Free Will! Viva La Liberation!

by Alphaville Herald on 29/06/04 at 1:37 pm

I was gonna save this one for Bastille Day, but it looks like I’ll be in Geneva pondering the reformation wall and who knows if I’ll have a chance to post this. Several months ago CNN tried to interview Will Wright about the Alphaville Herald Incident, but they were DENIED by that lovable gladhanding shill, Jeff Brown, who told them that only *he* (i.e. Jeff) was allowed to talk about the matter. Imagine that! The greatest video game designer of all time gagged by some dweeb with the title Vice President for Corporate Communications. Fortunately for us, Will spit his gag and smuggled out a few words to the French resistence (well, ok, it was the newspaper Liberation) and what did he have to say? Well, no it wasn’t targetting info for those ball bearing factories in Dusseldorf (Col. Hogan took care of that), rather it was about the importance of gamers creating their *own* rules! The Board ho’s ain’t gonna like the sound of that. But then, you know collaborators… they’ll find a way to rationalize their fetishistic deference to the de facto powers that be. Anyway, as the following letter informs, Liberation has a big article in the works. We look forward to hearing from The Captain finally. And remember this cry: Free Will! (Cuz we wanna hear more.)

here’s the text of the letter

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