Coolness: GOM’s virtual ATM machines in SL

by Alphaville Herald on 06/08/04 at 7:46 pm


So there I was in Club Elite, rapping with one of those fine Club Elite Escorts about her services. I was just thinking, you know, maybe we could play a nice game of Spades or rap about theology in the Club Elite VIP rooms like the escorts do in There ::cough cough::. But I was tapped out, and I needed a few K of Linden Dollars to make this happen. But wait! Salvation! Gaming Open Market had installed an ATM machine in Club Elite (they’ve been in game for about a month). I walked up. Said ?withdraw 5000?, and poof! I was 5K richer (for a couple minutes anyway). Machine also accepts deposits (just pay it). You do need an account with GOM of course, but after this, who wouldn?t have one?

I mean, it just wouldn’t be a strip club without an ATM

Ok, ok, so it was only 1K and not 5K, and I’m one of those cheap-ass cyber customers, but like that’s all *I’m* paying for a game of Spades…

Oh and by the way, Zeppi Schlegel (the acct that paid me) is none other than our friend Jamie Hale, who bailed out Uri on TSO, and had a nice chat with Atlantis in the Herald some months back.

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  1. Candace

    Aug 6th, 2004

    Yes! Once again, SL is anticipating the players every need. How cool is this? You kinda left us hanging there, though, Uri. Come on, did you ever get your game of “Spades”? Or don’t you want to tell?

  2. Ian

    Aug 6th, 2004

    Well SL doesnt come out with this content, the players do.

  3. Candace

    Aug 6th, 2004

    Yeah, good call. I guess the appropriate credit goes to GOM. Still, I’m wondering about whether Uri ever got his game of ‘Spades’ on….maybe some things are better left to the ol’ imagination.

  4. urizenus

    Aug 6th, 2004

    Naw, I had to settle for a game of Hearts.

    And on who gets credit, I think BOTH SL and GOM deserve equal credit. The latest version of SL (1.4) plus the SL Terms of Service made this possible (on TSO something like this would be both technically impossible and in violation of the TOS), and the guys at GOM continue to blow me away with their vision and willingness to develop new techniques for trading in/on/for online environments. And I hear they are also wicked sharp at Spades. Or at least that’s what the ladies at Club Elite say!

  5. ATM Service

    Mar 9th, 2009


    Well SL doesnt come out with this content, the players do.

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