Griefer Destroys 6 Private Sims

by Alphaville Herald on 24/08/04 at 10:28 pm

Centre Ville, Anshe’s market sim, after the terraforming attack (Photo by Planet Mars)

As reported in the SL Forums, last night a griefer flew over several private sims and destroyed the ones with open land edit by repeated terraforming. Unfortunately SL does not allow users to grant specific individual land editing priviledges, thus repeating a mistake made by Maxis in the age of house demos on TSO. The sims were restored from backup, but at least a day of work was lost in each case.

4 Responses to “Griefer Destroys 6 Private Sims”

  1. Mafioso

    Aug 25th, 2004

    Yes, we were warned about this pain in the ass at the club I work at. How annoying

  2. Father Callahan

    Aug 25th, 2004

    I was surprised that, this could actually happen. When I first heard this in game, I thought hacking was involved, but to have these tools readily able to do so, open to anyone; well that is just, SAD!

  3. Mimi Coral

    Aug 25th, 2004

    If anyone wants to know more info on this, let me know. My AIM is coopmi09 or you can fine me in game as Alandra Palmerstone. Thanks

  4. Humphrey

    Aug 29th, 2004

    ipoa zgveaedt.

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