Gavel Falls on Jessie Land Auctions: Land goes for gazzilions!

by Alphaville Herald on 23/08/04 at 3:14 pm

The auctioning of land confiscated from the permanently banned WWIIOLFalconBK Hanks is complete, and pretty clearly Falcon lost some serious assets. The plots sold in US dollars went for a total of $324 US. The plots sold in Lindens went for a total of L 27,149 ? equivalent to $152 US at current GOM strike price. Total sales = $476 US, for a total of 4608 virtual square meters. In part the high prices were due to the fact that this is the only ?unsafe? public sim where one can own land. It is also due to the fact that what land there is is closely held and not released to ?outsiders.? WWIIOLers and other longstanding Jessie residents made a concerted effort to keep the auctioned land ?in family?. There was also the threat of One Song possibly buying in, which led to some scare bidding. Raw numbers and names of winners follow.

The guy who lost it all, WWIIOLFalconBK Hanks, works on a turret in happier times.

And now to the winners. Following numbers indicate…

plot number ? location ? virtual square meters — # of bids ? sale price ?date — winner

Jessie 001 (50,10) – 384 m2 20 US$55.00 Aug-22-04 Levi Anansi
Jessie 002 (72,178) – 2304 m2 38 US$207.00 Aug-22-04 Urizenus Sklar
Jessie 003 (214,192) – 480 m2 15 L$16810 Aug-22-04 Chaunsey Crash
Jessie 004 (8,174) – 416 m2 37 L$10339 Aug-22-04 Chaunsey Crash
Jessie 005 (128,128) – 1024 m2 38 US$62.00 Aug-22-04 Mag Caldera

winner of two auctions, Chaunsey Crash

Size does matter when it comes to guns. Mag Caldera wins auction 3.

Sorry, didn’t have a good pic of Levi in the archives, but here he is at the New Jessie Wall in a stand down with One Song

and you all know what *I* look like.

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