Bugged! Mapping project bugging Private Sims, Collecting Data w/o permission

by Alphaville Herald on 25/08/04 at 11:12 pm

Prong Thetan, owner of a private sim and CEO of the SimCast Project (a medieval themed PvP game to be opened in SL soon), was working with his security guy today, when they came across a small bright orange ball streaming error code. As soon as they began examining it another user showed up, explained that it was for data collection, apologized for placing it there without permission and then left. But several hours later, Prong found another bug on his property. He then contacted other private sim owners including Transylvania, Cape Destiny, Sensual Casanova?s sim and others, and found that they had all been bugged as well. None were asked permission. Turns out that the guys doing the bugging were affiliated with maps.secondserver.net, the same group reported by Hamlet Linden in this article in New World Notes. No big deal? Or a creep invasion of privacy.

10 Responses to “Bugged! Mapping project bugging Private Sims, Collecting Data w/o permission”

  1. Lisse Livingston

    Aug 26th, 2004

    Oh, those. I saw a little bot measuring land height for the map site in Chamonix one time. I thought it was cool. It was free to copy, so I copied it :)

    I can’t imagine any harm coming from those guys. It’s a great site.

  2. urizenus

    Aug 26th, 2004

    They should learn to ask permission.

  3. urizenus

    Aug 26th, 2004

    oh, and I might add that it isn’t great form to apologize for the found sensor, take it, and leave your other sensors there!

  4. unhygienix

    Aug 26th, 2004

    News reporting for the metaverse? Or slanted editorial? You Decide!

    Uri, you’re free to your opnions of course, but could you designate which entries are interviews/articles, and which ones are editorials? This is a great site, but if it is to be presented in the form of a virtual newspaper, it should be news reporting. The product suffers when the reporter gets into an argument with those who comment on an issue, and clearly supports one side of the argument instead of the other.

    Am I asking too much? Is this just a blog with a “newssy” feel?

  5. Savannah

    Aug 26th, 2004

    Uri rarely fails to argue with points of view that differ from his own… and he’s always right! If you don’t believe me, just ask him.

  6. unhygienix

    Aug 26th, 2004

    Ok, then, I will:

    Uri, are you always right?

  7. urizenus

    Aug 26th, 2004

    I think it would be very boring to be right all the time.

    I don’t care if you want to think of this as a blog or a newspaper or none of the above. It is what it is, and I don’t disguise my personal views, so for that reason you may not consider this to be “real” news source like, say, the “fair and balanced” Fox News Channel.

    How about this for the new masthead:

    The Second Life Herald: Fairly Unbalanced.

    Blimey, I’m gonna go do that now.

  8. Ian

    Aug 26th, 2004

    Hey now! Fox is fair and balanced!

  9. Savannah

    Aug 26th, 2004

    Fairly Unbalanced… That works, and it suits my personality. Must be why I keep coming back for more of the “news” on this blog.

  10. urizenus

    Aug 26th, 2004

    Yeah, finally news for the unbalanced. And you know what, I’ve been seeing those little orange snooper balls everywhere. In my bathroom, bedroom, and the neural implants…

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