AVG Press Secretary Resigns

by Alphaville Herald on 30/04/04 at 10:50 pm

By Pat the Rat

In a shocking new development in the soap opera that “The Alphaville Government” has become, AVG Press Secretary Ian has resigned his postion, citing a lack of challenge, and issues with Angelique Fontaine, who seems to have become the Yoko Ono of the AVG. Apparently Mr-Pres and Angelique have spent too much time in the the house of government with the doors locked!

Meanwhile, Mr-President has yet to appoint an independent investigator as promised in his recent press conference, he has yet to terminate his relations with the infamous Mafia chief JC Soprano, and worst of all he has yet to fully explain why JC Soprano continues to be the CIA Chief of the Alphaville Government (albeit under the name of Alex Sanchez). Dark days indeed for the AVG. Ian’s press release follows.

From: “Ian Schwartz”
To: urizenus_sklar@yahoo.com
Subject: Re
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2004 20:39:24 -0400

Dear Mr-President,

Thank you for the experience of inviting me to join in working with you, to make the Alphaville community better. But it is, without regret, that I am resigning as the Press Secretary of the Alphaville Government. I am sorry, but I can not deal with the ass and “evil” person Angie has made me look like. Also, I dont think my job was a successful one either. I don’t feel like I was challenged enough. Thank you for your time, and using your important time on me.


21 Responses to “AVG Press Secretary Resigns”

  1. JC Soprano

    Apr 30th, 2004

    Sanchez is not me for the last time. That’s all I got to say about it and will say about it. Uri can check the IP logs and see Sanchez is not me. I’ve already said he lives by me and uses my computer sometimes becuase he is on dial up and I am on Broadband.

    JC Soprano
    Nothing better to write about?

  2. Storm Armone

    May 1st, 2004

    Ironic how Ian resigns from the AVG, right after I IMed JC threatening to post pics of Ian admitting he was The Sim Mafia on the AVH…Of course, JC and Ian both denied it, but, of coures, Ian resigns…Corruption continues boys and girls :)

  3. Mr-President

    May 1st, 2004

    lol, Storm.. If what you have is true, I’d like to see it.

  4. Element15

    May 1st, 2004

    oh shut the fuck up jc, we all know you’re full of it. the sheriff’s so gonna kick your ass. and yours too oh mighty ‘president’

  5. JC Soprano

    May 1st, 2004

    Storme what are you talking about? You are and have been on ignore. So you have no messaged me. Grow up.

    JC Soprano
    Element I am shaking in my boots.

  6. JC Soprano

    May 1st, 2004

    Also, I forgot to add Ian is not a member of my family.

    JC Soprano
    Sorry to burst your bubble

  7. Ian

    May 1st, 2004

    *laughs so hard* Sorry, Storm, you have problems, So I resign from a RolePlaying Government, because of matters of the Soprano family? Wow, you have way too much time on your hands to put two and two together. First of all I resigned, because I felt what was going on in the AVG, I didn’t like, and I was HARDLY ever paid attention to. And even at that, and Mr-P has obviously read this article, and hasn’t IMed me once to a) say he is sorry for being the prick that he is b) why did you quit or c) offer some type of help. You can even see that Storm.

  8. Storm Armone

    May 2nd, 2004

    Unfourtenatly, offline messages dont show up in my archive, but here is JC’s response to me telling him I wanted 4 million to keep my chats with Ian silent…

    thesimmafia (11:40:52 PM): What the hell are you talking about?
    thesimmafia (11:42:03 PM): Ian is NOT a member of the sim mafia and NEVER will be. So not sure what the fuck your talking about. I ain’t paying shit.
    thesimmafia (11:43:57 PM): Nice try though
    thesimmafia (11:44:22 PM): THere, instead you got a buzz for each mill you wanted
    thesimmafia (11:44:24 PM): Happy?
    thesimmafia (11:44:25 PM): lolol
    thesimmafia (11:44:41 PM): Come on now, you wanna start again with me?

    Here are the chats with Ian (simsonline2004) – if anyone questions the legitimacy of them, yahoo me as xmafia_matthew_armone and I can give you SS’s of my archives…

    xmafia_matthew_armone (7:13:14 PM): k…in AV now as Storm Armone…200k for 20 temps
    simsonline2004 (7:15:33 PM): Hi sorry was afk
    simsonline2004 (7:15:38 PM): its 20k per temp actually….
    xmafia_matthew_armone (7:15:39 PM): np
    xmafia_matthew_armone (7:15:46 PM): oh…
    xmafia_matthew_armone (7:15:56 PM): ok then….10 temps I guess lol
    simsonline2004 (7:16:03 PM): Lol, sorry about that.
    xmafia_matthew_armone (7:16:09 PM): np lol
    simsonline2004 (7:16:17 PM): Ill throw in 5 more because you were miscommunicated.
    xmafia_matthew_armone (7:16:24 PM): oh cool, thanks
    simsonline2004 (7:16:48 PM): And as far you know, please if your going to tell your friends about me for temps, make sure that its in your family
    simsonline2004 (7:17:01 PM): I am working under JC Soprano, and I dont to
    simsonline2004 (7:17:08 PM): So as far as I am concerned your not a mafia
    xmafia_matthew_armone (7:17:50 PM): k
    xmafia_matthew_armone (7:17:53 PM): You work for JC?
    simsonline2004 (7:17:59 PM): Not willingly
    xmafia_matthew_armone (7:18:18 PM): eh?
    simsonline2004 (7:18:27 PM): he is a friend, but I used to just work freely
    simsonline2004 (7:18:33 PM): But he found out I dealt with X mafia
    simsonline2004 (7:18:44 PM): and its none of his business, totally random
    simsonline2004 (7:18:51 PM): Now i “work for him”
    simsonline2004 (7:19:08 PM): So this didn’t happen…..*taps nose*

    -March 29, 2004

    -As Urizenus can vouch. I have already contacted him about publishing the articles..but hey, what better then in here?…oh and President, what is your YIM?…I’ll gladly send you a SS of my archives

  9. Storm Armone

    May 2nd, 2004

    So…in defense of Ian, he is being forced, but you cannot deny his links with JC Soprano…this is only one of three different times he has admitted, the latest one he said wasnt being forcing, it just gained him the money he needed..Whether this is part of the AVG’s problems or not, I don’t know, but at the top as I said, I find it ironic that he resigns only a week-two later after I gave the chats to JC Soprano

    oh and btw JC…your old roomie in your house was Detective Sanchez…When I was messing with *him* he put me on iggy, and I imed you sayin your roomie is a fool…your response was that is me and you put me on iggy as well…eh?

  10. JC Soprano

    May 2nd, 2004

    hahahaha Yes you really JUST messaged me when Ian quit. hahaha That’s why that’s dated 4/18. The day I put you on ignore lol And that even says Ian ain’t a member. You truly are getting desperate.

    People can work with me and for me on a business not Mafia level lol Lot’s of civilians do business with me.. Don’t make them a member lol. Quit grabbing for straws Storme, you have none.

    What Ian is talking about is how I told him I didn’t like him selling temporary accounts to you and X-Mafia. I think temps are for losers. Poor wording on Ian’s part, but hardly working for me lolol

    JC Soprano

  11. Ian

    May 2nd, 2004

    Okay lets say I did work for the sopranos, which i have not. who gives a shit? what are you trying to prove? If you want to make AVG look bad, does it look like I give a shit? It is already so corrupted, this would only put a chip on the surface.

    And what is this Storm:

    simsonline2004 (7:17:01 PM): I am working under JC Soprano, and I dont to
    simsonline2004 (7:17:08 PM): So as far as I am concerned your not a mafia

    Why was I cut off after “I don’t to”…LOL, is something missing? These are authentic, but I think something is missing. I said “I am working under JC Soprano”. … not “for” you fool. Your just like the boy “who cried wolf”, only wants attention. Please anyone who even thinks the same thing as you, is more of an assclown.

  12. Anony!

    May 2nd, 2004

    OMFG!!! Did Ian just come clean and JC wants us to ever believe a word he says ever again… lets look at what Ian just said… “These are authentic, but I think something is missing. I said “I am working under JC Soprano”. … not “for” you fool.”

    So JC once yet again you have proven to be nothing but a liar.

    Pity here I was thinking you had no more lies to spill and had learned what a crappy wannabe mafia boss you are.

    TSK TSK JC and Bravo Ian for admitting the truth.


  13. Ian

    May 2nd, 2004

    Anony, I basically said what JC said. JC preferred me not selling to X-Mafia; as in I was friends with him, and he didn’t want me selling to the “enemy”. Nothing more, nothing less. Geez, Matthew, making a big deal out of nothing.

  14. JC Soprano

    May 2nd, 2004

    lol, see Ian’s reply.

    JC Soprano
    You people need lives other than me. lol

  15. Storm Armone

    May 2nd, 2004

    No JC…My life isnt revolving around you, and neither is anyone else’s…but if you guys wanna see that Ian did cut that off, why I don’t know, it was a long time ago, just ask me :) I archive for a year in yahoo…so it’ll be their for awhile still lol .. and no Ian, you admitted you were contracted by JC ..

  16. JC Soprano

    May 2nd, 2004

    The only times I have worked with Ian on a business level was before he was a member of the AVG. Get over your fixation of me.

    JC Soprano
    That still don’t make him a member.

  17. Ian

    May 2nd, 2004

    LOL, I sold codes before I even knew “AVG” Existed. How you put these two things together, is beyond me.

  18. Laura McKnight

    May 2nd, 2004

    Who isn’t corrupt in the Alphaville Government?

  19. Mr Hugs'

    May 2nd, 2004

    lmao…ashley..shut the fuck up, no one cares what you think or say…Getta life

  20. Ian

    May 4th, 2004

    Hugs, she is right.

  21. Onlooker

    May 5th, 2004

    Ian — maybe there’s hope for you yet!

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