New Edition of Gir Out

by Alphaville Herald on 13/05/04 at 11:11 pm

Well I understand that the first incarnation of this post generated some controversy. If you have issues with this post please feel free to contact Peter J. Ludlow: Leave the Phantom out of it. And just to show you all how well it works to try and bully the AVH into dropping a story, I’ve decided to move all the nice info up top to the main entry AND send out a notification to make sure no one misses it.

Here are the details of GIR as advertised on Nyk’s public internet site:
Gir controls 1 to 12 accounts on the Sims online to do tasks for you. These tasks can be any of the following:
Make Pizza – 1 to 3 teams of Pizza makers
Play in the Band – 1 team only
Solve Codes – 1 to 4 teams of Code Solvers
Solve Mazes – 1 to 6 teams of Mazers
Single Job Objects – 1 to 8 sims doing the SJO’s (like Pinata, Telemarketing, etc…)
Skilling – 1 to 8 sims skilling up in any one of the skills
Some of the other benefits of Gir are:
Gir can run completely unattended. It will automatically logout for scheduled city maintenance and log back in when it’s done.
Gir handles full greening for all sims that do any of the above tasks

If somebody IM’s you, an alarm will sound
If an EA Rep tries to contact you, a different much more obnoxious alarm will sound

for more details see

44 Responses to “New Edition of Gir Out”

  1. Urizenus

    May 13th, 2004

    simsonline2004: No your an idiot, do you think that those people on those forums, don’t know shit about computers
    simsonline2004: I am just warning you, that someone is going to be pissed and going to take it out on you, most likely
    urizenus_sklar: tell them to take a number

  2. Ian

    May 14th, 2004

    LOL, didn’t write in my correction

    I said; someone is going to be pissed and take it out on you.

    Uri, You just posted this for attention, which we all know you love to get. All of your stories are twisted in a direction that makes all the readers go in “awe”. The fact of the matter is, that information has been out for some time, and it is sad that it took weeks for it to be found, and it’s even sadder that you posted it.

  3. ian

    May 14th, 2004

    okay uri – i dont even feel like arguing over something stupid. i just have had a long week

  4. yourafuckingdumbass

    May 14th, 2004

    Uri your a fucking dumbass.

    Why would you want to waste EA’s time on more gay ass bot updates… wouldn’t you want better in game updates then protection updates? Your ruining the game for us you stupid fuck!

  5. JPW

    May 14th, 2004

    If you don’t like it, change the channel!

  6. Johnny Lace

    May 14th, 2004

    Uri, I do not think your site needs to promote/advertize cheat programs just to show that you don’t let yourself be bullied.

    The fact that people try to bully you into not posting material is proof itself that your newspaper is a success.

    Still posting it is below your standards in my opinion.

    my 2p

  7. Ian

    May 14th, 2004

    JOhnny I know you have been away for a while, but if you haven’t noticed, Uri has been so below his standards in the past like 3 months, we don’t even remember what these standards were. He is just a whore, on the nipple of attention.

  8. TBT

    May 14th, 2004

    And on goes the daily “soap opera”.. I feel that this site should start having its own section in “Soap Opera Digest” … LOL

  9. Cocoanut

    May 14th, 2004

    Yep, this is a great “newspaper,” all right!

    Nobody is gonna bully Uri out of running ads for cheat programs, and calling them articles!

    Just like nobody is going to bully the New York Times out of running step-by-step articles detailing how to hold up the Chase Manhattan bank, for a small fee, of course, no siree!

    Or try to compromise the journalistic integrity of the Wall Street Journal and its right to run a piece offering foolproof info on how to break into Fort Knox! (For a small fee, of course.)

    Or dare to badmouth the Washington Post when it headlines, “How to Swindle the Government Out of Millions and Never Get Caught!” (For a small fee, of course.)

    Yes, folks, true journalism at its best! So let’s all get in there and help line Nyk’s pockets! That’s what freedom of the press is all about!


  10. Scrambled1

    May 14th, 2004

    Well.. Uri.. My oh my.

    Just to let all of you know on this “newspaper” that now, since Uri here is promoting Automated Programs, that your all probably gonna get flagged by EA if your using sim names as forum names. So when you get banned outta the clear blue, thank uri.

    And Uri, You really need to actully get a life and stop reporting on stupid virtual games. and Im gonna stop there… just deleted the rest of my post because it was a bit on the mean side.


  11. Zeldaboy

    May 14th, 2004

    I’ve always been a lurker of this newspaper and it didn’t used to be that bad. But c’mon. Who gives a flying fuck about elections that nobody cares about because these people get no real power…Who cares about interviews with scammers that about .01% of the population has been scammed by…and if that wasn’t stupid enough you go advertise third partty programs that you weren’t asked to and then purposley post it again when others ask you not to. How many friends do you have in real life uri? Hell how many do you have in real life or online? You might want to invest in a life instead of writing all this news that nobody gives a shit about. I hear lifes are on sale at Walmart…

  12. CoolJournalist

    May 14th, 2004

    2 words: Yellow Journalism

    (if you dont know what that means look it up in google or a dictionary)

  13. INFO GUY

    May 14th, 2004

    Yellow Journalism: NOUN: Journalism that exploits, distorts, or exaggerates the news to create sensations and attract readers.

    Just like Uri

  14. AVGFBIDirector

    May 14th, 2004

    Scramble1 EA. can’t do anything out of game, anyway why would someone post something saying “Hey I just brought the new gir!” What kind of idiot would do that? By the way Uri has a life, what is yours? and if this is a stupid virtual game then why are you posting here? Like JPW says “If you don’t like it, change the channel!”

    That is all.
    Jason Sim, AV FBI Director

  15. Zerg

    May 14th, 2004

    Hey the articles on the money bots are great and I love them ..I love hearing about the scammers and money brokers..lets skip the lame ass “mafia news” for me. love the blog Uri

  16. MattyS

    May 14th, 2004


    A message to all of you if you dont like the articles why are u even reading it? Why even waist ur time posting if u dont even care. But there are a couple things that I think should be added. For example how about dates for differnt events for example how about the Alphaville Awards never saw a post about that. Or how about interviews with the judges of the new Design contest(run by JohnnyLace. How about the owners who run top money houses. and some that have been for over a year. How about storys on what the owners get for kickbacks on the items? Have u ever wondered how many Boards are made At Board to Death a day :) Or how about posts on the good things Maxis does or us not the negitive. Like the cool cannons u can get and maze coming back. or hmmmm… about guides and info to help players do things some examples are build houses, roof art, run a top 100 lot, or how about bugs that are found like all the pool bugs and other item bugs :)

    thats all i g2 say :)


  17. Mimi E

    May 14th, 2004

    Why are you all so mean? I think Uri’s articles are great! Keep up the great work! :D

  18. Scrambled1

    May 14th, 2004

    I highly doubt that half the reponses in this “report” are from unique posters… but they are most likley stemming from one or two sepearte people.

    Well, My life, Hmm Well I hang out wiht friends often. I build websites. I work for Megatomix. I play games, I have fun. Whats yours?

    And look, another one of those addicts that are giant couch potatos sitting there acting as a “fbi” agent, ha.

    Why am i reading this. Because I can, And I was directed to it by fellow friends. Thats why.

    And by the way, many of the “reporters” on this site are actully uri. Like “The Phantom” for example is Uri. If you didnt know. You can all see how Uri is caught up in this Virtual Reality that he entered.. resorting to creating alisas’ of himself to try and make it look like he has a really large “staff” for his “newspaper”


  19. ajdown@jp

    May 15th, 2004

    I still fail to see the point of actually wasting money to buy something that plays the game for you.

    Why not just save your money and play the game yourself?

    There are only two possible uses of this thing, to make simoleans to sell online, or to artificially pretend you are more popular than you are by cheating your way up the top 100 lists. Where’s the achievement in that, and who does it impress?


  20. ajdown@jp

    May 15th, 2004

    Just browsed through the site…. nothing spectacular; pity his website creating skills aren’t as comprehensive as his programming skills appear to be. It’s got the standard disclaimer that they aren’t responsible for anything that happens for you using the program (cover their arses), but it’s a pity he doesn’t have the balls to warn you that you actually risk termination of your accounts because use of the program is a violation of the terms of service of TSO.


  21. Viva T

    May 15th, 2004

    Sorry, guys….

    Mimi E and Celestie, Stop harassing me in the game! I know you’re ‘Viva T and Missi. Please get a life!

  22. JPW

    May 15th, 2004

    You know, I don’t get it. I’ve only been visiting this website for a few weeks and I enjoy it for exactly what it is, entertainment. I just don’t understand why anyone would bash Uri for a post. He owns the website right?? That entitles him to post whatever he pleases. If you don’t like it, don’t visit the site!

    And for the person who said he’s not warning you about third party programs….please. If you are not intelligent enough to understand the rules surrounding the game, then you shouldn’t be playing.

    My 2 cents.

  23. Urizenus

    May 15th, 2004

    See JPW, you don’t know the full story about why scrambled is so angry with me. Maybe the following background will help you to see why he is reacting the way he is. Just last week he was out walking his cute little puppies and I ran them down in my SUV. Squashed them like bugs I did. Then I rolled down my drivers side window and laughed in the poor guys face. Plus, an evil scientist has strapped him to a chair where he is forced to view pages from the AVH all day long. It just eats away at the guy.

    Same thing happened to Coco, you know.

  24. TBT

    May 15th, 2004

    Well to quote ajdown@jp

    “I still fail to see the point of actually wasting money to buy something that plays the game for you.

    Why not just save your money and play the game yourself?

    There are only two possible uses of this thing, to make simoleans to sell online, or to artificially pretend you are more popular than you are by cheating your way up the top 100 lists. Where’s the achievement in that, and who does it impress? ”

    Well if you have to ask these questions then you obviously have no clue as to what you are talking about here..

    Pay $150 for this software a waste you say?

    Well consider this and you must have no clue as to simoleans worth, especially when it can net you a 6 digit and more income yearly like Ic and others have seen..

    Now I ask you AJ what kind of an achievenment is that? :-) and NO I’m NOT at all trying to impress anyone, but my bank account. If you find it useles or a waste thats even better news to me, one less competitor in the selling marketc so by all means please do consider it a waste ;-p

  25. Scrambled1

    May 15th, 2004

    oookay uri.

    And yes, like TBT has said there. Why waste your money… because you can quadruple that in a matter of days, thats why!

    Uri I used to come to this site to see what was happening in tso. than it became more of a tabloid “hes a scammer” “mafia takes over capital” “joe schmoe is a scammer and running for pres!” and other crap like that started to take over. I actully felt sorry for you getting your accounts terminated, blah, If you felt so bad, why did you get a new one! When I got terminated, I said f&@$ it, Maxis doesnt need my 40 bucks a month anymore.

  26. Urizenus

    May 15th, 2004

    Gosh, scrambled, it’s touching that you felt sorry for me, but I have no idea why you would.

    Look, all this is breathtakingly simple. If you don’t like the articles either (i) submit your own or (ii) stop reading. Or start your own blog. Or watch more TV. Or something. Or keep coming here and bitching about how you hate the stories. It’s really all the same to me.

  27. ian

    May 15th, 2004

    Uri I thought that SUV running over the puppies idea was funny. But, aren’t we all entitled to an opinion? If you don’t like his, that doesn’t mean, “Don’t like it, don’t read”…That totally makes you look one sided, and whatever you say is correct. Isn’t that kind of like Germany in the 40′s. If you don’t like it YOU get killed, basically. I still don’t see the valid points that you are trying to make. We all know you reposted this article in spite, but be the bigger man and take it down.

  28. Urizenus

    May 15th, 2004

    Ian, I’m not blocking the guy from reading the blog and I’m not sending him and his family to a death camp either, so your analogy to Germany in the 40′s seems a tad bit over the top.

    As I said, whether he leaves or stays and whines about the articles its all the same to me. Honestly, I don’t care.

    And no the article is not up there for spite. The article is up there because Nyk has a new bot and it does all the things advertised, and quite franky…


    SARP may not like the news.
    EA may not like the news.
    The simolean sellers might not like the fact that the news is out there…


    I don’t work for SARP
    I don’t work for EA
    I don’t work for the money traders

    …so I don’t really care if they are all P.O.ed.

    I found it interesting. If you don’t find it interesting read something else. That isn’t an order, and it isn’t like sending you to a death camp; it is just helpful advice to help you avoid the pain that you apparently feel when you read the blog.

  29. Cocoanut

    May 15th, 2004

    “And just to show you all how well it works to try and bully the AVH into dropping a story, I’ve decided to move all the nice info up top to the main entry AND send out a notification to make sure no one misses it.”

    Wasn’t it you who wrote that, Uri? Or did I miss something somewhere?

    You don’t handle criticism well, however valid the criticism is.

    When real newspapers and magazines print criticism in the letters to the editor column, they generally don’t follow it up with a letter from the editor whining (and I use that word only because you love it so), “If you don’t like what we have said here, then stop reading it.”

    Because that would be childish.

    My original criticism – that you have no business purporting to be a voice of Alphaville while advertising cheat programs (complete with links to them) that undermine Alphaville while lining the pockets of individual players and calling that “news” – still stands.


  30. Urizenus

    May 15th, 2004

    Coco,the story was posted as a story because it was news. The kvetching inspired me to move it up top and send out the notification. The interest of the story itself should be obvious, and doesn’t need any motivation other than the fact that it is interesting news.

    Next: I never said I was “the voice of Alphaville” and for that matter, I am not the Alphaville Chamber of Commerce. If you want that, then start a chamber of commerce and have it put out The Coco Good Times Times. Seriously, what’s stopping you from doing this?

    Finally, I don’t spike stories to protect what’s left of your rich tso gaming experience, Coco. I’m sure it is devastating to you to think that somone might build a nice house in tso without going throught the motions of skilling, greening, and boarding their real lives away for 6 months like you did. That’s fine by me. Be angry at “cheaters” if you want. What baffles me is why you think the exposing of cheat programs somehow contributes to this “problem”. The money dealers certainly don’t see the publication of the article that way. They seem to think it will lead to a crackdown on GIR by EA. I don’t know and I don’t care. Like I say, I don’t work for you, I don’t work for the money dealers, and I don’t work for EA.

    Bottom line is: the new edition of GIR is news. If you can’t see that you can’t see that. I can even understand why you can’t see it. But please don’t ask the rest of us to stick *our* heads in the sand as well.

  31. ian

    May 15th, 2004

    Uri, I find your sarcastic comments pretty rude. People are reading your newspaper, and Coco is right, you can’t handle shit that is said to you. If the NYT or Washington Post said, if you dont like it, dont read it, trust me, NOONE would read it.

  32. Urizenus

    May 16th, 2004

    Ian, I’m sure you have a point, but I have no idea what it is. First of all, the NYT or Washington Post won’t even print your letters most likely. And if they do they won’t respond for the simple reason that they don’t want to get sucked into an exchange. But secondly, the NYT won’t tell you to take a hike because they make money from (i) subscriptions and (ii) the number of eyeballs they deliver their advertisers. I don’t make money off of this and I’m not put on this planet to entertain you and Coco, so (i) I don’t care if you like the blog and (ii) it doesn’t matter to me in the least if you stop reading it. So seriously: STOP READING if you don’t like it. That isn’t an order. It’s just a friendly piece of advice. If you don’t like chocolate ice cream, stop eating it. You’ll be much happier. It’s that simple.

  33. Tory

    May 16th, 2004

    Well, I’m going to be brutally honest here. I have never actually liked you, Uri. I have to tell you, though, brilliant ploy.

    It was pretty dead here for quite a while. Few people were responding and the stories being posted were just more of the same old same old. Then you posted this…

    Now everyone is back, reading this and other items posted over the past few weeks. This heated conversation keeping them coming back for more and more reading or posting, at least they’re here, right?

    LOL! There’s nothing new here, nothing that hasn’t been said before, but the sheer gall of Uri in publicizing something he’s supported all the time has made this priceless.

    Uri, now that you’ve caught them again, what are you going to do to keep them hooked? I hope it’s something interesting to watch.


  34. Mike

    May 16th, 2004

    well, looks like an alphaville herald boycott. get some integrity fool!

  35. Ian

    May 16th, 2004

    Troy, as I agree with most of your comments, I don’t think it was a “get people back ploy”, because honestly I think this place already had a “secret majority” living here. But like someone pointed out, this is yellow journalism.

    Uri – there you go with denouncing and putting down others opinions. And if you’re going to bring it other shit that had nothing to with this article, such as posting our Yahoo Conversation. Let me say this, you were hitting on TWO 19 year olds last night in TSO. Uri as much as I LIKED you, you have turned out to be:
    (i) an asshole
    (ii) an old man who hits on younger women
    (iii) A prick
    (iiii) You’re sarcasm, has made people you are HATEFUL.

    Uri – plain and simple, drop the sarcasm and become the old Uri again

  36. Harold Boy Cotton

    May 16th, 2004


    Grassroots effort takes off to get the sims of Alphaville to boycott the AV Herald.

    Sims in Alphaville TSO are banding together to fight against the Herald’s assistance in the proliferation of cheats/exploits. A new sim named Harold Boy Cotton, resident of AV, goes from lot to lot announcing that he believes that news about a new exploit would be fine, but a link and encouragement to download and use a cheat isn’t news at all. “Right and wrong are fixed, and cheating is wrong.” Said Mr. Cotton, he went on to say, “I couldn’t believe it when there were even testimonials on how well the cheat works! Shame on Uri, and his staff.” Mr. Cotton believes that the Herald’s staff is sure to believe that he is really one of the many “scammers” who are ranted about in the paper but Mr. Cotton claimes to just be a normal everyday sim out of Blazing Falls who would on occasion read the AV Herald. Mr. Cotton encourages sims to “go and see for yourself, and then never return”.

  37. JPW

    May 16th, 2004

    Wow. What can I say? You all need a big tall glass of STFU.

    First, anyone who thinks that Uri and this “newspaper” are someone ruining TSO by reporting on cheat programs is delusional. If you really are against the cheat programs then go after the guy who designed GIR and the people who use it. The Herald simply reports the news. It would be like saying that a newspaper that reports crime is somehow proliferating it. Ridiculous! People are going to cheat regardless of what the Herald reports about.

    Second, the guy that posted about the boycott needs to get a clue. More than half of the people in TSO don’t even know what the Herald is, let alone really care about it. Even when you tell them, they’ll defend freedom of the press. After all, it is a website that Uri owns and pays for, I’m sure. Finally, by going around Alphaville and blabbing about this, you are sure to attract more people to the site which would be detrimental to your cause.

    Bottom line: Cheaters will still cheat regardless of what the Alphaville Herald posts. Get over it.

  38. Urizenus

    May 16th, 2004

    hit on TWO 19 yr olds! OMG! rather than bitching about it Ian, you should have been taking notes so that next time YOU can be the Mack Daddy instead of the poor pathetic left-on-the-sidelines loozah!

    A boycott of the AVH? OMG, what ever will we do without all the BIG BUCKS that we get from our subscriptions and advertisers. Oh wait, we don’t have subscriptions and advertisers? NVM.

  39. Passerby

    May 16th, 2004

    Wow.. Uri and his “staff”… You must mean the other 3 people, and Uri’s 5 Alias’s!

    Uri, Jeeze… Should you be working.. Like teaching a class or something.. instead of sitting here talking about a online game? Man, I wonder what your superiors would think if they found out you play a childrens game and you hit on 19 yr olds that are probably 50 year old pedophiles sitting behind their computers waiting for someone to start talking to them.

    Uri, Get a life, A real one.

  40. Urizenus

    May 16th, 2004

    Good tip, scrambled. Maybe I’ll follow your lead and post anonymous uninformed comments on someone else’s blog in my spare time. That must be very rewarding to you. What a rich “real life” you must have…

  41. Ian

    May 16th, 2004

    Uri, please my mack is so pimpin’, I don’t need any tips from a guy waxes his head just to be noticed. I don’t think it takes so much mack to get in bed with about 256 pixel girl’s who say they are 19 but could be 45 or, hell even a guy behind the screen. You of all people should know this about “internet love”, perhaps you should have put more thought behind this before posting.

    Your mack daddy!

  42. MattyS

    May 16th, 2004


    You all have no lifes get over it! If you did you wouldn’t care! And stop this shit about Uri this is all for fun nothing else. And I bet half the people who read this eather sell money or bought it ebay anyways. Its not Uri who is ruining the game its the people who buy and support the site thats sells the bots and fake money! You can consider yourselfs the ones who ruin the game.So Drop It!!!!Freaken get a life all of you!!!

    MattyS ;)

  43. Scrambled1

    May 16th, 2004

    Dont cha just love IP addresses Uri!

    Matty .. The more people that see this bot, the more copies will be sold, so as long as Uri has it posted here so everyone that visits his “newspaper”/blog will go there, and most likley get interested in it.

  44. Cocoanut

    May 16th, 2004

    Uri, read more carefully. I said you purport to be “a” voice of Alphaville, not “the” voice.

    Journalism 101, for those of you who didn’t understand what I was getting at my first post:

    This story didn’t responsibly “report news” about the existance of a bot. Instead, it listed everything that this bot could do and then helpfully provided a link to it. It gave no other “news” about it whatsoever. No one in the game was interviewed to find out what they thought about it. It merely extolled the virtues of the bot and told us where to go to buy it.

    Consider these two fictitious stories:

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