New YIM offers avatars

by Alphaville Herald on 30/04/04 at 5:59 pm

Since this is my week for posting old news, I thought I would add that the new version of YIM, now in Beta, introduces avatars. The avatar options are still pretty limited, but it raises interesting longer term questions about whether chatty MMORPGs like TSO are needed if we can have our own YIM chatrooms with avatars — particularly since most of the action in the TSO community takes place in YIM anyway. Of course we would miss out on the bathroom breaks and other fun greening, and we won’t be able to talk to mirrors and parrots. There is a discussion of the new YIM on Terra Nova too. My big complaint is that they don’t allow bald avatars: bigots! Oh, by the way, it’s also buggy. Mine just crashed.

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