Papparazi Catch Simlebrities in SL

by Alphaville Herald on 26/05/04 at 2:24 pm

by Pat the Rat


Alphaville Simlebrities can run but they cannot hide. Here our SL papparazi catch four Alphaville citisims on the lamb in the land of merry-go-rounds and really big trees. Can you identify them? Winner gets a date with the hottie in the lower left of the pic. Hint: guy in blue shirt is not one of them.

5 Responses to “Papparazi Catch Simlebrities in SL”

  1. Bradley C

    May 26th, 2004

    They’re Uri, Celeste, Mimi, and Angelina. Woop! Celestie’s Mine!!

  2. Pat the Rat

    May 26th, 2004

    BUZZZ! Wrong.

    *Angelique*, not Angelina. But close enough.

  3. Bradley C

    May 26th, 2004

    It’s Angelina in SL.=]

  4. Celestie

    May 26th, 2004

    I don’t want you, stop following me!

  5. Bradley C

    May 27th, 2004

    Celestie, resistance is futile. You will be mine. I won you fair and square. =]

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