Profanity no longer a reportable offense in tso, but what does it mean?

by Alphaville Herald on 26/06/04 at 2:52 pm

Most of you know that TSO has announced (well, Tigger has announced) that profanity is no longer a reportable offense. RB has editorialzed on his blog that this shows an outbreak of sanity at EA, since profanity reporting was principally just a tool used by griefers to ban citicisms that get fed up with their antics and say “damn” (I know of a case of a sim that was flagged for telling a sim that he “deserves to be bitch slapped” after he called someone a “nigger” — the sim who said ‘nigger’ was not flagged by EA). Is it really an outbreak of sanity, or is it yet another sign that EA is withdrawing resources from the game and no longer has the time or energy to supervise the language of game users. I guess I would vote for the latter. Meanwhile Tigger advises users to deploy EA’s profanity filter — which is the biggest joke in cyberspace.

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