Richardson Denies Past Scammer Ties

by Alphaville Herald on 18/03/04 at 2:44 pm

In a strongly worded statement, AVG Presidential Candidate Ashley Richardson has categorically denied any past ties to scammer properties, charging that the scammers themselves have started the rumors to discredit her. She has also demanded that the AVH remove mention of such rumors (sorry Ashley, can’t do that). Her statement (also posted as a comment in many places) follows.

“I am not a scammer nor will I ever be a scammer. I do not have connections with past scammers except from when I was President of Alphaville People Against Scam- I do not appreciate you putting that on AV Herald as many ppl have come up to mme saying that I’m a scammer and they saw it on Alphaville Herald. The FREE MONEY people have been after me since I started this game as I have always been an anti-scam activist in Alphaville. Do not put false information to your site or add to silly rumors posted by scammers themselves trying to bring down my campaign. When I used to play in the summer before I quit TSO for a while, I had a friend named Rusty who was scammed by Evangeline (200k) – Thats when I formed APAS (AV People Against Scam). I am FAR from a scammer and would like you to know that!! I am not a scammer and I would never want to hurt anyone! I play this game trying to help people and look what I get…”
-Ashley Richardson

18 Responses to “Richardson Denies Past Scammer Ties”

  1. Eve

    Mar 18th, 2004

    asley you brought this on yourself and that bullshit about your sister ? You forget I was your first friend in tso ashleyl. stop hiding. Even ginger anne (isabella)(viva) knows who you are. you worked with us in FF. stop denying it

  2. Anonymous

    Mar 18th, 2004

    Ashley Richardson scammed me out of 650K.

    She said she would sell me a cheetah for 650K. I went to her house and she let it out of her carrier and it was a cheetah. She then claimed to put it into her inventory and she said to give her 650K first and I said no and she said to trust her because she wasnt going to scam me. I trusted her and she made me a friend. I gave her the money and she gave me the pet carrier and I went to my house and it was a dalmation. She banned me from her house, removed the link and ignored me.

    She is a scammer and a good liar.

  3. urizenus

    Mar 18th, 2004

    Let me go on record as saying I seriously doubt these charges from Evangeline and co. Also guys, if you post a charge that even smacks of real life illegal I will cut it down. Keep it in game.

  4. Ashley Richardson

    Mar 18th, 2004

    What? I have never scammed anyone in this game before.. You need to grow up people and stop accusing me of these false acts. I’m not going to stoop down to your level folks so thats all I have to say.

  5. Ashley Richardson

    Mar 18th, 2004

    What? I have never scammed anyone in this game before.. You need to grow up people and stop accusing me of these false acts. I’m not going to stoop down to your level folks so thats all I have to say.

  6. RB

    Mar 18th, 2004

    LOL. Go the smear campaign in this virtual political race. =D

    This whole situtation is quite amusing at times.

    GW people.

    - RB

  7. Jinjo

    Mar 18th, 2004

    Ashley , Im not going to take sides on this matter but I have heard from a number of sources that you were indeed in connection with FMFN network. Now, all of us have made mistakes in our past and if you have indeed participated in the act of scamming I seriously doubt any respectable person would use this against you.

  8. Viva (Isabella)

    Mar 18th, 2004

    “I had a friend named Rusty who was scammed by Evangeline (200k)”

  9. Viva

    Mar 18th, 2004

    and you are under 13 years old.

  10. Ashley Richardson

    Mar 19th, 2004

    Angelica Skye was Evangeline.. same thing and I made La Tiesha’ give me it back and I gave it to Rusty and we formed Alphaville People Against Scam.

  11. Ashley Richardson

    Mar 19th, 2004

    Jinjo- What is the FMFN netowrk? I have never heard of that.. I owned a modeling agency geesh.. What is all your problems?

  12. Ashley Richardson

    Mar 19th, 2004

    This game is supposed to be fun and you scammers have ruined it with all of your lies. I would like to tell everyone that NO I’m not a scammer.. I don’t even know what the FMFM network is! I have been playing this game for a while and Evangeline/all of her other sims need to get a life! I formed APAS (Alphaville People Against Scam) and that is why they are after me.. I would like to tell everyone this and most of all show to you that I am a genuine person who has NEVER scammed a single soul in this silly game. I do not pay $10 a month to get rediculed and bashed about for made up reasons. I can see how some of you want to bring me down because I hold a high rank in Alphaville.. but I’m not going anywhere and you can bash me all you want, but Ashley is here to stay. I cannot believe how some people get and make up lies about me scamming them for cheetahs, being apart of some stupid program I don’t even know about. It is so silly that one can make up these horrible lies in their sick imaginations and try and bring down a person who is here to help Alphaville. I am a strong person and you know that.. all of you scammers. Do not listen to what some rediculous excuse for a human being has to say because it is false.
    -Ashley Richardson

    _+~*^ Ashley/Loxee for President of AVG ^*~+_

  13. Eve

    Mar 19th, 2004

    ashley even your roomies hate you. Loxee cant even stand you. You have no friends in this game. You think Angelica was me. Ha. Stop accusing people of being sims there not and maybe people will not accuse of things you did or did not do.

  14. urizenus

    Mar 19th, 2004

    Please guys, all this ranting against Ashley is just making it seem like you are afraid of her anti-scammer policies.

    And good job keeping poised in the face of these lame-ass attacks, Ashley.

  15. Viva

    Mar 19th, 2004

    Ashley, Angelica Sky was me.

  16. Jinjo

    Mar 20th, 2004

    Ashley , Like I said I wouldnt worry about what these scammers have to say. Any intelligent person wouldnt listen to scammers. So dont worry about it as long as you just ignore them and dont resort to their level you should do fine.

  17. Sammy Jo'

    Mar 20th, 2004

    shley, (dont mind about the ‘s im obsessed with them) you were never in any scam network in fancy feilds i have hanged out with you there many times and i should know what you did in the past and scamming was not on your to do list

  18. AV FBI Director

    Apr 5th, 2004

    THE FBI have been working hard on the case of Ashley’s pre scamming. The results…. Nothing there is know evidence pointing to ashley Richardson but the investigation go’s on but the Evangeline and the other scammers have denied aligations of having connections with her…

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