The Erogenous Zone: SL?s Erotica Magazine

by Alphaville Herald on 26/07/04 at 8:54 am


A couple days ago we introduced you to Players ? the first virtual men?s magazine, complete with nude avatar centerfolds. The Erogenous Zoneis a little different ? a virtual magazine devoted to erotica more broadly construed. Available only in game, it includes illustrated erotic stories, poetry, centerfolds (yes of avatars), and some nice info on erotic-ready clubs. Four issues have appeared so far, and we understand that issue 5 will be on the stands shortly. Adults may read on for a few screenshots. Children, avert your eyes!

What does ‘erotic’ mean to me? Hmmmm….

Afterglowmaker Friendricks’ Story about a woman getting her first Estes Rocket

I like cartoons, but this one was kind of hard for me to follow…

Call me oldfashioned, but shouldn’t a centerfold be, like, naked? I guess this is the difference between porn and erotica.

In this illustrated story a Secondlifer discovers what the biking lifestyle is REALLY all about.

The cover of Volume 3: members of species Odonata and Lepidoptera engage in an interspecies embrace.

18 Responses to “The Erogenous Zone: SL?s Erotica Magazine”

  1. Liz

    Jul 26th, 2004

    ahahahahahahahah that is the funniest shit i’ve ever seen! sorry but this stuff just makes me laugh…..

    *wonders where uri’s pics are in this magazine*

    *considering buying a bike*

  2. urizenus

    Jul 26th, 2004

    Liz, that’s me with the cigar in the bike shop. Didn’t recognize me? Come down to the shop and I’ll give you a nice loooong ride.

  3. Dyerbrook

    Jul 26th, 2004

    Why does SL look like just a lot of soup?

    What kind of game gives you “fuckmecrabstyleonyourbike” as an animation, but not “compliment” or “cheer up”?

  4. urizenus

    Jul 26th, 2004

    DB, the game doesn’t *give* you any animations. It rather gives you the tools to make whatever animations you want.

    For all I know there are a group of players in the game right now cheering each other up (maybe the players with the do-it-doggy-style-over-a-Harley animations don’t *need* cheering up).

  5. Ian

    Jul 26th, 2004

    Dyerbrook, SL Doesn’t give you any animations, you create them your self, with scripting. But anyone who gets off on this stuff, and I am starting to wonder if Urizenus is, has some type of perversion.

  6. Dyerbrook

    Jul 26th, 2004

    Well, shitfire, what kind of game *doesn’t give you stuff* but makes you make all your own animations? Like I need more work, after work? And what kind of people make fuckmeonmybike but not dancejitterbug? Do they have their priorities straight?

  7. urizenus

    Jul 26th, 2004

    You don’t have to make your own animations. I don’t plan on making any. If you don’t wanna make them you have two options: buy them or get them from friends that want to interract with you.

    There is something nice about the way this works out I think. Suppose you refuse to buy animations. Then the animations that you acquire will be a direct function of your social skills (or time spent socializing). So the way you level and acquire powers like the ability to interract in certain ways (jitterbug, doggy style, whatever) comes directly from social interraction and not some lame arse brain dead engineered-in drudge skilling tasks like pretending to talk to mirrors.

    Now, why fuckmeonmybike but not jitterbug? well sex is the first application of every communications technology that I am aware of, so this isn’t a surprise, and I don’t know about the jitterbug but there are a zillion dance animations already and even I — yes even I — possess a hugging animation. (I just don’t use it.)

  8. urizenus

    Jul 26th, 2004

    Oh and what are the dragonfly and butterfly doing on the cover of volume 3 after all. Hugging or embracing I believe.

  9. Ian

    Jul 26th, 2004

    Yes but Dyerbrook is questioning, why don’t people make normal interactions, rather than some internet perversion.

  10. urizenus

    Jul 26th, 2004

    If by “normal” you mean “nonsexual” they *do* make them, of course. Unless you consider hugging, dancing etc forms of internet perversion. They also have Tai chi animations if that is your thing.

  11. Ian

    Jul 26th, 2004

    I am sorry, I didn’t finish my thought, my mistake. It seems that people use sex interactions more then everything, or it more exploited than ‘normal’ interactions.

  12. Mafioso

    Jul 27th, 2004

    Blame human nature for that, not the internet.

  13. urizenus

    Jul 27th, 2004

    Why blame anyone or anything? Given that it is an adults-only game, there is nothing “abnormal” about the sex games in SL. And the question of proportion — well, if it was just like real life why on earth would anyone bother going online. It’s a way for adults to have fun. Get over it.

  14. Ian

    Jul 27th, 2004

    Yes Urizenus; but why this stuff? I find it a bit wierd that people make these kind of cartoon sex magazines..and what is even sadder, people probably jerk off to this sick shit

  15. urizenus

    Jul 27th, 2004

    What do you care what people jerk off to? Would it be more “normal” and less “sick” if they were jerking off to a stylized, airbrushed picture of porn star who has had plastic surgery, implants, and two hours with the hair dresser and makeup artist?

  16. Ian

    Jul 27th, 2004

    YES *laughs*

  17. Dyerbrook

    Jul 30th, 2004

    Um, now why am I *not surprised* Uri that you “have” the hug interaction in SL but “never use it”? Feh. And what kind of game turns all human interactions into COMMODITIES. (Calling Montserrat! Neenoo, neenoo, capitalism exploitation alert!!)

    Sure, it’s “drudge” engineering and “drudge” playing in TSO to earn all those interactions (actually, you do start with a deck of basic ones where “hug” as well as “hot kiss” are included without effort, for free). But so what? It makes it democratic, easy, and less intimidating that this sexualized soup of SL that you think is such hot shit. I’m not saying I’m not going to get a new computer and come over and get addicted to SL, too. But like TSO, I challenge this world and its premises, and especially what you have made of it.

    Just because we’re adults doesn’t mean that play has to involve sex, sometimes it seems people would rather just be like children in these games.

  18. Jinny the Squinny

    Aug 2nd, 2004

    There are plenty of free, non-sexual animations in SL.

    Yes, SL sex is funny, and the magazine is certainly the icing on the funny cake, but really, what do you expect? This is the Internet, after all.

    It’s easy to avoid the sexual content of SL if you don’t like it.

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