Scammers moving to Second Life?

by Alphaville Herald on 25/05/04 at 1:15 pm

As the TSO diaspora continues, a group of Alphaville scammers have now moved to Second Life (at least part time), including Celestie the Abusive Granny, Mimi (not exactly a scammer, but she?s really really cute so I have to mention her here), Kimmers, Nick, and Bradley C. In this interview we talk to our friend Celes, and see if we can figure out why he was compelled to scam in TSO but not in SL.

urizenus_sklar: Celestie, I hear you are leaving TSO, maybe, for a while, maybe. What’s up?
granny_celestie: Well, these past few months have been dead. Why invest my time in something that is dying?
urizenus_sklar: Well, have you found something to do instead?
granny_celestie: I’m experimenting at the moment.
urizenus_sklar: experimenting with who or what?
granny_celestie: I’m experimenting with Second Life with Mimi E aka. Gladys, Nick W, Kimmers, and Bradley.
urizenus_sklar: the whole crew is going to SL?
urizenus_sklar: Are you going to be scammers there or do something else?
granny_celestie: We’ve cleaned up our act, no one knows who we are there.
urizenus_sklar: Does that mean you *don’t* scam there?
granny_celestie: Correct.
urizenus_sklar: Well, how come you couldn’t stop scamming here and don’t feel like scamming there.
granny_celestie: It’s so easy in TSO.
urizenus_sklar: (and you did try to stop doing it here no?)
granny_celestie: Yes, I tried to stop scamming.
urizenus_sklar: so what do you guys do over there that is fun?
granny_celestie: Customize our avatars.
granny_celestie: That takes up hours!
urizenus_sklar: built anything yet?
granny_celestie: No, that takes to much effort for someone as lazy as I am.
urizenus_sklar: so what are you going to do once your avi is all tricked out
granny_celestie: I’ll explore, and try to work out the major lag that comes with streaming universes.
urizenus_sklar: some people have complained that there is no one around in SL. Have you found that to be true?
granny_celestie: From what I have noticed, there is always a few handful of people online.
urizenus_sklar: is that enough?
granny_celestie: Yes, there are some very interesting people playing SL too.
urizenus_sklar: interesting how?
granny_celestie: They aren?t artificial, they are creative and different. They help you out and they are genuine in doing so. However, I’ve been on SL with Viva T when we were friends and we woman we met only cared about us giving her a high rating.
urizenus_sklar: oh, you rate her and she gets points for that?
granny_celestie: Correct, it’s a lot like the friendship web.
granny_celestie: The contacts are called “Calling Cards”
urizenus_sklar: same thing for objects that people make?
granny_celestie: Oh, you mean the objects?
granny_celestie: I’m not sure, i’ll have to get back to you on that.
urizenus_sklar: Well, any parting thoughts about TSO?
granny_celestie: TSO has been a great outlet for my creativity, but I?ve outgrown TSO and its never-changing ways. I hope that Maxis has a plan B for TSO, maybe a “TSO2″
urizenus_sklar: any regrets about some of the stuff you did in tso?
granny_celestie: No regrets, you learn from your mistakes.
urizenus_sklar: well, what were your mistakes and what did you learn?
granny_celestie: I should have never started “Scamming”. I wanted to be a mean, rude, old sim and not a scamming beast.
urizenus_sklar: why did you want to be mean and rude?
granny_celestie: I wish people didn?t’ take everything I said so seriously.
granny_celestie: I wanted to be mean and rude because I wanted to be different and I wanted attention.
urizenus_sklar: Well, what did you accomplish in tso that you are proud of?
granny_celestie: Fame, and a handful of memories.
urizenus_sklar: Fame? hmmm.
urizenus_sklar: What is your best memory of tso?
granny_celestie: I don’t know.
urizenus_sklar: well, how about *one* of your best memories
granny_celestie: When I built the racist theme shack.
urizenus_sklar: why is that one of your best memories?
granny_celestie: It was so funny.
urizenus_sklar: being racist was funny?
granny_celestie: Yes
urizenus_sklar: you positive you won’t come back to tso?
granny_celestie: I’m not positive of anything.
urizenus_sklar: you doubt you will?
granny_celestie: Yes, I doubt I will.
urizenus_sklar: any last words for the citisims of alphaville?
granny_celestie: Be who you are, not who you want to be.
granny_celestie: Scratch that
granny_celestie: I got that backwards
urizenus_sklar: no that’s a good one lol
granny_celestie: Be who you want to be, not who you are.
urizenus_sklar: the second one sounds like maxis propaganda
granny_celestie: ok then the first one lol
urizenus_sklar: ok, thanks celes!
granny_celestie: thank you

19 Responses to “Scammers moving to Second Life?”

  1. "Bradley"

    May 25th, 2004

    Psst.. I was a FMFN roomie, too.. *Feels left out.* =[ *Waves hands around* Lookit me! =[

  2. toy

    May 25th, 2004

    scammers dontlast long in SL :) SL stays on top of things and always have online people to go to for help and taking care of them :) Whether it me a mentor or a Linden emoployee, the take care of problems quickly. toy has seen several under 18 YO’s accts yanked quickly… they are more into quality and not like EA is more into money nd to hell with subscribers :)

  3. toy

    May 25th, 2004

    and if your in SL and need some help Celestie look for Toy LaFollette :)

    I can help Im both mentor and building instructor in SL now :)

  4. Urizenus

    May 25th, 2004

    sorry Bradley, I had the wrong *Bradley* there. main article now duely edited.

  5. Bradley C

    May 25th, 2004

    Tehe! Thanks. =D

  6. Mimi E

    May 25th, 2004

    It’s a shame….but SL is WAY better than TSO will ever be. TY for the compliment :D :D

  7. Nick

    May 25th, 2004 true :D

  8. Herman Townguy

    May 26th, 2004

    Interesting article… anyway, I have just one question for those of you are who are into Second Life: Do you know if we can crete hotel/restaurant type businesses in that game? I really enjoy running one on TSO when I have time and was wondering if I should try it on Second Life, at least if it is possible.

  9. Mimi E

    May 26th, 2004

    In SL you can create whatever your mind can imagine! Im still new to SL, but when I was wondering around, I came across a cute little restaurant that even had menus sitting on the tables. In TSO you can only have what they put in the game for you to use, in SL you can create anything you want!

  10. toy

    May 26th, 2004

    there’s many apartment buildings in SL, since many people dont wish to own land, there are also a few resturants but not sure how well they are doing since no need for ‘greening’ :)
    Im happy to answer any questions about SL :)

    SL is only limited by ones own imagination :)

    falara kajira toy :)

  11. Charlize

    May 29th, 2004

    Ok, I’m a little confused. So SL is like TSO with the avatars and community, but you can make your own objects? How is that possible? i just heard about the game and looks very interesting.

  12. Urizenuss

    May 30th, 2004

    Custom content has always been possible, Charlize, it’s just that EA/Maxis has made custom content *seem* impossible by their endless delays with introducing it to TSO. In SL, in effect, *everything* is custom content, from skins to walpaper to homes to guns and sex beds to trees and land terraforming. Since there is a learning curve to making stuff I tend to buy it and maybe alter it to my needs, but there you have it. Sometimes it just comes down to a control thing, and EA didn’t want to give up one shred of content control to the users.

  13. Angelica

    May 30th, 2004

    SL and TSO are so boring. I play SWG sometimes.

  14. Brooke

    Jul 2nd, 2004

    AGH. I wants to play SL. :(

  15. Brooke

    Jul 2nd, 2004

    AGH. I wants to play SL. :(

  16. Brooke

    Jul 2nd, 2004

    I pressed it too many times :x

  17. Dan aka Lance Hedges

    Jul 3rd, 2004

    OMG. I know them in Second Life and I never knew they were scamers on TSO.

  18. Mimi Coral

    Jul 3rd, 2004

    LOL Lance…you never knew we were scammers? Stop harrassing our guests at the store…LOL

  19. Dan aka Lance Hedges

    Jul 3rd, 2004

    Ok come one I shot one person thats it.

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