We get Tigger. They get the CEO.

by Alphaville Herald on 25/05/04 at 4:45 pm

Well, if you are tired of camping out on Stratics and waiting for little nuggets of uninformative nothing from Tigger (aka Ms. I’ll Have to Get Back to You), this should give you something to think about. Following is a link to a Second Life Town Hall meeting with Second Life CEO and founder Phil Rosedale (aka Phil Linden) taking questions.


I guess the part I found especially interesting was the concern for keeping the economy stable. Thanks to Toy for the pointer.

14 Responses to “We get Tigger. They get the CEO.”

  1. RB

    May 25th, 2004

    You know 1 company *cares* about thier customers alot more than another when they get the damm CEO and founder to talk personally to them. All we get is a pr rep :P

    We need regular 2 way chats with the head TSO dev’s not twice a month tigger messages.

    - RB

  2. ian

    May 26th, 2004

    actually i dont remember getting 1 message from tigger this month, other than those “New version notes”

    She is just to dang busy being a kitchen bitch i guess

  3. TBT

    May 26th, 2004

    Not positive, but didn’t Will Wright do some interviews or chats with users long sgo with TSO too? Course he isn’t “really” in charge of TSO at tghis point, but… Tigger is just a piss on er uh i mean a peon… Shes a glorified board mod and why do people get mad if she doesn’t post or any of the maxis people they aren’t there to answer our every whim there are 1000s of us and they do have real jobs to do besides play in the web forums…

    Give em a brealk every now n then will ya? They like you do have other shit on their plate to take care of..

  4. TBT

    May 26th, 2004

    Addendum: And before some “holier-then-thou” comes in and rabnts about “Well I paid so i deserve, yada yada”…

    Stop before you evenpst that shit… Tell me exactly how much you think your measly $9.99 is supposed to pay for will ya?

  5. trailblazer

    May 26th, 2004

    From articles EA has shown it cares nothing about TSO, so they have no interest in letting players talk to devs etc, mainly because there probably isn’t many to talk to, Tigger is probably only part of a small staff left on TSO nowadays, they have nothing to talk about because what you see is pretty much I think all your going to get as far as content goes.

    They also probably don’t want all the questions that will surely come up like “Is custom content coming?”, “Will we get more content?”, “Can you at least add all the items from the offline version?”,”What about all the coming soon stuff?”, they would have to probably tell the truth and say “Well to put it bluntly your not getting anything else, maybe some small stuff we already had ready, but that is it, sorry”, and then even more would abandon the TSO ship once they finally know officialy nothing is coming,and they can’t have that, not till at least The Sims 2 is released.

  6. TBT

    May 26th, 2004

    but its already been said that custom content and other things are not going to be added… why is that sooooooooooooo friggin hard for some thick headed people to understand, not meaning you.. but my god how many times do you need to hear it before it sinks the hell in?

  7. RB

    May 26th, 2004

    Agreed. Ive repeated many times that CC is not coming. But most of the morons on stratics refuse to believe it. they need a reality check.

    - RB

  8. ian

    May 26th, 2004

    Look, you two do not work for Maxis/EA… uyou do not know for sure that they are not coming out with CC> They have posted that it is not on the agenda, but it iass not going to be worked on in the near future. however, us as a 9.99 payment a momnth, do have a share in what can be said, again everyone is allowed to say what they want. or else is this communism??

  9. ian

    May 26th, 2004

    Because iff it is…can i get a share of your simoleans :)

  10. trailblazer

    May 26th, 2004

    TBT yes Custom Content will never come, no it was never officially said it was not coming, Tigger was asked and said she would check into it, months later she must be still checking into it because nothing was said.

    The point of my post was that if they had a Q&A with devs,which they will never will, that will most surely be a question, people wanted official word, intelligently I think most people know custom content is as dead as Elvis, but they want it said by Maxis, which I agree, they should come out and say it officially if it’s not coming, but they won’t for some reason, maybe because they are afraid it will cost them even more players.

  11. TBT

    May 26th, 2004

    Pfffffffffft When are you people going to get it Tigger is JUST A PISS ON, A PEON.. She can ONLLY post what she is ALLOWED to post so NO she will NEVER reply with an answer to the custom content questions… Ian maybe you missed the boat somewhere but it has been said and has been hinted at for over the past year that infact customcontant will NOT make it to TSO.. You’re starting to sound like those drmy whiney sims who belive deleting pixelated pets is harmful to them and you.. Dude shake it off, we’ll splash some cold water in your face and give ya a couple slaps ok? ;-p

  12. Ian

    May 26th, 2004

    omfg lol, TBT, i am the one who made the first comment against that pet thing. but i know it isnt coming, just not “OFFCIALLY”

  13. TBT

    May 26th, 2004

    “omfg lol, TBT, i am the one who made the first comment against that pet thing”

    Oh I know Ian I’m just yankin yer chain, LOL

  14. Ezhar Fairlight

    May 27th, 2004

    I just put up the transcript for todays Townhall with Robin Linden (Robin Harper – Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Linden Lab). Same URL as above.

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