On Running Multiple Accounts on One Computer

by Alphaville Herald on 31/03/04 at 6:16 pm

by The Phantom

It happened again just the other day. There was an innocent question on Sims Stratics, asked by a customer who wanted to know why mere discussion of running multiple accounts on one computer were banned from Stratics, even though the actual practice is not obviously against the rules (or he couldn’t see that it was). Why is it that a practice that is apparently legal cannot even be mentioned? Notice he was not explaining how or asking how to have multiple accounts. He was merely asking why we can’t even talk about it. Even this innocent discussion was promptly squashed on Stratics, and all the posts but the original removed, with an ominous warning from the board admin Kellog appended. The message: even talk about this and you will be banned from the board. Well, as you all know, the AVH ain’t Stratics, so I asked Uri if I could..um…explain things to this and other eager young minds.

First of all, in my opinion there is nothing wrong with using multiple sims at once. It can quite simply be NOT classed as a cheat or an exploit of any kind in anyway. To run 2,3,4 or more sims in TSO at once is an incredibly simple trick created & performed solely by the PC’s operating system, Windows XP (you need XP for this). EA has no game jurisdiction here, because it quite simply does not alter, interfere with, use, change, fiddle with, crack, hack, yadda yadda you get the point, with the game in anyway shape or form. The instructions are so easy it takes less than 30 seconds once you learn it and it takes exactly 13 clicks.

Here’s how it works:
1) Go to your desktop and find the TSO icon. Right click on it and choose “Properties” .
2) In the window that comes up, choose the button that says “Find target” .
3) You will now be in the folder where TSO was installed and with the TSO.exe file highlighted. Right click this and choose “Send To” then choose “Desktop (create shortcut)” . Important note, there are 2 versions of the game file. TSOClient.exe and TSO.exe . If you see just TSO.exe , then you are in the wrong folder. Go up one level then choose the “TSO Client” folder and then find TSOClient.exe .
4) Close the open folder window and the dialog box window and you are back on your clear plain desktop, no windows open.
5) Find that new TSO shortcut on your desktop that was not there before and right click on it and choose “Properties” . In the window/dialog box that pops up again and find the the area that has “Target” written beside it and contains the path of where TSO is. something like

“C:/Program Files/Maxis/The Sims Online/TSOClient/TSOClient.exe”

For example if you installed it in the default place and not a folder of your choosing. Now you see those ” ” marks? Go to the one at the end of the location, Put your cursor right next to it. Then press your spacebar once. Then type the following: -w
No extra spaces of course. I just done that to make easier for you all to read. Ok after that, get your mouse arrow and go down to the button at the bottom that says “Apply” . Choose that, then choose/click “OK” .
6) Back at your desktop. Right click on your new TSO icon again and choose “Rename” . Type “TSO 2″ then press enter.
7) Find your orignal TSO shortcut and repeat Step 5 on it. Then rename it to say “TSO 1″ .
8) Depending how good your PC is, I would let one window load to the login screen first before running another. It reduces system lag that way.

And we are all done =D

Yeah, looks like alot of work. lol. but once you do it, you can see how simple it is and the very little and quick amount of work involved.

I want to add that this is not an “unfair advantage” . This is not something no one else can or should do. It is something that every user can do with their own XP operating system. Yelling “unfair advantage” for no reason at everything is only what bitter jealous people do because they don’t have the energy to do what others do. There is a distinct difference here between cheats/exploits/U.A.’s and this.

This is why I will continue to say EA can get stuffed *middle finger* and I why will keep telling others how to do this. EA has no business telling us what we can and should do with our own computers, utilizing only what is built into our operating systems. Nor do they have any business trying to silence people who only want to discuss the nature and ethics of the practice.

- The Phantom

39 Responses to “On Running Multiple Accounts on One Computer”

  1. Ian

    Mar 31st, 2004

    that’s wierd i didn’t know that you can’t talk about it, but then again i haven’t logged on to stratics in months. i agree with ya, stick it to maxis.

  2. JC Soprano

    Mar 31st, 2004

    Simple version:

    Right click on desktop, Make new shortcut, use the below shortcut. If you don’t want windows mode get rid of the -w. There is no need to copy your TSO folders and everything else. If you do it that way and there is an update you will have to recopy each time. This way is much simpler. You simply make an icon.

    “C:\Program Files\Maxis\The Sims Online\TSOClient\TSOClient.exe” -w

  3. JC Soprano

    Mar 31st, 2004

    “C:\Program Files\Maxis\The Sims Online\TSOPatch\TSO.exe” -w

    That is the original shortcut. You use the one I gave you in the last post and it will work fine.

    JC Soprano
    Now Saving You Hard Drive Space (lol)

  4. TBT

    Mar 31st, 2004

    There isn’t even a need to create 2c shortcuts or a copy of the original.. Once you change the target to “C:\Program Files\Maxis\The Sims Online\TSOClient\TSOClient.exe” -w

    You just use that same icon to launch as many instances of TSO as your PC can handle and if you have that many accounts too of course..

    I’ve ran 7 at one time on one PC many many months ago. :-D

  5. JC Soprano

    Mar 31st, 2004

    Thats basically what I just said.. lol

    JC Soprano

  6. Lindi

    Apr 1st, 2004

    You can do this on windows 98 to. it doesnt have to be xp

  7. Ms Oprah Winfrey

    Apr 3rd, 2004

    This isnt working for me at all…

    Can you splain in a little bit more for those who arent computer geeks?

  8. JC Soprano

    Apr 3rd, 2004

    Right click on your desktop. Then choose New > Shortcut. Once it prompts you for the short cut, paste this in excactly, quotes and all:

    “C:\Program Files\Maxis\The Sims Online\TSOClient\TSOClient.exe” -w

    Then say finish. Use that link to open as many windows as you like. You will need more than 1 account of course.

  9. Amethyst Rayne

    Apr 4th, 2004

    For some reason it never works on my comp. *confused* Oh well. . .

  10. Jezebel

    Apr 5th, 2004

    I think what hasn’t been said, except once maybe, is that you need multiple accounts first to make this work, that might be the problem some of you are encountering….. :) )

  11. Amethyst Rayne

    Apr 5th, 2004

    I,personally have 2 acct.Anyway//Mines working now lol.

  12. Urizenus

    Apr 5th, 2004

    did you figure out what you were doing wrong?

  13. Ms Oprah Winfrey

    Apr 5th, 2004

    OK, OK…I have found the SIMPLEST way to run multiple accounts.

    For all of those who dont want to create shortcuts and rename targets and crap…

    Go to my computer. Go to your C Drive. Go to Program Files. Go to the Maxis folder. Go to the folder entitled “The Sims Online”. Then click on the folder entitled “TSOClient”. Then in that folder, you will see another folder with the TSO graphic entitled “TSOClient”. That should bring up the game.

  14. CherryBomb

    Apr 6th, 2004

    It’s always been a total mystery to me why this is a taboo subject. I can’t think of anything particularly evil that you could do running two instances on one machine that you couldn’t just do on two separate machines.

  15. Shorty

    Apr 10th, 2004

    How Do You Get 2 accounts?
    Plz Let Me Know

  16. JC Soprano

    Apr 10th, 2004

    You need to go to ea.com then support and then TSO and then look up second account. You should be able to find the phone # to call. It costs $15.99 (covers first month) and then $10 a month like a normal account. You have to call to get one and they are only open Monday through Friday for it.

    JC Soprano
    http://www.mafiauniversity.com – Coming Soon!

  17. Nisey

    Apr 17th, 2004

    I am so glad I found this…
    I have been looking and searching for this info and alot of ppl tend to ignore if u ask….
    I dont see the big deal if u are paying your money ….
    But THANK YOU all for the info :)

  18. Heather

    Apr 19th, 2004

    How do you install your current TSO game on another machine w/ the serial number already registered? I realize that you use your current accounts, but the basic game on two machines… This is what I want to know. Thanks


  19. RB

    Apr 19th, 2004

    Get a 2nd/additional account. Then install TSO on another machine with the new rego number. =)

    - RB

  20. me

    May 15th, 2004

    I tried this..and i can get on tso more than once but i cant make any new sims…there still the same as i have now. is that how its supposed to be?

  21. RB

    May 15th, 2004

    Yes, that’s how it’s sposed to work. It runs your EXISTING accounts. It does’nt make new ones for you. lol.

    - RB

  22. me

    May 15th, 2004

    ah ok lol thanks so much :) lol i was hoping to get a new free account ^_^

  23. Tanta

    Jun 12th, 2004

    hi, i tried your thing and it was working for me.. well atleast the first thing at the top of the page where i made a shortcut, but what i am wondering is how do you get the screens to all be small? someone i talked to once said the screens were smaller when you use multiple accounts so you can see both at once??

  24. RB

    Jun 12th, 2004

    Your monitors resoloution needs to be at 1024X768 or more :)

    That’s the how windows get smaller, because your screen is made to look bigger.

    - RB

  25. Chris

    Jun 13th, 2004

    i got the second game to run but now it says i need to regester the game again?? do i have to buy a new game

  26. RB

    Jun 13th, 2004

    No you just need to make another EA.com member account. Which is what your TSO login is. And register there.

    Once again, this only runs your EXISTING accounts, it does’nt make new ones for you. lol. You need to make a new one if you only have 1 account.

    - RB

  27. pam

    Jun 14th, 2004

    i`ve tried everything you said to do.i have another account on another pc. My tsoclient must be differant on my pc.do i need to just rewrite the whole address for tsoclient or what? please help pks4rls

  28. Ian

    Jun 14th, 2004

    just write in your 2nd acct info

  29. Trinity Dobalina

    Jun 15th, 2004

    I do a completely different way! What I do is, I just search for TSO Client, then when it comes up, I click on it. It’s that simple.


  30. John

    Jun 30th, 2004

    How would do 4 accts and see All of them

  31. SamHain

    Aug 1st, 2004

    Trinity, when you make the shortcut to the TSO client you can run as many as you want. I’ve run 8 before the lag was too unbearable.

  32. Zazas

    Aug 5th, 2004

    I have tried everything, made shortcuts, pasted target lines, downloaded 9x, and i still can’t get 2 accounts to run at the same time. I have 3 accounts (9 sims) either I get no 2nd log In screen or the message that can’t run more than 1 at a time. I am so frustrated does anyone have any ideas? Short of reinstalling software? I have windows ME and on a laptop….Please Help me!!!!

  33. Some guy

    Aug 11th, 2004

    This trick doesn’t work on Windows ME. You have to get Windows XP to make it work.

  34. Ian

    Aug 11th, 2004

    you also can not run 2 games sharing 1 acct. they have to be two different accts.

  35. Zazas

    Aug 17th, 2004

    TY for the responses but have the same problem with other puter that does have XP and have 3 seperate accounts. Any more ideas?? Still won’t work.

  36. bala

    Aug 23rd, 2007

    hi. any second life users here? i’ve tried your instructions a hundred times over now, all of them. yes yes i have xp, more than 1 account and all… it simply does not work. would anyone plz help? solutions? thanks, bala

  37. willow dae

    Oct 22nd, 2007

    Can u do this on a mac ?

  38. West

    Dec 11th, 2007

    For Second Life users…the trick is exactly the same, but instead of writing “-w” you need to write “-multiple”. :)

  39. Ambergris

    Feb 13th, 2008

    I’d also like to know how do run multiples on SL with a Mac. I’ve been told that its possible if you have a dual core.

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