Product Review: GIR: Nyk’s new Pizza Bot!

by Alphaville Herald on 19/03/04 at 11:10 pm

By Ian

TSO’s best 3rd party program designer, Nyk has just released one of his greatest inventions……GIR (which is in honor of Invader Zim’s robot Gir, and stands for Great Innovative Robot)…The new invention automates everything for you. With a decent machine you can make up to 35,000-45,000 per hour. It autogreens; puts your sim to sleep, showers it, sends it to the toilet, makes your food, and plays pool. And I am not done……GIR logs you out in the morning for the Maintenance period, and then logs you back in…you set the times when to log off and on……That’s right folks, you don’t even have to be around while this little guy make you some money. Another great feature….If you happen to get a buzz from an EA Rep, the bot reads it and automatically shuts your TSO Windows down…. And thats just the Pizza Part…The bot was just released in the wee hours of Friday March 19. It only makes pizza for now, but the devloper, Nyk, plans to introduce a Band and Code bot (very soon by some reports) and if Maze decides to be re-introduced, he will add that. All of these new bot updates are free when you buy the verision that is out now. Current Price is $100 US dollars. This product receives a big thumbs up from me!! But if you are interested you should buy the product immediately as only a limited number of bots will be released to keep the Simolean Market stable.

10 Responses to “Product Review: GIR: Nyk’s new Pizza Bot!”

  1. RB

    Mar 20th, 2004

    Clarafication: The new parts added further on will not be seperate bots, but new features coded into the core of the GIR tool that is out currently.

    Also was there a need to plaster this where the whole world can see it so soon? really?


    Also AJ and Coco may post there 100% predictable comments below just by copy+pasting from other threads. lol. =)

    - RB

  2. a

    Mar 20th, 2004

    And you don’t think that EA didn’t already know?

    Please refer to Nyk’s interview….

    And the already 3-month old “My Sims Online Cheats” bot.

    C’mon, Maxis/EA isn’t that dumb….

  3. Scrambled1

    Mar 21st, 2004

    Well… well.. well..

    Dont worry, that 45k is getting uped by the day ;)

    also, there is a hold on the sales of the GIR because Nyk, which was good enough to do this, is going to limit the release of his bot so the Simolean market will never reach that 4 buck a mil price… so you must reserve your copies fast.. in about a week or two there will most likley be another batch of GIRs sold to more people, but the line is standing

    GIR Is well worth it… very much
    There is no freetrial unlike his Bmazer due to security issues (we were told that a guy had cracked nyks code and distributed the bot)
    there is a Forum to discuss new updates for buying members only!

    This is just one of the many innovative creations of Nyk


  4. Halle Raspberry

    Mar 25th, 2004

    How do I purchase a GIR from NYK? I want one

  5. Ian

    Mar 26th, 2004

    i don’t think he would want his contact information on this boards, Halle Raspberry, please ..leave your AIM name or Yahoo name or Email on this blog and I will get back to you ASAP….Or if you want mine, just go to my website and hit “Contact” and you will be able to, thanks for your interest.

  6. aj

    Apr 1st, 2004

    I have nothing I can add to my further comments except for the fact that these cheat propagators are low life scum, who have no respect for the rules of the game, or those who wish to play it within the rules.

    One day I hope that you get your comeuppance. That’s if EA haven’t pulled the plug already out of frustration from you parasites screwing it up for the rest of us. $100 a copy? I know…. easily recovered by selling simoleans on Ebay or whatnot…. geez can’t you go and do something useful with what talent you have? I despair… I really do.

    And no smart comebacks from you RB, you’re no better than them. You support them? Why? Because you make a tidy real life sum out of it.

    A challenge to those that use the bots, and those that make them – do you actually PLAY the game any more, or is it just an easy income for you?

    Yes. I’m pissed off with you all. Very pissed off.


  7. ian

    Apr 1st, 2004

    aj, if you had the tools i am sure you would do it too!

  8. RB

    Apr 1st, 2004

    But AJ i don’t use bots myself to make my wealth =D

    current bots are too slow and i despise the incredibly boring process of just watching a bot all day.

    I have other in-game with no help creative ways to make $ for me. And yeah i support em, Good on someone if they can make a success out of it. It’s also none of my business what others do with thier time and money.

    Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. They know the risks, they know the consequences if they get rarley caught.

    And no AJ, there is no playtime. Just serious business. I play to win. I play for power and wealth. I play for *me* . But hey that’s just me =D

    - RB

  9. Mitchell

    Jun 28th, 2004

    The third best bot maker?

    Well who is the first best, and second best?

    Ugh he doesnt even give you a trial of GIR! Its probably a program writtin in Visual Basic like his other bot, bmazer.

  10. Captain Howdy

    Apr 28th, 2008

    So is GIR Still around? I bought a copy of this product and could NEVER get it to work properly then is wouldn’t work with Windows XP and service pack 2 so I gave up use of this bot and went back the for working bots. They have been very helpful to boot but Gir could supposedly do a lot and if the item is still around maybe the bugs have been fixed. This post is on 4/28/08 and it looks like this blog is like 2004.

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