Fists of Ham part II: The Lindens

by Alphaville Herald on 26/08/04 at 2:32 am

So last night I was taking a newbie friend shopping in SL, and even dropped 1K Lindens on a nice new buff skin for my avi, when some idiot that I did not know started firing off a bump gun. Well fine, lots of noise and smoke, but no push effect, so no harm to me, so best to ignore it. I even warned the perp that he would be banned. But minutes later I am logged out by the system, and when I attempt to relog I get the message that I have been suspended for an hour. Turns out my newbie friend was suspended too. For what? Standing there? The idiot griefer did me zero harm, but the ham fisted, poorly trained and utterly lacking in customer relations sense game mod did what no griefer could ? knock me out of the game at 1:07 AM my time. So I stayed up until 2:07 to ask a Linden just what was up, and to demand an apology. When I relogged not one single Linden was online, nor was an explanation sent to me. Sadly, it looks like these game companies are all the same when it comes to the way they treat their customers. To whit: like garbage.

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  1. Liz

    Aug 26th, 2004

    I was the newbie he was taking shopping, among other things lol, everyone that was there got banned, except for the one who was doing the actual firing, go figure. since when do people get banned for other peoples actions?

    Uri im going to try and get a linden too to answer me – let me know if you have any luck

  2. Father Callahan

    Aug 26th, 2004

    Are you banned, or just got the 1 hour suspension? I don’t know much about this, but I would assume that the 1 hour ban, does not inflict your account status. Such as, when you actually violate the ToS, this 1hour ban won’t go towards your punishment, such as, they won’t take in consideration, this offense. (If that makes any sense)

  3. Liz

    Aug 26th, 2004

    it was just the one hour ban but still i think its bullshit everyone gets penalized for one person’s conduct.

  4. Father Callahan

    Aug 26th, 2004

    I talked it over with Uri, I think they just wanted to review the situation and the chat logs. Probably incase you all were involved. But it is one of those situations, where one person does something asinine and everyone who is around gets in trouble. Maybe they thought that might have been involved since you didn’t do something to stop it .Just my opinion.

  5. urizenus

    Aug 26th, 2004

    “Maybe they thought that might have been involved since you didn’t do something to stop it”

    You mean like make a “citisims” arrest? I told the dufus he would get banned, what more do you want?

    Anyway, Lindens now tell me that it was not a “suspension”, its just that the message I got was “unclear” in that it said I was “suspended”. Um, now I’m confused. But yes, best guess is they booted everyone in the area and then went to the logs to sort it out. Sort of like a kick ass first and ask questions later policy.

    It reminds me of the story about the former Columbia Philosophy Professor Sidny Morgenbesser when he was called for jury duty. A lawyer asked him if he had ever had an unfair or unpleasant experience with the police. He responded that once he had an unpleasant but very fair experience with the police. What? “Well once the police beat me over the head with a stick for no reason, but it was fair because they were beating everyone else over the head too.”

  6. Ian

    Aug 26th, 2004

    haha, that tickled my funny bone

  7. Hanne Lore

    Aug 27th, 2004

    see you again sometime..

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