Ashley quits debate early. Illness or HBO???

by Alphaville Herald on 05/04/04 at 2:11 pm

Yesterday’s Presidential Debate ended early, when candidate Ashley Richardson took her leave at 9:00 PM eastern, claiming illness. Mr-President immediately charged that she was not ill at all, but on her way to see the Soprano’s on HBO. Whatever the reason for her early departure, you can count on the Alphaville Herald to bring you the play-by-play of the entire event. Following is the “live transcript” of the event as brought to you by play-by-play announcer Urizenus and our color commentator Montserrat Tovar. Urizenus had some trouble entering Alphaville and the property in the beginning, so Montserrat had to begin reporting solo while communicating with Urizenus via IM.

Montserrat: ok david pierce is introducing the candidates
Montserrat: he’s doing the talking head thing
Urizenus: make this good, we’ll post your “live transcript”
Montserrat: oh THANK YOU
Montserrat: first he is saying that the guys will come on stage.
Montserrat: each candidate has five minutes to deliver their opening statement
Montserrat: he’s wearing a marvelous armani tux.
Urizenus: how do you know it is armani?
Montserrat: i don’t know. it just looks like it to me.
Montserrat: so there.
Montserrat: at thirty seconds before time, they will be buzzed. then they will take questions.
Montserrat: only questions submitted by IM will be read and this is why YOU should be here.
Urizenus: you can submit a q
Urizenus: oh
Montserrat: i don’t know what to ask you silly goose
Urizenus: what do you want to know?’
DP: “candidates will ignore all other questions unless they are delivered by the moderator.”
DP: “time is limited and not all questions will be answered”
Montserrat: i want to know how come they let evangeline make porno movies
Urizenus: so there you go
Montserrat: i mean if everybody is so holy and all
Montserrat: so do i get a superman press thingie for my hat. can i say: this is montserrat tovar from the alphaville herald
Urizenus: don’t see why not
Montserrat: somebody’s bitching that they can’t stay because they have a deep body massage scheduled
Urizenus: doesn’t seem to be information we need from them
Montserrat: i thought it was charming.
Montserrat: ok here comes your hooters type girl
Urizenus: yay!
Urizenus: what’s her name?
Montserrat: and she is wearing a lovely low cut aquamarine silk gown
Urizenus: so who is it?
Montserrat: leblanc
Urizenus: just leblanc?
Montserrat: yes. ashley richardson is wearing a turquoise asian style gown
Montserrat: and a funny ball shaped hairdo
Urizenus: oh yah, she wears that in her pictures — the gown
Montserrat: David P just told the candidates to stay off stage until they are introduced
Montserrat: oops he was directing that comment at ms richardson
Montserrat: who took the podium prematurely
Montserrat: oops i started crying accidentally
Montserrat: DP is welcoming candidates
DP: “on our left platform we are welcoming a candidate who has been involved with the community for some time”
Urizenus: ok I’m in the city now
Urizenus: I’ll enter property when there is an opening
Montserrat: man i can get you to do anything if i tell you there’s a hooters babe there.
Montserrat: welcoming ashley richardson
Montserrat: that hair has to go
Montserrat: she’s waving
Montserrat: now in the other corner they are presenting the current pres
Montserrat: there’s a guy in the audience speaking out of turn
Urizenus: maybe if they kick him out I can get in, who is it
Montserrat: cooliekatetwo
Montserrat: if she doesn’t shut up i will do it.
Montserrat: welcoming mr president
Montserrat: cooliecate2 says that she is running next time
Montserrat: Mr-P is doing thank you
Urizenus: ok I’m in
Urizenus: do you want to do color or play by play?
Montserrat: color
Ashley: “We need a strong female president”
Ashley: “who will stand up for our citicisms?”
Urizenus: oh here is the “been here for a year line”
Urizenus: maybe we need fresh blood instead
Montserrat: she reminds me of nancy reagan
Ashley: “we need more events”
Urizenus: like what?
Montserrat: ask the porno question ask the porno question
Urizenus: you ask that
Ashley: “share ideas and bring them to reality.”
Urizenus: hmmm
Montserrat: oh. she’s doing arnold
Ashley: “I’m going to reach out to the people”
Montserrat: yeah. that’s what arnold did in CA
Urizenus: he groped people
Urizenus: I think she means something else
Urizenus: “more comfortable living” is promised
Urizenus: can she send me a more comfortable chair?
Montserrat: can she stop the abuse of newbies?
Urizenus: ask her
Ashley: “I want to bring back the fun”
David: “30 secs left”
Ashley: “FAR too many scammers and criminals here in alpha”
Ashley: “People forget it is a game”
Ashley: “I want to make it more fun”
Ashley: “Everybody Wang Chung tonight”
Urizenus: I missed the meaning of that
DP: Ok, mr pres for 5 now
Mr-P: “That you mr Pierce”
Mr-P: “I’d like to thank everyone for showing up tonight”
Mr-P: “My vision for the alphaville gov. when first created….”
Montserrat: i asked my question
Urizenus: lol
Urizenus: cool
Mr-P: “it was never meant to own all of the banks in the city it was never meant to own all of the business”
Mr-P: “it was formed to help protect and support these businesses”
Montserrat: oops
Urizenus: haha, Montserrat just typed into the wrong window!
Urizenus: haha, you got shushed
Montserrat: hahahahahahahahahahahaah
Montserrat: an unruly reporter hath been shushed
Urizenus: lol
Urizenus: I would have booted her
Montserrat: not if she looked like a hooters chick
Mr-P: “it was never meant to take over the city”
Mr-P: “quite the opposite”
Mr-P: “we wanted to unite sims together to get things done”
Montserrat: cool he will deliver my question to both candidates
Mr-P: “when someone has a good idea….”
Mr-P: “that person alone isn’t always able to make it a reality”
Mr-P: “What I’ve done and will continue to do…”
Montserrat: people seem to be listening attentively.
Urizenus: “is to support the ideas of the citicism”
David P: “30 secs”
Mr-P: “not many new proposals will be added in my next term , well talk more about that later”
Urizenus: end of statement
Montserrat: audience seems very quiet
Urizenus: which one is the hooters girl?
Montserrat: in front of you on the end
Urizenus: oh leblanc
Montserrat: questions are apparently coming swiftly, the moderator has asked people to hold their questions if they cannot get through
Urizenus: wow, she’s 0 days old
Montserrat: ok go for it
Urizenus: first question
Montserrat: showed you, didn’t I
Urizenus: I bet she’s a reporter in r/l
David P: “How will the candidates stop the abuse of newbies?”
Urizenus: oh that’s your Q!
Urizenus: Ashey first
Montserrat: ms richardson’s hair appears thoughtful
Ashley: “well I’m workin on an adopt a newbie center which will give newbies guidance in the game”
Montserrat: that’s not a real answer
Ashley: “they can get answers to questions, help with jobs and help with money problems”
Urizenus: why is it not an answer?
Montserrat: because it doesn’t say anything about the specific problems that she has to know about if she is a candidate.
Ashley: “my Scam Prevention Program will be an organization to warn player, especially newbies about scammers which reside in our city”
DP: 30 secs
Montserrat: i tried to send a follow up question, but the que is full.
Ashley: “I feel strong about the protection of newbies and I will make sure to keep them safe. Thank you.”
DP: “thank you Ms. Richardson. Mr-P your turn”
Montserrat: answer by ms r appears superficial
Mr-P: “well unfortunately, scamming will never be stopped 100%.
Montserrat: aha! statistics from mr pres
Mr-P: “We’ve taken measures such as the “do not trust” list on our website”
Montserrat: recitation of past record”
Montserrat: ms r appears to be executing quiet dancelike movements
Urizenus: she’s trying to distract us
Mr-P: “and an “amber alert” type program to warn others of sims to watch out for.”
Montserrat: have no way to gauge reaction from audience except that que is full
Mr-P: “we’ve also move the capitol to the welcome category last month to stop the flow of naive newbies to the free money lots and properties alike. Warning is the key to prevention.”
DP: “next question from Marilyn Monroe and Co. James Wolfe: What creative things will you do to improve the city or what will you do to improve the city.”
DP: “Ashley first”
Oprah: :)
Montserrat: marilyn is wearing a lovely two piece blue silk gown
Ashley: ” well I have several ideas which I have for this city”
Ashley: “we are planning an adopt a newbie center as I said before”
Ashley: “scam prevention, offical bank, courthouse”
Urizenus: who the hell wants a bank?
Ashley: “we also plan on some cool new events like survivor shows and sim acadamy awards”
Montserrat: ms richardson is a real heavyweight i can tell
Ashley: “I plan on making av more fun because some players take themselves way too seriously”
Ashley: “I already see corruption like what exists in our real gov”
Urizenus: oh oh
Ashley: “Everybody Wang Chung tonight, everbody have fun tonight!”
Montserrat: everybody wang chung. dead party song from the 80s
DP: “thank you Ms. R, Mr. P”
Montserrat: somebody in the front row having food fantasies
Mr-P: “Players will play how the want to play. I won’t interefere with that
Mr-P: “as far as events for this city‚Ķ”
Montserrat: ms coolie cat2 just rose with enthusiasm, thinking of coffee
Montserrat: in her lovely white gown, then took off down the aisle
Mr-P: “My running mate Paul Tully has been working on the Alphavill olympics for some months now”
Urizenus: (sounds like the special olympics)
Mr-P: “we plan to have that out soon”
Mr-P: “I also brought season tickets to the DMT shows.”
Urizenus: (who the fuck cares about that?)
Montserrat: smiley
Mr-P: “AVG will support player events and happenings, such as AV awards which the AVG funded the first one”
Montserrat: uri stands up and says to leblanc: wait wait for me
DP: “thank you Mr P”
Urizenus: Leblanc left?
Montserrat: yes
Urizenus: she’s back!
Urizenus: I think it is Diane Sawyer in r/l
Urizenus: or maybe solidad o’brien
Montserrat: smiley from somebody
DP: “Q from Mrs. Oprah Winfrey”
Montserrat: oooo i have to pee i have to peee
DP: “how can candidates be trusted so that they will not cover up activities to prevent scandal?”
Urizenus: (not sure I follow that, do you?)
Ashley: “Well you never know what a candidate has in their closet”
Loxee: :)
Montserrat: audience getting smaller.
Montserrat: here comes leblanc
Ashley: “But you have to trust the candidate and they have to remain professional at all times, bur have fun too. Many scammers have said that I scammed etc, and it is not true, but many sims get misguided. we the candidates have to be kind and trust that the people will believe we did not commit these crimes”
Ashley:” I owned a modeling agency. So not many crimes went on there”
Ashley: “thank you.”
Montserrat: so the two positions seem to be that ms richardson says don’t take this so seriously
Montserrat: and that mr p is running as a professional
DP: “Mr. P…”
Mr P: ” I believe trust is earned. do not trust me just because I’m the president. Trust me because I I’ve earned your trust.”
Mr P: “There is no way that the AVG would have lasted this long if I couldn’t be trusted
Mr P: ” relationships are buit on trust”
Mr P: “the AVG is built on trust”
Mr P: “my track record speaks for itself”
loxee: :)
Montserrat: sean kendrick and col wolfe are tired
Mr P: “I get to know everyone on a personal basis”
Montserrat: what is loxee?
Urizenus: ashey’s vp
Mr P: “You are people not votes”
DP: “ty mr P. next question is from Col James Wolfe and an anon member”
Montserrat: people seem to be restless
Urizenus: lolol, loxee has a phone call
Montserrat: smiley
DP: “what will you do to manage the mafia and tagger popluation in av.”
Montserrat: mr pres appears poised
Montserrat: he looks less jittery than ms r
Ashley: “well tags are going away soon and I believe that they will slow down the Mafias for the most part. Avoiding mafias before this was a hard thing as they have lots of members etc”
Ashley: “they will still commit crime here and I think that warning is a good thing to do”
Urizenus: loxee is back
Montserrat: somebody else has an interruption
Ashley: “There isn’t much that one can do to stop this, but you CAN slow it down”
Montserrat: i can’t ask my followup
Mr-P: “yes tags will soon be done with . That takes care of taggers. As far as Mafia’s go… Mafia member pay their $10 and have a right to play how they want.”
Mr-P: “I don’t want to stop Mafias. I encourage player organizations. But…”
Montserrat: question is: what is your position on terms of service and expulsion
Mr-P: “the members who harass others will be dealt with accordingly. “Do not trust” list etc”
Mr-P: “All mafia members aren’t bad.”
Montserrat: mr pres is pleased: smiley
Mr-P: “we can’t discriminate against people based on if they are in a mafia or not.”
DP: “ty mr P. Next Q from Sean Kendrick.”
DP: “What will you do to rebuild AVG agencies from their lack of activity and training. Ashley?”
Montserrat: audience seems attentive. few people leaving or running around the space
Ashley: “well avg agencies from what I have seen happen to be sort of weak”
Ashley: “I will hand select members and make sure they are properly trained by giving them guidance on what exactly they are to”
Montserrat: some people appear to want to go to sleep
Ashley: “do. the police dept. seems to discriminate on a lot of scammer sims whose webs are already extemely red. talking is the thing to do. it is getting it out to the public”
Ashley: “that’s what matters.”
Mr-P; “Some of the agencies are meant to be entry level. sims have to start somewhere, right? AVG employees join on 14 day probations.”
Mr-P: “in that 14 days they are evaluated”
Montserrat: the diamond theatre is a lovely venue for this debate.
Montserrat: vp is leaving
Mr-P: “and have to get one skill pertaining to their job in AVG up to at least 8 points”
Urizenus: curbside prophet is here!
Ashely: “I am not feeling well and am getting very light headed and it is all white so I’m having a hard time seeing screen”
Montserrat: ms richard appears to be on the verge of fainting. and will be leaving the debate prematurely
Montserrat: she apologizes
Montserrat: buzz from audience
Mr. P. “After the 14 days if they do acceptable work they are allowed to stay in the AVG”
Montserrat: ooh that’s interesting. they will pass her answers. not good that
Montserrat: laughter from the audience
Urizenus: a shocking development I would say
Mr. P: “we aren’y all about police depts either.”
Mr-P: “wait, I’d like to say something”
Montserrat: audience members leaving
Montserrat: here comes leblanc
Urizenus: oooooh…..
Urizenus: Mr. P charges that ashley is quitting to watch the sopranos!
aaron: Mr P!!!!
Montserrat: eliza collins hugs mr p
Mr. P: “I’m serious!”
Montserrat: paul picelli needs sleep
Montserrat: opray w hugs mr p
Urizenus: people chortle
Montserrat: rob q is leaving
Urizenus: I think Mr-P is right
Montserrat: Mr P is going to go green
Montserrat: greetings and happinesses exchanged by members of audience
Urizenus: my my my Ms. Tovar, this is an odd turn of events
Montserrat: leblanc is speaking
Urizenus: all I can say is :o
Urizenus: :o
Montserrat: quick go get leblanc
Urizenus: I don’t have time for a virtual gf
Montserrat: behold i weep for you
Urizenus: ty
Urizenus: alright, I’ve seen enough of this.
Urizenus: think I’ll go watch the sopranos too
Montserrat: ok i am going to the house and green
Urizenus: okies
Urizenus: thanks for the color commentary
Montserrat: no prob
End of Transmission

17 Responses to “Ashley quits debate early. Illness or HBO???”

  1. Jinjo

    Apr 5th, 2004

    Gah ashley, you could have at least said you were going to watch the sopranos and been honest. Is this the kind of leader we need? No, Mr.President is.

  2. Ashley Richardson

    Apr 5th, 2004

    lol.. I was actually taping all my shows, but I leaved the debate because I had to go to school in the morning and was not feeling well. Mr-President had some nerve saying that about me.

  3. Ms Oprah Winfrey

    Apr 5th, 2004

    “leaved”? lol, Its a good thing your mom is sending you to school. Just kidding Ash… :P

  4. TBT

    Apr 5th, 2004

    Gotta get your priorities straight folks.. Sopranos before TSO ANY day! ;-p

  5. Ashley Richardson

    Apr 6th, 2004

    left** lol :) thanks for correctly me hehe.. I feel so challenged :)

  6. Ashley Richardson

    Apr 6th, 2004

    correcting* Ok, now I’m REALLY challenged!


  7. Snowcrash

    Apr 6th, 2004

    Okay, I just have to say one thing: That was hillarious! With the real life presidential election/circus going on right now, it’s nice to look at this and see something like this. I loved the commentary. Good luck with leblanc, Uri.

  8. Ashley is a bright young woman. If you must blame her for putting her health and education before a MMORPG than I’m sorry you feel that way. As for Mr-P’s accusation that is just immature

  9. Mr-President

    Apr 8th, 2004

    I’m sorry if my accusation seemes immature when I received a message from Ashley Richardson prior to the event stating that the debate can’t last after 9 PM due to the airing of the Sopranos. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing- I just wanted her to be honest if that’s what it was really about. She left the debate at 9, and came back on at 10 to apologize her premature departure.
    ( Sopranos air 9 – 10 )

  10. Ashley Richardson

    Apr 8th, 2004

    Mr-President you did that to make me look bad because you’re afraid you will lose to a 14 year old girl in this election. I in fact haven’t even finished the episode- my mom taped it for me so I would not miss the debate. I think is was not in your character (although, what really is your character?) to do that to me when I left the debate because I was not feeling well. I do not take this as a full “apology,” and you can do better. You’re basically just supporting YOUR information! I rested on the couch and only got to see half the episode because I was taking medicine for my headache. I KNEW right after I left you would say something… that is stooping pretty low if you ask me- This is an election that should be on issues.. not the fact that one watches the Sopranos or not. You’ve proven yourself Mr-President and it is just dandy- stay out of my business because you do not know me. I have to go to school everyday, and when I do not feel well I get off Sims and take medicine. I was at that debate for an hour or more- I take that as long enough. When you have to wake up at 6:30am everday, maybe you will realize that if someone is sick and has to go to school tomorrow they should not be online.

    Ashley Richardson_+~*^

  11. Jason Sim AV FBI Director

    Apr 9th, 2004

    Ashley Richardson if you want to be a great president and a great idol for the sims of AV you must respect your elders. The fact that your 14 means that you are lacking maturity but are progressing, saying things like “Mr-President you did that to make me look bad because you’re afraid you will lose to a 14 year old girl in this election” Is talking smart and sassy. Nothing against you but you said this “If I lose we will know that Mr-President rigged the elections” It’s a shame that people accuse people without evidence. Do you the Sims want someone like that as YOUR president, sassy and ignorant! Think about it Mr-President has a life and a job too and Ashley has a life to and goes to school.

    The decision is yours don’t be influenced by articals saying the president rigged elections or ashley doesn’t care about TSO because she left the debate early. People have lives!

    The person who cares is the person who is wise. So Laura and MR-President think before you speek and your words will speek for you!

    Good Luck!!!
    Jason Sim

  12. Urizenus

    Apr 9th, 2004

    what’s wrong with being sassy?

  13. Jason Sim AV FBI Director

    Apr 9th, 2004

    lol- I must have used the wrong word ignorant. Yeah ignorant thats the word.

  14. Ian

    Apr 9th, 2004

    Ashley, I have noticed that everytime, someone says something bad about you, you have to respond and put them down. I don’t think you would be a good president, because there will be major bashing of you if you get elected. How do you think your favourite person, Bush, takes all the knocks at him. Does he respond with negative remarks, no because he is mature. So far, Mr-P still has my vote. Unless you grow some major maturity in 16 hours, your not going to be elected.

    Vote Mr-P 2004

  15. Ashley Richardson

    Apr 10th, 2004

    LOL Ian Bush is the worst President yet, and the minute one liberal says anything about them.. they say the same thing about the liberal.

  16. Leblanc

    Apr 10th, 2004

    omg Uri… u are tooo funny.. sorry babe. im crushin on Mr. Pres… i could not stop laughing as i read this. maybe me and you can hang out and get to know each other. swing by hooters and ill slip u some wings. :)

  17. Urizenus

    Apr 11th, 2004

    Oh it’s a date. And no Elvis-impersonating Mr President is gonna scare me away from you and those bufallo wings. No matter how many CIA agents he has.

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