SL CEO Holds another town meeting

by Alphaville Herald on 27/05/04 at 12:25 am

Seems like just last week we reported that the CEO of second life had held a town meeting. Well, here is another, and your intrepid reporter Uri, on vacation in SL, caught the whole thing. It was pretty impressive — especially given what we’ve seen from tso. Phil Linden (Phil Rosendale’s avatar) took questions for an hour and a half. Most of them were opaque to the ears of this n00b, but clearly there is a lot of cool stuff in the works for the next update at SL. Transcript and screenshots follow.


Philip Linden: As a last note before the questions…
Philip Linden: You will be able to start playing with animations.
Philip Linden: THe Preview version will be open tommorow.
Philip Linden: Put those features together and you will have a real dancing machine.
Philip Linden: OK so lets’ have some questions Haney.
Haney Linden: Bam Perkins: when is the next significant land mass coming and how many people have joined since april
Philip Linden: We aren’t giving out exact new user numbers,
Philip Linden: and we’ve been releasing land pretty steadily at around 5 sims per week
Philip Linden: We aren’t giving out exact new user numbers,
Philip Linden: I don’t know the exact next landmass release dates.
Haney Linden: Ryen Jade: Are there any plans for a no camera edit zones where it doesnt allow you to move yourcamera except the basic third person and the basic mouselook on your own parcel?
Philip Linden: We have plans to add camera limits like those,
Philip Linden: Definitely in 2.0, though.
Philip Linden: but not in 1.4
Philip Linden: There will be an ability in 1.4 to limit sounds, though.
Philip Linden: if you like.
Haney Linden: Salazar Jack: Are there plans to give SL citizens the ability to swim, including surfacing, diving deeper and turning while swimming underwater?
Philip Linden: You will be able to play sounds only on your parcel,
lilone Sandgrain: (=
Haney Linden: Salazar Jack: Are there plans to give SL citizens the ability to swim, including surfacing, diving deeper and turning while swimming underwater?
Chance Small: There are some functions, I have been dying to see such as llGetOwnerFunds… Any new functions planned in the new release that were suggested by SL players? If so, is there a list of them we can see?
Philip Linden: The animation capabilities will allow lots of new swimming styles,
Philip Linden: I know there new functions in 1.4,
Philip Linden: but not for getting user balances
Philip Linden: We feel like that is too intrusive a query.
Philip Linden: and we will work on more physics for swimming, but no plans in 1.4
Haney Linden: Magnum Serpentine: Question 2. SInce it looks like a lot of new items will be added to the 1.4 build, will this mean we will have to buy new computers just to access SL and for those who can no longer access the world, what will LL do to help them?
Philip Linden: 1.4 will not increase the system reqs, and should have better peformance.
Philip Linden: No new cards needed.
Haney Linden: Vade Blair: Alright, I was wondering what LL is going to do about the current lag issues and the sudden migration on there players to here. The lag in some areas such as aqua and federal to name a few i bad enough with the few AVs we have now, what wil
Chance Small: What query difference would it be from something like if a user is online, with the dataserver?
Philip Linden: As quickly as we can
Haney Linden: what will be done
Philip Linden: There are several load related lag bugs fixed in 1.4 ,
Philip Linden: We are still working with ATI and apple on video bugs.
Philip Linden: for example the problem we are having now has been found and fixed.
Haney Linden: Lordfly Digeridoo: question for Ze King CEO: What are the users of Second Life going to see directly with the release of Havok 2.0?
Chance Small: One MAYJOR question that I’m sure 75% of us have… What’s the status on XML-RPC ?
Philip Linden: We are not sure that Havok 2.0 will be in the 1.4 release.
Ryen Jade: Chance, IM your questios to haney
Philip Linden: We are close, but not sure that it is stable enough.
Philip Linden: BTW, the lag probs we are seeing are not phyiscs…
Philip Linden: We are not sure that Havok 2.0 will be in the 1.4 release.
Haney Linden: Brianna Thorn: he didnt mention people from TSO I left TSO for SL
Philip Linden: we are focusing on those constantly regardless of HAvok.
Philip Linden: Welcome TSO users as well! We need some last names for you…
Philip Linden: email me with suggestions if you like.
Haney Linden: Icon Serpentine: Is LL going to be leasing multiple connections soon to help alleviate lag?
Philip Linden: We added the last name “Thereian” today, BTW
Philip Linden: As always, btw, I am
James Miller: Whoa.
Ryen Jade: lol
Death Grace: who do i contact for questions?
Philip Linden: Log has nothing to do with net connections… I wish it did!
Kyle Gilman: haney
Philip Linden: That would be easier to fix.
Haney Linden: we are out of time for new questions
Death Grace: oh ok
Philip Linden: We have Tier-1 very high quality bandwidth,
Philip Linden: gigabits of it.
Philip Linden: I’ll hang around a bit after to chat for other Q’s too… so hang in there.
Philip Linden: gigabits of it.
lilone Sandgrain: ty
Haney Linden: Jonquille Noir: Question for Philip.. Are there any plans to seperate Resell from Transfer in object permissions?
Philip Linden: Our current feeling is that transfer OR resell should always be ON
Philip Linden: but that is a design choice… feedback welcome.
Haney Linden: Deladra Grayson: Can you tell us a small list of some of the things we will be looking forward to with version 1.4 of Second Life?
Philip Linden: Sure. Uploadable animations,
Philip Linden: really cool gestures.
Philip Linden: Streaming audio,
Philip Linden: And new terrain textures.
Haney Linden: Ace Cassidy: are there any plans to deal with the problem of hundreds of sound files getting preloaded to everyone’s client?
Philip Linden: Isanld owners will be able to edit their own terrain textures as well.
Philip Linden: Yes! The sounds will work much much better in 1.4
Philip Linden: Preloading and priority are now correct.
Philip Linden: Good Question.
Haney Linden: Gigi Galatea: Are there any plans to increase object limits?
Philip Linden: No plans to increase limits with 1.4,
Haney Linden: lilone Sandgrain: how will we acess the animation options?
Philip Linden: but we always wait to survey performance before doing that.
Philip Linden: You will be able to upload your own animations, and buy/trade animations with other users.
Philip Linden: Objects will be able to give you new animations,
Philip Linden: So for example you might have a motorcyle that animates you
Philip Linden: getting on it.
Philip Linden: Or boxing gloves.
Philip Linden: Etc.
Haney Linden: Khamon Fate: does the sound per parcel limit imply that we can just not download sounds at all and save ourselves that bandwidth? Khamon Fate: i mean if sound is being treated as a seperate stream now, can we just opt out of it altogether?
Ryen Jade: *cough*guns*cough*
Philip Linden: The system is really smooth – you can change the gestures you have mapped
Haney Linden: Sukkubus Phaeton: will we be able to join more then 9 groups in 1.4?
Philip Linden: according to the objects you are wearing.
Philip Linden: No there will still be a 9 group limit,
Philip Linden: but you are right that is something we need to review. Noted.
Philip Linden: Yes you can turn sound off via the prefs.
Haney Linden: Jakob Zander: I was wondering if there are any plans on implementing some type of auction system for designers for clothes, homes, objects, etc?
lilone Sandgrain: (=
Philip Linden: We are thinking about how to do auctions and catalogs, or similar.
Philip Linden: That is on the design list for 2.0
Haney Linden: Chance Small: Speaking of There, in my personal oppinion, their graphical end exceed’s SL’s. Any plans on meeting or beating their graphical advancement?
Philip Linden: Agree we really need a great way for folks to list objects.
Philip Linden: Well… in SL we allow much more scene complexity…
Philip Linden: the biggest thing this has cost us is good lighting.
Ryen Jade: There doesnt even HAVE lighting
Kyle Gilman: lol
Philip Linden: We will be looking at ways to enable great lighting and other graphics mods in next version.
Chance Small: next version as in 1.4?
Philip Linden: But agree that it is lots of work.
Philip Linden: We think that we can be totally competitive with the best game engines.
Haney Linden: Death Grace: hello when are we geting axels?
Philip Linden: No, not 1.4
Philip Linden: Now by axels if you mean wheels on cars…
Death Grace: ya
Death Grace: for machines
Death Grace: a basic axel
Philip Linden: no plans in 1.4, but we think that will be in the future.
Philip Linden: We are constantly adding to the vehicle physics.
Clint Cartier: how about editable animations (cusom)
Death Grace: for machines
Philip Linden: no plans in 1.4, but we think that will be in the future.
Philip Linden: And good wheels are high on the list.
Death Grace: ^_^ it would prove very useful for simple machiens
Death Grace: thanks
Ryen Jade: Clint, no more questions!
Haney Linden: Newfie Pendragon: question for Philip….are there any plans to modify LSL to allow #include-style statements, so that scripts can be broken into multiple pieces? For example, function libraries etc.
Philip Linden: Agree!
Philip Linden: #include is something we are looking at how to do right globally.
Haney Linden: Chase Rutherford: Could we get a way, perhaps with something similar to the ban list, to control who can place objects on our land?
Philip Linden: We are thinking about it, but hard to design well. No immediate plans.
Transmitter: Touched.
Philip Linden: A user-specific object ban would be cool.. Noted.
Haney Linden: Kyle Gilman: Are there any plans for avatar to avatar contact in 1.4?
Haney Linden: Kyle Gilman: Are there any plans for avatar to avatar contact in 1.4?
Philip Linden: No immediate pland for AV-AV in 1.4, but you will be able to fake it quite well.
Philip Linden: By triggering animations together.
Haney Linden: Hank Ramos: I crashed trying to keep this IRC link alive. Can I ask a question? Simply pub: “llList2Notecard and llNotecard2List”
Chase Rutherford: Philip, I particularly wanted to ability to *allow* a person to place objects. Thanks.
Philip Linden: We agree that multi-AV animations are very cool and important,
Philip Linden: and are working on it.
Kyle Gilman: ahh
Clint Cartier: when is 1.4 out?
Philip Linden: and are working on it.
Kyle Gilman: WHOA
Haney Linden: Schwanson Schlegel: What is the expected release date of 2.0 ?
Philip Linden: llList2Notecard()… noted. Thinking about solutions.
Ryen Jade: When its done (TM)
Philip Linden: We will get the preview up, and yes,
James Miller: June 23rd, 2006. :)
Philip Linden: you are right Ryen,
Philip Linden: 2.0 will be later this year… that is our target.
Ryen Jade: I said something?
Haney Linden: Hikaru Yamamoto: will we be able to make a copy of an object only mirrored in 1.4?
Philip Linden: we will see how performance is and release when ready.
Kyle Gilman: I am so confused
Philip Linden: No hik… but feature/request noted.
Kyle Gilman: hearing double
Ryen Jade: Oh I did, now I remember LMAO
Philip Linden: Sorry about the doubling… it is this darn sim bug.
Haney Linden: Liadan Lightcloud: When the time comes for questions, I’d like clarification on why the events changed to competition only. Thanks :)
Ryen Jade: Its ok
Philip Linden: I’m not sure what you mean by competition only… ask me after the event.
Philip Linden: Well lets have some more Q’s…
Clint Cartier: packet loss like hell!!!
Kyle Gilman: Agreed
Philip Linden: Yes the packet loss is terrible… this is the server bug.
Philip Linden: I’ll take questions directly…
James Miller: Like, outloud?
Ryen Jade: If hell really is the worst moment in your life, this will be my hell
Kyle Gilman: Is there a plan in the future to change the height limit
Haney Linden: Hank Ramos: Persistent Storage?
Ace Cassidy: will v1.4 include the XML-RPC stuff?
Ready Jack: how about conversation filtering for gatherings like client side selection based on speaker into multiple windows?
Nyna Slate: Please clearify wha tyou ment buy not understanding competion for events
James Miller: Uh, our vehicles….with Havok 2, any chance they’ll be as good as There’s?
Philip Linden: We think the height limit is right for balancing land rights and overflight.
Philip Linden: Yes, 1.4 will have XML/RPC
Pedro Pendragon: i’d love as many different ways to interact with the rest of the world via SL as possible. (not a question, i guess)
Philip Linden: Vehicles should be really great with Havok 2,
Newfie Pendragon: any plans to allow more extensive manipulation of prims – for example, intersection or prims, selective vertex editing?
lilone Sandgrain: (=
Ryen Jade: woot woot woot woot woot
Francis Chung: Philip: Thanks for showing off the Seburo CX at the beginning of the town hall :) I just want to take this time to point out that the amazing special effects were done by Neil Protagonist :)
James Miller: Philip — maybe you guys can release a short movie of an SL vehicle with Havok 2? :)
Ryen Jade: VERTEX EDITING,YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Philip Linden: we need good local cosmetic rendering tricks for behicle.s
Francis Chung: Philip: Thanks for showing off the Seburo CX at the beginning of the town hall :) I just want to take this time to point out that the amazing special effects were done by Neil Protagonist :)
Chase Rutherford: How about a larger disk cache?
Ryen Jade: Philip, if you donot have LL add vertex within the next few patches I WILL FARGIN KILL YOU!!!!!!!
Kyle Gilman: indeed
Philip Linden: TY francis/neil
Haney Linden: Ok, slow down the Qs, please
Grim Lupis: Will we be able to test XML-RPC tomorrow in the preview grid, and if so, where can we get info on working with the XML-RPC server?
Bam Perkins: lol
Baba Yamamoto: It’s my SL Birthday! Everyone wish me well!
Philip Linden: as we get our compression from very compact object representation.
James Miller: lol
Philip Linden: Adding vertex control would be very hard,
Philip Linden: Happy bday Baba
Haney Linden: Arito Cotton: Is a fix for the ‘drifting prims’ problem (when you link and unlink a lot of prims together) in the works?
James Miller: Ryen, SHH!
Bam Perkins: ya ryen SHHH!
Ryen Jade: *cough* yes then
Philip Linden: I believe XML RPC will be in the preview.
Baba Yamamoto: ^^
Kyle Gilman: Philip Will LL be fixing the problem where attached prim’s UUID changes when you teleport?
Baba Yamamoto: ^^
Philip Linden: We will work on the drifting problem.
Philip Linden: Hadn’t heard of that one.
Haney Linden: Brianna Thorn: will there ever be a SL tv where we can broadcast viatv all over SL like cable?
katykiwi Moonflower rated you positively: (no message)
Baba Yamamoto: that drifting prim is an old one
Kyle Gilman: lol it happens
Kyle Gilman: and it sucks
Philip Linden: I would love to see a number of SL TV features.
Philip Linden: Kyle… point taken.
Lee Linden: More fun for you in the next hour! Take part in a Warm-up party, a meet and greet, a bike event, a building class, and a battle of the sexes contest! Click on the Events button for all the details on all of tonight’s events!
Philip Linden: We are thinking about designs for that.
James Miller: Philip, most Thereians call themselves “Therians” — any chance of getting that added to the list? Maybe “Theria” too? :)
Haney Linden: Hank Ramos: Persistent Storage?
Philip Linden: We are thinking about designs for that.
James Miller: Sorry, some Therians are bugging me about the lastnames, I had to ask :)
Philip Linden: Happy to add Therian… didn’t know what the right spelling was.
Nicholas Bauer rated you positively: Nice to meet you
Philip Linden: Hank do you mean scripts having persistent storage?
James Miller: great, thanks :)
Pedro Pendragon: any progress on LINK permission bug? it’s been posted in the forums more than once in the past 6 months or so, and still no word. scripts lose their link perms when the owner leaves the sim.
Hank Ramos: Philip: script being able to store data outside of the script runtime, to reload later after reset (database, or notecard storate)
Philip Linden: Hank, I will pass along to cory.
Philip Linden: Pedro… email me with details on that bug.
Tock Mars: Will the preview client connect to the main SL world or to a demo world?
James Miller: Tock, most likely a demo world.
Philip Linden: Preview will connect to a demo world, that will not be persistent after release.
Philip Linden: You will need to save your animation files. etc.
Princess Medici: Phillip.. what is going on with more attachment functionality; i.e. rotation, etc
Philip Linden: Attachment rotation… noted…
Princess Medici: thanks!
Baba Yamamoto: What about the last name “Here”
Bam Perkins: LOL
Kyle Gilman: xlol
Haney Linden: Adam Zaius: Question: will linden lab be upgrading the telehub system into something more usefull in the future? (such as anywhere teleportation)
Philip Linden: Funny thought… “Here”
Kyle Gilman: Why play there when you can play here
Bam Perkins: ya
Schwanson Schlegel: You are Here
Bam Perkins: good point
Kyle Gilman: i am here
Grim Lupis: LOL
Kyle Gilman: lol
Grim Lupis: Adam, we used to have that
Essence Lumin: I like having to fly for a moment or two myself
Philip Linden: We think the telehubs create urban density,
James Miller: I guess I should mention that There just confirmed they are not closing the service for at least a year.
Hikaru Yamamoto: we need to have the last name “hippo” :P
Philip Linden: and improve a sense of navigation
Baba Yamamoto: Hippo… By invitation only
Kyle Gilman: Philip will it ever be possible for Items to offer teleports
Baba Yamamoto: special SL distiction
Nyna Slate: Phillip any thing more on ebieng able to change last names
Bam Perkins: Phil: will items ever take pics.
Philip Linden: Hmm…. item summons… noted. Sounds like a rea griefing prob though.
Chase Rutherford: How about letting people buy a single telehub for their land with L$?
Kyle Gilman: well
Hikaru Yamamoto: heh “Hikaru Hippo” lol
Baba Yamamoto: Philip… Ever think of middle “ALIAS” names?
Kyle Gilman: we have home function
Kyle Gilman: it is a single teleport
Philip Linden: no baba… hadn’t.
Jade Lily: interesting, alias names
Kyle Gilman: lol
Kyle Gilman: lol
Ryen Jade: lol
Philip Linden: Yes but teleport home has limited range, I believe.
Baba Yamamoto: I was first… remember!!! ^^
Kyle Gilman: teleport home works any where
Jade Lily: James “Houdini” Miller
Philip Linden: OK.. I stand corrected :)
Baba Yamamoto: Kex “Flipper” Godel
Kyle Gilman: as long as you own land
James Miller: hah.
Jade Lily: James “Houdini” Miller
Baba Yamamoto: Philip “GOD” Linden
Pedro Pendragon: care to speculate on how far SL is from “break-even”, financially?
Kyle Gilman: as long as you own land
Philip Linden: Well I won’t talk about that specifically, but we are doing great.
Philip Linden: Growth is great.
Grim Lupis: It would be nice, if you have land in more than one sim, to be able to teleport directly to any parcel you own (or group-owned, like Home works now.)
Philip Linden: Grim… idea noted.
Grim Lupis: It would be nice, if you have land in more than one sim, to be able to teleport directly to any parcel you own (or group-owned, like Home works now.)
Jonquille Noir: Where’d ya get them crazy pants?
Kyle Gilman: Bam Perkins: Phil: will items ever take pics.
Kyle Gilman: lol
Bam Perkins: lol
Schwanson Schlegel: Any plans to swap out the older sims hardware w/ newer hardware?
Bam Perkins: shutup kyle
Perfect belt script whispers: Targeting tup kyle
Philip Linden: I made the crazy pants… be happy I have the shorts on ;)
Philip Linden: Items taking pics would be hard because they can’t render.
Schwanson Schlegel: Any plans to swap out the older sims hardware w/ newer hardware?
Baba Yamamoto: Some people think of SL as something similar to the early “metaverse” / What do you think?
Hank Ramos: hehe
Nicholas Bauer is offline
Jonquille Noir: :D
Philip Linden: We plan to swap out sims every couple years… or sooner if we can.
Nicholas Bauer is online
Chase Rutherford: Could we *pay* you give Hawthorne a faster server? :-)
Kyle Gilman: LOL
Jade Lily: yes please!
Bam Perkins: lol
Kyle Gilman: Go buy your own sim
Philip Linden: Our goal is precisely to create a ‘metaverse’… a space like the internet
Baba Yamamoto: I’m glad to hear that
Philip Linden: but interesting thought.
Philip Linden: We are pretty colose to as fast as we can get…
James Miller: Do you think that the recent problems at There will make it harder for you to find funding?
Philip Linden: We’ve thought about prices for fast sims, yes.
Hank Ramos: dwexcellent
Philip Linden: No, finding funding is the easy part.
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Jade Lily: yes, dwexcellent
Kyle Gilman: LL rock there was.. there was there
Philip Linden: Building all these features is hard.
Pedro Pendragon: have you ever thought of taking linden labs public?
James Miller: Philip, if There decides to sell their consumer world, do you think LL would be interested?
Kyle Gilman: WOO HOO own there
James Miller: if so, can I be god of Tyr? please? :)
Philip Linden: #1 priority is to grow the SL land mass and residents.
Philip Linden: How best to do this will drive our strategy.
Hikaru Yamamoto: will there be any SL comercials on TV?
Hank Ramos: 108 new sims? :)
Schwanson Schlegel: personal referal links! – JK
Philip Linden: I think it would be very difficult to integrate with There… different technologies.
Kyle Gilman: Lets go on a mission to steal there’s players WHOS WITH ME?
Baba Yamamoto: <_<
Bam Perkins: YA KYLE
Bam Perkins: lol jk
Philip Linden: I smile at the thought of an SL TV ad. Don’t you?
Hank Ramos: :)
Baba Yamamoto: I DO!
Philip Linden: Remember to respect the There community….
Princess Medici: =D
James Miller: Advertise on TV then! :)
Schwanson Schlegel: during the super bowl no less
Hikaru Yamamoto: :D
Philip Linden: It is nice to have evangelists,
Kyle Gilman: Fine than i will go by my self, It will be a long journy with many dangers on the way, But if players must be stolen from there who else can do it?
Schwanson Schlegel: during the super bowl no less
James Miller: Advertise on TV then! :)
Jade Lily: Good call, Philip.
Hikaru Yamamoto: :D
Grim Lupis: :-O
Baba Yamamoto: i’m here to scare away the sissies ^^
James Miller: I try to respect them, but, they don’t respect us. At all.
Hank Ramos: Any plans for LL to support rentable sims? Whole sims for hourly rent?
Philip Linden: but please be nice and kind. Imagine how we would feel if they were all
Kyle Gilman: They are ..all
Philip Linden: here courting us.
Philip Linden: Yes we are working on a rental plan for events.
Kyle Gilman: they do lol
Grim Lupis: They’ll learn, James. Or they’ll leave, just like the others. ;)
Philip Linden: We realize that something like that would be cool.
Jade Lily: neat
James Miller: Philip, is LL advertising on There fansites?
Jonquille Noir: To clarify my question earlier.. I meant, any plans on making Resell/Give Away seperate options? So they could give gifts, but not resell an objects
Haney Linden: I think you wore them out Philip
James Miller: There are a bunch of SL ads, but, not able to tell who is behind them.
Philip Linden: No.
Tock Mars: Can an Island sim be broaken up by the buyer and sold?
Baba Yamamoto: hehe
Kyle Gilman: Can we make a second life trading card game lol
Hank Ramos: Precious minutes with the CEO, and we are dumbstruck :)
Philip Linden: They are not ads we are placing… I haven’t seen any.
Francis Chung: Do you like ice cream? :)
Jade Lily: lol
Schwanson Schlegel: lol
Kyle Gilman: I love ice cream
Chase Rutherford: Can people who buy sims sell part of the land to others?
Jade Lily: How about sushi?
Hank Ramos: Boxers or briefs? :)
Kyle Gilman: so does the schwan man
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Philip Linden: Go aherad.
Philip Linden: A trading card game would be so cool.
Kyle Gilman: LOL
Philip Linden: More of a brief guy.
Hikaru Yamamoto: wooot sushi :D !!!!!
Aqua Lily: I never saw answer to when we may be able to change or add to a name
Hank Ramos: sushi rocks.
Philip Linden: A trading card game would be so cool.
Jade Lily: i spent $100 on sushi last night :D
Philip Linden: Change your own name? We are working on that.
Hikaru Yamamoto: woooot, Philip in briefs ^^
Princess Medici: tock and chase…no, you can’t sell part of it
Chase Rutherford: Thanks Princess
Kyle Gilman: wait i have one, Whats your favorite sim
Chase Rutherford: sushi rocks…might hurt your teeth.
Schwanson Schlegel: will an entire sim ever sell for $L again?
Rimble Rampal: Are there plans to allow more groups per Avatar? 10 just isn’t enough
Chase Rutherford: yay Rimble
Hank Ramos: Rimble: agreed
Pedro Pendragon: plans for an official SL convention? :)
Philip Linden: Group limit noted already.
Jade Lily nods.
Jonquille Noir: You can use 7 of mine Rimble.
Anaraxis Romulus is online
Rimble Rampal: sorry was late
Philip Linden: Yes we will sometimes sell sims for L$
Schwanson Schlegel: wOOt
Haney Linden: Renato Medici: How about having a Stage 4 like Area that an instructor might display a live URL (web page) from the Internet-at-large?
Hank Ramos: Glad to see the SL economy stable.
Francis Chung: Are there plans to link SL to other MMO style networks?
Philip Linden: Live web pages under discussion… but hard problem.
Hank Ramos: Any plans to allow rendering of text to a prim face?
Philip Linden: Text rendering also in planning…. got it.
Jade Lily agrees we need more text options.
Grim Lupis: Decals!!! Please?
Philip Linden: We’d love to link messaging from LL to other systems.
Jade Lily: if all the others would implement xml-rpc, that wouldn’t be a problem ;)
Philip Linden: BTW is everyone seeing somewhat less lag?
Jade Lily: yep!
Philip Linden: FPS is still low.
Rimble Rampal: yes
Francis Chung: <-- less lag
Hikaru Yamamoto: yeah
Hank Ramos: definately
James Miller: Yes — forcing the hampsters to run faster?
Hank Ramos: scripts running better now
Philip Linden: I think we have a criticality at right above 35 users in the sim.
Jade Lily: lol james
Sensual Casanova: Leda hasnt crashed today, so yes! lol
Hank Ramos: James: lol
James Miller: hamsters
Philip Linden: We are at 33 now.
Philip Linden: Interesting.
Francis Chung: What kind of hardware drives each sim?
Jonquille Noir: I never noticed any in the first place.
Haney Linden: Before everyone leaves, remember Robin will have a town hall tomorrow at noon PST – talking about There, new events policies and other community issues.
Philip Linden: How frustrating!
Essence Lumin: The text isn’t repeating as it was so badly
Schwanson Schlegel gives Philip a high five.
Philip Linden: The hardware is a single processor P4, 2.8Ghz, 512MB RAM
Schwanson Schlegel: 512 ram?
Grim Lupis: O.o
Philip Linden: Yes… we don’t really need more.
Grim Lupis: That explains alot!
Philip Linden: Very high level of bus access… in a sense we wouldn’t want more.
Grim Lupis: I have a gig just to run the client!
Grim Lupis: O.o
Philip Linden: Costantly moving physics and objects and stuff to CPU
Philip Linden: The client can use more RAM, yes.
Rimble Rampal: i have high bus access and only 128 ram and mine runs very fast
Jade Lily trusts that LL knows what hardware they require to run the SL servers.
Philip Linden: Well rimble you are very lucky! 128 I’ve never seen.
Philip Linden: We have so many machines now in the grid…
Philip Linden: >200 machines.
Philip Linden: soon we will be a listed supercomputer cluster.
Rimble Rampal: good processor
Hank Ramos: Try flying through a sim a second in a balloon :)
Jade Lily: haha!
Pedro Pendragon: sweet :)
Hank Ramos: hehe
Philip Linden: Good grief you can go that fast?
Philip Linden: Well thats all the lag… lets just blame hank ;)
Rimble Rampal: I can on a dragon
Hank Ramos: hehe
James Miller: hahah
Jonquille Noir: It only takes me 20 minutes to fly through Gualala ;)
Schwanson Schlegel wears a helmet when riding w/ hank
Jade Lily: takes me 4 seconds to go through a sim
Grim Lupis: I can with one of the pre-telehub rocket packs that used to be common.
Hank Ramos: eek :P
Philip Linden: Well we’ve come a long way to where we can have 35 people together,
Philip Linden: and have this little lag.
Hikaru Yamamoto: yeah :D
Philip Linden: Older users can tell ya what is was like at first…
James Miller: yes.
Hikaru Yamamoto: lol
Hank Ramos: yes
Jade Lily: hehe
Philip Linden: and give you hope for the future if you are noob
Hikaru Yamamoto: yeah
Francis Chung: Wow. Sim fps was in triple digitst for a sec
Philip Linden: We move very fast with changes.
Jade Lily: we’ve come a very long way
Philip Linden: Really, 1.4 should be much faster on the sim lag.
James Miller: Does anyone here remember the 0.3.0 beta release? My god.
Teeny Leviathan: Slideshow. :)
Philip Linden: I don’t even remember it J ;)
James Miller: heh
James Miller: It was awful.
Philip Linden: It is very frustrating to have any lag at all… really we shouldn’t.
Tock Mars: When a sim reaches 35 people, would setting the entry cost to the land to L$100,000,000 stop people from coming in (including tp)?
Philip Linden: The sims and the architecture are incredibly fast.
James Miller: Oh, I’ve been able to get SL working on many ‘unsupported’ graphics cards—why not support them?
Philip Linden: Well that would be the wrong solution Tock… but yes!
Francis Chung: Are there any plans to allow offline calling card swaps? This would be a handy feature.
James Miller: Nvidia riva TNT2 can run SL, so can many Intel graphic thingies.
Philip Linden: James send us a list… we just don’t have them in test.
Hank Ramos: What’s the plan with SL Mobile?
Philip Linden: We do list the Intel cards where approriate,
Philip Linden: but not every one works.
Philip Linden: 3D is really not where the industry promises it to be.
Philip Linden: This is frustrated when trying to bring in non-gamers.
James Miller: Yep.
Philip Linden: knows how painful this is as well.
Francis Chung: Neil Protagonist: Are there any plans for supporting additive blending of prims and particles?
Philip Linden: hmm… additive blending.
Philip Linden: Sounds like something to email me on.
Haney Linden: IM: Arda Fauna: SL may have it’s problems but I think it is an AWSOME experience and I’d like thank all the Lindens for the super care they take to keep it running smoothly. :) )
Philip Linden: Thank you arda!
Tock Mars: Is ATI holding up there end or are they making things worse then they need to be?
Hank Ramos: here here Arda
Philip Linden: There are some fixes from ATI…
Philip Linden: but still some bugs.
Jade Lily: no more crocodile lines
Hank Ramos: True, but ATI support is much better
Philip Linden: Of course there are many things we need to improve as well.
Sally Zapata: :-)
Haney Linden: Adam Zaius: Extension to neil’s question: Could we get full OpenGL transparency options (two drop-down lists containing each possible combination)
Philip Linden: It is hard to point fingers.
Baba Yamamoto: can we optionally enable ATI texture corruption?
Baba Yamamoto: for the pr etty rainbow?
Philip Linden: because with infinite time, you could usually rewrite anything to work
Francis Chung: lol baba
Philip Linden: around the bugs.
Francis Chung: How about offline calling card swaps?
Philip Linden: Hmm… we originally though you needed to be online, since
Philip Linden: that meant you had really met.
Philip Linden: But something to think about.
Jade Lily agrees it’s better this way.
Philip Linden: regarding audio and voice and stuff…
Baba Yamamoto: You have SL mobile on the website… do you have any plans for that?
Zeke Casanova: -/
Philip Linden: In 1.4 you will get a kick out of the audio streaming feature…
Francis Chung: There are some people I’d like to meet, but we don’t always realize each other is online. And now since there’s no financial incentive to swap cards…
Philip Linden: I think it will be a big hit.
Jonquille Noir: I don’t want my message limit filled up with calling card offers
James Miller: I’m upset that I won’t be able to have a radio in my car, listening to an online station. :(
Jade Lily: how does the audio streaming thing work? was that discussed earlier?
James Miller: (car in SL, that is)
Philip Linden: basically you can start an MP3/OGG etc stream from any parcel.
Jade Lily: i showed like 45 minutes late
Philip Linden: I plan to put one on the welcome area…
Philip Linden: and have a live mic…
Philip Linden: and then, just occasionally…
Hank Ramos: Can we turn the music off if requested?
Schwanson Schlegel: wOOt
Philip Linden: say something like “James… this is God talking”
Jade Lily: ohhhh
Jade Lily: haha
James Miller: hahh
Schwanson Schlegel: LMAO
Jonquille Noir: lol
Beryl Greenacre: creepy, Philip. :P
Hank Ramos: hehe
Hikaru Yamamoto: lol
Philip Linden: Yes you can turn it off.
Pedro Pendragon: hehe
Sally Zapata: :-)
Jade Lily: “James, this is God talking. Get off my lawn.”
Philip Linden: OK you guys.
James Miller: How is voice chat coming? Does the voice altering software still sound like crap?” :)
James Miller: er
James Miller: no “
Philip Linden: Yes “crap” is a good description of current masking tech.
Jade Lily: LOL
Hank Ramos: eek
Philip Linden: Need to get better.
James Miller: Cory said it, not me ;)
Jade Lily: :-x
Sasha Blair: one of my friends just got onlne g2g
Sasha Blair: see ya laters
Jade Lily: bye Sasha!
James Miller: I’d love to be able to voice chat…so I can tell god to leave me the heck alone :)
Philip Linden: OK thanks for getting together.
Schwanson Schlegel: TYVM Philip
Hank Ramos: Thanks Philip
Chase Rutherford: Thanks Philip
Philip Linden: And again, hello to all the folks.
Jonquille Noir: Thanks Philip and Haney
Sally Zapata: :-)
Philip Linden: CYA all
Jade Lily hugs Uncle Phil
Francis Chung: Thanks Philip :)
Hank Ramos: And Haney Too :D
James Miller: Thanks Philip.
Nicholas Bauer is offline
Rimble Rampal: thanks
Haney Linden: no groupies on stage please
Aqua Lily: Thanks for giving us so much time
Jade Lily: eep!
Chase Rutherford: lol Haney
Hank Ramos: Dwexellent time :)
Aqua Lily: night everyone


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  1. James Miller

    May 27th, 2004

    Just a quick note — it’s Philip Rosedale, not Rosendale. :)

  2. Ezhar Fairlight

    May 27th, 2004

    Oops, I commented the old entry. Just wanted to let you know there was another Townhall today with Robin Linden (Robin Harper – Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Linden Lab).

    She talks about the special discount as well as answering questions regarding the new event policy. The transcript is here:

  3. Ian

    May 27th, 2004

    hehe, big difference… rosendale would make him jewish

  4. Glas

    Jun 21st, 2004

    Is there anyone hear that will make me a account on second life i will gvie them a THERE account that has a full years pay on it

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