Tigger Leaving EA/Stratics

by Alphaville Herald on 18/08/04 at 9:15 pm


Sorry for the delay in reporting this, but both I and our main board ho, The Phantom, have been offline for a week. The news is that Tigger, basically the only EA rep that ever communicates with the 40,000 some odd TSO players is leaving EA on August 20. Among the questions this raises, of course, is whether this is more evidence that EA is pulling the plug on TSO (as it did with Motor City Online and Earth and Beyond). As one might expect, there is much discussion of this on Stratics.

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  1. RB

    Aug 18th, 2004

    Tigger is hopefully moving onto better things. TSO was taking her nowhere. good for her that she’s leaving.

    - RB

  2. A confused girl

    Aug 19th, 2004

    What the hell is Tigger doing in the icon? Oh, Jumpinh on a dildo huh?

  3. Polie Bear

    Aug 19th, 2004

    I don’t think EA fired/layed off her. I believe she said that she decided to quit for herself, just like MaxisPatrice said. I just hope Tigger is telling the truth…

  4. Dyerbrook

    Aug 19th, 2004

    Re: A confused girl. Geez, now that you raise that issue, is it that she is sitting on Maxis’ dick and twisting? Or mine? This was always the question…Poor Tigger.

    Tigger leaving might be a good thing if it meant the end of insiderism, sychophancy, exploitation of corporate flak-catchers, and a new-found trust in players. Read my posts for my thoughts on all of this, and look under City Hall for my other broader discussion, “What is a Community Representative”? She didn’t represent the communiy, but the corporation; and what is the community, anyway, and why can’t it elect its own representatives?

    I don’t think it means they are pulling the plug on the game. They are making a new city server. Tigger herself said that her departure didn’t mean that — would she lie? Well, maybe AVH AKA SLH needs to spin this story to dis a game that its own editors have “left behind,” a “sandbox” they have “outgrown”.

    Tigger has gone to a better place. Are we staying in a better place? I personally am always making it better for myself, and those times when I don’t, I cancel some sims or suspend my account for awhile and take a break.

  5. Ian

    Aug 19th, 2004

    Nice thoughts DB, but I do not think we could elect our “leaders”, because they is hardly a selection. Kyle or Tigger? It’s not like we have 5-10 people running. but I would choose Kyle, anyday.

  6. A confused girl

    Aug 19th, 2004


  7. Urizenus

    Aug 19th, 2004

    I vote for Jeff Brown!

  8. Ian

    Aug 19th, 2004

    LOL; he would deny the fact, that there is an Europe

  9. TBT

    Aug 19th, 2004

    Okay 1st to be on topic

    Tigger – Good friggin riddence!

    The next person will be no more informative then she was because they are mere puppets that go between the corporation and the public and can only tell that pubic what the company allows them to tell to that public.. So the next person will be equal to Tigger and not better..

    People need to get over the europe issues already.. The fact is the game is not doing well in the US where they expected the biggest market, then they took it to Japan which was another major flop so they simply don’t want to waste the money and setting up in europe to only have that flop and again lose millions of dollars..

    Let a dying dog DIE already ;-p

  10. urizenus

    Aug 19th, 2004

    Japan didn’t flop or even die. It was stillborn.

  11. Ian

    Aug 19th, 2004

    How many Japanese, joined you think? Perhaps 1,000 at first

  12. RB

    Aug 20th, 2004

    I think they deliberatley went out of thier way to do the very difficult thing of japan setup which they knew would fail just to prove a point. You can’t seriously tell me they thought something like TSO would succeed in the very hard vastly different asian market.

    Who are all these Harvard or US equal educated goons that make all these bad decisions?? You’d think such smart people would supposedly know what they were doing. lol. waste of degrees otherwise. Then again they could just be following orders and making bad moves on purpose. who knows.

    p.s , anyone can post version notes. So yeah Tigger was pretty much usless.

    - RB

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