Lee Linden vs. the WWIIOLers

by Alphaville Herald on 26/07/04 at 11:09 am

WWIIOLer Chaunsey Crash demonstrates his Lee Linden cutout/target

While the SLH is on record as not liking the politics of the WWIIOLers (World War II Onliners), we are concerned about the apparently escalating feud between Lee Linden and the WWIIOLers. Now granted the WWIIOLers have gone out of their way to tweak Lee, but suspensions should not be handed out in a tit-for-tat personal war. Each suspension must be properly documented and for specific cause, and individuals should not be suspended merely because they belong to an offending group. If the charges of the WWIIOLers are true, Lee has been abusing his authority as a game mod to settle personal scores. We have seen this before with EA game mods in Earth and Beyond and TSO, and it needs to be stopped immediately if this is in fact what is happening.

In the following interview I talk to chaunsey Crash and other WWIIOLers about recent events. (I have asked Lee to respond but have not heard from him yet. We invite the Lindens to respond at any time.)

WWIIOLers hone their shooting skills with Lee Linden targets

You: anyone I can talk to about Lee Linden allegedly suspending you guys for no reason?
chaunsey Crash: what about it
You: I wanna write a story about it for the Second Life Herald
chaunsey Crash: ok well
chaunsey Crash: we were exploring the new snow sims
chaunsey Crash: we had setup a camp and called it the eastern front
chaunsey Crash: even made winter uniforms
Blucher Schlegel: i think the camp might still be there
WWIIOLFalconBK Hanks: no
WWIIOLFalconBK Hanks: its gone
Blucher Schlegel: oh :(
chaunsey Crash: anyway we then went exploring the sims
chaunsey Crash: we hung out at the snowboarding lodge at the top of the ski lift awhile
chaunsey Crash: and then went of down the mountain again
Blucher Schlegel: people are already building shit in those sims :(
Blucher Schlegel: already ruining it pfft
chaunsey Crash: then we were standing there discussing how we’d like to own a whole snow sim
chaunsey Crash: we were just talking and lee comes up to us
chaunsey Crash: we asked what brings him here
chaunsey Crash: and then suddenly all 4 of us were kicked off the server
WWIIOLFalconBK Hanks: 5
chaunsey Crash: and banned for 1 hour
chaunsey Crash: no warning or reason
chaunsey Crash: then
chaunsey Crash: one guy who had been AFK for 30 minutes returned
chaunsey Crash: and lee was standing in front of him, waiting for him
chaunsey Crash: and then kicked him too
You: wow
chaunsey Crash: he had been AFK for the past 30 minutes even
chaunsey Crash: now i asked him about it
chaunsey Crash: he just gave me the usual player relations BS about contacting support
chaunsey Crash: he had told falcon that it was for shooting
chaunsey Crash: but we were in the snow sims
chaunsey Crash: they had just opened and were linden owned
chaunsey Crash: there wasn?t a buildable plot around us for 4 sims or so
chaunsey Crash: we couldn?t have been shooting if we wanted to
chaunsey Crash: that?s about it
chaunsey Crash: people in our group have been banned with no reasons before as well
You: someone told me that you guys had built a cutout of lee and put a KKK hat on him and he was POed about that
chaunsey Crash: lol i dunno about the kkk hat but we do have a cutout of him
chaunsey Crash: and we have done some things such as put it on a hanging noose
Blucher Schlegel: wtf they retarded malls already
You: so chaunsey can I see the cutout of lee?
chaunsey Crash: ya lemme see if i can find it
chaunsey Crash: anyway we really haven?t used this alot i doubt if he?s even seen it once or twice
You: how come you have a cutout of Lee?
chaunsey Crash: i dunno i took a copy someone else made it
chaunsey Crash: the creator is mark roark
chaunsey Crash: we didnt even make it
chaunsey Crash: anyway as i was saying its not the first time a wwIIoler gets banned for little or no reason
chaunsey Crash: we had one person banned because he rezzed a chair in the middle of a road
You: you suspect they don’t like your politics?
chaunsey Crash: well for some maybe
You: is Lee the only one you have trouble with?
pancake Stryker: no
You: who else?
chaunsey Crash: i know one of us was banned for putting up that pic of kerry that looks like he has a gun to his head
chaunsey Crash: even though the lindens decided it was ok
chaunsey Crash: everyone had it up
Blucher Schlegel: and the gun wasn’t even pointing at his head lol
You: who did the banning then?
chaunsey Crash: nova i believe
chaunsey Crash: that new linden starts with an R was involved as well
chaunsey Crash: rheya i think
Wen Nomad: it isn?t banning it is suspensions
You: ok
You: right
You: how long are most of the suspensions?
chaunsey Crash: well we got 1 hour when we were kicked
You: ic, so not so bad
chaunsey Crash: some are as long as 2 or 3 weeks
You: oh, that is worse
chaunsey Crash: we had one member banned for holding a gun outside jessie
chaunsey Crash: he was standing on someone?s land with a gun
You: “holding” a gun?
chaunsey Crash: and someone got mad at him for it
You: that’s against the rules?
chaunsey Crash: no
chaunsey Crash: the person called a linden
chaunsey Crash: then the linden — not sure which — banned him for “Causing a disturbance”
You: wow
chaunsey Crash: back in beta we had people banned for shooting in the old outlands
chaunsey Crash: simply because people complained
chaunsey Crash: even though they made the choice to live in what they knew was the outlands
chaunsey Crash: only because the land was cheap
chaunsey Crash: then there was the time they implemented the auto abuse report function
chaunsey Crash: the way it is now it lists them in a list
chaunsey Crash: in view pvp abuse
chaunsey Crash: initially
chaunsey Crash: if you were hit or bumped a popup window came up
chaunsey Crash: and asked you if you wanted to file abuse
You: still see that now and then
Wen Nomad: just when the list fills up
chaunsey Crash: so when it was implemented one of our guys was banned for a week cause people would report him since he had a bad reputation simply because he put up a confederate flag, his ancestors fought for the confederates
chaunsey Crash: it was caused by lag too
chaunsey Crash: you couldn?t avoid bumping people
You: right
chaunsey Crash: this stuff just happens alot and so people in our group don?t exactly like the lindens or most of SL anymore for that matter
chaunsey Crash: originally we came in very positive
chaunsey Crash: it was the SL people in fact that fired on us first in the beginning
chaunsey Crash: and harassed us because they didn?t like our military stuff
You: the SL people? oh then lindens
chaunsey Crash: no SL residents when we first came to SL in beta
You: oh ic
chaunsey Crash: catherine omega i think it was built a giant wall around all our stuff back then
chaunsey Crash: we made a bunker had com stuff
chaunsey Crash: and so they formed a group and came to confront us
chaunsey Crash: and when we said we weren?t leaving or taking it down
chaunsey Crash: they came back and attacked us first
You: what was their group?
chaunsey Crash: it wasn?t a group i mean they just gathered together to confront us
You: oh ic — a pick-up group
chaunsey Crash: of course we did come here to fight in the first place
You: true
chaunsey Crash: so i could actually credit them with making our group grow
chaunsey Crash: we then grew to 130 members within 2 weeks
chaunsey Crash: over double the number of the second largest of the time
You: wow
chaunsey Crash: and so they were no longer able to fight us and started complaining to the lindens
chaunsey Crash: eventually the lindens then turned off damage in the 4 outlands sims
chaunsey Crash: and made only jessie damage
You: is this the only damage sim left?
Wen Nomad: Rausch
chaunsey Crash: well they opened rausch
You: oh right rausch
chaunsey Crash: but that?s a sandbox
chaunsey Crash: and since its not near jessie it?s not used alot
chaunsey Crash: if it were south of jessie it’d be more useful
You: it should be adjacent to jessie
chaunsey Crash: my guess is they decided they don?t like combat and are hoping it goes away
You: hmmm, could be
chaunsey Crash: that?s why they don?t open more combat sims even with a growing combat community
You: would be a mistake on their part
You: you don’t want to nerf the game
chaunsey Crash: well they probably decided that they make so much on everything else that they don?t care if combat is gone and the players with it
chaunsey Crash: especially since it causes tension
Blucher Schlegel: they used to like us since we brought a new edge to the game
chaunsey Crash: originally they liked what was happening though so i dunno
You: anyway… I’ll see if I can get lee to say something about this
You: maybe I’ll also see if Phil wants to talk about it
chaunsey Crash: well their policy is to not discuss it with anyone
You: yeah, no doubt
chaunsey Crash: but they got in trouble as they had banned fuel once
chaunsey Crash: and nova told the person who reported him
chaunsey Crash: so that she as then gloating over it

As I leave the interview the WWIIOLers are using their Lee Linden cutouts for target practice. It is scripted to talk as they shoot it?

Lee Linden: Hey there. I’m following up on an abuse report filed against you.
Lee Linden: Hey there. I’m following up on an abuse report filed against you.
Lee Linden: Hey there. I’m following up on an abuse report filed against you.

Target practice over.

4 Responses to “Lee Linden vs. the WWIIOLers”

  1. humdog

    Jul 26th, 2004

    does the target practice not strike you as just maybe a teensey bit over the top??

  2. urizenus

    Jul 26th, 2004

    well, I got shot 4 times during the interview, so the way I see it Lee got off easier than I did.

  3. Chaunsey

    Jul 27th, 2004

    Hey, I’d just like to add one bit of a correction, it may have come across as us having some feud with lee.
    We dont however, we do in general have bad feelings towards lindens in jessie some of the time, but normally nothing personal with a single linden or anything, just general dislike of their policies and percieved inactions etc.

    Also I heard about that KKK hat thing you mention now, I guess I hadnt been on at the time.
    Had I been on I’d have said something about it to them, i dont care if they have a little fun but going over the top with stuff like that is’nt a good idea nor in good taste.

    Though it has nothing to do with lee personally, was just a cutout of a random linden to us, some people use it occaisonally just for fun mostly just to say stuff with it.

  4. urizenus

    Jul 27th, 2004

    Thanks for the corrective, Chaunsey.

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