Back to the Drawing Board: Dan’s Grove New Voting System Turns into Mess

by Alphaville Herald on 18/05/04 at 12:11 am

By Dana Grove

Accusations and complaints arose during the primary voting in Dan’s Grove this past Saturday. Running in the primaries were LegolastheGreat, Lonnie Rodriguez, RAW, USAPresident, Eminem- and Afrin. In the past, citizens of Dan’s Grove used to vote on websites, too many were complaining foul play when using this method. A new voting system was developed to run the primaries and upcoming presidential election but many ask: was foul play completely avoided?

This new system authorized a sim (chosen by the current Dan Grove Government) to build a house that would serve as the DG polling place. It was supposed to work like this: you enter the property, fill out a sign with your name and indicate who you are voting for. The sign becomes locked by a roommate and then is added to the correct area and tallied. There was a council meeting on how to structure this but not all the candidates running in the primaries were invited or allowed to participate in the meeting. Lonnie Rodriguez said “I was never even told they were changing the voting system, no one asked me to any council meeting, I was not told anything”. But LegolastheGreat, another candidate running, was at this council meeting and had a great deal of input on the new system. Weah, a regular citizen, became the one to build the house, along with two roommates who controlled most of the signs throughout the day. The two roommates were Anselma (regular citizen) and DiaMaria Analisa Martel (current Vice President and Godmother of the Martel Majestic Mafia). This is where it became an issue for many of the voters I was able to talk to during the primaries. Many were questioning the honesty of Mrs. Martel due to the fact that she is the current Vice President and also in a mafia. While some sims claimed she was being honest with the polls, the general population felt she should not have been a monitor because of her questionable background.

Almost immediately when the voting booths opened there was an accusation of miscalculation of votes. Chadd L claims he came into the house with 4 other friends who all voted for Lonnie Rodriguez. They left the property only to come back a few minutes later to check the total and discovered Lonnie only had 2 votes when there should have been 5. Chadd brought this to the attention of the owner of the property and the two roommates. The response was if he doesn’t like the voting system or think it is fair then don’t vote. When he sent in an undercover sim a few minutes later, the missing votes mysteriously appeared under Lonnie’s group again.

At several points throughout the day the monitors kept asking people if they voted, most of which had voted already but were just loitering on the property. Hyper, a voting sim, began to question why this new system was being used and not like the previous elections where a website was utilized. As she began to debate this the President himself Jeremy- quote told her to “cry me a river”. It appeared that anyone who came in and spoke against how it was being handled was told to “stop whining and go cry somewhere else”.


An anonymous sim who wish to not have his name printed said he was talking with one of the candidates, Legolas, telling him he felt this whole thing was poorly run. Legolas’ response was “then go cry in the corner”. The anonymous sim expressed his disgust in detail with me after his conversation with Legolas, “in my opinion Legolas is connected to this rigging of the votes. He did not care that the other candidate’s votes were disappearing or being miscalculated, I heard he was even seen going around on the property boastfully yelling he didn’t care because he was winning. All I was asking him was how we (the voters) were to know that all these votes were being counted fairly. He insisted that all 3 running the property were honest sims, but when I questioned DiaMaria’s mafia ties he said it was kept separate from the government. I cannot understand how we are supposed to trust this and how him being a running candidate would so easily trust someone else to count his votes for him.”


Weah herself admitted and stated at one point “I’m going to get rid of this running tally of votes, it not possible to keep it accurate. It’s upsetting the voters.” A strong indication, that all the votes were not being counted accurately.


Weah really began to get her hands full when Wise Cujo, a government employee, not a roommate, was asking people to leave the property to let others in to vote, and no one would comply. Weah began to kick several loiterers and many became upset at this point. The complaint here was that people should be able to watch and make sure these signs were not “disappearing” like earlier in the day. I was targeted not by Weah, to be kicked but by DiaMaria to be removed from the property, which did not happen anyway. DiaMaria appeared to be very concerned that people were monitoring the signs as much as they could by saying to people “you don’t need to be here more than once”. It should be noted that her husband and other members of her mafia were allowed to stay the entire length of the primaries. Weah did not remain online for the entire time of the primaries, leaving the house to be run by just Anselma and DiaMaria for the remaining afternoon and evening.


DiaMaria’s husband, Clark-Grant was allowed at one point to count votes, just another many holes in the voting system that many feel he should not have been allowed. He is even quoted saying “You people can’t count for shit” indicating there was once again another miscalculation of votes.


Polls were open from 9am-9pm eastern time and despite several occasions throughout the day where it was clear that votes were either disappearing or just being miscounted the end result was as follows:

LegolasTheGreat 85
Lonnie Rodriguez 39
RAW 29
Eminem- 5
USA President 1
Afrin 0

The Presidential elections, which will be using the same voting system, is being held on May 29th. DiaMaria Martel was asked if the new system can be improved before the Presidential elections, her response was “you’re not going to change a damn thing about this”.

*Please note that several attempts were made to interview the current President of Dan’s Grove, Jeremy-, but he declined to comment.

21 Responses to “Back to the Drawing Board: Dan’s Grove New Voting System Turns into Mess”

  1. RB

    May 18th, 2004

    Big Whoop.

    This should entertain some people for a little while.

    Now back to your regulary scheduled programm of a boring routine life. Stay tuned viewers!

    - RB

  2. cozcav

    May 18th, 2004

    anything Dia ( xandra) is involved in is filled with taint. Not since JFK has mafia been allowed to interfere with elections and the “white house” Xan would know this, cause she has been around since JFK

  3. Hyper

    May 18th, 2004

    Well I am surprised that I was quoted here. Also I am surprised at Lego’s comment but I am looking and I am thinking and this election was not fixed in Lego’s favor Jeremy knows he hardly stands a chance against Lego, we’ve all hated Jeremy from day one If the election was fixed then Lego would not have won, Lego has 100x more stronger and dedicated friends than Jeremy will ever have. Jeremy has in the past tagged our group started up fights shoved Gov. info in our faces on the boards and has acted immaturely for a long time. I think Lego’s response was due to stress and i bet he was bugged over and over with this because I know I would not SHUT UP! LOL I whined for hours on end and I even my own friends were bashing and kicking me durning the election I hold no hard feelings to them but I am just saying they were treating me harshly was well it wasn’t just all the “common” people.

  4. TBT

    May 18th, 2004

    Mah momma always used to say…

    “Shit Happens!”


  5. Liz

    May 18th, 2004

    hyper your missing the point its not about who won it was how the votes were “managed” and by whom and that is why ALOT of people were unhappy about it.

  6. Claydog

    May 18th, 2004

    Yes…this was mannaged terribly. And i walked in (having ties with RoCaFella Cartel & Marciano Family who was against Martels) and Dia and her husband made rude comments to me such as Dia:”Fly away big ears” and “Shove it up your ass claydog” by her husband. And they didnt kick him out, wonder why? But for sum strange reason..i was kicked out. This was the worse managing of the election. Another point..Jeremy says any sim can vote and has no age restrictions. So he and his mafia (martels) can use temps to vote. Thats his plan, theres no surprise. (And yes, they saved some)

    Also, Jeremy said there would be NO MAFIA IN HIS GOVERNMENT, a reason why i was kicked out of it. But anyway, if he wants no mafia, why is his VP a “God mother”? Yes, the DG gov is corrupt. The Dan’s Grove Gov is just another mafia with a gov name and a slogan that says “To serve and protect” but where were they when I or my friends needed to be “Served or protected?”

  7. Hyper

    May 18th, 2004

    I dunno really I am just saying Lego is probably the best president to get because he’s gonna get rid of all this crap.

  8. Jeremy-

    May 18th, 2004

    First off, may I say that the editor is Liz- from LLC, therefore as you can see in her past articles they are biased and for her own opinion. The article has inccurate, please feel free to post images that fully support the innaccurate accusations. Here is the statement:

    In response to the article,
    The election was originally on a website. However, now that Dan’s Grove Government is established, we had three choices for the next election. 1) Our website ( , B) Stratics, C) In game property. Each of these choices had negative and positive attributes. Our website, many would percieve it to be fraud or fixed in which Alphaville Government has recently been accused of. Stratics, only reaches to a relatively small percent of Dan’s Grove. Also, others will be able to vote including people who do not play The Sims Online, which results in more of a popularity contest than an election. We chose an in game property so only Dan’s Grove Residents may vote. Along with a voice confrence via Yahoo with Leah and LegolasTheGreat. We reached a compromise doing the election in the property. Along with this, it is valid and abides by our laws previously established by past presidents. ( Weah, Anselma, and Dia (VP) all did an amazing job, checking votes, being online, in a good fair way at all times. In this success, we will be contiing to hold the final election on May 29th 2004, at the same property and time. Each of these roomates has spoken with eachother in full trust. Do not rely on your personal experiences and opinions of another mafia enemy, which has nothing to do with fair elections nor trust. We do not discriminate people, nor positions from government unless they are not qualified, scam, trash innocent sim homes, and unless they cannot keep family issues away from government. In which The Vice President (Dia Martel) has done. Along with indefinite laws it states; where a President may choose his/or/her council. ( Each person has their own opinion on how an election should be run. Be sure to vote May 29th 2004 (9AM-9PM EST) , at “DG-Gov Election Central”. under services.


    P.S- On a lighter note, the Dan’s Grove Parade is being organized. Want to get involved? Contact our Chairmen of Commerce, ‘Fred The Bear.

  9. Anonymous

    May 18th, 2004

    Isn’t this the AV Herald? Not the DG Herald? And LegolasTheGreat and Leah (both from Gracieville)were the ones who approached the government about the new voting system. I personally feel as though we should go back to voting on a website.

  10. Urizenus

    May 18th, 2004

    “Isn’t this the AV Herald? Not the DG Herald?”

    You think the New York Times/Post/Daily News only cover New York elections? Skip the stuff that doesn’t interest you. It’s that simple.

  11. Claydog

    May 18th, 2004

    Sorry Jeremy, yes you do discriminate. You discriminated against me, my mafia, and many other people. This story is completely true and you know it.

    and you say Dia can seperate mafia from gov? Explain to us all how you do this. You trash a house on a mafia level but you make laws in a gov level? wtf. Was it on a mafia or gov level when dia said “Fly away big ears” and talked numerous times about me? Im waiting for a response cuz u never responde to me. And what about that one time you fired her because she couldnt keep this seperate? any comment on that. Becuase 1 day later she was back in “office”

    You’re a liar Jeremy. You are clearly apart of a mafia. Please feel free to responde to this. (wich im sure he wont) Just like how he denied a interview with “Dana Grove”

  12. RB

    May 18th, 2004

    Dans Ghetto will not have a successful government. :)

    - RB

  13. Claydog

    May 18th, 2004

    Very true RB

  14. Liz

    May 18th, 2004

    Jeremy- hate to burst your bubble but just about everyone knows I am Dana Grove and write for the AVH – it was never a secret, I just liked the name. Everything in this story is true and happened saturday, deny all you want, their were MANY witnesses that will back this up. All the screen shots are real.

    “We chose an in game property so only Dan’s Grove Residents may vote. Along with a voice confrence via Yahoo with Leah and LegolasTheGreat.” ok first mistake, why wasnt all the candidates running in the primary allowed or asked to participate in this voice conference? shouldnt they have had an input?

    “Each of these roomates has spoken with eachother in full trust. Do not rely on your personal experiences and opinions of another mafia enemy, which has nothing to do with fair elections nor trust.” sorry it has everything to do with trust – why should I or anyone else depend on a mafia to count votes just because they call themselves a government now?

    “We do not discriminate people, nor positions from government unless they are not qualified, scam, trash innocent sim homes, and unless they cannot keep family issues away from government. In which The Vice President (Dia Martel) has done.” – ok but she is STILL in office? how is it she is allowed to be the VP but you kicked out all of LLC from the army because they trash houses? but Dia does the same under the Martel name and its acceptable? that is discrimination. explain this one we all would love to hear the excuses lol.

    by all means jeremy respond to some of this.. which as clay evens says you won’t. Its a known fact you and most of the government is really a mafia, that is why Legolas and his group are going to win and change your whole “government” system to being more honest and more for the people of DG not just for ego gratification for yourself and Dia.

  15. Bill Taseunc

    May 19th, 2004

    Sadly enough kiddos, Yes Gracieville n all that cult, the gov doesnt hate you alot of others do as well, go stick that founder icon up your ass. btw i love your pictures and dont forget this link that i found on the net! Its about ya’ll! FUNNIEST SHIT EVER!

  16. Lonnie Rodriguez

    May 19th, 2004

    Jeremy still didnt reply… I wonder why… lol

  17. Claydog

    May 19th, 2004

    LMAO yes those pics are great. Especcially since i made them :)

  18. Magda

    May 23rd, 2004

    If you are unhappy with the way this election went, then be mature, responsible, maintain some composure, and volunteer to help plan the next one.

  19. Katheryne

    May 23rd, 2004

    Poor Bill… You know, you really should see someone about these issues you have.

  20. Liz

    May 23rd, 2004

    magda almost everyone did try to help out for the next one but everyone was told NO, wonder why?

  21. Liz

    May 23rd, 2004

    magda almost everyone did try to help out for the next one but everyone was told NO, wonder why?

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