Jason Sim on Oprah: AVG Elections were rigged!

by Alphaville Herald on 23/07/04 at 8:18 pm

In the latest round of charges and countercharges on the scandal that will not die but which manages to get murkier by the day, Jason Sim has taken his charges of election-rigging to the Oprah Show in Alphaville. Following is a transcript from the show, which we have received courtesy of Ian at the Alphaville Gazette.
jason sim on oprah.bmp

Oprah: Hello all and welcome to The Oprah Show
I am your host: Ms Oprah Winfrey
Oprah: I?d like to thank you all for coming to another very special show this evening
Oprah: Tonight I am interviewing Jason Sim, a man who claims the 2004 Alphaville government Elections
were infact rigged.
Oprah: We?ll hear what he says about the controversial words that were posted very briefly on his profile
Oprah: we will also speak to a man who is very informed of this tpoic. Sir: The creator the alphaville
Well lets bring out the first guest: Jason, come on out!:)
Oprah: How yah been
Jason: Thank you for having me on the show oprah
Jason: I?m doing fine.
Jason: Except resigning fro mthe FBI director
Oprah: let?s get started
Oprah: okay, tell me about your sim life starting with you bring hired into the avg up to the elections
Jason: well first I started as cop
Jason: for AVP
Jason: under boscorelli
Jason: who back then was the chief of police
Jason: and i had a good relation ship with fans
Jason: until he was hacked
Jason: i first started the FBI when was at least 23 days old
Jason:sean and marcus fourlourne came up to me
Jason: at the AVG Police department
Jason: which was the place to be at the time
Jason: so they came up with the FBI
Jason: and they put me and dana scully incharge
Jason: and then that went good
Jason: it was first a skill house but then turned into a service.
Jason: then that day came
Jason: when the FBI HQ was trashed
Jason: everything deleted
Jason: the walls, everything
Jason: well it was a big thing back then
Jason: and one day this girl came to me and offered to help me rebuild
Jason: i accepted, and gave her build permits
Jason: and she ran off with them
Jason: later when i woke up
Jason: the FBI HQ had been trashed
Jason: well i fixied it and when on normally
Jason: now to the elections
Jason: here were the positions of the race
Jason: jinjo, seth galloway, ashley richardson, jason sim
Jason: jinjo was an underdog.
Jason: but he some way came into first place but towards the end, failed, and dropped to third.
Jason: so
Jason: the second primaries
Jason: i was away that week so i missed it.
Jason: so then Mr-President vs Ashley Richardson
Jason: it was a gloomy day
Jason: when i woke up and logged on to TSO.
Jason: i heard the news Mr-President was losing.
Jason: and i talked to one of my secret agentSir:
Jason: at that time chad thomas
Jason: Ok.
Jason: he didn?t want to see Mr-President lose to Ashley Richardson
Jason: So he came up with a Plan.
Jason: rigg the elections??
Oprah: And how did he go about doing that?
Jason: hold on.
Jason: later that day?..
Jason: he cme up with voting multiple times.
Jason: the outbreak of votes?..
Jason: Was because at that time Chad voted?..
Jason: 164 times.
Jason: but that wasn?t it.
Jason: at the end.
Jason: he voted another 120 times
Jason: AShley Richardson?s voters couldn?t vote because chad had jammed the system.
Jason: But the AOL people not be able to vote because the riggins fault
Jason: chad and I had sworn to keep this secret.
Jason: but today I break the secret
Jason: thank you
Jason: that is it.
Oprah: tkae your seat i have more questions
Oprah: about a week ago you apparently exposed on your sim?s bio all of this stuff. why did you decide to to do that just then
Jason: because
Jason: that was to test how AVG was going to react
Oprah: And then reacted by firing you, correct?
Jason: No.
Jason: they reacted by denying these accusations.
Oprah: what happened?
Oprah: oic
Jason: i was fired for misshandling a mafia attack.
Oprah: After a 1 minute break Sir will give his take on this and we will take questions fro mthe audience
Jason: thank you.
Jason: Break NewSir: Chad Thomas hacked Joey Rizutto

[short intermission]

Oprah: Welcome back to The Oprah Show, we?re going to resume this with Sir and Jason coming on stage
Oprah: But first?
Oprah: Please know that donations to the Angel Network are greatly appreciated
Oprah: You can donate to the foundation after the show
Oprah: Proceeds go to future shows, newbies, new businesses and the AVG.
Oprah: please come on the stage Jason and Sir
Oprah: come on out jason
Jason: sorry was dealing with chad thomas.
Oprah: Sir, what are the facts that you are aware of that happened during the election.
Sir: well i knew that somehow the election was most likely rigged, since mr-president got an outrageous number of votes?
Sir: also because ashley got outsiders from the game, and he still was winning/won
Jason: true
Sir: I did think Mr-President rigged out, but he really is a nice guy, and i kept thinking no HE didn?t do it
Sir: for a while though, noone said anything about the elections, even ASHLEY
Sir: until jason brought this up in his profile
Oprah: the timing is odd.
Jason: better late Than never,
Sir: if you want me to get into the whole ?jason and the rigging thing i can?
Oprah: please do sir
Sir: were going to hold the questions till the end
sir: as much as I know, or want to know, jasons story doesn?t supply any evidence, or lack there of
Sir: if you ever heard of the expression ?if it sounds too good to be true? ?in this case i think it is
Sir: there are many inconsistinces with jasons story
Sir: jason saySir: that chad blocked people on ashleys side to vote
Sir: it has been said, and it is true, that many of her friends use aol, and a lot of aol users have the same ?ip??
Sir: and this voting server that was used; only allowed one vote for ip; just ask cocoa, in the crowd, it is true
Sir: there is no way you can block voters, unless you hack; which he couldnt do to ?everyone?
Jason: he could have hacked the system
Jason: he is a hacker
Sir: jason, i am talkin about peoples pcs, and if he DID hacked their voting server, which is unlikely?
Sir: he couldn?t change the vote numbers lol? there are 1000?s of ?polls?
Jason: mmhmm
Sir: but let me get into this?no offense to this stuff coming up jason
Jason: maybe I had my facts wrong
Sir: my theory now is jason is just saying thsi because he knew he would be fired, and put together a half assed story
Sir: in otherwords, he is using chad, because he hated chad, he knew that chad would have his job
Oprah: Now we?re going to take questions from the audience.
Sir:Oprah I would just like to ad, that jason HAS NOT given us proof, and noone has backed up his story.
cocoanut: Jason in the vote rigging you talked about, are you saying that Mr-President had knowledge
of it, or was involved in it in any way?
Jason: no
Sir: Cocoa; I do not think so, as I have heard he was not aware of it , or involved in any way
Sir: I want to know if Chad was paid off 120k/week to hush about this
Jason: No.
Jason: what chad about me was false
Sir: jason, what did chad say?
Jason: chad has no idea about this
Sir: wait what?
Sir: He has no idea about this?didn?t he do all of this shit lol
Jason: no, i mean, he has no idea we are talking about this
Mari Jane: Jason, why are you talking about all of this? why did you decide to come clean?
Jason: I came clean because I felt guilty when this went on and was tired of Ashley?s mouth saying it was
tigged, I had to shut her up.
Jason: i felt like the public should have known what really happened av election day 04
Oprah: Well this has been an ever so confusing debate, questions were answered, yet formed but we are still trying to figure out
Sir: Well Oprah, I think this whole thing is a publicity stunt, I just have to say, where is the proof
Sir: like i have said; i think the elections were rigged, but i need proof, other than jason, i am sure that chad would keep
Oprah: And this concludes tonights ?The Oprah Show?

13 Responses to “Jason Sim on Oprah: AVG Elections were rigged!”

  1. Chad Thomas

    Jul 24th, 2004

    With the info Jason has provided and actually has I could easily write this off as some of Jason’s lies and most of this is just that, but I am not because I wish to be honest and clear it all up.

    My name is Chad Thomas. I live in Georgia in the EST time zone (GMT -5:00), 17 years Old, 5’6″ (yes I know I short so don’t point it out), a senior in high school this year, I lived with my father until I was 13 but he never Cared about me (never home, never spent time with me). I raised myself cooked for myself, did my own laundry, and all matter things an 8 year old should not have to do, well back to the story. I turned 5, my grandfather gave me an old computer, and I rebuilt it over and over until I could put it together in less than 15 minuets. I got older and started soliciting my Services for PC repair and gaining experience with each one. Time moves on and I it now 1996 I got access to the Internet on a Bellsouth dial-up account. I am in 6th grade now and I met my friend john who has about the same level of knowledge as I do if I don’t know how to do something most of the time he does, But he is sort of nerd, and I have a life, friends, and like to go to the mall a lot. I go into 7th grade and get my first real computer it was a 433 MHz EMachine with 32 MB of ram and windows 98. I hated it because I had asked for money to build my own, I was 13 and a half and I came home one day. It was a usual day and everything was normal I went up the street to a friends house and I saw my fathers car go home (my father had a bad day) so I walked to the house and my friend came with me. I came in and got picked up by my neck and kicked in the back across the living room. He asked me why I left the door unlocked I just huddled in the corner. He ended up leaving and my friend saw the whole thing. So I called my mom who called the police. The came over and took photographs of my back and neck. So my mom came and picked me up and I went to live with her after going back to my dad’s house and getting all my stuff. I was in 8th grade I actually got into it. I was a part of a team of techies at my school the 4 of us were good friends until we left middle school (Chad, john, Chris, and Eric). So I learned html and went further into BASIC, learned some pretty basic networking without ever touching a book. It was always fun it shut down the main router for our school and watch the school idiots go running. Ok so I leave middle and go to high school 9th grade, I was 14, I met my Business Partner who was a teacher at my school, he owns a construction company and is the main financial backing behind white ghost computer systems (My Company), the summer of 9th grade I got a call he needed a network for his church for internet print and file services. So I got my first network job I was the admin the whole time the school was in progress and I did a really professional job for them and it was my first time. I got paid and built my first system a 1000MHZ Duron system with 512 MB or ram and a 200 GB hard disk and a lot of other features. I go back into school for 10th grade. And I discover that my broadcast teacher that I hated had left, so I took over the program and became a teacher at the school. I built the studio out of an office and replaced the equipment that was needed with my own equipment. I had learned Visual Basic by that time and made a teleprompter program that ran on 3 monitors at once with it and put the EMachine in the studio so I could get rid of it. Ok 11th grade, I get a call about the church had a problem so I go up there and their DSL wont work, the phone company had been there for 3 days I took one look at it and fixed it in about 5 minuets. So now I have a successful company and a group of friends. I had been playing my copy of the Sims for pc for a good year and I saw a copy of TSO at a store. And I bought it with my Christmas money (2003). I join TSO. I bought my first lot for 4k and get logic and start boarding for money. I made a hotel and a dance club all from boarding. I got an IM from someone about joining the CIA (not sure if it was AVG), and I had got scammed the day before so I said sure. I became and agent but then I went on a 3-month break from TSO, while playing Grand Theft auto (Vice City). So I come back to TSO and the CIA was no more so I started my own CIA and started pursuing a mafia (“Fiery”). Well they attacked my and swarmed my house. But the don called me a “fag” in his bio and I got him banned for it. I got an IM from commissioner Boscorelli say he knew what I did and AVG was mad at me for it. So then I Imed Mr-President for the first time and apologized he did not know what I was talking about and he asked me if I wanted to join AVG. so I joined and Jason was on vacation so I waited, during this time I got sick of my neat freak mother and her bull shit, she is the most lazy person I know, she won’t do anything if it is not convenient for her, so I got her to sign emancipation papers, so I moved out into my own house with the money I made from computers (175k a year now and I am 17), Jason came back and I became a field agent, but I never got any orders on what to do. Never got a mission once I actually met Jason so I started going after scammers on my own. I became popular as a nice person (which I still am). So then Jason makes my co-director (WOOHOO a new TITLE). So the elections come up and everyone said they would quit if Mr-President lost, Jason Sim sent me an IM and said “Chad can you do anything”, I said I got an idea. Jason told me that if I did not do it I would be fired, I said he could never tell anyone if I helped him. So I proxyed my Internet connection to servers all over to world and use the proxy servers IP to vote each time then I clear my cookies for the voting poll and go to the next proxy (My proxy list). Which was not against the rules, there was no disclaimer for voting rules, and Ashley made her whole town show out for the vote and Mr-P did no advertising but his posse did a little. But I did not rig the elections because rigging is an “internal mechanism on the server that would give one person an advantage over another” and both candidates could do the same thing and Ashley’s people could have done this for her also, no special permissions were made for either person, and it could not have been rigged by Mr-President because the scripts on the server were Pre-installed and he had no access to change it. All he could do was change the names on the vote. Mr-President had no knowledge of any of what I did. So now time goes by and the new cabinet is elected, I am getting tired of Jason abusing his power and making me do things, so I try to get him fired the first time. We got our positions changed around (making me director and him Co-Director) and Jason got back at me by telling everyone in his bio what he had made me do. I told everyone that Jason was playing a joke on me and everything died down. A week later Jason called Macaveli- a “wigger” while fighting him, which meant nigger in how he said it (this is a rare instance that I will actually say it). So I told Sean what Jason had done In hopes that he would free me from Jason it works Jason got demoted to Special Agent but next thing I know I get hate mail in my Sim mail and Jason goes on Oprah and tells everyone his half ass story about what he thought happened, On My birthday which was July 22, what a nice birthday present to get when I logon, And everyone believes him for some reason but if you ever work for Jason I pity you. So now on my birthday I am getting hate mail and being accused of rigging elections. My Co-Director quit and the FBI will fall if I don’t get it out of this hole, which was caused from Jason running it like a beauty pageant. He just gave out titles. So he successfully messed up me birthday and that was about it. But I only turn 17 once. So that’s my story like it or not but its all true.

    Chad Thomas
    White Ghost Computer Systems
    AVG FBI Director

  2. Cocoanut

    Jul 24th, 2004

    Well, I wish you’d come help me get DSL! The entire rest of the world doesn’t seem to be able to do it, lol.


  3. Laura McKnight

    Jul 24th, 2004

    Chad, I’m sorry you’ve had such a “horrible” life, but don’t make it into a sob story to make us think what YOU did was okay. Rigging an election is against EVERYTHING I believe in and stand for, and when people take part to vote THEY should be able to vote. I have no sympathy for your pathetic excuse to make everything right because it is not. You disgust me :)

    Ashley Richardson

  4. slay

    Jul 24th, 2004

    uhhmm ok ..no one has answered my question yet….wheres the payoff at?

  5. Nataleigh

    Jul 24th, 2004

    If Jason lied before, what would make you think he wasn’t lying about this? No one has room to talk about contests being rigged…….

  6. David

    Jul 24th, 2004


  7. chad thomas

    Jul 25th, 2004

    Um ashley i dont think you have room to talk. the definition of rigging is an internal mechinism that gives one “contestant” an advantage. no one said i could not vote X number of times, just like no one said you could not make your whole town vote for you. ;)

  8. RB

    Jul 25th, 2004

    If your going to tell your life story, at least learn to use paragraphs Chad. Moron.

    - RB

  9. Jason Sim

    Jul 25th, 2004

    Chad please use the real number of times you vote please… I be that was 284 times? Yes. Because I have pics of you admiting it and you trying to cover it up, bullshit. The interview on alphavillegazette.com was bullshit.

    Chad you know you rigged the elections… You used your connection so Mr-P would have an advantage and the system was made so no one could vote more than 1 time. So doesn’t that count as rigging?

  10. Laura McKnight

    Jul 25th, 2004

    Chad, mind your sarcastic mouth and realize that *campaiging* is MUCH different than rigging. You are not a nice guy. Not a nice guy at all.

    Ashley Richardson

  11. Chad Thomas

    Jul 26th, 2004

    ok first “campaining” is trying to get the people to vote for you that are in the area you are “campaining” to run for, not the local city where ever in hell you live in the real world. RB i put paragraph tags in the html but it did not accept them. jason he did not have an advantage, ashleys people could have done the same thing i did, thus no one had an advantage. ashley, everone would have left avg if you would have been elected, no one had liked the idea of you running the gov, Mr-P does alot of stuff in the background that avg could not do without and i am sure you could not afford or have the skills to do the stuff he does.

  12. RB

    Jul 26th, 2004


    Did you think about the enter key Chad? Your not designing a web page here. Just typing in a blog. Paragraph tags do not exist.

    Just press ENTER. :D :D

    - RB

  13. Chad Thomas

    Aug 3rd, 2004

    rb if you put a less than then a p and then a greater than that is a paragraph tag

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