Francis Chung: Hugs and Guns

by Alphaville Herald on 23/08/04 at 7:05 pm

Kudos to Hamlet Linden over on New World Notes, for his two part story on the legendary SL scripter, Francis Chung, who not only has made the best guns in SL (the Seburo Compact-Exploder) but now has made the best hugging animation too! Erm, as you all know, I?m not down with hugging, but I?ve included some pics of the gun. Of special interest in Hamlet?s story is the integration of thus gun into a PvP system.

Seburo Compact-Exploder

Uri is strapped!

some of the detail

2 Responses to “Francis Chung: Hugs and Guns”

  1. HorseShit

    Aug 23rd, 2004

    my freind death grace makes these big old guns that shoots these particle streams what is great. so i dunno if it is truly the best gun in sl.

  2. urizenus

    Aug 23rd, 2004

    ah, yes, there is room for debate about this. A lot depends on what properties you value in the gun. Same point holds for hugs I’m sure.

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