Monkeybear charges cj johnson with scamming

by Alphaville Herald on 29/04/04 at 8:54 pm

In a recent story we discussed allegations by Lead Architect that cj johnson in Alphaville had cloned him. Now we have the story of Monkeybear that cj promised to transfer several rares for him, took posession of the rares, and never delivered in the new city. Here is Monkeybear’s story.

urizenus: Hey, you wanted to talk about getting scammed?
urizenus: So, monkeybear, you got scammed by a clone recently?
monkeybear: not the clone cj johnson i got him refered to me for transfering my rares
urizenus: oh ok
urizenus: who referred HIM to you?
monkeybear: Lead did but i didnt think lead knew he was a scammer at the time
urizenus: and it was the original Lead?
monkeybear: yes
monkeybear: via yahoo
urizenus: ok, and you wanted to move your rares from where to where?
monkeybear: FF to AV
urizenus: and what did you have that you wanted to transfer?
monkeybear: Not major rares i had 7snowmen 1maze 4 turkeys 5cakes and 3pumkins
urizenus: ok
urizenus: and so you handed them over in FF…
monkeybear: yes
urizenus: and cj never delivered them?
monkeybear: no i kept on asking him in yim but after he scammed me suddenly loads of people tagged him
urizenus: and this was before the news about him allegedly cloning Lead and SharpST
monkeybear: yes
urizenus: ok, any idea about how he unloads these things?
monkeybear: sorry unloads?
urizenus: sells them
monkeybear: o no he bought a lot and set them all out and then his sim in FF disappeared
urizenus: oh, so he’s keeping them?
monkeybear: Maybe with a new sim
urizenus: ok
urizenus: anything to add?
monkeybear: no not really just since i moved to AV i noticed his main sim is there but now maybe he now is in BF
urizenus: thanks!

2 Responses to “Monkeybear charges cj johnson with scamming”

  1. MattyS

    Apr 29th, 2004

    atleast you were lucky to only loose those things. Not that big of a deal not like they were St bernards or Tigers or something…..I have been scammed worse then that…but thanks for the info :)

  2. MattyS

    Apr 29th, 2004

    and the new payouts for maze SUCK!!! 400$ starting??? WTF IS MAXIS THINKING!!

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