There there Thereians: There is History?

by Alphaville Herald on 26/05/04 at 8:53 am

Looks like There is going to be the next boring MMORPG put out if its misery. According to this article in GameSpot, there could be an announcement about the consumer game going down within the next 90 days. Fpr now, Thereians should expect no further updates (hey, sounds like TSO!). Of course the real force behind this is the work that There Inc. is doing for the US Army:

“Currently, the company has an ongoing deal with the US Army, which is building a massive training simulation on top of the There engine.”

Meanwhile there appears to be a big push over on Second Life to recruit disgruntled Thereians. Our friend Toy reports that a lot of poeple have been moving to SL from There lately.

Thanks to Mr-Pres. for the pointer.

2 Responses to “There there Thereians: There is History?”

  1. Claydog

    May 26th, 2004

    No surprise since the game sucked…

  2. trailblazer

    May 26th, 2004

    There like TSO was nothing more than a huge chat room with avatars and some objects to mess with, though There’s graphics was ahead of TSO’s aging Sims graphics, when you take away the fluff it was nothing more than people talking to each other.

    I think games designed for the non-violent crowd is a great idea, but it needs more substance, If they could have combined everything TSO was supposed to be, with the graphics of There that game would probably be a big sucess, for some reason developers just can’t seem to learn from other games when making their own, they always leave out elements that would make it fun, There like TSO just didn’t live up to expectations, not sure if any of the non-violent games will.

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