Interview with Cyanide Leviathan

by Alphaville Herald on 25/07/04 at 9:35 pm

In this interview we talk with Cyanide Leviathan, long time Jessie resident with connections to many of the groups there, including Opfor, the WWIIOLers, and the Techsols among others. We ask him a bit about his history in Jessie, his virtual methamphetamine lab, the dispute between Lee Linden and the WWIIOLers, and his current suspension.

Cyanide Leviathan shows his methamphetamine lab to Uri.

Urizenus Sklar: Cyanide, how long have you been on Second Life?
Cyanide Leviathan: a little over a year
Cyanide Leviathan: beta tested a few weeks
Urizenus Sklar: And did you make Jessie your home right away?
Cyanide Leviathan: no
Urizenus Sklar: Where did you start?
Cyanide Leviathan: at first i lived in benten cho, a city in immaculate that no longer exists
Urizenus Sklar: So what drew you to Jessie?
Cyanide Leviathan: Well, i was living on the edge of slat with my friend Lance LeFay for a little while, just goofing around, we built a big tower and started a fake cult
Cyanide Leviathan: and a man, Jack Orlowski moved in next to us
Urizenus Sklar: fake cult?
Cyanide Leviathan: yeah, we were just goofing around
Urizenus Sklar: what was it called?
Cyanide Leviathan: i think it was called cult of the black obelisk, i had visited some rock museum and bought a small stone obelisk there and we decided to make a giant obelisk in secondlife
Urizenus Sklar: ok, so then you met Orlowski
Cyanide Leviathan: yes, and he asked us to make a gun script for him
Cyanide Leviathan: so we did, and we didn?t hear much from him for a month
Cyanide Leviathan: so i fly into jessie to check things out there and he had started opfor
Urizenus Sklar: Ok, explain for my readers what Opfor is
Cyanide Leviathan: there were about 6 members and he invited me because i had helped him get off the ground
Cyanide Leviathan: Opfor was a group dedicated to modeling and scripting the finest guns in Secondlife
Cyanide Leviathan: but now it is just a landholding group, because he left Secondlife
Urizenus Sklar: Are the members principally script programmers then
Cyanide Leviathan: no, we don?t have many members anymore
Urizenus Sklar: how many are left
Cyanide Leviathan: i think around 14
Urizenus Sklar: but they hold lots of property in Jessie?
Cyanide Leviathan: yes, but after i was semibanned, maryjane picked up large pieces in fear of them going public
Urizenus Sklar: who is maryjane?
Cyanide Leviathan: she is a long time resident of jessie and friend
Cyanide Leviathan: one of the original officers in Opfor
Urizenus Sklar: OK, so your first group in Jessie was Opfor…
Cyanide Leviathan: yes, and we pretty much controlled the sim
Urizenus Sklar: what dates are we talking about here
Cyanide Leviathan: september to early december
Cyanide Leviathan: and then Jack Orlowski disappeared and opfor fell into disarray
Urizenus Sklar: That’s when opfor lost its grip on Jessie?
Cyanide Leviathan: No, opfor remained strong, though we lost some land
Cyanide Leviathan: when the first wave of ww2olers arrived, i changed opfor into more of a defense force for Jessie because i had heard so many bad things about them
Urizenus Sklar: So who are the WW2olers?
Cyanide Leviathan: they are too many to name, but the most active are Chaunsey Crash, Syank Nomad, Jack Dayton, Steel Zidane, ww2olFalconBK hanks,
Urizenus Sklar: But what is their schtick?
Cyanide Leviathan: Oh, they all play the MMORPG WW2OL, and they recreate weapons and vehicles in that game
Urizenus Sklar: oh ok
Urizenus Sklar: So they set up shop in Jessie …
Cyanide Leviathan: when the ww2oler first came to SL it was used as a meeting place to coordinate attacks and such in ww2ol
Cyanide Leviathan: at least that?s what i know
Cyanide Leviathan: i was not around
Urizenus Sklar: interesting. so they would plan their attacks here for another MMORPG
Cyanide Leviathan: the ww2olers basically took over jessie, and i guess some players didnt like that
Cyanide Leviathan: because they would attack anyone in jessie
Urizenus Sklar: take over how?
Cyanide Leviathan: buy up all the land
Urizenus Sklar: ic
Cyanide Leviathan: it was much easier to come across land back then
Cyanide Leviathan: also, for more detailed info, check out the war of the jessie wall story in the NWN
Urizenus Sklar: yeah, good story
Urizenus Sklar: alright, so then the Iraq war started…
Cyanide Leviathan: the ww2olers are pro bush and at the time the rest of SL was not
Urizenus Sklar: The ww2olers are the ones with the confederate flags everywhere?
Cyanide Leviathan: yes
Cyanide Leviathan: most are from the southland
Urizenus Sklar: were you still in opfor at this point?
Cyanide Leviathan: yes
Cyanide Leviathan: opfors ranks swelled to around 60 a this time
Cyanide Leviathan: and we had a few skirmishes with the ww2olers
Cyanide Leviathan: and then they left for a about a month and a half
Urizenus Sklar: I thought it lost steam when Jack left?
Cyanide Leviathan: no, it only lost a little land
Urizenus Sklar: oh ok
Cyanide Leviathan: so, after the ww2olers left, the new opfor members were starting to get a little bored and doing things we had been trying to stop the ww2olers from doing: attacking everyone that flew through jessie and homesteaders– people that built houses in jessie
Cyanide Leviathan: so the officers ejected alot of members from opfor, and alot left on their own
Cyanide Leviathan: and then Lensey Roark and Linkin Slate came to town and began buying up all of the land in jessie
Urizenus Sklar: k
Cyanide Leviathan: they owned about 60 % of the sim
Cyanide Leviathan: so, naturally, some opfor members and ww2oler members set aside differences and drove them out of jessie
Cyanide Leviathan: this is how opfor got some of its land back
Urizenus Sklar: lol, how did you do that
Cyanide Leviathan: we just attacked them 24/7
Urizenus Sklar: lol
Cyanide Leviathan: but a guy named Stampshady Grimm moved in and bought up most of linkin and lensey’s land and began terraforming, which we thought was a good thing
Cyanide Leviathan: we thought he had good intentions
Urizenus Sklar: but…
Cyanide Leviathan: but the Shit hit the fan when he let angel leviathan build a porno shop on his land
Urizenus Sklar: what’s wrong with that?
Cyanide Leviathan: we didn?t like it, it ruined the good image of jessie
Urizenus Sklar: ah, lol
Cyanide Leviathan: so we began to make it *very* hard for people to do business there
Urizenus Sklar: how did you do that?
Cyanide Leviathan: giant boxes covering the whole store, landmines, bombs etc
Urizenus Sklar: lol
Urizenus Sklar: ok…
Cyanide Leviathan: so stampshady pulled a linkin and lensey and put turrets all over jessie
Urizenus Sklar: when you say “we” you are still talking opfor and the ww2olers
Cyanide Leviathan: yes
Urizenus Sklar: Turrets are guns that automatically fire at sims that they owner specifies?
Cyanide Leviathan: they were targeted on people in the sim
Urizenus Sklar: ok
Cyanide Leviathan: so we drove him out the same way we drove linkin and lensey out
Urizenus Sklar: which was war 24/7?
Cyanide Leviathan: yes, though it took much longer than linkin and lensey
Cyanide Leviathan: for about 2 weeks
Urizenus Sklar: How did you deal with the turrets?
Cyanide Leviathan: stay out of their range, which was hard
Cyanide Leviathan: but they were none to accurate either
Cyanide Leviathan: by war we mean spawnkilling stampshady for a few hours at a time
Urizenus Sklar: so you would camp at his spawning site and shoot him has he respawned?
Cyanide Leviathan: yes
Cyanide Leviathan: there were about 8 people on him at all times
Urizenus Sklar: rotflmao
Cyanide Leviathan: oh, by this time jack orlowski was playing again, but very little
Urizenus Sklar: alright
Cyanide Leviathan: stampshady left and opfor bought the shoreline that the slums are built on
Urizenus Sklar: can we insert a timestamp here? when was this taking place
Cyanide Leviathan: late february early march, i think…
Urizenus Sklar: ok
Cyanide Leviathan: so then the ww2oler and opfor groups were friends
Cyanide Leviathan: and jessie was quiet except for the occasional gang of noobs threatening to invade
Cyanide Leviathan: t’was the pax jessie
Urizenus Sklar: pax jessie, good one
Cyanide Leviathan: and about a month ago jack left again
Cyanide Leviathan: we all miss him but it was not a blow to the group this time
Urizenus Sklar: so when did the techsols arrive on the scene
Cyanide Leviathan: about a month and a half ago
Urizenus Sklar: ok…
Cyanide Leviathan: they were threatening to wage war against the ww2olers
Cyanide Leviathan: but never did
Cyanide Leviathan: and the group died , i only see 2 or three of them
Cyanide Leviathan: members
Urizenus Sklar: They still have some property and technology
Cyanide Leviathan: yes
Cyanide Leviathan: i am one, lol, but i don?t really think of myself as a techsol
Urizenus Sklar: lol
Cyanide Leviathan: they don?t really do anything though
Urizenus Sklar: so is opfor stronger than the techsols?
Cyanide Leviathan: yes
Cyanide Leviathan: but now its not really different groups
Urizenus Sklar: Now, what about your drug business? What’s that about?
Cyanide Leviathan: oh, we were just bored and goofing around, that?s over and done with
Urizenus Sklar: what’s over and done with, the drug lab?
Cyanide Leviathan: yes
Urizenus Sklar: how come?
Cyanide Leviathan: lance ruined it after he made it a competition of better scripts
Cyanide Leviathan: we just wanted it for fun
Urizenus Sklar: better scripts meaning what in this context?
Cyanide Leviathan: well, it was kind of a get rich quick scheme
Cyanide Leviathan: we would provide vials of meth
Cyanide Leviathan: and a tray
Cyanide Leviathan: you needed to refill the tray with a new vial of meth after *snorthing* 5 lines
Urizenus Sklar: Yeah I know, *sniff*
Cyanide Leviathan: so we would be selling these at clubs and such
Urizenus Sklar: and people bought the meth?
Cyanide Leviathan: a few
Cyanide Leviathan: but we never did after lance turned it into a competition of better systems
Urizenus Sklar: How did lance make it better? that’s what I don’t understand.
Cyanide Leviathan: i dont know, he just said he scripted it better
Urizenus Sklar: scripted the stoned reaction you mean?
Cyanide Leviathan: i guess i never saw it in action
Cyanide Leviathan: we didn?t care, except he took the fun out of it
Urizenus Sklar: Is it still possible to buy a meth lab?
Cyanide Leviathan: if i get my account back, yes
Urizenus Sklar: we?ll get to you acct. in a sec… but don’t you think the idea of avatar drug use/addiction is sort of interesting?
Urizenus Sklar: What do you think it means that people find it fun to have their avatars snort meth
Cyanide Leviathan: it was just a novelty i guess
Cyanide Leviathan: same reason people find it fun to have their avatars make love
Cyanide Leviathan: i find it distasteful
Urizenus Sklar: that’s a little different I think
Urizenus Sklar: that’s a masturbatory aid to some players
Cyanide Leviathan: -_- please dont get me putting bad images into my head
Urizenus Sklar: rotfl
Cyanide Leviathan: but i wish i had gone into the business, lots of money in it, and insane amount of money
Urizenus Sklar: in the avatar sex biz?
Urizenus Sklar: you mean selling the scripts?
Cyanide Leviathan: yeah, selling scripts and making genitalia and things
Cyanide Leviathan: and the animators
Urizenus Sklar: what do you mean by “an insane amount of money”
Cyanide Leviathan: there are *alot* of people that spend *alot* of money on the sex biz
Urizenus Sklar: k. But what is “a lot’ — are we talking hundreds of dollars US?
Cyanide Leviathan: i am not really interested in L$ for converting to USD
Urizenus Sklar: ok, then how much in lindens
Cyanide Leviathan: For example, my friend who will remain unnamed, went out and spent 5500 L$ in one av sex shopping spree [@ $27 US ? Uri]
Urizenus Sklar: yeah, but that only buys half a meth lab, lol
Cyanide Leviathan: oh, i was only selling the meth lab if you wanted to be a dealer
Cyanide Leviathan: meth itself was 30L$
Urizenus Sklar: but your lab is 10K, no?
Cyanide Leviathan: yeah, i guess i just wanted to see if somone would buy it
Urizenus Sklar: no one bought it yet?
Cyanide Leviathan: though its not for sale anymore
Urizenus Sklar: why not?
Cyanide Leviathan: i dont have one out for sale anymore, i replaced the garage with a milita HQ
Cyanide Leviathan: and then i got banned while still working on it
Urizenus Sklar: The lab WAS a lot of prims
Cyanide Leviathan: yes
Cyanide Leviathan: but opfor has alot of prims
Urizenus Sklar: OK, lets talk about your suspension. What was that about?
Cyanide Leviathan: my son was the one that told me about secondlife
Cyanide Leviathan: and he paid half the money for the Cyanide Leviathan account
Cyanide Leviathan: which was 160 USD
Cyanide Leviathan: most of the things i told you about, he was using the account at the time and told me about it, i only play a few hours a week if at all
Urizenus Sklar: oh ok
Cyanide Leviathan: but i own the account, it is in my name
Cyanide Leviathan: The story i hear was that he was dumb and blabbed to one of his friends in secondlife, and the lindens picked it up on the chat logs
Urizenus Sklar: o i c
Urizenus Sklar: So have you talked to the lindens about it
Cyanide Leviathan: yes
Cyanide Leviathan: i told them the truth, that we both use the account, and i also sent in a copy of my license
Cyanide Leviathan: the woman at customer service i talked to pretty much said to keep him out of mature areas and not that much else
Urizenus Sklar: so will they unsuspend you soon?
Cyanide Leviathan: i have not heard back from them yet
Cyanide Leviathan: i just wrote them an Email today
Urizenus Sklar: Have you heard this story about Lee Linden suspending the ww2olers lately?
Cyanide Leviathan: a little, i was told that lee was being a douche bag and suspending ww2olers for no reason
Urizenus Sklar: Any history there?
Cyanide Leviathan: well, we did something bad to a cardboard cutout of lee a while ago
Urizenus Sklar: go on…
Cyanide Leviathan: it was very late, or early and we were not thinking well
Cyanide Leviathan: we put a KKK hat on him and had him saying some explicit things about minorities
Urizenus Sklar: Ohhh, that will do it.
Cyanide Leviathan: yes
Cyanide Leviathan: we got suspended for that
Cyanide Leviathan: 5 days
Cyanide Leviathan: but i think he is still a *little* mad
Urizenus Sklar: how long ago was that?
Cyanide Leviathan: a few weeks
Cyanide Leviathan: maybe he just heard about it
Urizenus Sklar: could be
Urizenus Sklar: What do you plan on doing when you get back in the game?
Cyanide Leviathan: make some new weapons, a styer storm rifle
Cyanide Leviathan: and i think i get a badge from the ww2olers
Cyanide Leviathan: for being banned and coming back
Urizenus Sklar: badge of courage?
Urizenus Sklar: lol
Cyanide Leviathan: and i think i will make a grave yard and memorial for all other jessie resident who were banned

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  1. Cocoanut

    Jul 26th, 2004

    I have a serious question, Uri. I am wondering if you or any of the SL players can answer it.

    I’m not particularly into war or political battles or dressing up cardboard cut-outs with KKK hats and having them say racist things.

    And I’m not particularly in need of ways to simulate sex, either on the back of a motorcycle, or as one butterfly to another, or whatever.

    Or, for that matter, in need of snorting meth and acting stoned.

    Understand, now, I don’t play SL, and have no idea how large a world it is, or how many players there are, what they offer, or anything.

    Other than something about Wizard of Oz, all I have heard on AVH/SLH about what SL contains is just sex and violence.

    For a person like me, what other sorts of things go on in the game?

    Can you list, say, ten things that go on, with a fair amount of detail, so that I have some sort of idea if there is ANYTHING in this game that would appeal to me?

    From what I read here, the whole dang thing is about sex and violence, with a smattering of drugs.

    Surely people have created more than that?


  2. urizenus

    Jul 26th, 2004

    There is a lot of other stuff of course. My advice would be to check out New World Notes and the other fansites. New World Notes (which is run by SL) is especially good.

  3. Cyanide

    Jul 28th, 2004

    Ah yes, we do paint a great picture about SL is really about, dont we /sarcasm\

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