New York Times Picks up Alphaville Elections

by Alphaville Herald on 31/03/04 at 10:24 pm

The New York Times article on the Alphaville Elections is now up at There is a cute picture of Ashley Richardson on the online version. I noticed that the article used the term ‘gievers’ instead of ‘griefers’. Perhaps the most significant revelation in the article is that they now quote EA as saying that TSO has 57K subscribers. Yikes! We are getting down to E&B numbers now!

Any thoughts, comments or criticisms?

22 Responses to “New York Times Picks up Alphaville Elections”

  1. Ian

    Mar 31st, 2004

    wow, i thought it was like 80,000 a few months ago, sigh. but I am like “wow” that this election is getting all this “Real-Life” attention lol.

  2. Teflon Don

    Mar 31st, 2004

    Uri, I got my follow up coming soon. ;)

  3. Mr-President

    Mar 31st, 2004

    I know they talked to EA, but those are the OFFICIAL numbers?

  4. Scrambled1

    Mar 31st, 2004

    Wow.. lol.. interviewing 13 yr olds, 12 yr olds, and 21 yr olds Oh MY!

    I gotta say, that looks like one old ass’d monitor she has there.. lmao

    I dont know why there is so much publicity about this junk… Why did the NYT interview people about the sims? lol

  5. urizenus

    Mar 31st, 2004

    Awww, come on, its a fun story!

  6. RB

    Apr 1st, 2004

    Indeed Uri. That all it is. Is fun. You can hardly take it seriously when the “opposition” are 12! and 14 yr old girls. lol. =D

    How’s our 21 yr old Mr-President feel about the people running against him being pre and barley teen girls?? =D

    - RB

  7. Mr-President

    Apr 1st, 2004

    lol RB,

    I’m only running against Ashley though.

  8. Urizenus

    Apr 1st, 2004

    Why should we take a 14 yr old girl less seriously than an 80 yr old senile actor turned politician (which we had in Reagan) or a Yale party-boy alchoholic who never accomplished anything on his own (W). I don’t see why Ashley couldn’t manage the AVG at least as well as those guys would have.

  9. ian

    Apr 1st, 2004

    uri dont bring RL politics into a “role-playing” government that has absolutely no effect in real world matters. and just because the current president is stereotyped as a dumbass, doesn’t mean he is. love it or leave it.

  10. nick

    Apr 1st, 2004

    ashley richardson in rl is so ugly

  11. Fans II

    Apr 1st, 2004

    How pitiful it would be if Mr-President did loose against a 14 year old girl. What a sad day that you be, lol. I really think Ashley Richardson and her so nice “Anti-Scammer” program is going to fail. No Offense but theres been tons of groups doing that and they all failed. She is misleading AVG by that, and I belive these proposes shes offering arn’t going to do much good. Nor do you go into detail much on ‘stronger police forces’. And plus, Ashley, You and your running mate are alwaus shouting, cussing, Of a matter in fact you IM me on AIM saying go to he** and other stuff you should not be saying when your trying to run for a election. Your a bit too young to understand how to treat people when trying to run for a election. Your great and all but I don’t think the AVG would last if you were President.

  12. urizenus

    Apr 1st, 2004

    Oh oh, the election is heating up. The mudslinging has begun.

  13. ian

    Apr 1st, 2004

    yeah, i totally agree with fans. I like that Mr-P doesn’t have one of his main “campaign strategies” of anti-scamming. leaving that low on the priority list, makes the scammers not want to attack you. if you dont pay attention to them, they go away.

  14. Anonymous

    Apr 1st, 2004

    I am the leader of the Sim Liberation Army (SLA). Soon you will all see the corruption of the Alphaville Government and that of the President. Jihad has been declared on the Alphaville Government.

  15. RB

    Apr 1st, 2004

    Agreed Ian. Trouble only comes to you if you go looking for it. This anti-scam platform will indeed fail. You can’t stop crime. You can only minimise the impact. And in a make believe world where you have no control or power over it, How can you even do that?? And red links will soon be abolished as we know them in favour of a new worse off system based on constant interaction rather than 2 mouse clicks.

    - RB

  16. JC Soprano

    Apr 1st, 2004

    I’ve never needed to tag people. Tagging is for first graders. Sure we do it when we know it will really bother someone, but other than that I’m in the game for the wealth.. And trust me, you can control crime… Just gotta know who to call hahaha

    JC Soprano
    Call me, We’ll do lunch! lol

  17. Mrs.PresidentBradley

    Apr 1st, 2004

    Come on. We all know who is going to win. Nobody wants a 14 year old in charge of them.RB, you speak of a thing called ‘crime’? I’m sorry but i wasn’t aware that there were laws. And if there are/will be laws. Than who do we have to “enforce” them? Oh and Uri; you think Ashley is ‘cute’??? Wow i wasn’t aware that we have sunk to the level of molestation. Ashley once told me that her objective was to ‘make the AVG fun’ Well I’ll tell you that I will be so happy to know that ‘when’ (yeah right) Ashley wins our AVG will be spending lots of money on balloons.
    -With love
    -Lady Bradley

  18. 483742

    Apr 1st, 2004

    And no body wants you. :)

  19. Mr-President

    Apr 2nd, 2004

    Position on scamming:

    You can’t stop scamming 100%. People will scam, people will get scammed. My administration’s goal is to reach and inform as many sims as possible, in order to educate and help prevent scamming. Cutting off the flow of nieve people to these “FREE-MONEY” lots and others like them.

  20. Ian

    Apr 2nd, 2004

    Mrs-President Bradley,you only want ashley to win because you will tear her to pieces. not gonna happen. and your right mr-p, you can’t stop it 100%, but ignoring it somewhat will cut it down.

  21. Viva T

    Apr 5th, 2004

    Yeah, Laura McKnight is so UGLY! Her face makes me sick! She is a member of

  22. Ashley Richardson

    Apr 5th, 2004

    lol… This is funny reading all these comments- Well my only comment would be that this is a game, and age means nothing. I do not understand why everyone thinks it is so horrible that a 14 year old is running for President of AVG when the other candidate is a 21 year old guy lol. This game is a fun game for kids too.. and of course those few adults :) This is a game and I think that a kids ideas count just as much!

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