One Song?s Worst Nightmare: FMFN Alums Inhabit Mall Wall

by Alphaville Herald on 23/08/04 at 10:52 am


There I was, walking along the New Jessie Wall, which separates Jessie from the site of One Song?s future mega-mall, when I ran into ex-TSO uber-scammers and Free Money for Newbie aums, Mimi, Kim, Brad and Mary — now members of ?The Dysfunctional Family? in SL. ?What you guys doing here?? I asked. Turns out they own a tiny patch of Jessie land right on the border with the mall. Will they raise havoc and return to their newbie-scamming ways when the mall opens? Will they take sides in the war? Will they just chill and make a fashion statement? If I was One Song, these are the guys I would be worried about. Fancy scripts ain?t gonna help with this bunch (at least one Dysfunct came back from 10+ bannings on TSO).

It just keeps getting better. (‘nother pic follows)

Surrogate Dysfunctional Mom Mimi is elegant, yet armed and ready for battle as The Disfunctional Family members pose for a picture on their property in the No Man’s Land that separates Jessie and the site of One Song’s future mega-mall.

3 Responses to “One Song?s Worst Nightmare: FMFN Alums Inhabit Mall Wall”

  1. Disillusioned

    Aug 23rd, 2004

    Just recently started playing SL and would love some informative articles on the great places and things to do instead of all this war nonsence. What is up with you anyway?

  2. urizenus

    Aug 23rd, 2004

    There are 150 million fan sites that cover the bingo games, sexy avatar contests, and new puce colored snow suits. If you don’t like what you read here do us all a favor and STOP READING! Crimey you’d think people were being made to read this blog at gunpoint.

    Now normally I hate to editorialize and connect the dots like this, but just to be helpful let me point out that this is not “war nonsence”, but a very important dispute in the game — one that mirrors current real world disputes in interesting ways. On the one hand, we have the Jessie residents, who are traditional in a lot of ways, and anxious to protect the traditions of their virtual home — Jessie. This is being threatened by One Song’s gigantic mall development project, which will bring lots of newbies and fashionistas into close proximity to Jessie — too close by some lights. Add to this the fact that One Song expects the mall to make real world money (and nontrivial ammounts) and that One Song is using pressure tactics to remove other users from Stanford, and also that we are seeing the most advanced scripting technology in the game being deployed — not mind you scripting as part of the game as, but rather gaming technology is being used to settle real world clashes of values — well… if you can’t see why this is important then please do stop reading and find a nice fluffy fan site to lay your head down on.

    Oh and one more thing. If you don’t like stories that include a fully armed flying mechanical moose, well, you are hopeless.

  3. Josch Tourin

    Aug 27th, 2004

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