Erotic Dance Club Opens in Lieu of Controversial Stanford Mega-Mall

by Alphaville Herald on 28/08/04 at 8:56 pm

The twists and turns surrounding the Stanford simulator in the past weeks have made it hard for us to keep up, but here is a recap. Originally, Tank Levy and One Song of the Associates bought up 2/3 of Stanford to build a mega-mall. This led to all sorts of conflagrations with residents of the neighboring Jessie simulator. Then Tank and One Song parted paths. Now Tank has a new partner (David Jacobs) and they have opened an erotic dance club instead. Last night was the big opening party. If the first night was any indication, lag will be an issue. As predicted. Pics follow.


Some of the pimped out rides out front at the opening of Club X-Tacy.

Tank Levy at the entrance to his new club.

Tank surveys the crowd.

Co-owner David Jacobs.

Recently cleared in the terraformational griefing of six private sims, Mimi Coral strikes an “I’ve seen it all before” pose as dancer Junglist Extraordinaire works the stage. Meanwhile in the background convo we can hear Father Callahan witnessing to the attendees.

Don’t know what Ms. Starseeker is on, but where can I get some???

Let’s not forget the guy dancers.

And for that matter, let’s not forget the bikers.

16 Responses to “Erotic Dance Club Opens in Lieu of Controversial Stanford Mega-Mall”

  1. Father Callahan

    Aug 28th, 2004

    Nice Pics, but what I have to say is, this freakin’ lag is hitting us in Jessie, and it is a huge pain in the ass. Either Linden Labs have to upgrade their 128MB of RAM servers to 1GB, or move Jessie to it’s own private island

  2. another brother

    Aug 28th, 2004

    Lag doesn,t jump sims….drop your draw distance

  3. Father Callahan

    Aug 28th, 2004

    Thanks, couldja tell me how.

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    Aug 29th, 2004

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  5. David Jacobs

    Aug 29th, 2004

    We’ll try different ways to reduce lag, but as you say unless Linden’s upgrade, lag will be a problem. It is worst this morning as you could hardly move. But nevermind, little things like lag wont stop us! ‘Insert evil laugh here’

  6. Scarface ciprioni

    Aug 29th, 2004

    Well once i get Sl soon and get in the game and make some cash.Im gonna add going there on my to do list lol..

  7. David Jacobs

    Aug 29th, 2004

    Yeh, it’s definatly worth checking out, even if I do say so myself! And I know this probably isnt the best place to ask, but Scar, have you ever played THERE?

  8. Dr Leviathan

    Aug 29th, 2004

    Actually lag CAN jump sim boundaries. Anybody in Club X-Tacy who can “see” into Jessie uses up resources as Jessie tries to figure out which objects and textures to stream at those users. The fact that there is an opaque wall between club attendees and Jessie matters not. Proximity to the Jesse border (as well as the “draw distance” setting of the club attendees) does matter since it determins how many objects/textures need to be sent down the pipe.

  9. chaunsey

    Aug 29th, 2004

    The club is on the prim lite side of jessie, lower your draw distance a tad and it should be fine during crowded situations.

  10. Father Callahan

    Aug 29th, 2004

    Yes I figured that it does jump across, the lagi s mostly caused by prim hogging too.

  11. Father Callahan

    Aug 29th, 2004

    Alright, I just got in to Jessie, and Jesus…I was NOT ABLE to move.

  12. David Jacobs

    Aug 29th, 2004

    We’ve been having the same problem in Stanford all day. Lindens are ‘Working on it’

  13. Johny Pullmycok

    Aug 29th, 2004

    LMAO. the streets will run red with the blood of the non beleivers.

  14. urizenus

    Aug 29th, 2004

    People talk about the Stanford server being old and laggy, but does that mean that it is a piece of obsolete equipment in the SL grid? If so, why allow it to become obsolete in the first place, and then the next question would be why not replace the hardware?

  15. Mafioso

    Aug 29th, 2004


    Uri, thanks to your wonderful pictures, I see that one of my best customers has been cheating on me with another dancer. Hehe, that just made my night.

  16. urizenus

    Aug 29th, 2004

    someone’s gonna get a spanking!

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