cooking School
Urizenus: ok and how did they attack
-Storm: redlinking
-Storm: and reporting
Urizenus: reporting. explain.
-Storm: They would sit in the house with temps…
-Storm: and if I said a “nice cuss” like telling one of my roomies jokingly to kiss my ass…They would report me for that and get me suspended for it
-Storm: I could just say “damnit” and they would report
Urizenus: and you could get suspended for that?
-Storm: Yeah
-Storm: They got my roomies suspended alot
Urizenus: how come maxis told me to turn on my profanity filter when I reported the case of r/l child abuse?
-Storm: lol am I allowed to say what I really want to say?
Urizenus: sure!
-Storm: …because they selectively moderate the TOS – if you do something to speak out against them…you will forever blacklisted
-Storm: My CC is banned lol, I need to use time cards or my parents CC to play
Urizenus: ok, so you moved out of alpha *because* of the mafias?
-Storm: no, I moved to AV because I got sick of the DarkStar mafia..
-Storm: but before I did that…getting back to the DsM (there nickname they liked being called)
-Storm: When they started doing all friends windsong…Xterra…and Rob retaliated against them
-Storm: We mass made temps
-Storm: and tagged them when they would enter our lot
Urizenus: and then what happened?
-Storm: They learned how to make temps
-Storm: and did it again…so it was pointless, fruitless, all out chaos :(
Urizenus: oh. comes around goes around.
Urizenus: so you just packed up and left CC at that point?
-Storm: no…I gave away my house
Urizenus: and you came to alpha, and then…
-Storm: and I was just “there” from like February until march..
-Storm: and when I came to AV I came without knowing a whole lot of people.
-Storm: I knew a few from IH – my vacation town…but that’s about all
Urizenus: did you start another skill place?
-Storm: Nope, just stayed in “the shadows” per se
Urizenus: but you didn’t know the shadow gov people?
-Storm: hehe I just skilled…was afk all the time…and mostly concentrated on RL
Urizenus: when did that change?
-Storm: I would go to SnowWhite‘s and TimII’s house
-Storm: around April
-Storm: I started hanging more at Snow’s Charisma Castle
-Storm: and learned a little about the SSG
-Storm: and decided I would give it a try…since the memory of the DsM still lingered there in the back of my mind.. I didn’t want another incident like that
Urizenus: right…
Urizenus: so they added you to their spam list…
-Storm: I then IMed Sayeh in game and asked her how I could join SSG
-Storm: She told me to yahoo her husband … and yes, he added me to the spam list
Urizenus: Sayeh is the swg name for mia?
-Storm: Yeah
-Storm: She was Sayeh when I knew her
-Storm: and Hermia a little
Urizenus: oh ok
Urizenus: so once you joined ssg what were your assignments in the beginning?
-Storm: To keep an eye out for any mafias or scammers
Urizenus: and if you saw them?
-Storm: To report that to Eva Marie, SnowWhite, TimII, or PM Cruiser
-Storm: and they would “take it from there”
Urizenus: did you do any tagging then?
-Storm: yes
-Storm: I still had a lot of temps from the DsM thing
Urizenus: so they would send down the orders to tag someone…
Urizenus: and the soldiers, as it were, did the rest?
-Storm: no…First someone in the intelligence or exe. department would talk to the person
Urizenus: oh ok
-Storm: asking them why they were there – What were their intentions – and if they might be able to move to another city
-Storm: by fighting a mafia…that normally takes a lot longer than being nice to them…I found that out in my time with SSG
Urizenus: who were some of the people in the intel division?
-Storm: SnowWhite, Aangell, TimII, Eva Marie, Tommy Morta’, Waynie…more that I can’t think of
Urizenus: ok… how many people do you think were in the ssg at the time?
-Storm: my yahoo list was only ten lol
-Storm: but at the moment my yahoo list is nearing 1,000 people on it
Urizenus: how big do you think snow’s list was or PMs?
-Storm: so my guess is 300-400 sims…and we all had multiple accounts…the thing about SSG is al ot of people are “covert” and just stay at houses and keep an eye out
-Storm: PM has over a thousand
Urizenus: and you have a list of about 1000 now?
-Storm: and Snow’s list is so big she can no longer get offline messages
-Storm: yeah
Urizenus: explain the temp accounts. how does that work?
-Storm: When you went to the free trials for fileplanet…
-Storm: you gotta download the first time…but when it gets to the security code page
-Storm: Bookmark it…and each time you can use a different gamespy code to get different free trial codes
Urizenus: can you still do that?
-Storm: no
-Storm: :(
Urizenus: what do people do now?
-Storm: work for there tags … or balloons…or money…or whatever you want
-Storm: TSO has deleted all the fun bugs out of the game…and the bad ones…
Urizenus: hmmm, what about putting multiple accounts on a cc, is that possible?
-Storm: yeah
-Storm: But if it’s the same one as your main account you’ll be banned
Urizenus: ok, we’re not in game, so how does it work?
-Storm: So I had to ask my parents if I could borrow their CC…lol
-Storm: It’s easy…they don’t record CC numbers
Urizenus: they don’t?
-Storm: no
-Storm: EA reps aren’t the sharpest nails in the toolbox so to say lol
Urizenus: so how does this work?
Urizenus: say I want to put multiple accounts on my card…
-Storm: Just type the same credit card number…They don’t check unless your CC is “blacklisted”
Urizenus: oh ok… so just keep applying for accounts
-Storm: yup
Urizenus: is that against the rules?
-Storm: lol yes
-Storm: but with Temps, they check
Urizenus: oh
-Storm: with temps I had to use my parents Credit Card for my temps..and my Credit Card for my three main accounts
-Storm: So I didn’t get banned
Urizenus: ic, and with the temp you just get a new one every 30 days?
-Storm: I would make 200-300 a day
Urizenus: 200-300 what. Accounts?
-Storm: lol you could make ten in a minute if you were “good”
Urizenus: why would you want to?
-Storm: *shrugs* I would give them to my friends
Urizenus: ic
-Storm: I would let them all know my password
Urizenus: I suppose you could give yourself lots of balloons that way too
-Storm: That’s how the top one hundred got made basically
Urizenus: lol
-Storm: I think only Casandra Johnson of the top “10 ” sims didn’t use temps
Urizenus: you gradually got more and more responsibility in the ssg.
-Storm: yeah
Urizenus: you must have impressed them
-Storm: I was a good tagger….Good with reasoning with the children that normally ran the mafia sims…etc.
Urizenus: and did you have people working under you?
-Storm: lol I was a solo guy up until PM Cruiser and Sayeh left
Urizenus: ic, special forces
-Storm: I was more the guy that would talk to the person…Asking him stuff about it
Urizenus: so you weren’t a general?
-Storm: I was….but wasn’t the prototypical “general” that most would imagine
Urizenus: ok, then PM and Sayeh left for swg…
-Storm: yeah
-Storm: and I took over as fourth im command..then Eva..then Hunter…then Snow
Urizenus: was that a downer for the ssg?
-Storm: lol it was a sad day
-Storm: I’ve had my fights with those two…currently had one 5 days ago…but there nice people deep down
Urizenus: so snow was #1, Hunter #2, Eva 3, and you 4?
-Storm: basically
Urizenus: was there controversy about picking snow over hunter?
-Storm: no
Urizenus: Bam seemed to think there was.
-Storm: Bam was upset I think because Snow took control and Eva Marie didn’t…I remember him saying that
Urizenus: oh ok, so Eva was the one he thought should take over
-Storm: Yeah..BAM and Eva go way back
Urizenus: ok, now I don’t know Eva, did she leave the ssg a while ago?
-Storm: She left 2 months ago…but I would rather not get into that :)
Urizenus: hmmm, ok
-Storm: I just made up with her lol, wanna keep it that way
Urizenus: so she stayed for a while
-Storm: She was one of the oldest left in SSG
-Storm: Older than Snow was
Urizenus: or did she leave when snow took over
-Storm: She stayed for awhile
-Storm: but please…new subject lol
Urizenus: trying to remember… when did snow take over?
-Storm: I have no idea…was it in september? (Correct me please guys lol)
Urizenus: we’ll look at her interview
-Storm: no wait…it was after september….but in september PMC was basically playing SWG all the time
-Storm: just had not quit TSO entirelly
Urizenus: did other ssg people follow PM to swg?
-Storm: Yes…taycie, Pinki, Pixie, Kelly Summers, TimIV (also known as TimII)
Urizenus: ic
-Storm: Robyndjados
Urizenus: so that must have hurt the organization here
-Storm: a lot
-Storm: but most of them still played TSO
-Storm: just split their time
Urizenus: but… not a lot of mafia action yet
-Storm: lol the worst of it was over
Urizenus: when was the worst of it?
-Storm: With Gotti…Twitty- Gotti’s puppet almost got their neighborhood on map
-Storm: by making hundreds of temps lol
Urizenus: what kinds of strategies did you use to block them?
-Storm: Locked there hoods in we landlocked them…no more room to grow lol
Urizenus: so you would surround their neighborhhods?
-Storm: with a lot of our second accounts, yes
Urizenus: wow, all they need is to buy out one house and they could have broken through…
Urizenus: So Twitty was key in the Gotti/ssg wars?
-Storm: I wouldn’t say key…
Urizenus: a factor?
-Storm: yeah
-Storm: He was the one who supplied them with temps
Urizenus: any idea what happened to him? He just disappeared a couple months ago
-Storm: lol look at Jingo’s comment in the AV-Mia 2 interview
Urizenus: mom grounded him?
-Storm: jingo: he sent a letter to my friend nymphadora-tonks claiming to be in some “satanic gang” in mexico..but honestly i think his “mommy” grounded him *rolls eyes* he lies so much i never know when to believe him
Urizenus: now was JC Soprano active in alpha when you came into town? or has he been active since you’ve been here?
-Storm: lol he has never been active
-Storm: He works through his puppets…
Urizenus: ic, well does he still have active puppets?
-Storm: started out being levin…then it was Stamp…then it was Sonny…then it was Stamp again…now it’s Chances
-Storm: of course…His only strength is his words…
Urizenus: so what does JC do?
-Storm: unknown: His last message was To SSG – Enrique Iglesias Now that you’re gone (that’s his status message)
-Storm: stuff like that
Urizenus: what does that mean?
-Storm: stuff like what he did with Sean John/stamp
-Storm: Means SSG Is dead…everyone move in
Urizenus: oic
-Storm: another time he tried to pull taking a temp sim and tagging X-Mafia in the name of SSG
-Storm: then tagging us in the name of X-mafia
Urizenus: ic
-Storm: attempting to get us to fight each other
-Storm: his mafia has four members…but they’re all smart enough when it comes to manipulation
Urizenus: and he has a nice web site
Urizenus: much flashier than the AV Herald!
-Storm: He’s got a good web designer
Urizenus: not him?
-Storm: I dunno if it’s him or not, the person who writes though talks like him…so my guess is it’s him
Urizenus: alright…
Urizenus: any other key mafia battles we should discuss?
-Storm: most of the mafias that attempt to enter AV are newbies … 12 year olds…or thrown out members of the bigger families really
Urizenus: ic
Urizenus: what about scammers then
-Storm: When SSG first started…we sent “reps” to other mafias telling them if they never moved to AV as long as SSG was there…we would let them be in there towns
-Storm: Evangeline has been mentioned already…buddy Rogers was another one
Urizenus: who was buddy rogers?
-Storm: Scammed Myth Sinful out of her cheetah
-Storm: and then started ASSG
Urizenus: oh that was recent
-Storm: yeah it was
-Storm: he hacked an account of ours and then using his account and our account made fake screenshots
Urizenus: what about Mark Simpson?
-Storm: Haven’t kept an eye on him
Urizenus: Him of the 5 million simolean maze scam
-Storm: He’s probably Budman’
Urizenus: yes, that’s him
-Storm: Budman tried pulling that 2 months ago
-Storm: around the time KoNDoRiOuS came back to TSO .. maybe longer ago *shrugs*
-Storm: budman is also buddy rogers
Urizenus: oooh, ok
-Storm: and buds Da’ Man
-Storm: But I think Buds da man deleted …
-Storm: He tried to be a good sim … but got bored and returned as Mark simpson I guess
Urizenus: ha
Urizenus: back to ssg, now after snow has taken over…
Urizenus: when did Hunter resign ssg?
-Storm: I don’t wanna go in depth of that one either…but it was about a month and a half ago
Urizenus: he left ssg or TSO
-Storm: Eva and Hunter are subjects that it’s their decision to tell or not tell
-Storm: ssg
-Storm: I see him online yahoo every so often…and I know he still has a sim or two
Urizenus: so he’s still around in the game
-Storm: maybe…not sure exactly
-Storm: he left on bad terms with us
Urizenus: ic
Urizenus: and now snow is leaving because she is burnt out?
Urizenus: or stepping down as overlord
-Storm: She left from being burned out…yes
-Storm: we all need to regain our long lost real lives every so often :)
Urizenus: well, what about you, now you have resigned the ssg. why?
-Storm: well … my friend taycie / kiiara got me into SWG about 3 weeks ago
-Storm: and I obviously joined the SSG guild there
-Storm: five days ago though, I left the SSG guild due to some conflict of opinions between me and Sayeh
-Storm: I was hoping to just stay neutral…but that didn’t happen
Urizenus: ic, a conflict about the conduct of ssg or just personal stuff
-Storm: about the organization of SSG
Urizenus: in swg or here
-Storm: swg
Urizenus: ic,
Urizenus: so why not bail on swg and come back to alphaville?
-Storm: I am back in av lol
-Storm: but…
-Storm: at the same time
-Storm: about 5-6 of the old members of SSG – my good friends – also left
Urizenus: left here? where did they go?
-Storm: They are still there…just left the SSG Guild
-Storm: I’m not going to get into exact details about what we felt was going wrong, but we definitely felt the lack of organization was a problem
-Storm: Unguilded..Just neutral between all the guilds
Urizenus: oic
Urizenus: were they here on TSO originally?
-Storm: Yes
-Storm: There were some exclusivly from SWG though that left
Urizenus: well, what’s going to happen now, is this the end for the ssg in alpha?
-Storm: …To be honest, I would say yes. I’m gone…Snow’s gone…PMC is gone…we have no one to step up “to the plate” … and to be honest, we have no more than 20 members at the moment now…
Urizenus: you mean active members? soldiers?
-Storm: total members in SSG – TSO
Urizenus: I thought you said snow had a spam list of 1000
-Storm: she did…but most are inactive
Urizenus: ic
-Storm: alot of those are amassed from the more “prosperous” times in SSG
-Storm: I think 5 months from now…I’ll look back on AV and laugh..because every hood will be *insert mafia name* OWNZ
-Storm: Those that don’t call them sir will get tagged…
Urizenus: ic, and what are you going to do when the mafias start popping up on the map?
-Storm: laugh
-Storm: :)
-Storm: and then… people will finally realize, that although our tactics are somewhat ruthless…we did a hell of a lot
Urizenus: why do you think it ended? Everyone just burned out? Leadership problems? Lack of time?
-Storm: star wars galaxy , there, and second life took a lot of our members
-Storm: face it…TSO has no content
-Storm: people left for a game with content
Urizenus: oh, a number went to second life?
-Storm: a few of them did
-Storm: most to THERE or SWG though
Urizenus: is part of it just that they are sick of TSO ?
-Storm: of course
-Storm: EA Killed themselves
Urizenus: how?
-Storm: They didn’t work fast enough on getting new content…they stole all the fun bugs out of the game…They were unfair in carrying out the TOS
-Storm: Almost as if they didn’t want TSO…they wanted it to fail
Urizenus: A lot of people think that *is* what they want.
Urizenus: so they can pull the plug
-Storm: It is lol
-Storm: they’re just ruining there “the sims” titles with TSO…it’ll be gone in 5 months
Urizenus: could be.
Urizenus: are you going to stay until the bitter end?
-Storm: perhaps
-Storm: one of my best friends left recently…and more are leaving..It’s the people that make this game worthwhile, not the all depends on others
Urizenus: I think I’ll have to stay and chronicle the last days here.
-Storm: lol that would be an interesting thing to study
Urizenus: yup
Urizenus: alright, this is a nice depressing note to end on

20 Responses to “Interview with former SSG General, -Storm”

  1. JC Soprano

    Jan 13th, 2004


    I see your still flapping your jaws hehehe. If I am not active how do I have puppets that are? That makes no sense. I have seen SSG’s intelligence reports, you guys don’t know shit, you just always assume it lol. Guilty before innocent with you guys. Wait till my interview comes out. It is the truth. Let’s not forget your the one that involves things outside of the game for harrassment. No one was tagging anyone either as anyone else, X-Mafia or otherwise. If I do something it’s with my name. Let’s not forget it was the SSG who gave them the ok to come to AV… Not me. I was at war with them, why the fuck would I invite them? Think about it.

    I also love how you say I am inviting all the AV.. No, quite the opposite.. That hurts my business. Other families are not welcome unless they can leave the citizens of AV alone and role-play mafia with those who wish to. Period. I have already warned the larger families that could be a threat to AV.

    Face it.. You got voted off the island, I’m still here and your pissed about it.. Quit grabbing for straws with your departure.. It’s already been proven via these interviews, press articles, message boards, citizens and even your own words that SSG was bullshit and there word is worth the same. The truth is out.

    I call for anyone to come forward, give names, whatever and say that my family has wronged them in some way that they did not deserve it. I have heard rumors of us tagging former SSG members.. Not true as well. The past is the past. I am an adult, I can move on. Can you? We tagged 1 and they were guilty of other crimes against our family after the fact. We ain’t done shit to anyone. This is a business, not beruit. Violence is bad for business, that’s another thing SSG didn’t understand.

    So citizens of AV, come forward.. Have myself or anyone in my family wronged you? Maybe 1 or two will come forward that were casualties of war if you will, and we made restitution to them like we always have.. I don’t condone lot jobs ,etc, but even when they have it coming, I make restituion.. It’s to prove a point, not ruin someone elses game. Let’s not forget too, when it comes to players like Levin, I enforce the rules and kick them out or fine them, etc. What does the SSG do? I can name several players that should have been kicked out a long time ago. I take care of my end, so don’t question it again.

    And yes, I design the site 100% myself. I did my job, and well if you think I only have 4 members and don’t play. Maybe if you were on more or actually watched me better, you would know.

    Notice the SSG is quick to talk shit.. Especially when no one wants them anymore. The citizens of AV still come to us for help.. More than I can for the SSG. It’s not even worth it to reply (even though I know Storm cant resist and will get the last word in, like last time when you had to point out that I got the last word lol dumbass… anyway), so feel free storm, no one cares what you got to say and I ain’t gonna waste my time with your lies..

    JC Soprano

  2. JC Soprano

    Jan 13th, 2004

    Oh ya, forgot one last thing… All my group does is offer protection to those who can’t get it from EA.. Nothing more. We don’t go to people, they come to us. I’ve been in business over a year since beta with no change in management or deleting. I am no way a policing force of the game as some may think and we are old school which means we try to do good in the community through our actions. Yes it is possible, I have done it for a year with no problems other than the SSG, EA and a few small battles. 1/100th of the people in the game will probably run into one of us and not even know it.

    Let’s stop flinging poo. hahahaha

    JC Soprano

  3. Tommy

    Jan 14th, 2004

    Jesus…what a fag…JC, stop talking and START claim you are some GOD or something when you arent on to do anything..YOURE ALL TALK..I go out on my main sim with the chance of tags – when you stay cooped up in your little house…that is WHEN YOU ARE ON..

    SSG is dead? someone else will be back twice as strong to blow you out of the water, of course – stealing SSG’s old “no mafia policy”

    **Note all the soldier positions on his site that are marked “PRIVATE” or “PENDING” – that simply means they dont exist =)**

  4. JC Soprano

    Jan 14th, 2004

    Tommy, thats why you were tagged not too long ago and then deleted right after.. Don’t be talking shit.. We both know your not good at it. The SSG is dead. Get over it. Yuo say I don’t do nothing.. This is Salvatore Leon.. aka Tommy here..

    From Yahoo:
    Salvatore Leon: youre all talk
    Salvatore Leon: alllll talk
    JC Soprano: thats why you got tagged
    Salvatore Leon: lmao
    Salvatore Leon: i LET him
    Salvatore Leon: lmao
    Salvatore Leon: are you THAT stupid
    Salvatore Leon: i CANT get tagged
    JC Soprano: a warning tag, none the less.. but still.. more than you’ve ever done
    Salvatore Leon: NO ONE can tag me..haha

    Ok no one can tag him yet he let us tag him… hmmmmmmmm.. btw, I am not gay, but do you have something against gays tommy by calling me a fag?? I’m sure the Gay TSO community would love to hear your side of that.

    JC Soprano

  5. JC Soprano

    Jan 14th, 2004

    At least I don’t use multiple Accounts to improve my memberhsip base #’s for official members. Secondly, the names are listed private becuase people don’t want to be harrassed by people like you and your this is my game so leave attitude. I was here before you and I am here after you. Yes not all are full, but that is changing. Instead of worrying baout my group, which you have uyet to prove really did anythign wrong… Worry about yourself.

    JC Soprano

  6. Storm

    Jan 14th, 2004

    JC – First off I was not intending on even bothering with your petty statements and imature crys for attention. You though, have brought it onto a personal dias accusing my friend of being homophobic – and the other bullshit you accused him of. I will now respond to the last 2 – not the first, which I choose to ignore :)

    On the account of Tommy (Salvatore Leon) being homophobic…Let me just name some things; A) Tommy is friends with Waynie B) Tommy is friends with David C) Using the word “fag” is one of your personal traits in your chats with me.

    You are an irelivant bug in this world we call TSO – nothing more than a bunch of pixels using this as an excuse for a life. A way to “get layed” as it will (as Palo and DJ Soprano and Jackie Aprile were so nice as to tell me)

    You are a dirty *whore* in the worlds of online, and yes, I’m getting this on a personal level if your going to attack Tommy. SSG is dead in TSO, it’s a radio, nothing more, nothing less. You though, continue to gloat.

    SnowWhite was leaving TSO two days ago…Your status message read all night “HAHAHHA SSG IS DEAD – HUSSIEN, HITLER, SNOW”. Do not play games with me, I am a mature adult and don’t want to engage in your pathetic and useless mudslinging as you have dubbed it. But…When you accuse anyone of homophobia, then yes, I get personal. Enjoy this :) Hope it warns the world about you…I kept it nice and clean in my archives and pictures … but *shrugs*…You want to get more onto a personal basis? Or can you let me – Tommy – Snow – and whoever else continue playing the game the way we want to – AWAY FROM YOU! :)

    Oh but of course…You won’t have any fun with that…you’ll be all alone in your petty thoughtless world…hehe, good, I’ll enjoy watching you suffer from loneliness…Now if you excuse me JC, this is my last post in this thread, and most likely all of AVHD. Do not play with me, do not engage in random and useless mudsling…

    Ciao – Au’Revour – Sla’dsa – Good bye. However you want to pronounce it…:)

    Former SSG General,
    always number one hater of mudslinging,
    Storm/Andy S

    (Grow up JC and let this thread die please)

  7. JC Soprano

    Jan 14th, 2004

    What the fuck is your problem storm? For real??! Tommy shouldn’t be calling people a fag. If you got logs of me doing that and the cyber thing, they are false. I got a good majority of gay friends, and even one of our underbosses is gay.. So don’t even try to go there.
    …Your status message read all night “HAHAHHA SSG IS DEAD – HUSSIEN, HITLER, SNOW”.

    Dude, once again your making shit up. That was never a message.. I have never called you guys that in my message. Ask anyone on my yahoo list.. theres well over a 100. Once again grabbing for straws and frankly, you wanna make public accusations like this you can’t back up, you may want to gather proof becuase I’ll take your ass to court. This is bullshit and you know it.

    Grow the fuck up Storm, for real.. Your being immature and everyone here can see it. How old are you again???

    JC Soprano

  8. JC Soprano

    Jan 14th, 2004

    SnowWhite was leaving TSO two days ago…Your status message read all night “HAHAHHA SSG IS DEAD – HUSSIEN, HITLER, SNOW”. Do not play games with me, I am a mature adult and don’t want to engage in your pathetic and useless mudslinging as you have dubbed it. But…When you accuse anyone of homophobia, then yes, I get personal. Enjoy this :) Hope it warns the world about you…I kept it nice and clean in my archives and pictures … but *shrugs*…You want to get more onto a personal basis? Or can you let me – Tommy – Snow – and whoever else continue playing the game the way we want to – AWAY FROM YOU! :)

    Once again something SSG never got.. You don’t wanna play Mafia, don’t attack mafia.. You keep away, we keep away. That’s the way we operate. So if your gettting hassled by us, that’s on you, not us.

    JC Soprano

  9. Shadow Boy

    Jan 14th, 2004

    SSG is dead and we know it, mafia, I don’t want to talk about and I probably don’t know what in hell I’m talking about. All I know is SSG is gone and AV is going to become a sad town like BF where everyone pays protection money or leaves the game. Bull shit.

  10. Simon

    Jan 14th, 2004

    I myself am a member of the Gay community and from what I have seen, I think the SSG is the ones causing a lot of the problems, talking the trash. I don’t think most of the trash talkers are the ones who was the first ones in power, at least the mafia had nerve not to insult people by their sexuality, in fact I know the Underboss JC Sorprano speaks of

    I think now that the SSG is just another acronym for Bigot, and I as a person who supports equal rights of all sexualities, races, religions am greatly offended by their comments

  11. TruthSeeker

    Jan 14th, 2004

    “SSG is dead and we know it, mafia, I don’t want to talk about and I probably don’t know what in hell I’m talking about. All I know is SSG is gone and AV is going to become a sad town like BF where everyone pays protection money or leaves the game. Bull shit.” Shadow boy says.

    LMAO, laughing because you are Correct, You Do Not Know what you are talking about!!! There is one or two Mafia names on Map view, so what , that is in every town. Pays protection, LMAO, You are correct in saying you might not know wht you are talking about, I have played BF since Beta and then recreated first day city was up,and I have never been approached by mafia, pay offs, enemy links, or hateful people. Maybe some people dont talk to you, and they have their own clicks but this is in any town, city, server what ever you want to call it.

    So dont tell me Blazing Falls will end up paying protection money, BS to who, let me know???????? This sounds like a post to discourage ppl to moving to BF. Oh still LMAO at you all the way down the Yellow Brick Road, now the Beatles they had it going on.

  12. Storm

    Jan 14th, 2004

    take me off ignore JC and I’ll give you those chats anyday :) hehe

    I got a picture of a soldier of yours saying “JC Won’t be here for another 2mins dev, he and chrissy are playin with thecam”

  13. Storm

    Jan 14th, 2004

    Oh and by what grounds can you drag me to court with JC? The grounds that I’ve insulted you over a game? They’ll laugh there ass off at you.

  14. JC Soprano

    Jan 14th, 2004


    This is my last reply to you. It’s a waste of tiem to talk to you reasonably. Me and Chrisy cam.. Hmmmmm does that mean everyone who owns a webcam is cybering?? I don’t think so. Your really grabbing for anything aren’t you? lol

    As for the court thing, that would be taking it far, but it’s called libel.. Look it up, has nothing to do with your comments baout me in-game.. It’s about the comments abuot me out of game, which is personal.

    As for protection and what not, I’ve never made anyone pay protection, as I said, people come to us, not the otherway around. Mafias are too busy with each other to anyways to try to do that stuff. Everyone has there own rights in the game.. No one can MAKE you pay protection so if your ever approached to do so, tell em to fuck off. You act as if these mafias do all this damage to people but if you read these boards, it’s only the SSG complaining about the Mafia’s.. Maybe that’s becuase they brought the trouble onto themselves. Thanks all I gots to say about it.

    Storm, I won’t take you off ignore becuase if you remember correctly you liked to abuse the yahoo service for harrassment purposes and had to be reported to Yahoo for such. So feel free to reply back here, I just won’t cuz as we both know (and you have proved several times) you like to get the last word in.. So I will let you… Unless of course you want to talk about me personally again, instead of the game.

    JC Soprano

  15. samhain

    Jan 14th, 2004

    This is too funny ! It’s like a serial strangler telling a serial axe murderer he was wrong for doing that.

    As for the SSG, ba bye, glad your all out of TSO. Your group was responsible for breaking every TOS in the damn book and made the game suck for a lot of people. Though your choice of game play never phased me. They even sent the “big dogs” after me. Made my game fun for a while but I found them boring *yawn*.Losers, nothing more to say bout that..

    While on the topic of losers, JC, how can you sit there and even have a formed opinion of whats going on when you don’t even play? Time for you to get that life you’ve heard so much about. It’s that place right outside your front door. Here’s a heads up for anyone that wants to contact JC via his flashy website, you will be threatened that he will report you for harrasment to your ISP and a bunch of other empty threat bullshit. He will even copy/paste the ISP trace for you to make him sound smart/legit LMFAO! BTW JC, I learned to do that about 5 years ago, you really need some new tricks, eh? Oh wait!! My favorite threat was having my TSO account suspended if I tagged any of his people! I had to forward that one to a few friends because it was too damn funny to not share. JC, grow the fuck up and maybe people will take you for half of what you say, at best.

  16. JC Soprano

    Jan 15th, 2004

    While on the topic of losers, JC, how can you sit there and even have a formed opinion of whats going on when you don’t even play? Time for you to get that life you’ve heard so much about. It’s that place right outside your front door. Here’s a heads up for anyone that wants to contact JC via his flashy website, you will be threatened that he will report you for harrasment to your ISP and a bunch of other empty threat bullshit. He will even copy/paste the ISP trace for you to make him sound smart/legit LMFAO! BTW JC, I learned to do that about 5 years ago, you really need some new tricks, eh? Oh wait!! My favorite threat was having my TSO account suspended if I tagged any of his people! I had to forward that one to a few friends because it was too damn funny to not share. JC, grow the fuck up and maybe people will take you for half of what you say, at best.

    Do I know you? No. So how do you know me? That’s what I thought.. You don’t. Anyway, I do have a life outside of the game.. Hense why I am not always in it and if you would have read all my posts, others posts and the interviews, you will see I am very active in-game.. Which is why I pay my $10 a month. Don’t worry about me, worry about you and what you do with your account. Think about that.

    As for the website ISP trace.. Yes we will trace it back if you want to send us threats and harrassment via e-mail. That’s not what it’s for. Keep it in-game. I get 100′s of e-mails daily.. I don’t have time for bullshit. I have only posted 1 person who did it on the website (and it is still ther) to prove a point to those who continue to do so.. Outside of the game harrassment will not be tolerated.. Period. If you got a problem with that, then maybe you should take up arms with the former SSG members.

    And btw, the tagging and suspension for it.. Don’t fuck with us.. We will tag back but for people like you who oibviously go around the rules and out of your way to harrass, the normal tactics tdont work and thats w2hat the in-game reporting tool is for. Grow up and deal with it. Your not better than Storm with all your comments/personal attacks..

    Why am I even trying to justify myself to a bunch of teenagers, or worse adults, who have nothing better to do than sit here and bash people who have done absolutely nothing to them?

    JC Soprano


    Jan 15th, 2004

    A little advise many wise people including Tigger from TSO have told you that you should consider once again. Stop craving so much attention and typing so much on AVH’s boards. All you do is stick your own foot in your mouth and the more you type the more enemies you get. No one cares about you the way you seem to think they do. Your email of 100 emails a day is spam. Don’t lie you told me yourself. In all my experiences with you … all you were is talk. You admit it yourself you were only responsible for 3 house demolitions as opposed to the what? 100 ones SSG did in order to keep your recruitment and other mafia familys from over running AV. You did a lot of good for AV JC … when you didnt play. Continue to do so. As for the rest of AV and the possibility of it being over run with Mafia … As long as you take a stand.. just like SSG did and not let people like JC Soprano and his 10 13yr old members bully you around all should remain the same.

    People like JC Soprano are nothing but “Board Whores” and the sooner they realize that the pen isnt mightier than the sword he will fall on it one day… the sooner he will be gone.

    *broke JC’s pen and shoved it up his ass*
    Pen Breaker

  18. JC Soprano

    Jan 15th, 2004

    You call me a board whore.. Go see my reply in the other thread.. Spammer.

    JC Soprano

  19. samhain

    Jan 19th, 2004

    JC, it would seem that YOU have been voted off the island…will your sim go away with the next purge? one can only hope. And be careful what you tell people in email in the future, it can come back to haunt you.

    An invite, if your not too busy with out of game mafia biz, LMFAO, come pay me a visit. Would love to meet ya, that is if you even have an active account.

    Don’t go away mad, just go the fuck away…

  20. JC Soprano

    Jan 19th, 2004

    Dude, you need to get over your issue… Seriously. Maybe if you weren’t such a dick in your e-mails to the website you wouldn’t have been treated like one.

    Your issue is that a person who wasn’t even a member at the time, but joined later that day, got in a verbal arguement with your friend in-game over something that had nothing to do with our group or myself. No tags were thrown.. Just some verbal insults back and forth.

    So as I said you need to get over your issue becuase it is petty and doesn’t justify your behavior in your posts or the e-mails you had sent to the website. I also think it has been proven that I do have an active account. I am PST so a lot of people are asleep when I get on a lot of the time. So that shit just needs to be gotten the fuck over.. Even if I didn’t play, so fucking what. That just proves even more that your issue has abso-fucking-lutely nothing to do with me what so ever. If I am not playing how am I bothering you?? So feel free to rant and rave all you want… We all need a good laugh.

    Seriously people.. When are you all going to grow up and stop talking shit about someone you don’t even know? As for being voted off the island, let’s not forget I helped make the island back in the beta days.

    Sam my man.. Feel free to reply back, as I predict you will, and talk more shit.. It’s fun replying back. =)

    JC Soprano

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