JC Soprano: Now the City is Mine!

by Alphaville Herald on 14/01/04 at 2:33 pm

JC Soprano speaks in detail about his mafia family operations, including his “executive games” in which minimum wager per bet is 100K simoleans and in which he has taken over 2 million simoleans in bets from a player (around $100 US in today’s market). He claims that his advertised cyber-brothels were just for show, and that his “hits” and “money collection” techniques are only directed at scammers that he determines to have it coming. He talks about his history on TSO, including his battles with EA and SSG, not to mention his love/hate affair with the national media. Is he, as his SSG critics say, all web site and no action? In this interview JC gives his side.

Urizenus: let’s talk about your family a bit.
Urizenus: The services you advertise now include what?
JC Soprano: Well they are all on the website www.thesimmafia.com in more detail, but basically we collect debts, give enemy tags to those who tag regularly innocent sims, protection services (bodyguard, not insurance), we do loans, basically everything the mob does.. And yes that requires wetwork sometimes lol.. Basically, if we are coming to you, you should be expecting it.. You get wronged in game, badly and without justification.. you come to us
JC Soprano: We investigate, and decide what to do..
JC Soprano: Its not all glorified like the movies either, a lot of our business is legit.. Casinos, stores, rares, xfers, etc
JC Soprano: The other stuff is prolly 35% of what we do.. legit is most of it
Urizenus: well let’s talk about the 35%
JC Soprano: (the more profitable percent lol)
Urizenus: lemme pull up the web page here…
JC Soprano: ok
Urizenus: let’s start with gambling…
Urizenus: you say you have 100K minimum per bet?
Urizenus: 1 million simoleans max per bet
JC Soprano: Ya our games are executive type games.. high rollers.. invite only type of deal.. we have smaller casinos with mainly dice games around, but the executive games are our bread and butter for gambling
JC Soprano: Like I said, we keep it to theme
Urizenus: well ok, so I go in and we use, what? the roulette wheel or something?
Urizenus: and I give you 100K…
Urizenus: and you payout 3.6 mil if I win?
JC Soprano: For dice games yes… Don’t do the in-game casino objects…. they suck and are too slow
JC Soprano: Money is not a problem.. and I never make a bet we cant cover
Urizenus: so how does it work with the dice games? I roll one die? and you payout what?
JC Soprano: ok for example.. 1 game called RPS (Rock, Paper, Scissors) 2 dice.. player rolls one and the dealer rolls one… 1-2 is rock, 3-4 is paper, 5-6 is scissors, rules apply like the real life game..
JC Soprano: to make the odds slightly in our favor, 50/50 otherwise, we make it to where house wins all ties
JC Soprano: got about 12 games or so we use
JC Soprano: upwords to 6 dice in a game
JC Soprano: poker, craps, etc
Urizenus: oh ic. and you pay 2-1 if the player wins?
JC Soprano: Payout depends on the game.. some are very high and others like RPS are your bet plus 1/2.. otherwise they could wipe the house. . We also offer specials.. Bet $5K get $2.5K added for free, etc
JC Soprano: bet $100K get $25K added, etc
Urizenus: well now suppose I place a bet for one million simoleans. can you really cover that?
JC Soprano: Yes I can
Urizenus: hmmm, but that is like a $40 bet these days.
JC Soprano: and I have never once purchased Simoleans EVER. All from mafia money
JC Soprano: and I pay salary
JC Soprano: the newbies to the game though.. after x-mas there are a lot.. they can’t afford bigger stuff
Urizenus: suppose I play one of your games that pays 6 to 1, I put down a million. You basically have to pay me the equivalent of $240 dollars?
JC Soprano: nah nah.. lets say for our lowest payout.. your bet plus 1/2.. you bet $1M, you get paid $1.5M
JC Soprano: I will admit some of our lower members I end up covering a few bets for
JC Soprano: Not a problem though.. I like to help members
JC Soprano: They get in trouble for it though lol
Urizenus: hmm, what’s the biggest bet you ever had?
JC Soprano: Honestly? Sims are cheap.. Even in the executive games highest bet placed was $350K in a game of Vegas Craps
Urizenus: ok, so still a good $10 bet [in US dollars].
JC Soprano: Ya… but people bet more than 1 hand.. I have taken up to $2.2M from 1 person
JC Soprano: I have bankrupted many sims.. You have to know how to play.. its very similar to vegas in some ways
JC Soprano: Unfortunately, due to the harassment of SSG most of our casino operations have had to go to executive games.. SSG harassed customers and us while we were trying to conduct normal business
Urizenus: what do you mean by executive games?
JC Soprano: Executive Games is a Mafia term.. Backdoor card games for high rollers and VIP’s
Urizenus: yah I watch tv, but what does it mean in the sims
JC Soprano: Same thing.. just a closed casino… invite only type of deal.. your invite is secured by the minimum bet or if your a VIP to us
Urizenus: oh ic, so it is in the game, you just have special permissions on who you let in
JC Soprano: Exactly
Urizenus: On your web site you say you have all of these games: “Bet limits depend on the dealer. High rollers are always welcome. We have the dice games that people can’t get enough of.. Texas Poker, Vegas Craps, Hi-Lo, Russian Roulette, Triple X, Match Game PM, Rock Paper Scissors, and 21 and Up. Some odds are as good as 49:51. Sims have won billions playing our famous games! High-rollers only.” Is that correct?
JC Soprano: Ya for our legit casinos…
JC Soprano: for executive games we change the stakes, payouts, etc
JC Soprano: I run those games
JC Soprano: we have about 12 games now actually
JC Soprano: We are in the top 10 in several cities
Urizenus: which cities?
JC Soprano: That is a secret hehe Its only a vacation there if your enemies do not know about it
JC Soprano: Guarantee a lot of people have probably been to one of our casinos
Urizenus: ok, what are your casinos in alpha?
JC Soprano: we are in 3 cities though for legit businesses including AV
JC Soprano: once again, some of our members have multiple accounts.. The second account does not get listed as a member nor is it shared who they are.. But they funnel money from the casinos to us.. Some of our enemies would love to know who we are as vacation sims..
JC Soprano: So unfortunately, I cant tell you.. That’s why groups like the ssg ruin the game
JC Soprano: Now that the war with SSG is over we may start to name some of our casinos and I may even reopen mine. As for $10 bets.. stick to slots and roullette hehe
Urizenus: so suppose I want some action. You know, I don’t want to do these dumb 10 cent bets that the game allows. say I wanna do $10 per pop. How do I find a casino where I can do that?
Urizenus: no I mean $10 US
JC Soprano: oh.. Well I dunno.. We dont take real money bets.. We may be mafia, but thats a felony lol A little too real for me
JC Soprano: if they want that, go online and search for casinos, lots out there
JC Soprano: or they can sell there winnings I guess
JC Soprano: $1M goes for what? $7
Urizenus: not anymore. not since they got rid of mazing. now its like $40
JC Soprano: really? This I did not know.. I dont buy the money or sell it so I don’t know lol
JC Soprano: Hmmm may have to look into that lolol
Urizenus: you can do better, but look at the money dealers on my web site. they either have no inventory or they are up to $50/million or more.
Urizenus: ebay is the same.
JC Soprano: I’m curious what I would get for my account lol
Urizenus: so can you still cover a bet for $250K simoleans?
JC Soprano: oh yes
JC Soprano: me personally and the group as a whole
Urizenus: ok, so those are equivalent to $10 bets then in a way, I mean if I win and go sell my money on ebay.
JC Soprano: sure.. if you want to look at it like that.. lol now your gonna have the feds bust in my door lol
Urizenus: naw, everyone keeps repeating the mantra “just a game just a game”
Urizenus: the feds will never wrap their minds around the idea that simoleans are real money
JC Soprano: lol Ya well there have been times its not just a game.. Being high-profile sucks ass.
Urizenus: yeppers.
JC Soprano: Another thing we may get into is bookies.. for sports
JC Soprano: I had business ties with the former owner of Motorcity Sports Book in AV
Urizenus: bookies? get set up before March madness
Urizenus: ok, lemme ask about *this*service which you advertise on your web site: “$2.5K per 10 minutes; 20 minute limit; 1/2 down payment
Want to get laid tonight? Like being talked dirty to? Maybe you like to be the one talking dirty? Whatever your fetish is we have the woman for you. We have some of the hottest lipped Sims in Alphaville to please you and tickle your fancy. ID’s are checked on every visitor to our brothels… No, you may not bring a note from your mother saying it’s OK. And remember.. NO ABUSING OUR WOMEN UNLESS THEY ASK YOU TO.”
JC Soprano: Ahhhh Prostitution
JC Soprano: Ya, thats the biggest thing EA whined about
JC Soprano: Thats why its a former service.. Kept it up for nostaligia
Urizenus: oh they did, so they were aware of it?
Urizenus: when did you stop with the prostitution
JC Soprano: Oh ya.. that was Tiggers biggest complaint.. Funny thing is.. It never really got operational. Had a few girls with us, but not really any clients.. it was mostly a joke
JC Soprano: I mean most of the women in Sims, no offense ladies, are not that hard to get t odo things with.. Very easy.. Its like a pornocopia
Urizenus: oh ok, she just didn’t like the idea that you advertised it.
JC Soprano: It lasted for about a month as a service, but never took off.. my concern was I had no idea how old these people were.. I made certain rules like you couldn’t swear, etc
JC Soprano: but still I was paranoid.. I had it cut off before they said anything
Urizenus: you mean you didn’t know how old the customers were or you didn’t know how old your employees were.
JC Soprano: The main purpose of the site was to show people what is/was possible in the game
JC Soprano: A flaw list if you will
Urizenus: yah
JC Soprano: The employees I knew.. the customers I didn’t.. how do you ID a sim?
JC Soprano: so I don’t even think we had 1 customers, but some members liked the idea of it as a service..
JC Soprano: so we had an escort service instead… sim dates
JC Soprano: no sex
JC Soprano: but even that EA didn’t like
JC Soprano: so we kept prostitution up for nostalgia to fuck with EA
Urizenus: a lot of people had that issue (how do you check ages)
Urizenus: I know someone in CC that ran an age verification service
JC Soprano: Well I run a porn site in real life for fun on the side so I could essentially check, but for a game.. just not worth it and frankly, too many legal hassles to even try to begin with
Urizenus: ok, so now here is a question for you. Why would you want to emulate a mafia to begin with? Let’s face it, cuddly James Gandolfini aside, the Mafia are killers among other things.
JC Soprano: Look at Gotti.. He was a Mafia Superstar.. Essentially I look at myself as Gotti in way… At least my character. He fought the law, like I do with EA and other groups like SSG.. And he was very respected.. he gave to the community..
JC Soprano: sure he was violent and ruthless.. but remember the people he works with that he is in charge of
Urizenus: that’s bull and you know it
Urizenus: Gotti was a big dumb nasty killer
JC Soprano: Hey I am not saying these guys are saints.. I read gangland news.. but they do do some good in the community.. mainly the one they live in..
JC Soprano: Thats all.. with the bad there is some good
Urizenus: What is that supposed to mean (“they do do some good in the community”)? So they dump medical waste in the harbor, they use defective construction techniques, they kill people, and what good do they do? Fireworks? Block parties? Come on.
JC Soprano: hahaha Yes the bad outweighs the good.. tha’ts why I am mafia in game.. not in life. I am being Somebody else.. according to EA, that’s like my first amendment right.. well, until they don’t like it lol
JC Soprano: thats all I am saying
JC Soprano: And thats part of the problem.. people hear mafia and they think what you think.. scares them off in gme
JC Soprano: and that what was EA’s issue
JC Soprano: Its too mature for a Teen rated game.. and that’s a quote from Tigger
Urizenus: well, why be mafia at all?
JC Soprano: Its a theme that intrigues me.. I have always been interested in it. I am not Italian myself.. I’m Czech/Caucasian (as if it matters, but it has been questioned before by Tigger) for the record..
JC Soprano: So this gives me the opportunity to role play.. I love RPG and strategy games.. This is the biggest one of them all
JC Soprano: and you can mold it… its like a real city.. others are like Vietnam but AV is peaceful for the most part
JC Soprano: that’s partly because of us
JC Soprano: like I said.. Police department for Wiseguys
JC Soprano: just like the real life mafia
Urizenus: well, let’s take EA’s perspective now. This is supposed to be a game suitable for 13 year olds. Do you think the content of what you do is suitable for 13 year olds?
JC Soprano: No not all of it.. I try to keep the younger players out of it.. Minimum age to join is 15.. and yes we can’t check ages, and to be honest these teens know more vulgarity and things than I ever imagined and I am only 26).. But remember most of what we do is legit.. Have a 15 or even a 13 year old for that matter go around and do a background check on a sim is harmless..
JC Soprano: I’m not a role-model.. That’s for damn sure though.. I try to be, but the theme negates that
Urizenus: yes, I imagine…
JC Soprano: See in a way I have no choice.. I get a LOT of press coverage..
JC Soprano: Shit I do in the game is like news for some reason.. bad press may be press, but its still bad
JC Soprano: So I dont like bad press lol
Urizenus: well… ok. But don’t you seek out press?
JC Soprano: Nope
JC Soprano: I have done that once and that was a follow up to a request
Urizenus: you contacted me.
JC Soprano: I did you only because of what you reported..
JC Soprano: I wanted the ability to give my side.. since Mia Wallace was mistaken on several key points about me
JC Soprano: I do not go to the press for stories
Urizenus: hmmm, ok, why not then?
JC Soprano: Frankly, the press can be daunting lol
JC Soprano: The press are cool.. but they like to focus on me being some super villain for the most part..
Urizenus: You’ve insisted many times (in your CNN interview, for example) that you actually do good things. But why do you even care if you are doing good. And what good things can one actually do in this game?
JC Soprano: I care because a bad image is bad for business.. This is a business.. that’s all.. Its about money, not blood. The SSG insists that we extort people, etc.. Look at our services.. The yare ones that people come to us for.. We don’t go to them.. A lot of times EA will not take action against a player with a report. That’s when we step in. If the player feels they need to be righted and EA won’t help.. We make the situation right.. Nothing more.
JC Soprano: Scammers for example.. Thats a big ticket item for us.. Debt Collection.. Scammers scam for real estate, money, etc.. We collect..
JC Soprano: thats a service
Urizenus: well, one might ask, who are you to judge?
Urizenus: do you have trials?
JC Soprano: Thats a good point.. Unlike the SSG though we do an investigation. Too much at risk if we don’t. We get screenshots, spying ,etc.. Basic private investigation stuff.. If we feel action should be taken or even can be taken.. We will take the job.. Thats allso part of the disclaimer on the site.
Urizenus: does the accused get a trial before a jury?
Urizenus: or any trial at all?
JC Soprano: As for trials, I WISH! Lets just say I have a side project in works and a full judicial system ready. A project from long before SSG… Near completion.. The only problem is getting people to actually participate.. I mean think about it.. Fines or in-lot game jail time instead of a suspension report
JC Soprano: plus not to mention the role play aspect.. mobs bribe jurors, or get RICO charges filed and do 20 hours in hjail
Urizenus: wouldn’t it be easier to implement this if you weren’t roleplaying as mafia?
JC Soprano: Like I said its a side project and it does not involve mafia

Urizenus: so let’s go back to the beginning [for some historical background]
JC Soprano: ok
Urizenus: How did you first get on TSO?
JC Soprano: As a beta tester. I loved the stand-alone version so much that I signed up for Beta and started playing Dec 8th, 2002.
JC Soprano: After that it was an x-mas present from my real life wife
Urizenus: and what cities did you play?
JC Soprano: Alphaville only, however in times of war or covert operations we occasionally wonder out of the city short-term
JC Soprano: Its too hard to manage several cities at once.
Urizenus: ok, were you a mafia guy from the beginning?
JC Soprano: Ya that was my intent.. JC Soprano was my first and original character.. I have never deleted from that first day
Urizenus: why did you decide to go that route?
JC Soprano: Well at first I just wanted to do the casino thing, run a casino have a small crew.. nothing major.. Then I met Big Italy and we talked about forming a mafia.. Since Big was already a player, had the lot and experience, I said “you can be boss”. That was about 2-3 days after I started playing.
JC Soprano: We really were not that big until February 2003.
Urizenus: Were there established mafias in the game at that point?
JC Soprano: Yes there were a few. Gambinos for example. Some players have accused me of taking credit for starting the mafia in game. Not true, all I did was make it more believable.
Urizenus: more believable. What does that mean?
JC Soprano: For example, no guns in-game, cant really whack a sim, etc. I am a very creative person.. Maybe I have no life lol, but I just think up ways to make the role-play experience more realistic and up to par with the real mafia.. same structure, rules, etc.
JC Soprano: Had to adapt that for the game
Urizenus: ok, so you figured out ways to warp the built-in features of the game for mafia role-play?
JC Soprano: exactly
Urizenus: ‘warp’ meaning use in a non intended way
JC Soprano: yes and no.. The game is a teen rated game, so I warped it into a mature experience sort of… if that makes sense
JC Soprano: but yes, EA did not intend for mafia… Tigger called me once and said the game is rated Teen adn I am too mature of a theme for it
Urizenus: Tigger called you on the phone?
JC Soprano: For example, we do something called a Moe Green Special
JC Soprano: this is how you can literally whack a sim
JC Soprano: and yes she called me on the phone and talked to me for like 90 minutes
Urizenus: wow…was she authorized by EA to do that?
JC Soprano: it is my understanding that she is like TSO’s PR Rep..
JC Soprano: I have all the e-mails from that
JC Soprano: to this day I am still fighting EA
JC Soprano: and that started back in Feb
Urizenus: well let’s stay on this a minute…
Urizenus: so what did you tell her?
JC Soprano: Well I had gotten suspended after I called and made a complaint about a rude in-game EA Rep
JC Soprano: so I raised hell on the boards, the website, calling ,etc
JC Soprano: to the point that a lot of players were about to jump ship
Urizenus: aha?
JC Soprano: the message board threads were over 100 replies long and kept being deleted
JC Soprano: So she called me up and said… you can do this, but it may cost you your account. basically… a threat.
JC Soprano: their main beef was the website
JC Soprano: they actually had nothing on me in-game other than saying ‘Damn’ once… that’s what I got suspended for
Urizenus: haha, so they suspended you 72 hours for saying ‘damn’?
JC Soprano: yup..
JC Soprano: I even got suspended 90 hours once.. due to a ‘technical glitch’
JC Soprano: they said it was due to a technical glitch that it was for 90 hours…
Urizenus: for what??
JC Soprano: For that once again.. a link to my website in game
JC Soprano: it said “see lot name?” “add .com to it”
JC Soprano: I got suspended for that
JC Soprano: I was the first website to be banned by EA lol
Urizenus: oh ic, so this is a strategy that they like to deploy then…
Urizenus: if someone makes noise, suspend them for their out of game web site
Urizenus: but you got suspended for saying “add dot com”?
JC Soprano: yup
JC Soprano: they said I had been warned about it before
JC Soprano: but I had changed [the web site] to make it more EA friendly
JC Soprano: they didn’t even bother to check
Urizenus: and that was supposedly a link to a commercial site? But how are you a commercial site?
JC Soprano: nope.. they said that I linked to exploit site…
JC Soprano: even though I link to no third party site at all
JC Soprano: not even other families
JC Soprano: they say I promote conduct in-game that is not appropriate
Urizenus: oh ok, so the site was ipso fact illegal because of the conduct it promotes?
JC Soprano: and website as well.. too bad ToS does not [prohibit] that
Urizenus: they seem to interpret the ToS anyway they want
JC Soprano: They say I bend the rules???
Urizenus: they should just write it so it says “we will boot you when we feel like it”
Urizenus: that would simplify things
JC Soprano: I know you feel my pain lol
Urizenus: lol, ok, back to business here…
Urizenus: at some point your family hooked up with mia wallace.
JC Soprano: ya.. Mia saw the website and some of my message board posts about how to improve services etc.. I came up with the roomy rights idea.. unfortunately, that’s one of those threads EA removed in their little war against me. So they saw that and according to Mia saw I was creative and asked if I would help them start a Mafia family.
JC Soprano: I even got e-mails to prove she came to me
JC Soprano: Unlike what she said in the other interview… no extortion was involved and she came to me
JC Soprano: I don’t condone extortion
Urizenus: well ok, so Mia was involved in the Sims Sorority House at the time?
JC Soprano: Yes I believe that was her property
Urizenus: and they joined with your family as the Commission or something?
JC Soprano: The commission was a side project I was working on… basically I was trying to do the original commission type of deal.. all the heads meet, discuss politics, etc. For the game purposes it was mainly just a name for those we called our allies.
JC Soprano: Since I helped start the Wallace family, they were technically a part of that alliance
Urizenus: well you say you helped start them, but come on, what does that mean?
JC Soprano: That means I gave them a website and made it for them, I set them up with all of our rules and structure.. Basically I gave them a mafia in a box.
Urizenus: hmmm, ic, but they had the people in place already
JC Soprano: Yes and No.. They had there sorority friends, but they were no official group or anything.. more like a street gang who didn’t know how to be one…
JC Soprano: to this day I regret helping them.. that’s what led to the ssg
Urizenus: This was after they demolished the Hotel Erotica?
JC Soprano: That Merrill’s place?
JC Soprano: Ya its funny.. That was when me and them had our falling out.. Kerri Merrill even came to my family for help (I got that e-mail still) saying that they are basically harassing her because she is competition or something like that. The problem with the Wallace’s is that they liked our rules and what not, but felt they didn’t need to follow them.. Like EA.
JC Soprano: We were getting blamed because they were on our website…. etc
JC Soprano: Sim Mafia was being used, not Wallace Family
JC Soprano: that’s when I said enough.. Told Mia she needed to check her members and enforce the rules
Urizenus: well let me digress a second here. did you have much contact with Merrill (now Evangeline) in those days?
JC Soprano: No.. For all I know she could have made it all up.. I do though have the screenshots of that lot job and Kerri’s e-mail.. A lot of people come to us and try to get us to do the eye for an eye thing, but unless we find proof or justification we wont act.. In this case we didn’t act because of the delicate situation involving a possible war if I start shit (pardon my French)
JC Soprano: I handle those problems internally..
JC Soprano: I don’t condone lot jobs either.. I have only authorized 3 in my over a year of playing
JC Soprano: and they were very justified
Urizenus: So you have no knowledge as to whether Merrill’s place was a big time cyber-brothel or basically a scam as Mia suggests.
JC Soprano: As far as I know her place was legit and I believe she even came to me at one point offering her girls services.. That was a while back and my contact with Franki was minimal so it’s hard to remember that one.
JC Soprano: Franki never did anything to anyone as far as I know to get what happened done
JC Soprano: I’ve checked into it a lot since we got the blame originally
Urizenus: Well, he (Franki’s typist) does admit to hacking into their account after the fact and fucking them up.
JC Soprano: after the fact yes… what prompted the attack before? I don’t condone the hacking either.. That’s just not even part of the game.. but I will say Mia made a lot more enemies than she did friends and she was the #1 sim
Urizenus: ok, so your claim is that you thought the SSG operatives were out of control?
JC Soprano: yes as both SSG and MWallace Family
JC Soprano: They dont have any rules
JC Soprano: none
Urizenus: and you do?
JC Soprano: Yes..
Urizenus: what are they?
JC Soprano: No swearing for example
Urizenus: ah, well that can get you banned
JC Soprano: Another is no scamming anyone
Urizenus: ok, no swearing, no scamming…
JC Soprano: the casinos are the closest we get to scamming
JC Soprano: Member must be 15 of course
JC Soprano: Do not disobey an order
JC Soprano: Do not be a board whore
JC Soprano: etc
Urizenus: why 15?
JC Soprano: 13 year olds are harder to control.. Take Tommy Morta.. He was Salvatore Leon.. age 13.. Wallace Family member.. He was and is now the biggest problem SSG had
Urizenus: ok, so the Commission fell apart and you all went your separate ways
JC Soprano: Ya I basically told them to fuck off as mafai
JC Soprano: the name wallace was associated with me from that point on so I said no more wallace
JC Soprano: thats when they formed SSG to come after me.. Anti-Mafia stance for AV only like this is Nazi Germany
JC Soprano: and we are the jews…
JC Soprano: bad comparison I know
JC Soprano: just saying…
JC Soprano: Not calling anyone nazis
Urizenus: yah bad comparison…
JC Soprano: Well I am not the first one to make it
Urizenus: anyway…
Urizenus: some people say that you really don’t have much of a presence in the game these days.
Urizenus: you have a web site, but that’s about it
JC Soprano: Which is good!
Urizenus: why is that good?
JC Soprano: See that’s what the SSG never understood.. and what some families never understood.. You don’t have to be in the game to be playing.. I go to AV maybe once a day for an hour.. I am the boss that’s a perk.. I was on the cover of CNN Technology, I get a lot of messages when I get on, some good, some bad…
JC Soprano: I keep a low profile and handle my business via Yahoo and what not
JC Soprano: in-game I do my boss things that need to be handled in-game.. meetings with businesses, etc
JC Soprano: Security is a thing too.. Its like the FBI vs Mafia.. EA watches me 24/7
JC Soprano: I sneeze and they suspend/ban me
Urizenus: but people say you really only have about 4 people working for you and just kids at that
JC Soprano: But I put a good solid 10 hours a week at least into mafia
JC Soprano: not including website
JC Soprano: I am doing my job and well if you cant catch me…
JC Soprano: That’s why I have never once changed Sim Names or deleted..
JC Soprano: Lot’s never been destroyed
JC Soprano: Tagged twice…. 1 is banned for life now and the other is missing in action.. an SSG member
JC Soprano: both times.. I slipped up.. I wear them proudly.. war wounds
JC Soprano: they had no problem getting me.. Why can’t SSG??
Urizenus: yes yes, but what about having only 4 people in your group
JC Soprano: hahah that’s just another rumor
Urizenus: well, how many do you have?
JC Soprano: on Average we have 50.. Which for some may not seem like much, but past that it gets hard to control all those people and that when you get situations like in Blazing Falls….
JC Soprano: I wont lie though.. Right now numbers are low around 20…
Urizenus: how many in alpha though
JC Soprano: That’s only due to SSG.. We have had the books closed (hiring) for about 6 months now besides a few exceptions
JC Soprano: Cant trust anyone with SSG
JC Soprano: Now that that’s over our applications are through the roof
JC Soprano: The books are open
Urizenus: so you concede that SSG put a crimp on your operations
JC Soprano: Ya not gonna lie.. They definitely affected my business.. I was their prime target. Especially when you go on national TV and call them Sesame Street Gangsters
JC Soprano: They did not run it out, or do anything significant, but they increased our security
JC Soprano: in war you have to
JC Soprano: That’s why I have had 2 spies in them on average
JC Soprano: I have had 2 spies (or theirs) in my group.. both got whacked
JC Soprano: that’s in a year
Urizenus: So if they in fact cease to be operational will you expect your bookmaking and other operations to pick up significantly
JC Soprano: Very much so… At least for the legit businesses..
JC Soprano: and membership
Urizenus: where “legit” includes gambling
JC Soprano: yes gambling is included.. I even consider debt collection legit… do it via bank
JC Soprano: I don’t expect an influx of harassment now either.. The city is mine.. I hate to say it, but I got the juice in AV and have for awhile.. I ain’t gonna let that happen
JC Soprano: If I do, I’ll quit
JC Soprano: That was why I fought SSG
JC Soprano: I never gave up either
JC Soprano: That’s why I am here and they are not
Urizenus: well, maybe you have a higher tolerance for boredom than they do.
JC Soprano: lol.. Yes the game can get quite boring.. but that’s what I do.. Spice it up
JC Soprano: I have prolly at lest 50 e-mails of people who have bought the game just for what we do
Urizenus: so what are your plans in alphaville?
JC Soprano: Right now.. Rebuild the family. We are currently at War with X-Mafia in Blazing Falls but that war is trivial (and frankly now that SSG is done with an easy win), so I will be proposing a cease-fire/truce agreement soon. I don’t want that to spill into AV.
JC Soprano: Once the family is at peace again and we are rebuilt (now hiring lol) we plan on implementing my side project
JC Soprano: not mafia related.. but mafia funded lol
JC Soprano: We want to show the citizens of AV we mean them no harm and are there to help them.. We want peace..
JC Soprano: like it was back in January before the Wallace family came into play
Urizenus: or maybe it will turn into a mafia war zone like other cities have
JC Soprano: If it comes to that.. We will send a message..
JC Soprano: The heads of 8 tiny reindeer will be in your bed when you wake up lol

33 Responses to “JC Soprano: Now the City is Mine!”

  1. toy

    Jan 14th, 2004

    this girl wishes to thank You Uri for this interview….. toy has been in need of a good laugh :)

  2. Me

    Jan 14th, 2004

    Jc is the best guy in AV…He’s done nothing but make the game more fun. I have had no problems with him in game or any of his ‘thugs’. You people who are complaning…are just jealous you didn’t think of doing it his way first.

  3. Swedish Fish

    Jan 14th, 2004


    I truely find your support of JC Soprano amuzing thus far into the comment board. As of the time of this comment post, I have not found anyone who has yet “complained” in anyway way against anything.

    Looking for someone who’s jealous!

  4. Me

    Jan 14th, 2004

    Fish… That comment was for this article and all others.

  5. SnowWhite

    Jan 14th, 2004

    All I can do is hold my gut cuz I’m laughing so hard! I can’t wait to look back in a few months at the city view and count the mafia families at war…enjoy your last days of peace Alpha!

  6. toy

    Jan 14th, 2004

    hmmm.. who is complaining anyways?? toy just likes a good laugh :)

  7. RB

    Jan 14th, 2004

    You have seirous issues when you keep referring to yourself as if your talking to another person. lol.

    - RB

  8. toy

    Jan 14th, 2004

    LOL….. if that is Your description of “serious issues” toy would suggest a wake up shower :)

    falara kajira toy :)

  9. samhain

    Jan 14th, 2004

    Snow, peace came when you left, nuff said. I don’t know you so I wont make a personal attack, but the group you headed was AV’s only real flaw.

  10. RB

    Jan 14th, 2004

    It is one of many. :)

    - RB


    Jan 15th, 2004

    A little advise many wise people including Tigger from TSO have told you that you should consider once again. Stop craving so much attention and typing so much on AVH’s boards. All you do is stick your own foot in your mouth and the more you type the more enemies you get. No one cares about you the way you seem to think they do. Your email of 100 emails a day is spam. Don’t lie you told me yourself. In all my experiences with you … all you were is talk. You admit it yourself you were only responsible for 3 house demolitions as opposed to the what? 100 ones SSG did in order to keep your recruitment and other mafia familys from over running AV. You did a lot of good for AV JC … when you didnt play. Continue to do so. As for the rest of AV and the possibility of it being over run with Mafia … As long as you take a stand.. just like SSG did and not let people like JC Soprano and his 10 13yr old members bully you around all should remain the same.

    People like JC Soprano are nothing but “Board Whores” and the sooner they realize that the pen isnt mightier than the sword he will fall on it one day… the sooner he will be gone.

    *broke JC’s pen and shoved it up his ass*
    Pen Breaker

  12. JC Soprano

    Jan 15th, 2004

    Dearest Pen Breaker:

    Board Whore? Let’s keep in mind that I only have replied to articles about myself, in defense of myself. That does not make me a board whore. Do you even know what a board whore is? Your ignorance is humorous though. Thank you for making me laugh. =)

    Lets also not forget that I was in business long before SSG, and things were just fine in Alphaville. They were the most peaceful time ever in-game as I can remember.

    As for craving attention.. You think I like people like you who don’t know me on a personal level talk about me? No. I have a right to reply back and defend myself.. You just don’t like what I have to say becuase you know it’s the truth. Grow up and move on with life.. Or maybe you should quit TSO since your taking it so seriously?? It’s just a game remember.

    I love the brave people who don’t include there Sim name in these posts.. So in all my experiences huh? Sounds to me that your an SSG member or loyalist.. Storm perhaps?? PM Cruiser?? Or maybe an SSG groupie? Whoever it is, nice try. Obviously since your SSG, your right about a pen being broke off.. You got the location wrong though mystery Sim, it was in your own ass (Did everyone just hear the snap? I think I did.). Get a life. I obviously have one and it pisses you off. Feel free to reply back, I find you quite amusing and haven’t laughed this hard since ‘Friday’ came out at the movies.

    JC Soprano

    P.S. Your one to talk about 13yo’s since you appear to have the mentality of one with your insults. BTW average age of our members is 23-28. Although, we do have players as young as 15.

    P.S.S. I am done lowering my standards by arguing with individuals like yourself about who I am and what I do and not to mention how I play.. Especially when it doesn’t affect you. Everyone knows I am a nice guy, so feel free to talk shit all you want.. Makes no difference to me.

    P.S.S. I love you! hahahahahahaha

  13. Big American

    Jan 15th, 2004

    Hey JC…I thought you wanted to fight me…last message you sent me in game was that you wanted to beat me up because I tagged one of your loyal mafia groupue wannabes. Hmmmm, are you all talk on these boards or do I actucally get that fight you keep promissing me? Nice guy is what you call yourself, hahahahaha!!! and BTW……we all love ya too, LMFAO

  14. Storm

    Jan 15th, 2004

    lol no JC, I have ignored you. I have not replied to you at all…and when I do, I have the balls to do it in my name (Uri, do an IP check on this, because I’m sick of JC)

    Off to have a life…Adios, Au Reviour, Ciao, and last but not least…Good bye :D

  15. Bad ass bitch

    Jan 15th, 2004

    so silly…nothing is yours..but i know whats mine, all the tears and anxiety of the n00bs..you dont own nuthin’…tired ass JC..i represent for the bitches whos eyes on the riches..you think your bad? Fuck you,JC your so pathetic you aint shit..im the baddest bitch..off glass is my motto..and saprano..how original..fuck that shit you know you copped it off the show…i fuck newbies in the face while you playin’ doll house..sayin’ your all “big and bad” ..you dont know the feeling of bringing a newbie up the ladder of dreams filling there head with free money and all the things they could do and then kick the ladder and watch there broke ass fall after…You wanna test my flow..i didnt chose the game,the game chose me..so go about your bussiness… lick nuts,drink dicks,you old tired ass mob wannabe bitch..you wanna test merrill? Come on play with it. I know you wanna take my place cuz im cute in the face slim in the waist.

  16. Funny As Hell

    Jan 16th, 2004

    I’ve never played TSO, but after reading this I can’t help but laugh at all of you. What a bunch of lame fucking fags!

    Now go run around with virtual scissors, please.

  17. urizenus

    Jan 16th, 2004

    Ah yes, yet another bright light who wants *us* to get a life. But then at least *our* lives don’t consist of reading the blogs of MMORPGs that we don’t play and know nothing about and then feel compelled to comment on in a biggoted fashion.

  18. RB

    Jan 16th, 2004

    One thing i do think Van is good at. Is her amusing rapping and trash talking rhyming. :) just look at the last post by bad ass bitch.

    - RB

  19. Funny as Hell

    Jan 16th, 2004

    I got here via Google, after reading the article on you at the Independent – real news.

    And you say you’re a philosophy professor? You can’t even spell bigoted properly.

    I love it when people justify being game addicts by framing it as “research for my next book.”

    One thing is for sure: your “next book” certainly won’t be a sequel to “Hooked on Phonics.”

    Again, I say – what a lame bunch of fucking fags!

    Now back to real news.

  20. urizenus

    Jan 16th, 2004

    >And you say you’re a philosophy professor? You can’t even spell bigoted properly.

    well gee Funny, I don’t know where you come from, but in this country we don’t hire philosophers to check spelling on blog posts. So, you know, if that’s what philosophers do where you come from that’s just great.

    And you know what else? You are right: It is very much a sure thing that my next book won’t be a sequel to “Hooked on Phonics”. You can take that one to the bank.

    I now return you to your “real” life which is trolling the fansites of MMORPGs that you don’t play and making biggoted — oh right, bigoted — comments. Enjoy.

  21. sean

    Jan 17th, 2004

    honestly, please just find a screen shot of something that has to do with this post and use it. yes, i can read – but the absense of any sort of leading imagery – especially for the huge audience that has never played Sims Online and is trying to read this from a link elsewhere – is really a turn off. is there no virtual journalism photo bureau?


  22. Urizenus

    Jan 17th, 2004

    I’ve been advised by lawyers at the university of Michigan that I should not post screen shots, since EA might use that as a pretext to shut down the site. However, there are plenty of other places to go for screen shots. If you want screen shots of sim mafia activities I suggest looking at this site belonging to The Syndicate.

  23. Me

    Jan 18th, 2004

    LOOK AT U PEOPLE! My God! Last I checked TSO was a game…am I right? How can u take it so seriously as to talk about rl fights and attacking a seriously nice guys character all over a fucking game? Big, Badass, storm, uri….your all being so stupid. Do u really think your helping anything? Does it make u feel better to spout out insults at people? Lay off the crack pipes for fucks sake!

  24. justpassingthru

    Jan 18th, 2004

    I myself stumbled upon this link through a newsite, so howzit everyone.
    I have played the Sims(not online though) and I don’t recall being able to kill other sims. So here’s my question. How is it that you’re able to whack fellow sims? Got any pics or interesting stories? Just curious. -JPT

  25. toy

    Jan 18th, 2004

    In the first place TSO isnt a game… a game has goals. TSO has no goals.. TOS is graphical MUSH :)

    The only way anyone in TSO can effect another person is if that person allows it :)


  26. STAMP

    Jan 19th, 2004

    JC Soprano and his sim mafia is the only reason I play TSO still. I am in his mafia and I love it. TSO is so boring without mafia the ony thing there is to do is skill. Jc is a very good man and all he asks for is trust and loaylity. I think I give that to him. TSO is just a game but i use it as an escape fro mmy sometimes stressfull RL. Thanks for everything JC.

    Check out The Sim Mafia its a great time!

  27. STAMP

    Jan 19th, 2004

    i forgot some stuff. JC you should write a book about your expierences and stories that you have experienced in TSO you would make a ton of money.

    JC Soprano is my hero!

  28. toy

    Jan 21st, 2004

    hmmm. toy just went and read the sim mafia site…. toy thinks she would have had more enjoyment from slamming her fingers in a desk drawer :)

  29. JC Soprano

    Jan 21st, 2004

    That’s why it just won the 2003-2204 Golden Web Award.. hehe

    JC Soprano

  30. toy

    Jan 21st, 2004

    toy would have nominated it for the lack of content and silliness award :)

  31. JC Soprano

    Jan 22nd, 2004

    Didn’t Ted Bundy refer to himself in the third person??

    JC Soprano

  32. toy

    Jan 22nd, 2004

    do not speak of things you dont understand or are incapable of understanding the concept of :) go play with your make believe ‘mafia cohorts’ :)

    if you had a clue you would know why this girl speaks in third person :)

    wake up call :)

    toy :)

  33. lipitor

    May 23rd, 2004

    Gold coast slave ship bound for cotton fields
    Sold in a market down in New Orleans
    Scarred old slaver knows he’s doing alright
    Hear him whip the women, just around midnight

    Ah, brown sugar how come you taste so good?
    Ah, brown sugar just like a young girl should

    Drums beating cold English blood runs hot
    Lady of the house wonderin’ where it’s gonna stop
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    You should a heard him just around midnight.

    I bet your mama was tent show queen
    And all her girlfriends were sweet sixteen
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    – Rolling Stones, “Brown Sugar”

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