Did WWIIOLers Crash Baku?

by Alphaville Herald on 27/08/04 at 10:21 am

Hours after Cyanide Leviathan and Jackee Satyr donned their terrorist duds and lag bombed One Song’s club in Baku, I received word from someone that the entire sim of Baku was missing. I went to the site, and sure enough, there where Baku used to be, was a big hole in the SL grid. As Club Diamonds regulars stared at the hole mournfully, Cy showed up in his terrorst regalia, claimed it was revenge for One Song attacking the Reichstag and treated us to a celebratory kick dance. Cy was heard to say “I’m surprised I haven’t been suspended yet.” Patience Cy, patience.


Cy an two anonymous terrorists celebrate the crashing of the Baku simulator and their revenge agains One Song. The water in the background is where Baku used to be.

7 Responses to “Did WWIIOLers Crash Baku?”

  1. Scarface Ciprioni

    Aug 27th, 2004

    Uh oh all i know someone is gonna pay for that and we have the biggest war in Sl going on as we speak…

  2. Cyanide Leviathan

    Aug 27th, 2004

    *no comment* Other than that *I* did not crash the event *wink wink* but i was happy that it did get crashed

  3. Cyanide Leviathan

    Aug 27th, 2004

    ok, wtf, who posted the above post, because it was not me. URI WTF i said i DIDNT crash the sim i dont know who did! but i do admit that i was happy, and i was dancing to get attention

  4. Liz

    Aug 27th, 2004


  5. Liz

    Aug 27th, 2004

    since when is woman allowed in the taliban lmfao

  6. urizenus

    Aug 27th, 2004

    what makes you think its a woman? I’ll bet that blond is really a guy.

  7. Liz

    Aug 28th, 2004

    guy my ass, i’ll show you how much of a woman that is….

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