Sir/Ian leaves TSO

by Alphaville Herald on 20/08/04 at 5:41 pm


Sir may only be 16 in r/l, but he has cast a long shadow over events in alphaville over the past year. He has been a simolean dealer, a temporary accounts broker, and a dealer of cannons and other rares. He was the PR officer for the Alphaville Government during the elections, a past reporter for the Alphaville Herald, and now the publisher of the Alphaville Gazette. To top it all off, he got many members of the Alphaville Government to desert Mr-President after the election scandals and join him and Fans in the Simulated Soviet Union. The list could probably go on, but I grow weary from trying to remember everything. That was one industrious gamer. He has moved on to Second Life. Good luck staying away from the Lindens for the next two years!

(His resignation letter follows)

Dear Fellow Alphavillians and Sims Online Players,

I am Sir, and reporting for duty. It comes to my great regret to announce this; but as I have this letter, my attendence in The Sims Online, is finished. It was a long and hard decision to face and make. But I think it is all for the best. As I am writing this a tear comes to my eye, because I am leaving a game that could have been so much more than it is, and all the people I have made friends with and come across. This decision was made on my own, and nothing in game, such as the AVG, or SSUaffected it. I feel like in this game I accomplished all that I felt needed. I started off in this game in early January 2003, as my beta discs would never work. I started my journey in at the time, the booming city of Mount Fuji. I met two wonderful, and generous people. That relationship, I wish I kept, however they disappeared from the game. I created relationships with a lot of popular people in town, such as Platinum Kitten. There, I also met, ?Enzo Bong”, a person who was my age, and knew how to make and manage top 10 houses. He is truely a great friend, who I wish I had kept, but we just lost track of each other.I also owned several top houses while I was there.After that, I moved to East Jerome, and met some of the most kindest people there, Peter Ruby, and Redd Ruby. Who at the time were John Johnson and Redd Ruby. These people gave me
a home, and a reason to stay in East Jerome. They are currently in Alphaville, and I would like to thank themfor their time they gave to me, to teach me the game. From East Jerome, I found the big city of Alphaville. It was a big and long journey to understand it, but I am glad I took it. In Alphaville, I truely made the most relationships with people of all around the world. I think everyone deserves their name being said, if I forgot you, I am sorry, you truely deserve to be on this list?

Fans, whom I only met recently, but is a sim who is dedicated to what he does, Mr-President, who I put down a lot, but he is truely a great person out of game. Alex-, who has long left the game, but I hope he reads this. I hope RL is going great for you now. Boscorelli, who we have had our differences, but is truely a wonderful sim. Robert the Man, who is great at being a leader, good luck to you. Sean Kendrick and his humor, Edinahornet, Qwen, Loxee, Ashley Richardson; I know we hate each other in game, but you are good at researching your politics, and I hope you continue, and someday be representing me. Lead Architect, Queen Selena, Oprah, a fantastic host, Ms Cocoanut, how could I forget you, you truely inspired me and my sim in game, Urizenus, who is pushed away by EA, but he is on for the right cause, Cornelius Vanderbuilt, my witty friend, who I have oftened chatted with throughout late night, Dyerbrook, Scott C, David Pierce, Hook, Carlissa, David Pierce, and Javy Lopez, my fellow Baltimorean. And to people whom I have had trouble with in game, Honey Buns, if you are reading this, you were truely one of the best adult friends in game I have ever met. To anyone I missed I am sorry, but you are the most important ones, . To the SSU, thank you all for having faith in me and the organization. I truely want to thank you all for putting up for the construction, of your wonderful organization. I wanted to make sure that the SSU was fully set up and running before I left. Please, be happy with the new overlord of tso that I set up, Edinahornet is truely a wonderful choice. But don?t worry, I will still be the webmaster and make any change ASAP. I saved the people of the Alphaville Government for Last. I know we had our troubles and strong dislike in the game, but you all were great supporters and would do nothing but uphold what the AVG stands for. These ladies and gentlemen are the most loyal people I have ever met, besides the SSU. Most of them would NEVER leave the AVG. If I met any of you out of game, I would be nothing but generous to them. I would like to leave the AVG with this quote, one of my favorites, by Gandhi; First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. To Urizenus; you have nothing but my utmost respect, for having the balls to challenge EA and what they stand for. For Fans, I wish you nothing but luck with the SSU, you were one of my Best friends in game that I ever met.

Finally, I would like to leave on a note of one of my favorite authors; Elie Wiesel: The opposite of love is not hate, it?s indifference. As Michael jackson sang.. ?if you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself, and then make a change? Fellow, players, I only wish the best of luck to you in life, and you all did, inspire me, and taught me ?there is a person behind the sim”. To finish off, I will quote, the great communicator himself ?Whatever else history may say about me when I?m gone, I hope it will record that I appealed to your best hopes, not your worst fears; to your confidence rather than your doubts.?

19 Responses to “Sir/Ian leaves TSO”

  1. Sean Kendrick

    Aug 20th, 2004

    Wow..kind of late.

  2. Seth Galloway

    Aug 20th, 2004

    Ian! Where is my name on that? Oh Well, I know you will remember me. lol .. Good Luck in your Future. :)

    Seth Galloway.. Bah!

  3. Ian

    Aug 20th, 2004

    Sorry, but like I said, that letter is a bit old, I’ve been keeping it for a while. But notice I said “the unnamed are the most important” :)

  4. Towelie

    Aug 20th, 2004

    Damn, what a sim career, and wheres my name, lol?

  5. toy

    Aug 20th, 2004

    if Ian is 16 and moved to SL he broke the TOS :)

  6. urizenus

    Aug 20th, 2004

    actually, I didn’t tell you this, but his first two accounts (first three?) have already been banned by the Lindens. But we are talking about the king of new accounts…

  7. Sean Kendrick

    Aug 20th, 2004

    wow hes getting kicked out everywhere, but keeps on comming.

  8. Ian

    Aug 21st, 2004

    Everywhere? Where else was I kicked out of?

  9. RB

    Aug 21st, 2004

    “such as Platinum Kitten.”

    That would be KITTY not KITTEN doofus :P

    Anyhow, so long and good luck. :) someone might remember you when your gone too. :D

    *moves on to next article*

    - RB

  10. Jo_mama

    Aug 21st, 2004

    Second Life is FREAKY. Literally, weirdos play that game. I mean, look at the name!!!

  11. Jo_mama

    Aug 21st, 2004

    Second Life is FREAKY. Literally, weirdos play that game. I mean, look at the name!!!

  12. Jo_mama

    Aug 21st, 2004

    Second Life is FREAKY. Literally, weirdos play that game. I mean, look at the name!!!

  13. Ian

    Aug 21st, 2004

    RB, I think the dingo ate your baby.

    BTW, RB is THe Phantom

  14. Dyerbrook

    Aug 21st, 2004

    Like I said on Stratics, I’m honored to be in Sir’s list.

    I’m even more honored that in one of his last nights in TSO, apparently (or so he says, I don’t buy it completely), he made a spoof sim called, of all things, “Dyerbrook” in TC. Look out, I take no responsibility. I was forced to make a new TC sim called “Dire Braek” to compete.

    Cornelius Vanderbilt has thought up the perfect spoof sim for Sir. He’s given me permission to make it. If Sir shows up in Dianastan in 3 weeks, look out…

  15. Thought Police

    Aug 21st, 2004

    Lol “Dire”, I made that as a joke, actually I thought it was taken, but that was to see if I would get $500k in TC. Again this sim was made in TC, If you want, i will retire it, i think it has been 7 days. I didnt go around pissing people off, but I am glad you are honored :)

    I think Dianastan will last like everything else in TSO, 1 week!

  16. RB

    Aug 22nd, 2004

    I don’t think i’d have kids at only 21 Ian :P that’s pretty stupid. And Dingoes are WILD dogs, where you ganna find one to eat babies in the city? lol.

    BTW Aliens really are covered up in the US. indisputable. Ian used to sell poison milk to school children too.

    - RB

  17. Ian

    Aug 22nd, 2004

    Shh! Don’t tell them about that one, I asked Uri to leave that out of my ventures, now my secret is out :( .

    Well at 21 you can still have a baby!

  18. Vince Stanford

    Aug 28th, 2004

    I thank you for the 4 Million from the “Temp Bot Pro” ;)

    You’re in my history book for the most simoleans scammed.

    Have a good RL

  19. Ian

    Aug 28th, 2004

    Yeh, you’re in the most kiddiest mafia. the 4 mill was a blow i must confess, but what makes me feel worse, is being scammed by someone who controls 13 year old kids :/

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