David Pierce Files virtual Class Action Suit Against AVGs Chad Thomas

by Alphaville Herald on 28/07/04 at 10:26 pm

Several days ago in a post in the comments section of this blog, Chad Thomas of the Alphaville Government admitted to using proxy servers to vote over 200 times for Mr-President in the now infamous Alphaville Elections between Mr-President and Ashley Richardson. Now, David Pierce has filed what what may be the worlds first virtual class action law suit against Chad Thomas, seeking monetary compensation (in game currency) for all Alphaville residents that choose to join the lawsuit. The mediating body is to be the court of Judge Carmella in the Citicsms Court of the Aphaville Government’s judiciary branch. Needless to say, this is a *very* interesting development. See the stratics thread here for more discussion and details.

I will say that Chad is looking a lot like a scapegoat in this affair, given that he reports that he was begged by his superior Jason Sim to “do something”, and also given that Mr-President and JC Soprano had contingency plans which “they didn’t have to use”, had the election been in jeopardy (which it would have been without Chad’s intervention). Is it time for Mr-President to resign?

Monday, July 26th 2004

Dear Citizens of Alphaville,

On Sunday, July 25th, in an interview delievered by the public news organization Alphaville Gazette, Mr. Chad Thomas admits to charges of fradulent practices during Alphaville Government elections. As such, I have taken council in this case on behalf of the People of Alphaville.

The following charges have been filed to Judge Carmella of the Citisims Court as of 8:44pm EST on July 26th, 2004:

1. Creation of technical devices with intent to alter election results.
1a. Proxy servers solicited for the purpose of altering results of an election.
2. Illicit use and manipulation of third party technical devices to alter election results.
2a. Multiple voting using a device other than Local Area Connection.
3. Altering fairness value of elections in favor of one party.
3a. Voting multiple times.

Council for the People has asked as one of five penalties financial compensation in the amount of $100,000 or 25% of Mr. Thomas’ assets, whichever are greater. This money is to be distributed to all citizens who apply as claimants in this case.

Because this is a multiple party case, David Pierce will represent all individuals wishing to be included in this lawsuit. Any individuals who do not apply as applicants of this multiple party case MUST contact Judge Carmella before the first day this case appears in court in order to be considered as separate from the “People,” thus enabling the individual to file a separate claim against Mr. Thomas. However, no gaurantee can be made that any individual will have a successful claim following a multiple party suit against him.

Thus, we encourage all citisims to take advantage of this multiple party suit by filing as a claimant in this case. By filing as a claimant, you will receive monetary compensation to be distributed by the following means:

Distribution of all monetary winnings in this court case, divided among all claimees.

Therefore, all monetary winnings will be distributed equally among those that file.

How do you file? Simply email your Council (davidpiercealpha@yahoo.com) with “Claimant” in the subject line. In the message body, please include your Sim name and real life email address so that we may contact you if necessary.

There is no gaurantee that you will receive any compensation from this case, in the event that the court rules in favor of Mr. Thomas, or if this particular penalty is adjusted or removed as a penalty for a guilty verdict from this case. However, you will not receive anything unless you file!

David Pierce will not be taking any lawyer fees for his work on this case, and will not file as a claimant in this case. All money received will go directly to claimants.

Join me in creating an Alphaville free of corruption and deceit.

Thank you,
David Pierce
Council for the People of Alphaville

8 Responses to “David Pierce Files virtual Class Action Suit Against AVGs Chad Thomas”

  1. Ashley Richardson

    Jul 28th, 2004

    Hi.. count me in, but since I’m leaving TSO I don’t know how much help I could be to you. I knew something was wrong with the polls the day of the election, and quite frankly I’m tired of the game.. and even if I were to play again I would not go through what I did with the reelection. It is kind of pointless. However, I do think Chad should be fined for what he did.. but I also think that the AVG should give a public apology and money to the citizens, Loxee, as well as myself for the hardship they put us through.. especially since all of the hard work it took me to get those votes and then have them blocked and taken away from me. BUT, 100k in my opinion is not enough.. as most sims these days have a far greater amount.. I also think that not only Chad Thomas be fined, but Jason Sim. That’s just my opinion… ALSO, I think the AVG should give money and the apology that I have been waiting for since April. Mr-President is never on, and at 21 years of age I’m SURE he has much better things that he could do than run AVG. I am definately for new power in the AVG, but PLEASE not Hook as he is just like Mr-President (age, never on, involved in the whole AVG posse). Considering the elections were rigged, and also consideringhow many people I had vote who couldn’t.. it is pretty clear that the election was won by me, SO with Loxee as my running mate, than since I’m leaving.. that would make her the President of AVG *just a thought*. I’m sure she’d be a lot more fun than Mr-President!

    Ashley Richardson
    Ashley’s Modeling Agency

  2. Ian

    Jul 29th, 2004

    I would have to commend Ashley for all she has endured throughout this. I am unhappy to hear that Mr Pierce did not call for Mr-President to resign. I mean let’s give a case…A canidate runs for president…some put in 50,000 votes, he wins, the rigger is exposed, fired, and in jail. So should the current adminstration get to stay?> Apparently Mr Pierce thinks so. But I can’t blame him, since he is “buddy buddy” with Mr-President and always defends him. Bottom line, AVG needs a new election.

  3. RB

    Jul 29th, 2004

    *puts hand up for free money*

    =D =D

    - RB

  4. Charlize

    Jul 29th, 2004

    This is pathetic. This is what happens when people become so obsessed with a game they forget reality.

  5. David

    Jul 29th, 2004


    Perhaps the pathetic thing is when people become so obsessed with their own personal interpretation of a game they forget how others choose to enjoy it.

  6. Charlize

    Jul 29th, 2004

    So you choose to enjoy it by filing a “lawsuit”? Well whatever I’ve spent way too much time in this game arguing with people I’ll never even meet. So go ahead, file your lawsuit, keep on doing whatever makes you happy. I’ve just come to a point where I don’t really see the point of all this anymore. That could be partly due to my friend being killed in a car accident. It makes everything else just look stupid and unimportant. So sorry if I offended you, I just have a new perspective and I’m not in the best of moods.

  7. Cocoanut

    Jul 30th, 2004

    So sorry to hear about the tragedy with your friend, Charlize.


  8. Urizenus

    Jul 31st, 2004

    I’m also sorry to hear that, Charlize, it really does put things in perspective. In David’s defense, though, I don’t think he has lost perspective. He isn’t filing a lawsuit, he’s filing a virtual lawsuit in a virtual court. It seems like the obvious next move in the AVG game. Of course, yes it’s a game and its trivial compared to life and death in r/l, but in the end we come back to gaming after tragedies in our lives, which tell me that games aren’t the most important things (obviously) and we need to step away from them when we are struggling with weightier issues, but we do come back to them, which suggests that gaming has a kind of importance to us as humans, even if they are not the most important thing.

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