Johnny Lace Design Contest winner accounced

by Alphaville Herald on 29/06/04 at 1:12 pm

Sorry for the delay in getting this out. The winning property was by Henderson Designs. I didn’t see the inside of the prop, but I have to say that from the outside it looks plug ugly to me. I guess I just don’t get simarchitecture… Here is your link to the final rankings. Congrats to the winners and to Johnny Lace for another successful contest.

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  1. Dyerbrook

    Jun 29th, 2004

    Uri, did you follow Cannes? There was that annoying Michael Moore who won with “9/11″? (*cough* is anyone going to fact-check that motion-picture blog?) and that other guy with a movie called like “Che!” or something…well, and they won, because Old Europe triumphed, and there was that bashing of America same-old, same-old, but the reason why MM won, and not the Che guy (was he Chilean or something, look out MT, I’m betraying my ignorance) was because Old Europe, as much as it hates us, also admires us. Envies us.

    In the same fashion, this mullet-headed Dutch Sim designer Johnny Lace, known by some of the boys affectionately/maliciously as JayLa, picked as no. 1 a lot that portrayed America in an unfavorable light — a ghetto! With garbage! And basketball hoops as the only entertainment for reprobate youth! And depressing bed-sitters! And clogged toilets! God, it was a gem! We could never decide whether this contest as about design or theme (is that why my contest prop came in at no. 32 lol) The only thing missing from Isaac’s lot was the news kiosk (yes we people in crappy urban hoods do read papers) but he ran out of object space.

    But though the ghetto thing, which was actually a very excellent work, tickled Old European Johnny’s fancy in that it portrayed us in a bad light, JayLa couldn’t help giving his “Most Original” award to Cornelius Vanderbilt, winner of last year’s JL contest. Cornelius had a lot called “Fugly House” which was brutally beautiful. “A terrible beauty is born.” You would sing along with Walt Whitman if you saw this house of Corn’s. American! Coloradan! Suburban! Cornelian! But it only tied in the no. 10 spot out of the top 10 I believe. Still, “Most Original” is “Most Original” and in a contest where we only had size 2 lots, generating “cosy” houses, it was damn hard.

    That’s my take on it. There are many others. But you have to hand it to Johnny. Everybody pisses and moans that Maxis won’t entertain them or somebody else won’t entertain them, but Johnny kept us riveted for weeks with his contest. I personally feel my contest Sim’s best blind date in the game was those special moments when JayLa came to judge my lot : ), and was even my own personally key-handed roomie (not remote!). Well…does it get better than that?

    Look at the contest houses, and stop pissing on TSO, Uri. No, you don’t have the tools in TSO to draw a giant dick for a virtual BJ as you do in SL, but hey, the intellectual ones can be So much better : )

  2. Ian

    Jun 30th, 2004

    Rock on Dyerbrook, I loved it!

  3. RB

    Jun 30th, 2004

    I myself would not have picked that house as no.1, but it wasn’t my contest so it don’t matter :D

    - RB

  4. Johnny Lace

    Jun 30th, 2004

    Nice one Dyer :)

    I already informed Uri that you had to be *on* the lot to fully appreciate it and he encouraged me to make a comment about it… seeing your big comment I no longer have to… hehe

    Next contest I will be more clear in whether it be a design or a theme contest. Maybe I will use the Anti-America theme :-P

    Before people accuse me of being anti-US, please note that Europe isn’t anti-US, they’re completely anti-Bush. I am :)
    Heck, we first bash the US and the next day we book our holiday to Florida hehe.

  5. Johnny Lace

    Jun 30th, 2004

    And a crazy blind date it was :-)
    With the focus on ‘blind’ hehe

  6. Ian

    Jun 30th, 2004

    Johnny, it really sounds like you belong in France, if you already aren’t there.

  7. Johnny Lace

    Jun 30th, 2004

    Nah, last time I was in France, New kids on the block ruled the charts :-)
    My last holiday was in California, which I tremendously enjoyed! :)

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