Players: The World?s First Avatar Skin Mag?

by Alphaville Herald on 24/07/04 at 10:57 am


I?m not sure if these things exist elsewhere, but Players magazine in Second Life is certainly the first virtual Nudie Magazine (ahem, I mean Mens magazine) that I have seen and its also the first I?ve seen (virtual or otherwise) in which all the nudes are avatars. As far as I know it?s only available in game (nicely bundled together as a series of notecards and image files and available for 80 Lindens). I?ve appended some of the pics below, but actually, I only buy it ?for the articles.? And they are quite excellent. In issue 6, which am reading, there is an interview with ex-TSO denizen Big John Jade, who now runs the controversial Club Elite, and An Ingenue reports on her discovery of the BDSM scene:

?My first question was, what sort of person enjoyed being a Dom/me. I was directed to a few very high profile ones and sat down with them to talk. One word that was used by all of them was “nurturing”. They all considered themselves as nurturers that tended to the needs of their pets.?

Calling Dyerbrook?

The fabulous Jillian poses for Players.

The lovely Karma bares her fangs (and everything else) for Players.

The striking Loki strikes a pose in Players.

19 Responses to “Players: The World?s First Avatar Skin Mag?”

  1. MattyS

    Jul 24th, 2004

    Damn Avatar porn. I think these people need to get a life

  2. Cocoanut

    Jul 24th, 2004

    Second Life avatars all look so vacuous anyway.


  3. Monkey Spank

    Jul 24th, 2004

    Oh wow..did I go blind yet?

  4. RB

    Jul 24th, 2004

    Im going to have to agree with Matty here. This is too funny. :D

    - RB

  5. Dyerbrook

    Jul 24th, 2004

    And people tell *me* to get a life?

    Yes, I rise to the bait. There is nothing “nurturing” about enslavement and violence prettified to look like “lifestyle”. It’s part of the “big lie”. “By their fruits ye shall know them.” It’s perfectly fine to point out that you can feel “nurtured” by treating your partner as an equal and caring for and respecting them, and not turning them into an objectified plaything submissive to your warped mind. People who fall into this vortex have every reason to justify what they are doing and try to whitewash it, but it’s perfectly fine to point out that they are deluded.

  6. Zerg

    Jul 24th, 2004

    Right on Dyerbrook … and how about those knockers too!

  7. MattyS

    Jul 24th, 2004

    lol…..So Uri what precentage of the people in SL are into this kinda stuff??? Is that y so many people play SL now?? With all the freedom to make your own Avator porn!! And you say its boring in TSO you guys have to be bord to come up wit this shit.


  8. Mistress Maria LaVeaux

    Jul 25th, 2004

    Angelique LaFollette.

    Bonjour all.
    regarding the Magazine, Lol,, I have not seen it yet, but i will have to take a look just for a lark.

    To Dyer,, Lets not start this all over again, you got whipped too badly the last two times you attempted it, You simply don’t know what you are Talking about, and it becomes more obvious with every word.
    Remember,, the Only one in the other threads talking to my slave as though she were less than human was You. Your repeated rejoinder of. “I won’t answer her questions or comments because i don’t speak to slaves” still rings out, and shows you for the Hypocrite you are.

    Second Life offers a range of activities, and possibilities as open as Real life, and just as in Real life, there will be those who are more sexually motivated than others.
    My toy is a Very successful Landscape designer, specializing in Animated water features. I am selling my art in one of a kind canvases, I am currently working on a series of Stills based on King Kong. Yesterday, there was a Skydiving competition. Last week, i attended a huge property where the residents recreated many scenes from the Wizard of OzIncluding the Emerald city, right down to the Horse of another Colour. If you can find it in Real life,Or in your Imagination, it will have a counterpart in Second Life.Bored,, No,, Limitless possibility is not boring.

    You have been accused before of thinking below the beltline when it comes to the editorial policy of this publication. I don’t mind Controversy But With so much to see and do in SL, i think you can Widen your focus a little.
    Not everything has to appeal to the “Jerry Springer” mentality to be successful.

    And Finally, Coco:
    I find they look no less vacuous than the women in the Majority of those mens publications, and i am sure that almost equal proportions of each are “Computer Enhanced”. Lol. Actually they are a damn site more expressive than your average TSO Sim. They Blink, they have either spontanious, or user defined body language. They can dance Dances that YOU can animate. Your own Unique motions and Mannerisms. You can Customize just about every aspect of this game Including yourself.

    Comparing TSO to Second Life,,,A Nissan seems like a pretty nice car, Until you drive a Rolls.


  9. humdog

    Jul 25th, 2004

    it is not weird that this magazine should exist, or at least it is not weirder than penthouse or playboy or the rest of them. after all, people like to get it up and porn helps that to happen.

    the women who supply porn have their own reasons for doing so. hopefully they are all grownups and hopefully nobody is holding a gun (or the psychological equivalent) to their heads.

  10. anonymous

    Jul 25th, 2004

  11. anonymous

    Jul 25th, 2004

    make that slerotica.COM

  12. MattyS

    Jul 25th, 2004


  13. Dyerbrook

    Jul 25th, 2004

    It’s humorous that “Mistress Maria” has to pretend that I’m her slave, and that she has “whipped me”. You can never whip a person online in the virtual world, and you should know that by now. As for not talking to you actual “slave,” I stand by my position: I don’t encourage people to feel demeaned, and don’t join in the charade of their humiliation, by joining in conversation with them as they refer to themselves in the third person, and engage in all the other BDSM antics. I don’t participate. When something evil cannot be stopped, there is always this: you can not give it legitimacy. Witholding legitimacy is a powerful tool. Once again, I don’t recognize slavery or violence and I don’t recognize your dominion or your subjects.

  14. Dyerbrook

    Jul 25th, 2004

    I have heard some SL emigres from TSO who come back to the Old Country sometimes and complain that in SL, there are no social animations. You can’t hug, kiss, fly-hug, compliment, cheer-up, and do all those other things. A friend told me about being greeted by some avatar with a giant outsized cock that knocked him over. But that avatar able to give a kiss, let alone a hot-kiss? Maybe SL has all kinds of pretty things you can program into it, like girls with white skin and fangs and everything we see in this SL stroke book. But can you jitterbug? I’d like to hear a definitive answer to that. I find SL denizens evasive on this issue. They tell you they have programmed dance pillow or hug pillows or this or that. But I’d like to know if there is a ready-made, accessible menu of social interactions so that you can do other than just engage in entertainment and spectacle, but you can reach out and touch someone.

  15. Cocoanut

    Jul 25th, 2004

    Well, I need to explain a bit here.

    I have ALWAYS thought the SL avatars were vacuous looking, and for some reason I can’t pinpoint, the females look more so to me than the males. The fact that they now appear vacuous in a girlie magazine is just kind of ironic to me, as if they had finally found their perfect mileau.

    “There” avatars have always seemed only slightly less vacuous-looking to me, but they are also too young-looking, somehow, and often too idiotically cheerful.

    TSO avatars, by contrast, seem to me more purposeful-looking and intelligent in their features. But that’s just me. My husband looked at them and said, hey, don’t their faces ever move?

    As for the girlie magazine itself, I think it is extremely clever. I love that you can have publications in SL. And if you are going to buy into any of the virtuality of anything in any game, then you can buy into the virtual reality of a girlie magazine just as well.

    Although the things like Wizard of Oz are intriguing, and I would definitely enjoy seeing them (and making them), I prefer the crisp clarity of TSO graphics, and I would hate to give up my interactions with people and things. I also like that in TSO nearly every object has some sort of interactive ability, which gives more life to a simulation, as opposed to “There.”

    I like my stuff to be very realistic-looking (and behaving).


  16. Urizenus

    Jul 25th, 2004

    DB on reports of: “no social animations.”

    That is rapidly changing with the introduction of the new version. It’s up to players to make the animations, so of course things like “doggy style” and blow jobs come first, but I’m seeing more and more social animations (hugs etc.) these days. A good script programmer could probably reproduce all the TSO social interractions in a couple weeks.

    Same point about the avatars and their poses. If its all vacuous looking it’s because they were made that way and posed that way. Now my avi is one deep looking d00d…

  17. Ian

    Jul 25th, 2004

    Urizenus; did you ever get my “Bald and Beautiful” shirt, that I sent to you?

    Dyerbrook; you are correct, however I have seen some dance interactions, basically all of the “self dance” interactions have been made in SL. Like Urizenus pointed out, duo interactions are now becoming more and more popular. And yes, sexual deviant ones are the most popular.

  18. Jessica McPherson

    Aug 3rd, 2004

    I don’t see why it’s such a big deal. The human body is so beautiful and should not be seen as a mere way to pleasure, but as art. These nude pieces of ‘art’ don’t show anything bad. I don’t think these people need a life either, Pamela Anderson posed her body for Playboy several times and she has quite a life.

  19. Kichigai_Daidoji

    Feb 2nd, 2007

    Go outside quickly before your muscle atrophy sets in.
    I think people who enjoy second life so much have a crappy first life.

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