I Love a Parade

by Alphaville Herald on 23/06/04 at 5:57 pm

Could it be…? Of course! Gotta be Prometheus…

Second Life had a parade to celebrate its 1st anniversary today. The floats didn’t do much for me (and where were the Shriners!?! The Clowns? The free candy?), but the crowd was cool. Here are some snaps.

Uri, would you please pay attention to the damn float!

Some 2L-ers take to the air for a better look.

Good idea. Give your arms a rest and hijack The Love Helicopter for a closer look!

10 Responses to “I Love a Parade”

  1. MattyS

    Jun 23rd, 2004

    you can fly in Second life 2 lmao

  2. Ian

    Jun 24th, 2004

    Uri what is up with your rat tail, lmao

  3. cubey

    Jun 24th, 2004

    Whoah. You need a better graphics card.

  4. Urizenus

    Jun 24th, 2004

    Yah, I’m on the spare computer. But the real problem is the conversion of these screenshots to 16K JPEG files for the blog.

  5. RB

    Jun 24th, 2004

    Just provide a link to the pictures themselves then, with a note of thier file size in brackets. Instead of putting cutdown jpg versions on the front page.

    could show pics in full glory then and save bandwidth on others who are just reading.

    - RB

  6. Viva T

    Jun 24th, 2004

    It looks like you uri spied on them. why did you hide in the bush? Oh, you dared not show them your rat tail? hahaha

    PS. ugly hairstyle

  7. Urizenus

    Jul 9th, 2004

    hey, hamlet linden has finally posted his pics of the parade on New World Notes. Lacking the blinding originality of Uri, he stole our article title (“I love a Parade”) but we forgive him cuz his pics are so great! Here is your link.


  8. Ian

    Jul 9th, 2004

    Ohh Hamlet is awsome, talked to him in game a few times my self.

  9. Urizenus

    Jul 9th, 2004

    Amazing. I thought you were banned for being under age.

    But yah, hamlet is cool. Hummie and him and I go waaaaay back. 10 years in cyberspace I would guess. We were all WELL-holes.

  10. Ian

    Jul 9th, 2004

    LOL Uri!

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