Introducing SL?s first mafia: The Valentino Family

by Alphaville Herald on 25/06/04 at 8:02 pm

cinda.bmpDon Cinda Valentino with two Mac-10s and a tiara

In this interview we talk to TSO refugees Pino and Cinda Valentino, who talk about their formation of the Valentino family, give us a rundown of the current families at play in SL, and explain what the SL Mafia game is all about. Oh, and uh, they claim that the W Hats and the TechSols ain?t all that scary. Did the Valentino?s really seize the TechSols HQ? We?ll have to get the TechSol side next interview?

Mafia Dons Cinda and Pino chill under the infamous poster of the Hotel Erotica Demolition. Cinda’s 10 story appartment building towers in the background.

AVDetector whispers: Making icon for Pino Valentino
AVDetector whispers: Making icon for Cinda Valentino
Cinda Valentino: hello
Urizenus Sklar: hey cinda!
Pino Valentino: hey Uri
Urizenus Sklar: heya pino!
Pino Valentino: sorry for standing on the furniture but my shoes are clean i promise
Urizenus Sklar: yah, I have plastic covers on the couches for that reason
Cinda Valentino: lol
Pino Valentino: LMAO
Pino Valentino: cool place
Urizenus Sklar: well, its my first try at anything
Urizenus Sklar: not counting the place I nuked
Cinda Valentino: lol
Pino Valentino: lol
Urizenus Sklar: Pino, you weren’t ever in tso were you?
Cinda Valentino: sure he
Pino Valentino: yes i was :) )
Cinda Valentino: lol
Urizenus Sklar: oh yeah? who were you there? and where there? (i.e. what city)
Pino Valentino: Pino Capone in BF MF
Urizenus Sklar: oh ok, and Cinda, who /where were you?
Cinda Valentino: I was just plain old Cinda, and in Alphaville
Pino Valentino: just plain ole, lol
Cinda Valentino: lol
Urizenus Sklar: did you two know each other in tso?
Pino Valentino: no unfortunately
Cinda Valentino: he was married to someone else lol
Urizenus Sklar: :0
Pino Valentino: lol shhh
Pino Valentino: LOL
Urizenus Sklar: Cinda, were you in a mafia in AV?
Cinda Valentino: not at all, I was in a sorority lol
Urizenus Sklar: so how come you got into it here?
Cinda Valentino: I didn?t get into one
Cinda Valentino: I formed one
Urizenus Sklar: sorority? which one?
Pino Valentino: LOL
Cinda Valentino: Alpha Phi Fuckem
Urizenus Sklar: woot!
Pino Valentino: lmao
Cinda Valentino: all the girls looked the same
Cinda Valentino: we had one brunette look
Urizenus Sklar: less jealousy that way, I suppose
Pino Valentino: lol
Cinda Valentino: lol it was funny as hell
Urizenus Sklar: when did you leave tso?
Cinda Valentino: as soon as I got here, end of January this year
Urizenus Sklar: wow, and you started a mafia and got it up to size already?
Cinda Valentino: totally
Pino Valentino: :)
Cinda Valentino: we were the 1st Mafia
Urizenus Sklar: First in SL?
Cinda Valentino: according to what I’ve been told, yes
Cinda Valentino: I’m only going on what older players who would know have told me
Urizenus Sklar: What’s the name of the family?
Cinda Valentino: Valentino Mafia
Urizenus Sklar: ok, and Pino, when did you come here from tso?
Pino Valentino: well i was put in “there” in the witness protection program for a bit
Pino Valentino: lmao
Pino Valentino: i left TSO in December
Pino Valentino: and went to there for 2 months and came here mid Feb
Urizenus Sklar: ok so There first, and then when did you come here?
Pino Valentino: cost of living was too high in There
Pino Valentino: lol
Cinda Valentino: lol
Urizenus Sklar: haha
Urizenus Sklar: when did you hook up with Cinda’s family?
Pino Valentino: a few days after i was here we met
Cinda Valentino: we actually formed it together
Cinda Valentino: it didn?t exsist before Pino got here
Pino Valentino: what she said LOL
Urizenus Sklar: ok, so you two decided together that this would be a cool thing to do?
Cinda Valentino: well it was my idea, but Pino and I discussed it, and thought it would be fun
Cinda Valentino: us and Rock Valentino were the 1st members
Urizenus Sklar: any other tso refugees in your family?
Cinda Valentino: hmmmm
Pino Valentino: Rock
Cinda Valentino: yes Rock, and I’m sure others not sure who tho
Urizenus Sklar: who was rock in tso?
Pino Valentino: plain ole Rock
Pino Valentino: lol
Urizenus Sklar: again in BF?
Pino Valentino: actually “Krock” in BF
Urizenus Sklar: ok, so what are some of the other families that exist in SL now?
Cinda Valentino: hmmm
Cinda Valentino: theres the Fonzerelli mafia
Cinda Valentino: and the umm Mafia Family
Cinda Valentino: and umm, the Associates
Pino Valentino: Raolistan, blue flame
Urizenus Sklar: The Associates?
Cinda Valentino: yes thats One Song?s mafia
Cinda Valentino: I think there?s the Yakuza Mafia too
Urizenus Sklar: slow downn a sec…
Pino Valentino: lol
Urizenus Sklar: one at a time…
Urizenus Sklar: let’s start with the Fonzarelli’s
Cinda Valentino: sure
Urizenus Sklar: That is run by former tso Vince Soprano, but its new yes?
Cinda Valentino: i ‘m not sure, about the name, Diadeloz Fonzerelli is the founder here
Cinda Valentino: and we’re not sure if he’ll be back
Urizenus Sklar: Yep, Diadeloz is Vince Soprano
Cinda Valentino: ok
Urizenus Sklar: why what happened to him?
Cinda Valentino: seems he has maybe left us again
Urizenus Sklar: banned?
Cinda Valentino: not sure, but this time he left with 14k of my money
Urizenus Sklar: I saw him logged on yesterday I think
Cinda Valentino: really??
Urizenus Sklar: not positive
Cinda Valentino: cause everyone is looking for him
Urizenus Sklar: hehe
Cinda Valentino: lol
Urizenus Sklar: what should I tell him if I see him?
Pino Valentino: its ok you can tell us. no cement shoes i promise
Pino Valentino: lol
Cinda Valentino: aww, nothing, just like to know if he’s gone or what
Cinda Valentino: we’re not that kind of mafia lol
Pino Valentino: lol
Urizenus Sklar: ok,well did he have many in his family?
Cinda Valentino: he had about 8-10 members I guess
Urizenus Sklar: How many are in your family now?
Cinda Valentino: 48 last i looked
Urizenus Sklar: ok, now who is Song? and what is his group?
Cinda Valentino: well One Song founded the Associates
Cinda Valentino: which originally wasn?t a Mafia, from what i remember hearing, but somewhere along the way, they became one
Urizenus Sklar: his name is “One Song”?
Cinda Valentino: yes, One Song
Urizenus Sklar: hmmm, ok and now they are a mafia, with how many members?
Cinda Valentino: ummmm, looks like 12 as of today
Cinda Valentino: according to him, he’s not into large amounts of members
Urizenus Sklar: Well, what is his game?
Urizenus Sklar: what was the group that the Fonzarelli’s were shooting at the other day? W somethings.
Cinda Valentino: Hats. The W Hats
Urizenus Sklar: W Hats?
Urizenus Sklar: OK, what is their story?
Cinda Valentino: they’re a group, dont know much about them
Urizenus Sklar: One Song seemed to think they were not to be fucked with
Cinda Valentino: hmmm, well we have never had any problems with them, but I’ve certainly haven?t heard about them being untouchable or anything
Pino Valentino: lol
Cinda Valentino: nor have I heard of any group that can?t be gotten too.
Cinda Valentino: Actually, that?s not true?
Cinda Valentino: i did hear that one group was very advanced?
Cinda Valentino: but we took over their HQ with ease
Urizenus Sklar: the Dysfunctionsal Family?
Pino Valentino: lol
Cinda Valentino: we’ve never had a problem with the Dys’ either
Urizenus Sklar: But the W Hats aren’t an asian mafia or anything
Pino Valentino: not sure
Cinda Valentino: not as far as I know
Urizenus Sklar: I don’t know why I had that impression
Cinda Valentino: the Yakuza Mafia would be
Urizenus Sklar: ah ok, tell me about them
Cinda Valentino: since Yakuza I’m told means Mafia
Cinda Valentino: I guess they’re the Mafia Mafia
Urizenus Sklar: lol
Pino Valentino: lol
Urizenus Sklar: that’s why i never order shrimp scampi
Pino Valentino: lmao
Cinda Valentino: neither to I
Urizenus Sklar: shrimp shrimp? not for me
Cinda Valentino: I’m a Jew we don?t eat that shit
Urizenus Sklar: meanwhile, any mafias that we are forgetting?
Cinda Valentino: theres a Trinity Mafia
Pino Valentino: a few are fairly new haven?t seen them before
Cinda Valentino: and Raolistan Mafia
Urizenus Sklar: well ok, so all this leads to the questio of what *is* the mafia game here?
I mean, what is the goal?
Cinda Valentino: well the main reason that we formed is to be able to have a means to deal with people that the Lindens either won?t, or don?t want to deal with themselves
Cinda Valentino: in other words
Cinda Valentino: if you make one of us an enemy
Cinda Valentino: you get 47 more
Urizenus Sklar: what kind of people?
Urizenus Sklar: griefers?
Pino Valentino: griefers for one
Cinda Valentino: yes exactly
Cinda Valentino: we NEVER start ANYTHING
Cinda Valentino: we only finish it
Pino Valentino: w?ere a family that helps each other out
Urizenus Sklar: lol, ok… so give me an example of someone you had to finish
Cinda Valentino: lol
Cinda Valentino: well we did have a brief problems with the TechSols recently
Cinda Valentino: in which we were forced to take over their headquaters
Cinda Valentino: and the problematic member was ejected
Urizenus Sklar: they are a pretty big group in Jessie, no?
Cinda Valentino: yes, and I have heard that they have some amazing Technology, however I didnt witness any
Cinda Valentino: we have some pretty good scripters ourselves
Urizenus Sklar: I think I saw you on my av detector over in Jessie the other day
Urizenus Sklar: (I have a small spot there)
Cinda Valentino: yes, the Valentinos now have land and a spawn area, complete with bunkers in jessie
Urizenus Sklar: since when?
Cinda Valentino: since about 10 days ago
Urizenus Sklar: ok are we going to count the Tech Sols as a kind of mafia?
Cinda Valentino: i wouldn?t
Urizenus Sklar: why not
Cinda Valentino: mafia is a different word
Urizenus Sklar: what’s the diff
Cinda Valentino: i would consider a Mafia to be well organized
Cinda Valentino: and having a certain chain of command
Cinda Valentino: i didn?t see the existence of that with the TechSols
Urizenus Sklar: I see so they are just a band of gun toting script writers?
Cinda Valentino: lol, I dont want to cast and negative vibes towards them, but I wouldn?t consider they’re group a Mafia
Cinda Valentino: they do have a lot of guns though, that?s for sure lol
Urizenus Sklar: that they do
Pino Valentino: lol
Urizenus Sklar: so then so far we have two features of your mafia (1) it is designed to deal with griefers that the Linden’s won’t stop, and (2) it is about family. Anything else?
Cinda Valentino: well yes, we are about to get into hopefully what will be some very lucrative businesses, and we have always been in land dealings and loans.
Cinda Valentino: money is another large facet of what we try to be
Urizenus Sklar: You have a shitpile of property already…
Pino Valentino: lol
Cinda Valentino: well all my land is as good as Valentinos ? land, and I own 1/2 sim, Gnocchia, our newest Don, just bought her own island sim
Cinda Valentino: we’re very very proud of her
Urizenus Sklar: wow, its a private sim or it came up for sale
Cinda Valentino: no, she had it created, the lindens dealt with her directly. its quite beautiful
Urizenus Sklar: I’ll have to check it out. I’m thinking of doing that too
Cinda Valentino: yes, i had heard that you were
Urizenus Sklar: Do you have any casinos?
Pino Valentino: soon
Cinda Valentino: well at the moment, the final touches are being added to the new Valentino Casino here in Aluluei
Cinda Valentino: it is quite large
Urizenus Sklar: oh cool, I need a place to lose money
Pino Valentino: lol
Cinda Valentino: we’ll we’ll have hopefully the widest variety of games in SL
Pino Valentino: LOL
Cinda Valentino: yes, I think of it as a 50′s airport looking place
Urizenus Sklar: sweet
Cinda Valentino: :)
Pino Valentino: we also hold many Family events
Cinda Valentino: right, boxing is our main event
Urizenus Sklar: oooh boxing
Urizenus Sklar: so if you have about half a sim then you must be paying a good 60 US a month to the lindens in land tax…
Urizenus Sklar: at least
Cinda Valentino: my tier is $125.00 a month :(
Cinda Valentino: lol
Cinda Valentino: but I really enjoy it
Cinda Valentino: and sell a bit of my money back for cash
Urizenus Sklar: ok, so do you have any hope that in the fullness of time your family business ventures will cover that?
Cinda Valentino: well, I’d like to keep dreaming, but I have no problem spending money on my own entertainment
Urizenus Sklar: ah
Urizenus Sklar: do you think it is possible in principle from what you’ve seen?
Cinda Valentino: yes
Cinda Valentino: i think that if I could reach the level of some players, it could theoretically break even
Urizenus Sklar: in his interview with me, Phil Linden predicted 1 million users within 3 years….
Cinda Valentino: wow
Pino Valentino: amazing
Urizenus Sklar: if that prediction holds, what do you think it would mean to your business?
Cinda Valentino: well as far as the Casino goes, I think it could only help
Cinda Valentino: we also are opening a interior decorating business with 2 “friends of ours” catja La Follette and Govindira Galetea
Pino Valentino: also a beauty salon and flea markets at below cost prices
Cinda Valentino: yes, the salon in limantour will be open soon also
Urizenus Sklar: any thought of a security biz?
Cinda Valentino: well we always are in the business of protection
Cinda Valentino: we currently protect some groups
Urizenus Sklar: such as?
Cinda Valentino: of which I’m not at liberty to say
Urizenus Sklar: ah
Cinda Valentino: is it is part of the agreement
Urizenus Sklar: do you get paid for that?
Cinda Valentino: well we don?t actually do that simply for cash
Cinda Valentino: although we do get paid
Cinda Valentino: its more of a item by item, or occasion by occasion pricing
Urizenus Sklar: I want to go back to griefers… can you give me an example of someone the Lindens wouldn’t shut down and you had to take care of?
Cinda Valentino: well
Urizenus Sklar: you don’t have to name names
Cinda Valentino: they’re have been about 5 or 6 real instances that even though the Lindens were told of someone?s actions, it did take until we all got together, and reached some sort of deal with the “people” till anything was resolved
Cinda Valentino: its not easy to go around and never bump into one of us
Urizenus Sklar: what kind of deal
Cinda Valentino: well depending on what was going on, “stop it or you have 48 (or however many) new enemies?
Urizenus Sklar: and that works?
Cinda Valentino: neg rating, and constant kills in allowed area, forum posts and etc can be very very useful
Urizenus Sklar: ah so you will have everyone in the group give them neg ratings?
Pino Valentino: also being banned from many places kinds of ruins the fun for them
Cinda Valentino: we have never done that, but if what was going on was bad enough, its always an option, no one wants 20 neg rates, when we can usually talk it out, and come to an “understanding”
Urizenus Sklar: can you ban people from most of the top spots?
Cinda Valentino: I know a few people, I wouldn?t make that promise, but I’ve yet to be declined a favor
Cinda Valentino: Alternatively we can also divulge information that would get someone banned for life if the lindens were to find out
Urizenus Sklar: like age I suppose
Pino Valentino: that one of many
Pino Valentino: harassment, age, etc.
Cinda Valentino: yes
Urizenus Sklar: Are you still looking for new members?
Pino Valentino: always
Cinda Valentino: yes, we are always looking for members that really care about the group
Urizenus Sklar: Suppose someone reads this and wants to join? or is interested. What should they do?
Cinda Valentino: well contact any one of our Dons, and if they have any personal references including them is always good
Cinda Valentino: we have taken some members on references alone, and denied on the same basis
Urizenus Sklar: are there people you won’t take?
Cinda Valentino: yes there are many who we haven?t taken
Urizenus Sklar: like bald guys with pony tails?
Pino Valentino: LOL
Cinda Valentino: lol
Cinda Valentino: we have no preferences on appearance
Urizenus Sklar: ok so what are you looking for?
Cinda Valentino: well, we’re looking for people who have a brain for one
Cinda Valentino: good with guns
Cinda Valentino: fair and honest
Cinda Valentino: don?t take crap
Cinda Valentino: and know how to take their place in line
Cinda Valentino: mostly, we want people who will be fiercely loyal, still remembering this is a game
Cinda Valentino: not a life
Pino Valentino: were not a bunch of tough guys (until were pushed) our goal is to make it pleasurable for all of us
Urizenus Sklar: Speaking of life, just curious… how many hours a day do you two spend in game on average?
Pino Valentino: lol
Cinda Valentino: I am here from 8 or 9 PM my time, every day almost till about 3 am
Cinda Valentino: some days different hours
Pino Valentino: I?m on an average of 6-10 hours a day
Urizenus Sklar: so that’s almost like a life, no?
Cinda Valentino: I’d say 5-8
Cinda Valentino: well its my evening life
Pino Valentino: it is ….its my Second life ;)
Cinda Valentino: I have a rule
Pino Valentino: lol
Urizenus Sklar: lol
Cinda Valentino: my day has to be fully taken care of before I log on
Urizenus Sklar: I need a rule like that, but then I would never ever log on
Pino Valentino: lol don?t we all
Cinda Valentino: Pino can attest to that, I’ve cheated a few times, but you don?t usually see me here in the day
Cinda Valentino: lol
Pino Valentino: yes
Cinda Valentino: I own my own business in rl, so i get to set my own hours
Pino Valentino: likewise
Pino Valentino: :)
Cinda Valentino: it makes for better gaming it seems
Urizenus Sklar: luckies!
Cinda Valentino: lmao
Pino Valentino: lol
Cinda Valentino: I do feel lucky!

25 Responses to “Introducing SL?s first mafia: The Valentino Family”

  1. MattyS

    Jun 25th, 2004

    well lol looks like i will never be playing this game i looked at the simple step by step pictures to make a simple rocket and I was all lost! I have no Fuckin clue what was happening. ooo well this fall gonna stil with the sims online still :)

    some stuff i took out of articles……..

    As it stands, if you’re interested in taking advantage of the core building aspect of Second Life, you need to know almost as much about game design as mod-makers do. You need to know how scripts work, what polygons are, and how it all comes together to create 3D models.

    Linden Labs is betting on the innate lust of players to learn the tools to create complex content. The tools built into Second Life seem almost as powerful as the tools used by the fans that created mods like Counter-Strike, and they also seem just as complex. Using the built-in tools, you can construct items in-game by sculpting polygons and by carving and combining shapes just like professional mod-makers. When we saw Second Life, we watched as a player created a chain in-game by cutting and shaping polygons. Once items are shaped, you can apply scripts that control how the item acts and functions. Similarly, custom textures can be uploaded and applied to give the item a wholly unique look.

    for all those interested here is the article i pulled it from

  2. MattyS

    Jun 25th, 2004

    Now i know why it is called secondlife would take my whole life to design a freaken rocket lmao

  3. RB

    Jun 26th, 2004

    Now there’s an original name for a mafia. :P

    also lol @ the TSO screen shot being used as a poster in the SL house :D

    - RB

  4. Urizenus

    Jun 26th, 2004

    Matty, why in hades do you need to design/build a rocket anyway? I’ll give you one. You’re right about one thing though, you could live to be 100 yrs old and not master the game, for the simple reason that there is no finite stock of abilities/skills/levels to master. As people keep thinking up new scripting strategies (cf Seburo Compact Exploder)the things to learn expand accordingly.

  5. toy

    Jun 26th, 2004

    toy would have to admit that SL is for those with a desire to learn :) But oh what a sense of accomplishment when the first item you created comes to life :) Perhaps this is one of the reasons that SL attracts a more mature player base. After all, greening and skilling is TSO could be learned in a matter or seconds but where is the personal sense of accomplishment in skilling and greening one would ask? :)

    As far as Mafia in SL well the ‘gun’ people in SL are a very small part of SL. The overwhelming share of players are more into creating, not destroying :)

  6. MattyS

    Jun 26th, 2004

    If I decided to try it out would people show me the ropes?

  7. Urizenus

    Jun 26th, 2004

    Toy, I don’t see that the gun people are destructive rather than creative. The TechSols and Valentinos both have some very creative script writers, and both have very impressive structures that they’ve built. Then too there is the creative aspect of group formation too.

  8. Ian

    Jun 26th, 2004

    Uri’s right, atleast these people can do something with their creativity, and not bother those who aren’t interested in interferring.. THis is what TSO should HAVE done.

  9. Savannah

    Jun 26th, 2004

    Second life sounds like a fascinating game that I plan on playing in the near future. However, I’m not a math whiz, nor am I the programming type-unless you count HTML and a brief fling with VB (which, by the way, eventually left me dazed and confused).

    Are there tutorials anywhere that a scriptually illiterate person such as myself could go to and learn from before entering the game? Sites? Helps? Polygons 101?

    Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

  10. Urizenus

    Jun 26th, 2004

    Yeah, they are running tutorials all the time, and there are Mentors like Toy that you can track down too. I think it’s easiest to learn from friends though. One thing: you don’t actually have to learn to do anything — it’s entirely possible to just tap into the gift economy and work people for free stuff. It’s an interesting if unremarked feature of the game that social skills really do translate into the acquisition of stuff. Having a cute avatar helps too. (Hence my studly rat tail.)

  11. Savahhah

    Jun 26th, 2004

    I did find a tutorial sight through the Second Life forums; it’s I haven’t really looked at it yet, but thought others might be interested in checking it out as well.

  12. MattyS

    Jun 27th, 2004

    ty was looking for one :)

  13. toy

    Jun 27th, 2004

    I understand many of them are creative but I simply see no reason for guns or mafia involvement in SL.. it will go on toy is sure but the core of the SL players arent into it… toy will go her happy way creating, not owning weapons for there is simply no need for them :) Rausch and Jessie are very small part of SL and I have no need to go to them. :) Im perfectly happy owning 1/4 of Jenner :) But then again toy never goes to clubs in SL or casinos, go figure hehehehe

  14. toy

    Jun 27th, 2004

    ack Savannah, wiki is strictly for scripting it may be mind boggling to start there.. the small beginners tutorial at the SL page is good but somewhat limited… and as Uri said the mentors and instructors will gladly help look me up if you go to SL toys name is Toy LaFollette :)

  15. urizenus

    Jun 27th, 2004

    toy, the reason for guns is that they are fun, and what is most fun about them is seeing what they can do — like the Seburo compatct-exploder which uses multiple parallel scripts (the hack that impressed Phil Linden so much)to fire rapidly and the missles that track and home in on targets. Nice. I agree that most people are not into gun play in SL, but then so too most people are not into running zoos or newspapaers either.

    I agree that people should not worry about these tutorial and scripting sites. All they are going to do is freak you out. Honestly the game is not that intimidating. Just go in and fly around and talk to people at first. You don’t *need* to learn anything. You’ll learn more as you go. I mean, we survived years in tso without making custom objects. You can survive a few days in SL without knowing how.

  16. toy

    Jun 27th, 2004

    okay, okay…. toy will admit some cool scripting goes into guns and what toy says is her own opinion of guns :) The hack and slash that weapons represent in games is the very reason toy left UO after playing it for 4 years. they was fun against monsters and such in UO. Going back even further in the old MUDs they were also hack and slash and one of the reasons MUSHs and such were created. In most MUDs there were set goals to accomplish so that one could ‘kill’ better. MUSHs were about user content and no set skills to learn. I guess things come full circle every decade or so :)

  17. Maria LaVeaux

    Jul 8th, 2004

    I have joined my toy in SL (Still playing TSO though) and in a few weeks there, i have only seen a few weapons for sale, I have Not seen them used at all.
    There is simply too much else to do, I was completely blown away my first day with the sense of freedom, i have since made a few unique objects, and i have found there is a Real market for my art, I am now setting up a gallery.
    Intimidating,, no, SL is a culture shock, but it is not intimidating. people there have greeted me openly, i have been Given some Wonderful gifts (The creative of SL, and that is just about everyone love to share their accomplishments.) and i am settling in very well.
    I suppose if people want to set up a Mafia, they can, but Unlike TSO, the game organizers pay very close attention to what goes on so Griefing by Mafias is unlikely to carry on. (One my first day, Someone accidentally bumped into me while i was flying, Immediatly, i got a pop-up letting me know if it was maliciously intentioned i could report it and gain assistance. WOW)
    People simply find so much to do there,, so much outlet for play, and creativity, there is no real need to grief from boredom.
    Matty, you will find many who will help, and teach you, as i have found. You will, if you like, have to learn a little in order to create, and script, but chere, there is NOTHING wrong with that, it does not take long, and the results will please you more than you imagine, particularly when you realize that you can sell what you have made.
    Don’t worry about Mafia’s or guns or any of that nonsense. If you choose not to take part in that kind of play, it will never affect you.

    In SL, i am Angelique LaFollette (Maria was taken. :( )


  18. Ana Lutetia

    Jan 31st, 2007

    Mafia inside SL…?

  19. Tyler Stein

    May 1st, 2007

    Well, i wouldnt say this was the first mafia family, if its new, than it definatly isnt becuase the Seigo family has been around for quite some time. We’re old Scilian too.

  20. Smooka the Hutt

    Jun 22nd, 2007

    The only real Mafia is Smooka Lulz

  21. Anonymous

    Aug 8th, 2007

    heh I used to be involved with the Valentinos, but I’m underage, so I’m Teen Grid now. I was a Red Lotus named Tyler Bard…

  22. KristenGambino

    Aug 28th, 2007

    do they still do the mafia stuff in sl?

  23. urizenus

    Aug 28th, 2007

    they do, Kristen, but they aren’t as visible as they were on TSO, for example.

  24. worldender

    Dec 11th, 2012

    Cortino Family is the oldest mafia in SL we have been around for 8 years, i suggest you do update your web page, and btw most these losers dont play SL anymore because we owned their asses

  25. Travis

    Mar 30th, 2014

    Lies. Nobody owned them they still exist.

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