Don’t Call me a Pussy! One Song Attacks WWIIOLers HQ

by Alphaville Herald on 24/08/04 at 11:29 pm

The Reichstag burns again, as One Song raises The Associates Corp Flag.

Just when you think it is going to calm down on the Jessie/Stanford border something flares up — like a building! Incensed that some WWIIOLers called the associates pussies, One Song staged a largely symbolic firebombing attack on their Reichstag-inspired HQ, raising The Associates corporate flag over it. Meanwhile, One Song unveiled his omega weapon — an inter-sim balistic missle capable of crashing a sim with lag-inducing scripts. “I can bring down all of SL” boasted the confident Mr. Song. I won’t even bother with links. If you need context scroll down. Pics follow.

One Song in his golden battle suit.

Father Callahan, former TSO gang leader Gina Fatale, and Uri look as One Song unveils his Omega Weapon. Meanwhile the Reichstag burns in the background. Again.

Now where have I seen this before? Oh yeah…



10 Responses to “Don’t Call me a Pussy! One Song Attacks WWIIOLers HQ”

  1. Jessica McPherson

    Aug 25th, 2004

    Does the fire do anything else besides just make the effect of the building burning?

  2. Father Callahan

    Aug 25th, 2004

    Yes, it lags, and that isn’t all, inside the city their is fire all over the place. What is does is annoy you because it is everywhere, while at the same time it lags you up

  3. Jessica McPherson

    Aug 25th, 2004

    Very interesting ways of war in SL. Have to love it though. ;o)

  4. Urizenus

    Aug 25th, 2004

    Yeah, my nothern bunker is near that spot and the “collateral damage” makes it impossible for me to enter the bunker (which is underground and fairly well shielded).

  5. Liz

    Aug 25th, 2004

    hahaha I’m in one of the pics! (Gina Fatale)

  6. Father Callahan

    Aug 25th, 2004

    Yes, when I went in last night, to snap some photos, it was laggy, but later that evening it was okay, but it was nothing compared to when it started..

  7. Cyanide Leviathan

    Aug 25th, 2004

    Were any wwiiolers even in the sim? if they were he would not have made it to the reichstag to do that

  8. pinky

    Aug 25th, 2004

    doesn’t change the fact that one sone is a pussy

  9. urizenus

    Aug 26th, 2004

    Such a thing to say on the eve of One’s first birthday. tsk tsk, lol

    In response to Cy’s question I didn’t see any WWIIOLers in the simulator at the time.

  10. chaunsey

    Aug 26th, 2004

    lol ive only ever fought one song for some 5 minutes total.

    i constantly get messages from wwIIolers when im offline through whatever means about him attacking and them being the only one in the sim or just 1 or 2 people etc.

    he cant fight when there are many of us and he absolutely cant fight unless he uses cheap scripts which we ourselves have aswell as does just about anyone.

    as for his inter sim weapon, that was a niceb ig waste of time for him as its ilelgal to shoot into jessie from outside of it.

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