Jeff Brown Spouts off again! You gamers are wasting your time.

by Alphaville Herald on 18/08/04 at 8:32 pm

EA’s Vice President for Corporate Communications, addressing the Edinburgh International Games Festival

Well, Mr. Uber-foot-in-mouth has outdone himself. This time, EA’s Vice President for Corporate Communications Jeff Brown popped off at a gamers conference in Scottland, saying that gamers would be better off going out and mowing the lawn than … did he say play online games or did he say try to make money gaming? The attendees were unclear on what he meant, but it is reported on Terra Nova that these remarks were made as he sat next to Jamie Hale of Gaming Open Market! Lots of fun remarks in the thread on Terra Nova? Favorite quote: “Either EA hasn’t been tracking eBay player auctions, or this guys is a complete idiot.” Gee, can’t it be both???

Here is your thread for more hilarity:

One Response to “Jeff Brown Spouts off again! You gamers are wasting your time.”

  1. RB

    Aug 18th, 2004

    Jeff brown is a dick and out of touch with reality. But you get that with most suits since they cut themselves off from the public. Alot of sellers make more than him and they do nothing but use thier PC’s. lol. bet his job is fairly stressful. so much bs to spread everywhere.

    - RB

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