Mob Hits get Serious: Former Soprano Member gets the “Moe Green Special”

by Alphaville Herald on 31/03/04 at 10:57 pm

by The Teflon Don

Many have heard of the term Moe Green Special before. On the Sopranos TV show perhaps? Maybe on The Godfather where the Moe Green Special originated? For some of you, you have heard it somewhere else. Whispers of a tactic in the game that can take everything you own and love and then make things worse by whacking your Sim.

There may be no guns in the game, but such a tactic does exist and they call it a ‘Moe Green Special’. When asked why it’s called that JC Soprano said, “Because we leave them with $1 to their name and kill their Sim like Moe Green got 1 shot to the eye in the Godfather series. It’s reserved for the worst offenders or the times we need to make an example out of someone. It’s a reform tool. Only 8 people including Furio have been Moe Greened by my family. That’s all you need to know about the Moe Green.”

I did not know who Furio Forenzi was before doing this story, but I got a tip via e-mail that a player by that name had been whacked by the Soprano Family that same night via something called the Moe Green. I remember reading about the Moe Green special when the Sim Mafia had it on their website a long time ago. I still had a copy on how to do it in fact.

I asked JC if he would be more detailed as I had a copy of the old version of The Sim Mafia website which detailed how to do a Moe Green under Mafia University. Reading this old version though, it’s a very shady act indeed. However, the story remains about Furio. What happened? Well to get to the bottom of it I asked JC and he said, “Furio was going around harassing players and tagging people trying to impress us. Little did he know he was doing this to some friends of ours, The Black Hand? We’re not allies, but we have an understanding on a business level. Ultimately, I whacked Furio for that and disrespecting our family name.”

“There are certain ways to do things. He wanted to join us and that’s great. But that was not the way to do it. He was a former member, 399 days old when we whacked him last night. He had retired from the life for a while and then wanted to rejoin. During this process I kept getting all these complaints from people about him. He was warned, but it still kept happening. So that’s when I decided to make an example out of him for anyone trying to join us. We won’t tolerate such behavior. I will say though, Furio took it like a man. I mean we’ve done this to 7 other Sims and this guy took it the best. Hell, I even Moe Greened my son and Underboss at the time, the heir to the family if you will, Big Ern. He was caught spying for the enemy. At first it seemed like accidental leakage, but then after being warned the leakage kept dripping.. So we plugged the hole.”

So after I talked to JC Soprano about Furio’s demise, I wanted to make sure there were no ‘inconsistencies’ plus get the other half’s side of the story. Below is my full-unedited interview with Furio Forenzi, aka Bett Middler. I opted to leave it whole as it was too funny not to. Like a sad tale on VHI Behind the Music, he was riding high and then came crashing down. Now in his own words he is ‘a middle-aged blonde woman with nothing left.’

Teflon Don: Your name in the game is, or should I say was, Furio Forenzi in the game correct?
Furio: yep
Teflon Don: I am with the Alphaville Herald. I heard about what happened last night with you. Would you like to be interviewed?
Furio: sure
Teflon Don: So JC Soprano, with Peter Soprano standing by, whacked you last night. Is that correct?
Furio: yep
Teflon Don: Why were you whacked?
Teflon Don: I know the Sopranos version of the story. What’s yours?
Furio: I was whacked because I f*cked with The Sim Mafia. I got so excited over knowing one of them, I started trying to get on their good side by doing little jobs. Jobs that I wasn’t authorized to do..
Teflon Don: Yikes.. But they whacked you over that? JC said he was looking to make an example out of you.. Do you feel you deserved it?
Furio: At first, I felt frustrated and angry that someone I trusted actually took all my stuff and destroyed my Sim. Then I kept thinking about how it affected my awareness and what it has done to my connection to the game. So yes I do feel I deserve it
Furio: I learned my lesson not to touch the Mafia, even if you want to get on their good side
Teflon Don: What do you mean destroyed your Sim? How did they get you to give them all your stuff, including a rare animal, and your lot? I mean essentially they didn’t whack you, you committed Simicide.
Teflon Don: How did they get you to pull the trigger?
Furio: should I be honest?
[At this point we paused to discuss possible retribution and I eased his mind about speaking freely]
Furio: Its a mafia secret and I respect that, so lets just say money talks
[At this point we paused one more time for the same reason as before]
Furio: Well to tell you the truth, I trusted JC with everything. I have known him for quite a long time. Unfortunately recently I must have gotten in his hair, so when he said he would let me in for one little thing, I said I’LL DO IT! That little thing was to make a temp sim, while one of JC’s boys would hold my stuff for me. I then came back as Bett Middler, a middle-aged blonde woman with nothing left. As I proceeded into JC’s property he also left me with one dollar.
Teflon Don: Now that’s funny.. a middle-aged blonde woman with nothing left.
Furio: yeah, well JC did more than prove his point
Teflon Don: Well everyone says he is very effective at what he does.
Teflon Don: Are you mad at him now?
Teflon Don: I would be pissed.
Furio: nope, I’m actually probably closer to him now. I understand where he is coming from and him with me.
Teflon Don: So then you are still friends?
Furio: I’m not sure if he counts me as a friend, but more like close aquaintices
Teflon Don: Well that’s better than nothing I guess.
Teflon Don: According to JC your victim #8 of the infamous Moe Green Special. I guess this kind of puts you in the TSO history books since JC’s family is the only group able to successfully whack a Sim multiple times.
Teflon Don: It’s almost like an honor when you look at it. lol
Furio: yeah, that’s what I hear.
Teflon Don: one last question
Teflon Don: What do you plan to do now?
Furio: I plan to go into the waste managment business and follow some other close acquaintances if my cards play out right.
Teflon Don: Well I wish you the best of luck. I got to go write this now. Ciao!
Furio: Thanks!

After reading this I was curious if JC Soprano’s in-game son handled being Moe Greened as well as Furio. I contacted Big Ern who no longer plays TSO. He’s one of the many TSO players that have switched to SWG. Victim #4 of the Moe Green had this to say, “According to JC I got busted for leaking information to the SSG. My sim was about 260 something days old and no I wasn’t a founder. Yea I was pissed, but not for a long time.” When asked if he quit TSO because of being Moe Greened he said he was getting bored with the game and had schoolwork to do.

I leave it up to all of you to decide if the Moe Green is a fair punishment. A player’s hard work washed away in a single blow. The players who have suffered from it (some repeatedly) seem to think it is justified. As JC Soprano said to me, “When you work with the people we do in this life of ours, the rules must be enforced and people must know if they f*ck up, this is what happens. Otherwise it’s anarchy.”

3 Responses to “Mob Hits get Serious: Former Soprano Member gets the “Moe Green Special””

  1. Peter Soprano

    Apr 1st, 2004

    I am one of people that have been Moe Greened. MAn does it suck, I lost about 500k worth of itmes and simoleans. But it felt good to be on the other side of a Moe Green.

    Check out the best TSO site around.

  2. Fred Insomaire

    Apr 8th, 2004

    The mafia cant kill people but they can convince them to hand over all their hard earned cash, and that deserves respect. (*swallows* at least they arent hacking peoples accounts)

  3. JC Soprano

    Apr 10th, 2004

    Actually, we can kill you. But your right, no hacking. =) It’s called social engineering.

    JC Soprano
    FREE MITNICK, wait, he’s already freed lol

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