Jaqueline Richelieu plans investment bank/stock exchange in SL

by Alphaville Herald on 03/08/04 at 11:23 am

In this very important interview with Ren Reynolds on Terra Nova, Second Lifer Jacqueline Richelieu discusses her plans for an in world investment bank, with an eye to taking public some of SL’s more successful businesses, and also a stock exchange for trading shares of the firms once public. Mechanics of the enforcement mechanisms are being pondered in the dicussion thread.

2 Responses to “Jaqueline Richelieu plans investment bank/stock exchange in SL”

  1. toy

    Aug 4th, 2004

    Here’s the thread about this at the SL forums.


  2. urizenus

    Aug 4th, 2004

    thanks for the pointer toy, it is starting to sound like this is more than a little shady. Jacqueline being a 3 day old avi and all. She wouldn’t have the cred to make something like this work, but the general idea remains interesting.

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