News From DG: Rival Gang War Continues…

by Alphaville Herald on 30/05/04 at 6:23 pm

By Dana Grove

LLC continues to be the most powerful gang in Dan’s Grove. While the Triad Mafia is slowly growing, it is having difficulties keeping up with the numbers in LLC. Once again the leader of Triad, Bob Busch (aka Daniel Alfredson) money house Mad Cash, was hit with another trashing, this time by the LLC.

Fights are erupting constantly between the two rival gangs everyday. Several fights were won on both sides but Triad suffered another big blow yesterday when LLC trashed two of their homes in less than a few hours. The first trashing was issued to Oski, a high-ranking Triad member. The second home was the same house that Rocco Montana had hit with a bomb less than 3 weeks ago. This is the second time the leader of Triad home was trashed. Bob arrived on scene as LLC, the Montana’s and DTP were finishing the job. When Bob entered the property he was immediately jumped and quickly made an exit to the safe haven of the city view, giving LLC, Montana and DTP another victory.

10 Responses to “News From DG: Rival Gang War Continues…”

  1. Matthew Armone

    May 30th, 2004

    Glad to see you learned to spell “news” Dana :) … but for god sakes, stop with the garbage.

  2. Urizenus

    May 31st, 2004

    Hey, *I* write the headlines here. Youz gotta problem wit dat? –Uri

  3. Bob Busch

    May 31st, 2004

    so dana, u want to mention that Triads have won a good 75% of fights against LLC and that we trashed DTP i didnt think so u only want to make ur gang look better which it isnt. post all the bullshit u want we will never leave dans grove

  4. FUBAR

    May 31st, 2004

    Andy is handy as a pecker checker too. Did I spell that right?

  5. Liz

    May 31st, 2004

    first matt: you don’t play tso why are you even here reading this? go back to lineage or swg whichever it is you play these days, your comments are worth just about as much xmafia was in tso, which is nothing. btw i dont make up the headlines i just write the articles, Uri does the headlines.

    second bob: you did not win 75% of the fights i would say its been pretty even 50-50 also you may have trashed one DTP house (which has nothing to do with Montana) you still got trashed 3 times (your house twice lol) and have yet to trash a Montana house. The score there is still Triad houses trashed = 3, Montana = ZERO. And again i will repeat this for the 100th time dont like what i write here? then contact Uri and start writing your own shit otherwise just deal with what i write and if you dont like it dont read it or comment on it thats all. have a nice day :)

  6. Jeremy-

    Jun 1st, 2004

    Another self-promotion from the whores of Dan’s Grove. Excuse me, LLC owns nothing but a landfill, go back to confederacy.

  7. Liz

    Jun 1st, 2004

    please excuse jeremy he is a little sore loser since he lost the election the other day lol, now go home and cry to your menopause bitch of a mother (Dia Martel.

  8. Ian

    Jun 1st, 2004

    agreed with liz on the matthew comment. mat, matt, matthew, storme, storm, whatever you want to call your self… you’re like that misquito bite on the ass of society. now go back to SWG (Sims with Guns) and try to do something, because obviously you left TSO, because your newb mafia failed. All you do is put down others, and hang on uri’s balls. geez, am i the only one (other than cocoa and liz) who speak their mind around here….KING URI, I AM NOT WORTHY

  9. whyanamewereall#'s

    Jun 6th, 2004

    haha still doing the mafia thing like the old days in DG glad to see maxis didnt break your spirit but i must say its to fucking funny lol i can see it now montana men hot kissing to make friends then slapping DTP members like the bitches they are to make them enough enemy to fight lmao get a clue

  10. Hitman HouseWrecker

    Jun 8th, 2004

    You all seem to having so much fun, I will bw coming to see you all soon,,,,,at a home near you!!! burn baby burn.@@@@

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